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Quality Manager

Sanford, North Carolina, United States
May 30, 2018

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Patrick britt smithwick

Sanford, North Carolina *7332 • • 919-***-****

Quality Technician

~ A Proven Leader who takes Pride in Passionate Execution of Business Objectives through Positive Motivation with his Team, Customers and Suppliers to Enhance Quality Growth and Velocity ~

Personable, Analytical, and Cost-Conscious Manager offering broad-based experience providing excellence in quality and leadership. Considerable expertise creating innovative solutions using Six Sigma, Logistics, Purchasing, Engineering, Operations and Quality background.

Computer Skills

• Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Visio, Access, Glovia, ETQ,,MESA, Q-Net, MLCC, Cognos, Visual Instructions,

Datamarts, MRC, Factory Planner, Lotus Notes, Gage IT, Epix, NSSN, I-Gear, REDI, Symphony. NetSuite Gage. ATRSJA, SAP

• Additional = CAT MED, Behavior Based Safety

Notable Career Highlights

• Developed and launched rework plan to convert A series frame to B series frame at the completion of A series build saving the company $250,000 worth of scrap 2001-2003.

• Substantially surpassed all metrics to achieve ISO and MQ12005 certifications at silver and gold levels. 2007-2009

• Developed lay out for IQA, created work flow processes to achieve proper auditing so we can protect the assembly lines from non-conforming material. 2011-2015

Professional Experience

Quality Support

Ingersoll Rand, Southern Pines, North Carolina 2017-2018

~ A focus on providing quality in and out of Assembly Lines

• Manages quality inventory to and from the assembly lines

• Manages rejections to ensure we are meeting the daily goal of 1 rejection or less

• Manages inventory line side and warehouse for rejects/ rejected material.

Shift Supervisor 2017-2017

Frontier Spinning Mills, Sanford, North Carolina

~ A focus on providing leadership to ensure production efficiency and pounds are achieved. ~

• Managed inventory in/out of spinning department to meet production efficiency

• Managed efficiency to ensure we maintain 91% or better

• Managed packing inventory to ensure production pounds are packed


Caterpillar BCP, Sanford, North Carolina

~ A focus on providing support to Fabrications team for production, receiving and storage for Caterpillar. ~

• Managed inventory in/out of warehouse from receiving to storage on an average of 8 trailers

• Managed inventory flow to ensure production meets daily build rate of 88 frames per shift

• Managed inventory of 190 frames in and out of paint line from loading to storage

• Managed production tries from 12 trailers to ensure proper tires were loaded to assembly lines


Caterpillar BCP, Sanford, North Carolina 2012–2015

~ A focus on proactive and reactive quality producing SSL / CTL/ MTL loaders for Caterpillar. ~

• Managed IQA audits, inventory in/out of IQA. Set priorities for Romer operator, Manages gage calibration along

with conforming and non-conforming material

• Managed concerns within the RSQ team when needing direction with line calls / rejected material.

Reactive Supplier Quality

Caterpillar BCP, Sanford, North Carolina 2011–2012

~ A focus on reactive quality for both assembly lines East and West ~

• Respond to line calls for both assembly lines for Supplier and internal quality issues to prevent least amount

of line disturbance possible, focus on Safety Quality and Velocity

• Provide feedback to Suppliers and working to develop action items contributing to quality.

Product Auditor

Caterpillar BCP, Sanford, North Carolina 2009-2010

~ A focus auditor for proactive inspection on material for producing SSL / CTL / MTL loaders for Caterpillar. ~

• Inspection of incoming audits to improved quality of material received line side.

• Focus on metrics for Quality and Velocity during incoming audits.


Caterpillar BCP, Sanford, North Carolina 2007-2009

~ A focus facility producing skid steer loaders and multi-terrain loaders for Caterpillar. ~

• Provide data and successive checks for assembly line defects to improve quality and achieve Silver

certification for both assembly lines, Gold certification for Dyno, providing support for assembly teams to meet the MQ/ISO standards by driving continuous improvement


Caterpillar BCP, Sanford, North Carolina 2005-2007

~ A focus on PDI inspection on SSL / MTL loaders for Caterpillar. ~

• Implantation of PDI by developing several inspection plans base on Field data by studying Claims, CPI,

RWA, 6 Sigma methodologies.


Caterpillar BCP, Sanford, North Carolina 2004-2005

~ A focus final inspection on SSL / MTL for Caterpillar. ~

• Influenced and Improved the RTS area’s work flow to achieve Quality and Velocity

along with improved communication and record accuracy for shipped machines


Caterpillar BCP, Sanford, North Carolina 2000-2004

~ A focus facility producing SSL / MTL for Caterpillar~

• Laid the groundwork for procuring Prove Design material for implantation tier 2 CR (cost reduction machines) and enhanced tracking and build rate within Prove Design through strategic selection and development along with accelerated improvements in design and manufacturing of CR machines. Develop blue prints for new material through Pro E and mock up for new product introduction.


Caterpillar BCP, Sanford, North Carolina 1999-2000

~ A focus facility producing SSL for Caterpillar. ~

• Laid the groundwork for enhanced parts delivery through improved standard work as providing parts to each assembly for just in time delivery.

Additional leadership / experience

Site Supervisor

Prove Design, Sanford, North Carolina 1998-1999

Lead ten men through start of shift, machine maintenance, prioritize machine and tool usage, along with maintaining 8 hours per day on machines.

HVAC Tech Manager.

Managed a team of technicians to support field calls related to heating and air. Managed inventory along with hourly rates and billing.


Green Belt/6 Sigma Certified in 2005


Wood working, fishing, hiking and help with the community as volunteer road side pick-up.

Goals in Life.

To ensure that my family has everything they need to become a better person as they grow. Be a life coach to ensure each of them stay on the path for success in their education and career.

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