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QA, Mobile testing, Web application testing, Automation in Python

Chicago, Illinois, United States
May 30, 2018

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Anusha B


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Looking forward for a challenging career in software testing, debugging and test automation in python with good understanding of windows, web and Mobile Application Testing, Bluetooth testing, Linux internals, Android Framework, Device Drivers, Motion Sensors, with exposure to the complete SDLC and STLC.


Over all IT industry experience of 6.2 years.

Worked on Bluetooth testing, Invensense sensor drivers testing and Test Automation.

Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Test Life Cycle (STLC).

Well versed working experience with Agile Testing Methodology.

Responsible for all interactions/communications with the client, getting the requirements, preparing and reviewing test Cases, Estimation.

Roles vary from getting involved in meetings, understanding requirements and writing System Appreciation Document (SAD).

Worked on creation of Test Strategy and Test Plan.

Preparing test execution metrics like Defect Analysis Reports, Result Metrics, Defect Trend Analysis.

Good interpersonal and communication skills.

Demonstrated the ability to work as a team member as well as independently. A fast learner and willing to take up responsibilities.

Test Framework design and development.

Automated Pulsar HP Tool using Selenium in Python.

Experience using Jenkins

Experience with SQL basics.

Experience as a tester for major application integration and product release


Operating Systems : Windows, Linux and Android

Scripting Language : Python

Programming Languages : Basics of C

Bug logging and tracking Tools : Sudden Impact, VSO, Bugzilla and Redmine

Other Tools : HP Pulsar, NOVA, TFS, PyCharm, Jenkins, SVN, Git, Repo, Logcat and fastboot.

Debuggers : adb


Worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Mphasis, Bangalore since March 2016 to Oct 2017.

Worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Global Edge Software Ltd., Bangalore since July 2011 to March 2016.


Received “Quality Champions Award” in appreciation of process adherence to established Quality & Information Security Standards.

Received “Spot Light Award” in recognition and appreciation for excellent contribution to the customer project.

Received “Feather In The Cap Award” for significant contribution in validating and identifying the quality and critical defects for Motion Apps – 5.1.6 release for Invensense Sensor Testing Project from Global Edge Software Ltd.

Received “Spot Award” for significant effort and contribution towards efficient and on time deliveries in Invensense Sensor Testing Project.

Received “Best Team Award” in recognition of the contribution towards Invensense Sensor Testing project from Global Edge Software Ltd.

Appreciated as “CHAMPION” internally for finding more number of bugs.



“HP WorkWise” Application Testing



HP WorkWise is office intelligence rolled into one smartphone app to provide PC security, real time PC updates, and automatic printer driver installation for all HP PC users.



Computer application software for use in the interface and analysis of embedded control systems in personal computers for the purpose of optimizing user operational decisions, Computer application software that enables users of personal computers to maximize device functionality use.



1.Deliverable should be downloaded

2.Flashing the platforms with latest BIOS

3.Install the application with different types of installation (SSM installation through USB dock, Loud and Silent installation)

4.Performing different types of Bluetooth testing with range, pairing, locking/Unlocking etc.

5.Acceptance testing to verify the build installation and making sure that the build is stable.

6.Verify and validate the full functionality of HP Workwise application behavior by executing all tests as per test plan.

7.Reporting the defects in SI.

8.Writing and updating test cases.

9.Attending standup meeting, weekly status meeting, and Defect follow up meetings with clients.

10.Assigning work and mentoring team, sending daily and weekly status report to the clients.

11.Automating test cases in python

12.Executing automated test cases and enhancing.



Platform: HP

OS: Windows 10 PC.

Tools: Pulsar, TFS.

Bug Tracking Tool : SI

Mobiles: Android with ver 4.0 and above and Apple with ver 8.0 and above.


“HP Pulsar” tool Automation



This project involved automating HP Pulsar tool using selenium in python.



Pulsar is a HP tool for PC planning and delivery System of Reference for internal and partner users with strong speed of execution to support rapidly changing product development

HP login is required to access the Pulsar tool.

Test framework design and Automation



1.Based on the PBI’s from the clients, we are going to creating the tasks in TFS.

2.Test Framework design and creation in pycharm.

3.Automating the components of Pulsar Tool using Selenium in Python.

4.Writing and updating test cases.



Platform: Windows

Tools: Pulsar, SVN and TFS.

Scripting Language: Python and selenium


Android Sensor Feature Testing



This project involved testing and test automation for Motion Sensors Device Drivers and Middleware with Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat and Lollipop on ARM based Development Platforms and Google Nexus 5/7/10 Devices.



Downloading Android & Kernel source from mirror/git

Configuring the kernel to appropriate device

Integrating the Customer changes to kernel & HAL

Building the source code for all Nexus phone/tablet

Making the Nexus devices Boot Up & working

Installing sensor applications to Nexus devices

Motion Processing Library Testing

Motion Algorithm / Functionality Testing

Writing scripts to validate the sensor features

Reporting the defects in Bugzilla/Redmine



1.Bring up of Android on Test Platform like Nexus Phone.

1.Integration of MPL (Motion Processing Library) release to Android source (Lollipop)

2.Understanding the latest Sensor feature requirement from the customer and developing Test Cases.

3.Validation of manual and automation Sensor Test Cases.

1.Involved in validating all the sensor features manual and automation for Vanadium Releases.(Chip set ICM20648-AK9911-BMP280-TSL2 772)

2.Involved in validating all the sensor features manual and automation for Ivory Releases.(Chip set ICM10340+BMP280+AK8963)

3.Involved in validating all the sensor features manual and automation for Geneva Releases.(Chip set Nexus5+AKM9911+BMP280+TSL2772+Geneva A4)

4.Involved in validating all the sensor features manual and automation for Tungsten Releases.(Chip set RED Tungsten A4 boards(SPI Host) + AKM9911+BMP280)

5.Involved in validating all the sensor features manual and automation for Scorpion Releases. (Chip set Nexus5 + ICM20608 )

4.Sensor Feature Testing on EMD.

5.Power Measurement with Invensense ICM/MPU chips.

6.Finding and Reporting Bugs using Redmine/Bugzilla.

7.Automating the existing manual test cases using Python.

8.Written Test Scripts in Python for the following:

1.Running an infinite command and handling an exit command.

2.To store data in xlsx sheet, Creating New xlsx file and sheet, Read and Write to xlsx sheet and User choice to write data to specific row and column.

3.Live data capturing and Parsing.



Platform: Android and ST Discovery Board.

Tools: Repo, Logcat, adb, fastboot, IAR Embedded workbench, Monsoon Power Monitor and Git.

Bug Tracking Tool : Bugzilla and Redmine.

Scripting Language: Python and Perl.


Test Automation Framework



This project is developing automation framework for the Android Motion Sensor Testing project. It involved development of GUI and test automation framework on Linux based machines



Retrieves test case details (Title, Section, Test Mode, Test Method, Test Script etc) from Excel

Backend - Any scripts can be used to write test scenarios (Ex: Shell, Python, Perl, Java Scripts)

Add/ Remove existing test cases in any part of the Test Suite by modifying the Excel file

Select single or multiple test cases spread across various test suites

Reporting the results in a well-defined Excel format

Storing of the ADB Logcat, Test Script generated logs in known folder location.



Developing and enhancing automation framework.

1.Major work involved:

Test Automation

Features enhancement

Test Id Searching

Test Re run (All Pass, Fail, Error test cases)

Test Report Generation



Platform : Linux

Language: Python, wxPython

Tools : GNU and ADB


Test Automation on Robot Framework



It’s a generic test automation framework tool for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development.



The major work involved to develop GUI using wxPython, Ramping up Robot Framework, developing Automation Scripts using Python and integrating Framework with SUT interface developed by Dev team to provide efficient way of validating device drivers.



Develop GUI using wxPython

Ramp up on Robot Framework

Develop Automation Scripts using Python



Platform : Linux

Language: Python

Tools : Robot Framework


Bring-up Android/Kernel build, for Nexus5(Hammerhead)



Bring-up Android/Kernel build, for Nexus5(Hammerhead), from a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 system.



The activity involves bringing up Android/Kernel build, for Nexus5(Hammerhead), from a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 system like:

1.Software requirements gathering

2.Defining the Definition like:

1.[KERNEL_ROOT] = kernel/msm

2.[ANDROID_ROOT] = android

3.Installing Repo

4.Downloading the Android Source Tree

5.Port Motion Apps

6.Build the ported Motion Apps in Android L

7.If Android L system is installed on Nexus 5, push the compiled binaries to the phone

8.Download Lollipop 3.4 Kernel

9.Port Invensense IIO driver to Linux kernel

10.Build Kernel

11.Make Boot Image of Android L for Nexus 5 with ported Motion Apps

12.Flash the Android L images to the Nexus 5 device



Bring-up Android/Kernel build for Nexus5.



Platform : Linux

GESL Training Program:

Duration : 6 Month

Topics : C and Data Structure

: Software Engineering

: Linux programming and Internals

: Multi threading

: Networking [TCP/IP protocol suite]

: Socket Programming

: Knowledge on Various Unix commands and System Calls

: Personality Development [Self Awareness, Time Management, Team Work]


2011, Bachelor of Engineering (CS), 67% - Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology College, Tumkur, affiliated to VTU Belgaum, Karnataka.

2007, PUCII Science (PCME), 67% - Sarvodaya PU College, Tumkur.

2005, SSLC, 85% - Chetana Vidya Mandira School, Tumkur


Name : Anusha B

Date of Birth : 16th Jan 1989

Address : 5441 N East River Road, APT #1504 Chicago IL – 60656

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