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Matlab, Ansys, Psim, Pspice, Dsp, Avr Studioarduino, Ti Development Bo

Mansfield, Connecticut, United States
May 30, 2018

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Arshiah Yusuf Mirza

Arshiah Yusuf Mirza

Mail ID: Mobile No: +1-860-***-****


- Master of Science (MS) - Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA

(January 2017- pursuing) – 3.7/4.0

- Bachelor of Technology (BTech) - Electrical and Electronics Engineering, SreeNidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST) (affiliated to JNTU), Hyderabad, India (August 2012- May 2016) – 4.0/4.0

- Technology Entrepreneurship Program (TEP) - Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India (August 2014 - May 2016)


- Research Assistant:

o Individual project - Working on Induction machine characterization and comparing the behavioral and analytical models for Induction machine - Advanced Power Electronics and Machine Drives Laboratory (APEDL), part of Center for Clean Energy (C2E2) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), University of Connecticut.

Experimental setup running with V/f for 1.5 HP, 3 HP and 10 HP induction motors

Worked with Kollmorgan Drives

Worked with dSpace

Worked with MATLAB and Simulink

o Collaborative project – Working on Medium voltage testing on winding insulation used in Motors for naval ships and rerating of machine. This project is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research

(ONR) - Electrical Insulation Research Center in Institute of Material Sciences (IMS), University of Connecticut.

• Worked on 10kV (Vp-p) H-Bridge experimental setup for Kapton characterization

• Worked with FPGA board for PWM generation for switches in the H-bridge

• Designed PCBs on EAGLE and other PCB design software.

• Worked on ANSYS Maxwell and ANSYS SteadyState for Electromagnetic and thermal simulations of the rerated motor for mica and proposed nano-structured insulation

- Teaching Assistant:

o TA - Electronic Circuit Design and Analysis – ECE 3201 – Spring 2018 o TA - Electric Machines – ECE 3212 – Fall 2017

o Grader – Power Electronics – ECE 3211 – Spring 2017 CORPORATE EXPERIENCE

- Advisory Analyst - Deloitte India - Offices of the US – Worked in third party risk management projects and performed cost and revenue recovery services, through advanced audit methodologies (August - November 2016)


2014- Inplant training- Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC), Department of Atomic Energy, Hyderabad, India 2015- At Nuclear Fuel Complex, Department of Atomic Energy, Hyderabad, India

- Critical revision in effective co-ordination of Protective Relays in an expanding Power Distribution Network – Designed the ratings of power relays for NFC’s transmission network

- Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) - A coherent approach for Power Distribution Network – Investigated the SCADA system installed for automatization of the chemical tank PATENT

- 'Transposition battery balancing algorithm in multilevel inverters for enhancement of DC power source utilization factor and reduced THD’, Patent No. 5036/CHE/2015, Indian Patent Office Arshiah Yusuf Mirza


- A. Y. Mirza, W. Chen, A. Bazzi, “The Impact of Load Sharing on Multi-drive Propulsion Drive System Efficiency”, 2017 International Transportation Electrification Conference India (ITEC), Pune, India, 2017, pp. 1-5.

- A. Y. Mirza, K. Huda and A. K. Puppala, "Synthesis of output wave shapes and cascading inverter modules for improvement of power quality in a H-Bridge inverter," 2016 7th India International Conference on Power Electronics (IICPE), Patiala, 2016, pp. 1-4.

- K. H. Mohammad, A. Y. Mirza and K. S. V. P. Kumar, "Improvisation of power utility factor in a multilevel inverter using a novel transposition technique," 2016 International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques (ICEEOT), Chennai, 2016, pp. 666-670. LEADERSHIP ROLES

- TARANG – I have been associated with Tarang for over 1 year now and was a: o Technical Secretary (2017-2018) at TARANG - South Asian community at University of Connecticut (

Managed the organization website and social media

Developed the content for flyers, posters and website for events and news

Designed flyers and posters for website, social media and sponsors

Created RSVPs for events and managed attendees list

Managed and analyzed the website traffic for maximum reach out of events

- IEEE – WIE (Aug- Dec- 2014)

o Vice president - IEEE WIE SNIST chapter

Maintained the IEEE room and public outreach

Handled the monthly meetings and committee

Managed technical events for ADASRTA 2014

- TRC (The Robotics Club, SNIST) – I was a part of TRC in my undergrad for 3 years and undertook following:

o Technical Co-Ordinator, Sarvagaami at Technical Symposium Roboveda (2014) - A part of 500,000 INR annual event at SNIST with 30+ technical events ( paper/tp-features/tp-educationplus/roboveda-brings-technical-skills-of-students-to-the- fore/article6327492.ece)

Designed the problem statement and developed the arena

Designed the co-ordinator robot for Sarvagaami (all terrain rover) event

Managed a group of 12 volunteers and 100+ participants for the event o Technical Volunteer, Sarvagaami at Technical Symposium Roboveda (2013)

Helped the co-ordinator build the arena

Designed the electrical part of the co-ordinator robot o Designing Volunteer (2013)

Designed the logo and website

Designed and Maintained the webpage

Designed the brochures, posters, flyers and banners o Mentor – Induction Programme (2013)

Mentored a group of 12 first year students. 10 out of 12 students got inducted into the club


- TARANG - Technical Secretary (2017-2018) at TARANG - South Asian community at University of Connecticut

- IEEE - Student member (2014-current) at Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - world's largest association of technical professionals

- TRC - Class Representative (2012-2013) and Mentor (2013-2014) at The Robotics Club at SNIST

- NSS - NSS Cadet (2012 - 2016) - National Service Scheme - An Indian government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India FELLOWSHIPS

- Joule Fellows Program (granted by NSF) - 2017 –Joule buddy for K-14 teachers in Connecticut - intensive Arshiah Yusuf Mirza

six-week summer engineering research program in Advanced Power Electronics and Machine Drives Laboratory (July 5- August 11, 2017)

- Joule Fellows Program (granted by NSF) – 2018 – (Summer – Starting soon)

- Young Scholars Senior Summit (YSSS) – 2018 - (Summer– Starting soon) PAPERS PRESENTATIONS

- Brain Finger Printing- Explore the Crux of Human Nature at Roboveda, A National Level Exclusive Robotics Symposium, SNIST, August 16-18th, 2013

- The realm of Robotics - An answer to the nature's fury (Disaster Management using Robotics) at Sreevision – A National Level Technical, Sports and Cultural consortium, SNIST, 4th September 2013

- Technological advancements and its contribution to livelihood among Indian Muslim women – One Day State level seminar on Socio- Economic Inclusion of Muslim Women through livelihood Activities with special reference to Andhra Pradesh at Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad, 19th September 2013

- Improvisation of Power Source Utility Factor in Multilevel Inverters using a novel Transposition Technique at Ciencea, CVR College of Engineering, 31 March – 1st April, 2016

- Comparison of different wave shapes for THD reduction in Multilevel inverters at Aagama, A National Level Technical Fest, Anurag Group of Institutions, 18th & 19th March, 2016 WORKSHOPS

- Design Thinking Workshop as a part of TEP at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus

- Entervention, a two day Social Entrepreneurship Conclave by Becoming I Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter

- I-SensoBotz Robotics (Arduino based) at IIT Hyderabad

- IUNschool, Electronic Gadget Workshop by IUNschool at IE Fest by Engineering Staff College of India

(ESCI), Hyderabad.

- Embedded Systems Workshop at IE Fest by Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI), Hyderabad.

- Creativity, Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (under TEQIP -II) by Entrepreneurship Development Cell, SNIST

- Design Challenge Boot Camp at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus – Technology Entrepreneurship Programme by Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

- Girls in Tech, India - Boot Camp at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad CERTIFICATIONS

- Technology Entrepreneurship Programme

Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (TEP) by Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

- National Certificate in Modular Employable Skills Information and Communication Technology by Ministry of Labor and employment and National council for Vocational Training, Govt. Of India

- Embedded systems (online edX)

6.01x: Embedded Systems - Shape the World by The University of Texas System through edX PROJECTS

- Testing and Validation of Transposition technique for improved Power Source Utility Factor on a simple H Bridge Inverter (BTech Thesis): Hardware for implementing the transposition technique on ARDUINO UNO and 8051uC platforms

- Implementation of Transposition technique on a Modified H bridge Inverter: MATLAB simulation to reduce the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) content by optimizing the number of cascaded modules and improve the PSUF of a 5 switched Modified H bridge multilevel inverter using ARDUINO UNO

- Improvisation of Power Source Utility Factor in Multilevel Inverters using a Transposition Technique: MATLAB Simulation of a balancing transposition technique to generate the gate pulses of switches

(MOSFETs) to balance the utilization factor of different cascaded modules in an inverter using ARDUINO UNO and 8051u platforms

- Control Methods of Switched Reluctance Motor for reducing the torque ripples: Switched reluctance motors witness high torque ripples. This study project aimed at torque ripple minimization for smooth running of Hybrid Vehicles - MATLAB simulation

- Smart Water Heater (as a part of Technology Entrepreneurship Programme, ISB - Selected among top 5 projects): Automated Smart Water heater with level detector, temperature control, auto switch off, Arshiah Yusuf Mirza

rugged, durable, affordable and robust (

- All terrain robot (for Roboveda 2014): Manually controlled rover with rectangular chassis, 4 wheels, belt- wheel mechanism based, battery powered

- Robotic arm: Pick and Place robotic arm - Three links, two joints operated using two servo motors and an end effecter with gear mechanism

- Obstacle avoider: Autonomous four wheeled robot using IR Sensors programmed using ATMEGA 16.

- All terrain rover (for Roboveda 2013): Manually controlled rover with 8 wheels placed in a trapezoidal fashion -Belt mechanism- Battery powered

- Poseidon: (As a part of The Robotics Club, SNIST - TRC): Semi-autonomous fire extinguisher four wheeled robot using LM 35 sensor for heat detecting and water sprinkling uses ATMEGA 16 microcontroller HONOURS, AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS

- Academic Proficiency Award, Branch Topper of EEE, SNIST- 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15 out of 144 members in the EEE branch

- Ranked 5th Nationwide, Campus2Corporate Pro 2014 by The HR Club(Mumbai), The Entrepreneurs’ Network and The Engineers Club, 2014-15

- Offered Full Fee reimbursement in Bachelor of Technology for Electrical and Electronics Engineering by Government of Andhra Pradesh, 2012-16

- Ranked 3920, Statewide entrance exam EAMCET in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry – 2012, out of nearly 5,00,000 participants

- Ranked 191 Nationwide, National Cyber Olympiad, Science Olympiad Foundation, 2010 out of nearly 10,000 students

- Ranked 7th Nationwide, XV MESCO Talent Search Examination by Maulana Azad Education Foundation, New Delhi, 2010

- Ranked among State wise top 1% - National Standard Examination in Junior Science (NSEJS), by Indian Association of Physics Teachers(IAPT) -2009 among 10,000 students

- Prathibha Award from Commissioner and Director of School Education awarded to School toppers in 7th and 10th class board exams, 2007 and 2010

- Awarded 2nd prize in Kurnool District science fair, Main theme: “Science and Technology for global sustainability”, Subtheme - “Electricity with Atmosphere”, 2008

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