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Test Cases

San Jose, California, United States
May 31, 2018

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Ramya Nagendra

San Jose, CA, USA, Ph: 510-***-****, Email:


To find a challenging position in “Software Quality Assurance” with opportunities for career growth


●6+ years of experience in the Software testing field

●Python scripts development and test automation using Selenium Web driver

●Experience with Java development and Web driver

●Good experience in executing SQL Queries against databases

●Proficient in writing test cases and test plans to cover product features

●Strong experience in logging defects using various bug tracking tools

●Experience with Agile software development process

●Familiar with version control system – Perforce, GitHub

●Experience working with Virtual Machines in Linux Environment

●Familiar with web traffic debugging tools

●Excellent analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills

●Ability to work on multiple concurrent tasks and challenging projects


Programming: Python, Java, Regular Expressions, SQL, HTML, XML

●Test Automation: Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Web Driver (Selenium 2.0), Hudson

●Networking: Basics of HTTP, TCP/IP, Network traffic monitor

●Bug Tracking Tools: Test Rail, Bugzilla, Test Link, Test Track

●Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Firebug/Fire path CSS, Xpather, Charles debugging proxy

●Database: MySQL, Oracle

●Platforms: Firefox, MSIE, Chrome, Safari, IOS devices, Eclipse

●Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/7, UNIX/LINUX, Android, iOS

●Version Control: Perforce, GitHub


Sr. QA Engineer 1 – Shutterfly Inc. Santa Clara, CA (07/14 – 11/17)

Project: Perform web testing on e-commerce websites – TP & WPD and work towards improving product quality and customer experience


Test web applications in TP & WPD websites

Automation Responsibilities:

During each sprint cycle, develop new automation test scripts for UI functionalities

For every functionality, write automation scripts in separate class and add page object methods

Execute existing test scripts for each weekly releases and analyze the failures

Update existing scripts and make sure it runs fine in new software versions

Write python test scripts for automation & debugging

Run regression and sanity test scripts and fix the Jenkins automation failures

Write test scripts for mobile (IOS, Android) & iPad and run on different versions using Sauce Labs

Perform gap analysis and increase automation coverage

Quality Assurance Responsibilities:

Follow Agile methodology – Attend scrum meetings, sprint planning, add story tasks, perform all tasks

Triage fulfillment errors reported in production site

Perform validation tests in order management tool

Coordinate release QA from development all the way to production

Run Adobe Illustrator in order to run test scripts and verify card designs, text layout & color format

Perform release duties on weekly releases – triage all reported bugs, perform regression & sanity tests Perform DB testing (Sqlyog) and make sure the data matches on the front-end

Report software defects found on every sprint cycle in Jira management system

Guide offshore team and assign them tasks to perform on each weekly releases

Software QA Engineer – Intuit, Mountain View, CA (06/12 – 09/13)

Project 1: Manage Intuit tax preparation software & accounting program websites


Develop automation test programs in Java to test the functionalities, perform online renewal flows for tax preparation items, and manage customer-facing operations in Siebel.

In Siebel/Estore, place orders for Lacerte/ProSeries segment items, ProAdvisor Membership items and see if the order goes through successfully

Track server logs after placing orders in Siebel CRM for messages like entitlement sync, assets creation, billing, etc. and also debug if there are any failures.

Execute queries in SQL DB in order to retrieve customer data for debugging and also for automation purpose

In Eclipse, develop java test programs to test functionalities and perform online renewal flows for Lacerte/Proseries segment items.

Run the automation test scripts using Selenium RC

Set up Hudson to run APD OLR flows automation build every night and debug the scripts for any failures

Participate in E2E test automation scrum meetings and Social Sprint planning meetings

Project 2: Test “Intuit Small Business Campaign” and “Intuit Small Business Blog” web sites in mobile phones (Android/iPhones) and desktop computers (Windows)


Test web applications in Intuit’s websites

Test “Love a Local Business” (LALB) website which facilitates owners and fans to nominate and vote businesses through various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Test blog applications on desktop computers and mobile phones (Android/iPhones)

Follow Agile software development methodology for software testing

Develop appropriate test-cases for user stories and execute them every sprint cycle

Automate test-cases using Python-Selenium technology

Run regression test-suites on every sprint cycle

Participate in Social Scrum meetings and Social Sprint planning meetings

Report software defects found on every Sprint cycle in Rally Project management tool

Software QA Tester – Gazillion Entertainment, San Mateo, CA (03/11 – 03/12)

Project: Web Service (APIs) testing and automation using python scripts


Test includes developing/maintaining python test scripts for Web Services

●Black-box testing:

●Create test cases and test plans for online game supporting tools (CS tools, admin, billing)

●Test game tools and verify main game UI website for correctness and browser compatibility

●Perform smoke, regression, functionality, acceptance, and negative testing

●Test the performance of game web pages in Staging/Production

●Track bugs and regress fixes for each build in bug tracking tool (Test Track)

●Attend QA meetings with the QA Manager and QA Team to discuss new features

●Test Automation:

●Develop python scripts for Web Services automated test suites

●Execute Web Services test scripts by passing the required parameters

●Record the test from already created test cases using Selenium IDE

●Modify the generated data and convert into python script

●Run the test scripts using selenium RC and verify the output

●Analyze the data displayed in XML format and assert values for data verification

●Modify/extend test suites in accordance with Web Services functionality changes

●Maintain developed scripts using Perforce and Git - Version Control system

Software QA Engineer - Auditude, Palo Alto, CA (03/10 – 03/11)

Project: Test the ad platform software for media management and monetization


Test covers Smoke, browser compatibility, regression, negative and functionality testing

●Black-box testing:

●Manage/maintain ad platform by creating different campaigns, ads & test them on ad players

●Test ad targeting with Day–Parting, Frequency capping, Geo targeting

●Test banners in different format (JPEG, GIF, BMP, SWF, PNG) and check in different flash player versions

●Test video ads in Staging/Production (ex: MySpace, Comcast, MLB players) and make sure ads get served correctly

●Manage inventory data and custom reports to facilitate content owners/publishers/Advertisers

●Develop test cases and test plans or modify when new features get released

●File bugs in a defect-tracking tool and verify fixed bugs in every new release

●Attend meetings with the QA Manager and QA Team to discuss new features

●Test automation:

●Record the test from already created test cases using Selenium IDE

●Modify the generated data and convert into python script

●Run the test scripts using selenium RC and verify the output

●Develop tests involving table searches, table sorts, etc.

●Use X-Pather to manipulate dynamically generated table contents

●Create tests in pages generated by dynamic HTML

●Regular expressions pattern match using python and selenium directives

●White/Gray-box testing

●Execute SQL queries to retrieve data from database

●Record HTTP traffic using debugging proxy to debug ad calls

●Test the ad performance by varying network speed using NetPeeker

●Use ad-server tools like cookie browser to analyze ad targeting data


●2007 Training in SQA and automation from De Anza College, Cupertino, CA

●2006 MS in Bio-Chemistry, California State University, East Bay, Hayward, CA

●2003 BS in Polymer Science, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (SJCE), India


Fully authorized to work anywhere inside the continental United States of America (US Citizen)


Available on request

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