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Engineer Engineering

St. Louis, Missouri, United States
May 30, 2018

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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY- Company Representative with extensive technological experience in electronic printed circuit board (PCB) assembly engineering, problem solving, sales support, AND test in the medical, automotive, transportation, defense, agricultural, fire safety, gaming, refrigeration, and heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) sectors. Adept at quickly assessing needs and building trust to deepen relationships and enhance product value and sales. Problem solver as it relates to customers, sales, engineering, production, quality assurance, and application in a wide variety of industries.


Striving to be a “servant leader”

Value over Cost based thinker

Friendly with a good sense of humor

Communicates sense of urgency if needed

Works well with people at all levels

Good at negotiating contracts

Dependable persistent work ethic

Engages customers & results oriented

Puts people at ease quickly

Implements successful solutions

Excellent communication & people skills

Team player & detail oriented

Word, TurboCAD, Access, PowerPoint SmartSheet, Manex, Groupwise, Flowcharter & Excel

Commitment to job & family


Engineering Manager, Siemens Mfg. Co., Inc., Freeburg, IL 2/1998 to 11/2017

A private company with advanced technology, innovative product manufacturing & delivering high quality solutions to our customers in a variety of industries.

Directed electrical and mechanical engineers, diagnostic technicians, production test technicians, material control department, printed circuit layout, in the data translation and production test / recovery of electronic assemblies.

Resolved issues with automotive, transportation, fire & life safety, agricultural, medical, communications, gaming, defense, refrigeration and other industries that utilize electronic assemblies in their products.

Supervised and participated with a team that diagnosed problems with products we manufactured for 40+ customers. (This included electrical and mechanical issues.)

Designed and constructed process monitors and test platforms; maintained, calibrated and modified as needed to assure quality product.

Translated and transcribed customer provided Bills of Materials (BOMs), auditing them for obsolescence and cost saving opportunities.

Provided innovative and effective solutions to address customer product designs not suitable for efficient manufacturing processes.

Set direction, priorities, and ensured the execution of engineering projects in manufacturing support, new process development, and product support.

Provided technical leadership to the Engineering team and assisted in generating creative engineering solutions when needed.

Scrubbed customer Bills of Material for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive for compliance to European CE Marking directive.

Established a company documentation, file, and component receiving verification system for customer compliance to RoHS Directive.

Laid out Electro Magnetic Compliance (EMC) pre-test sites and performed successful tests to European (EU) EMC Directive Harmonized Standards (EN Standards).

Accompanied customers to notified body (TUV, UL, etc.) test facilities to witness and support successful EMC testing of customer products.

Executed individual projects as a hands-on engineer (a few listed below):

Developed a printed circuit board separation method that saved a $240,000 programmable router investment (Also saved 70% of a scrapped punch-press version).

Drafted company’s first Design for Manufacturability (DFM) manual to assist customer Engineering in higher quality, lower cost production PCB design.

Diagnosed, empirically proved, and proposed ultimate solution for excessive strain differential between new PCB design, electronic components, and encapsulant material as the cause of failure, saving our customer’s product sales to the US Army.

Provided successful plated through PCB hole threading method, which eliminated carbon pins breaking during assembly. (Brought production yield from 50 to 100 percent.)

Discovered two different off-shore manufactured component defects in fire safety PCB.

Diagnosed problem with customer’s PCB assembly lift control for military self-propelled transport elevating ramp (when no one else could), which was preventing vehicle being off-loaded from transport vessels.

Conceived and implemented an interdepartmental communications system to keep Sales, Quality, Customer Service, & Management informed of engineering project status.

Anticipated and prevented damage induced by production workers at customer during their assembly process due to excessive tolerances specified in a heatsink design.

Developed TUV certified post-design EMC compliance shielding for a customer in their myocardial temperature monitor built by us.

Directed change from pneumatic to hydraulic 6-board shear, which reduced stored energy & PCB separation stress to automotive industry accepted levels.

Prescribed and programmed In-Circuit Test (ICT) test methods on Agilent 3070 for numerous customer PCB assembly types, which improved our production latent and near latent defect detection and quality.

Diagnosed intermittent problem (when no one else could) with flickering in two LED product (florescent tube replacement) designs. (Customer stated, “Saved his company”.)

Successfully pursued, and obtained concessions from, Texas Instruments (TI) for a contaminant ingress and subsequent corrosion problem with their change in bondwire material from gold to copper in some of their integrated circuit types.

Designed company-wide database (Access) and firmware storage file system for programmed memory (SRAM, EPROM, EEPROM, PROM, etc.), microprocessors (uP, µP), and integrated circuits (IC)

Trained in Lean Manufacturing, ISO9001:2015, Design of Experiments (DOE), DISC Communication

Chief Engineer, Maxcess (formerly Magnetic Power Systems) Fenton, MO 1/1989-2/1998

Assistant Chief Engineer

Electrical Engineer

From the metals industry to high-speed printing, Maxcess draws upon deep expertise within a range of industries to help customers operate more efficiently.

Directed electrical and mechanical engineers, printed circuit layout people, laboratory technicians and drafters in product design and development of electronic controls, sensors and mechanical products.

Led technological advances while providing support to Manufacturing & Sales Departments.

Reported directly to the company President. The following list itemizes main contributions and areas of experience during three years as Chief Engineer:

Thorough understanding of European CE standards and requirements for product compliance to Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives.

Designed open area test site and ran EMC compliance tests on new products.

Worked directly with 3rd party certification bodies, UL, ETL, TUV, etc.

Extensive technological expertise saved thousands of dollars in consultant fees.

Development and implementation of departmental budgets.

Direct responsibility for staffing the Engineering Department.

Use of Visual FoxPro to setup & leverage database tracking of projects,

Engineering / production test data, long term returned goods analysis, and shipments.

Implemented companywide procedures to improve and maintain product quality.

Incorporated surface mount technology for printed circuit boards to company's manufacturing procedures, reducing product size and cost.

Adept at many facets of mechanical engineering, turned, milled machined parts, power transmission products, machinery measurement techniques, magnetic, & stress analysis.

Successfully provided onsite solutions for customers with unusual applications and problems elusive to other engineers.

Developed 8051 embedded control code (assembler) for company’s first digital control

Product Engineer, Sporlan Valve Company, St. Louis, MO 12/1976 – 1/1989

Electronics Technician (12/1976-12/1985)

Sporlan is a leading manufacturer of edge HVACR components and part of Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Responsible for various aspects of product design and engineering, primarily concept to product realization of electronic controls for refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Worked with control theory development (while studying same using LaPlace and Z transforms), design of modulating, on/off controls, circuit minimization, and cost reduction.

Completed bulk of degree effort while working full time.

Invented control technique which eliminated dead-band in pilot operated (large tonnage) valves.

Developed prototype two-sensor control which eliminated direct drive expansion valve hunt, a common problem in refrigeration and AC systems.

Prescribed and supervised system tests; specified production test procedures.

Provided field testing and technical assistance to sales personnel and customers.

Improved evaporator temperature regulation for refrigeration and air conditioning units.

Involved in the development of electronic expansion valve controllers.

Developed analog and digital hardware.

Worked directly with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) designing and testing electronic controls and electrically operated valves to Class 1, Class 2, and fibrillation hazard standards for product certifications and recognitions.

Earned Membership in company's Pine Room Management Group.

Responsible for PCB circuit design and layout.

Administrated in-house refrigeration & air conditioning sytem, air flow, liquid flow, life cycle, salt spray, tests of new controls.

Supervised preparations of final shop drawings.

Worked with parts specification for final circuits.

Designed Production test fixtures: Specified production tests


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology, St. Louis Community College, Florissant, MO

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