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Chemical Engineering, Injection Molding, Twin-Screw Extruder, ABS/PET

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
May 30, 2018

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Pegah Tayeb



Enthusiastic chemical engineer, eager to work in areas pertinent to applied surface chemistry, polymer processing and characterization.


North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

MSc. Sustainable Biomaterials & Engineering 2016-present University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio

MSc. Chemical Engineering 2014-2016

University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

BSc. Chemical Engineering 2008-2012


Graduate Research Assistant Jan 2016-Present

North Carolina State University, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials & Engineering Leading and supervising experiences

• Supervised undergraduate/graduate students to work with industrial 3D printer, twin-screw extruder, injection molding and hot-press instrument.

• Leading the project; “synthesis of the bio-based composite of Plastic(PLA)/lignin copolymer for automotive industry”

Related experiences to polymer manufacturing/modification industrial processes

• Working on a surface modification of cellulose fibers, technical lignin and polylactic acid (PLA) via O2 plasma to improve coating/finishing process with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). The study focused on the interaction between oxygen-plasma and low surface energy polymers to maximize the coating material adsorption.

• Design & Fabricating sustainable nanocomposite of cellulose nanocrystal (CNC)-ABS and lignin-PLA via solidworks and 3D printer/injection molding machine for packaging application

• Performed research both independently and in team: summarized data and statistical analyses, drafted technical reports on research results for the appointed projects sponsors and presented at meetings

• Fabricating lignin-based thermoplastic composite for industrial additives, emulsion and dispersant applications. Esterification of lignin to improve its thermal processability, molecular properties and mechanical strength.

• Applying double emulsion (Water-in-Oil-in-Water) method for the compatibilization (redispersion of CNC after organic phase removal) of hydrophilic nanocellulose with hydrophobic ABS

• Good hand skills on chemical modifications of natural polymers and characterization techniques; FT-IR, 13C/1H- NMR, GC-MS, TGA, DSC, GPC, rheometer, spin coating & fiber electrospinning, WVTR, OTR. 2

Graduate Research Assistant Aug 2014-Dec 2016

University of Toledo, Department of Chemical Engineering

• Synthesis, characterization and morphology analysis of bio-based hybrid composite (CNC/lignin-PET) using XRD, SEM and AFM at Polymer Institute in University of Toledo

• Surface functionalization of PLA films by transamidation of the PLA ester groups with primary amines containing chemicals for the manufacturing of tissue engineering scaffolds. SUMMER INTERNSHIP

Research Institute of Petroleum Refinery, Esfahan, Iran June 2011

• Process simulation & design

• Process equipment design: heat exchanger, pump & vessel PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS AND CONFERENCE PRESENTATION

• P Tayeb, ... “Lignin Chemical Modifications, Toward the Production of Lignin Thermoplastic – A Review” Under Review.

• AH Tayeb, MA Hubbe, P Tayeb, L Pal and OJ Rojas. “Soy proteins as a sustainable solution to strengthen recycled fiber and reduce deposition of hydrophobic contaminants in: A bench and pilot-plant study” ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2017 5 (8), 7211-7219.

• MA Hubbe, P Tayeb, M Joyce, P Tyagi, M Kehoe, K Dimic-Misic and L Pal. “Rheology of Nanocellulose-rich Aqueous Suspensions: A Review” BioResources, 2017 12(4), 9556-9661

• P Tayeb., and MA Hubbe, “Biomaterial polymer blends for materials extrusion 3D printing” Graduate Research Symposium at North Carolina State University. 2016 AWARDS/HONORS

• Recipient of North Carolina State University Graduate Research Fellowship Feb 2016

• Second place in the University of Tehran research proposal competition Oct 2012 SOFTWARE SKILLS

Technical proficiency in MATLAB, Computer Aided Design(CAD) (AutoDesk & SolidWorks), COMSOL, SixSigma, Microsoft windows and office tools (word, excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook), ChemDraw professional, OriginLab, Endnote and Mendeley


TAPPI journal

Nanotechnology and Biotechnology Section of Scientific Magazine of Engineering at University of Tehran, Iran Sharif University of Technology Green Society, Tehran, Iran

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