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Irving, Texas, United States
May 29, 2018

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Phone : 562-***-****

Status : Citizen of USA


Database: Oracle 11g/12c, SQL Server, Vertica 9.1, MySQL, Teradata

Programming: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle JDeveloper

Scripting: Unix Shell, Perl, Python

ETL Tools: Informatica, SSIS

BI Tools: Tableau reporting


B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering - Nagarjuna University - India (1993)

Diploma in RDBMS - India (1995)


CGI Richardson TX.

Job Title: Sr. Database Architect

Jun 2016 to Present

Data Warehousing

Responsible for Data Migration and reporting from/to Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server and Hadoop, Vertica involving large tables with billions of rows. Performance tuning Vertica tables with projection design and choosing the right encoding. Writing Unix, Python, Perl scripts for calling the various wrapper scripts that were coded to work in different environments without changes. Developing simple tools to automate the process as much as possible. Analyze complex ETL code on the source side that needs to be migrated over including all the jobs run from the schedulers to the target area. Analyze and code complex PL/SQL code in Oracle. Performance tune Oracle code. Analyze and code bteq/mload and macros scripts in Teradata. As vertica does not support procedures or complex functions to be created, Unix scripts are created to achieve the same functionality. Coding in python for automation of migration work. Developing reports in Tableau. Documenting deployment guides and various other release management documents like Run books. Data Modeling as required, Documenting test procedures and results and sharing with QA. Supporting the product/Code in QA and Production.

KingsIsle Entertainment Inc Plano TX.

Job Title: Sr. Analyst.

Jan 2015 to May 2016

Data Warehousing

Responsible for Building and maintaining a stable Data Warehouse environment, mostly code was written in SQL, PL/SQL, Perl and Unix with databases Oracle, MySQL and HP Vertica. Involved in implementing DW solutions primarily using SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Perl and Unix Script languages, Oracle Reports, Excel and Tableau reporting sourcing from MySQL, Vertica and Oracle Database. Worked with loading from flat files and calling web services from scripts and used JIRA for tracking. I was also responsible for data analysis, mapping and Data loading from various sources. Performance tuning of database as well as the application. Data analysis for the issues related to the modifications of the code and script generation to correct the data for the same.

Vizient Inc Irving TX

Job Title: Sr. ETL Developer

June 2014 to December 2014.

Projects: NMS, Universal PIMS Data Mart

Responsibilities include developing ETL code as part of the Tech Dev Team. Resolving production problems, by fixing code in SSIS in combination with C# and SQL server database code. Has developed two projects from Scratch. Very well versed with Agile Project Development Methodology and complete life cycle of development. The data sources used are Oracle Exadata, SQL server databases and sales force (a total of 50 databases). Worked for clients like Provista, Novation, Apexus and Aptitude on different production issues who are part of Vizient Inc.

Rent-a-Center – Plano, TX

Job Title: Sr. Database Consultant

October 2013 to May 2014

Project: SIMS

Responsible for the application maintenance and Transactional Load from the 4300+ stores. High Touch system at POS will generate flat files which are loaded into the enterprise production databases (which is called the SIMS application) by TIBCO application using many Oracle backend PL/SQL procedures and packages. I am responsible for maintaining these procedures/packages and the data quality that was loaded through TIBCO which involves post load data corrections and validations. Involved in the migration of code from PL/SQL to Informatica. Maintaining applications that are coded in Oracle Forms. Used TOAD/PL/SQL, Forms 11g, Reports 11g for working with database Code and Front end. Performance tuning with TKPROF, AWR and using Explain Plan.

DIRECTV – Los Angeles, CA

Job Title: Sr. PL/SQL Developer

March 2010 to October 2013

Project: TAOS Application


Maintaining TAOS database code for DIRECTV and application building for new requirements and offers. Creating detailed design documents from COR(centralized offer requirements) documents and functional specification documents for the projects I have worked on. Worked with BA’s and SA’s for all the requirement gathering. Predominantly worked on production problems(Service Desk Problems) logged by the Operations team. Releasing code related to projects and SDP’s to SQA and production environments and support the applications. Worked on change requests and Change Orders from business and other groups. Worked on new projects to support the ever changing business needs. Modify existing code/design and build new code, which involved creating and altering tables and constraints, indexes, triggers, synonyms, PL/SQL procedures, functions, complex packages and writing Unix shell scripts and Perl scripts. Performance Tune the code using profiling and Explain plan. Used Java for PBA processing for posting adjustments to STMS database. Coded Oracle Forms 11g and Reports 11g for TCS application. Coded SOAP calls to process and access data from STMS(Data Services). Responsible for documenting the changes as well as unit testing each component that is worked on. Documenting the existing processes if not already documented. Work within the development team and with different teams across the enterprise on all the Projects. Schedule and attend meetings as necessary to discuss the status, issues, design etc. Identify batch process with higher execution times in production and fine tune them. Loading reporting database and data warehousing environments using Informatica as the ETL from the source STMS database.

Fannie Mae - Dallas, TX

Job Title: Sr. Database ETL Developer

July 2009 to Feb 2010


Data warehousing application development using PL/SQL and SQL including database Design. Modifications to the application ETL and queries. Responsibilities include development, testing and release. Worked on two different project for the client at the same time, one is creation of a new data warehouse called ODS with the development of the ETL to pull data from different sources, second is called Surveillance Dash board for which Database objects and the ETL was developed. This tool is a reporting tool and can show the details that does not exist in the current system, as the current system gets updated from 30 to 45 days later and for executives who make decisions, this time is a lot and so they can now depend on this new tool to get the current information reported off of different sources. Performance tuning is one of the main jobs that went with both the projects. I have designed tables to take advantage of parallel processing by partitioning tables and created materialized view where appropriate. Extensively used bulk methods where ever possible. Worked with client very closely to get information and business rules that was coded into ETL. Performance tuning the application was necessary at every step of the code as some of the tables have more than half a billion records. Used AWR, TKPROF and Explain Plan.

Nokia - Dallas, TX

Job Title: ETL Developer

June 2008 to June 2009


Nokia NetAct ™ OSS is a proprietary tool that offers a complete solution for managing mobile networks, ranging from network monitoring and performance management software to software for telecom network optimization. It provides network data storage and reporting for operators. NetAct collects data from network elements in the form of xml, binary and text files and calculates KPI (key parameter indicators) and stores them in the data warehouse for GSM, GPRS and UMTS network elements. It also has easy interfaces to add new network elements. Data Marts design and handling of rollups to improve performance.


Primary responsibility is Data Warehousing application development using PL/SQL and SQL. Modifications to the application ETL, queries and performing tuning. Responsibilities include testing and release management. Multi vendor (Ericsson,Nokia,Nortel) integrations are implemented using oracle 10G, SQL and the OS is HP-UX. Developed adaptations for Ericsson and Nortel BSS, MSC, MMSC, CCN, Call break down, radio characteristics and integrated them to NetAct, Developed XML files, Modeled and implemented oracle database schema including table space, user creation, tables, views, synonyms, indexes, triggers and functions. Implemented optimized functions using PL/SQL to improve performance of BSS adaptors Responsible for creating ANT Build Scripts and build application server EAR files and deployed them in web sphere server. Involved in full SDLC of the project from requirements, Analysis, Design, development, testing and deployments.

ppoONE, Inc - Dallas, TX

Job Title: Database Developer/DBA

August 2006 to June 2008


Application Development using PL/SQL and SQL for 27 clients Production OLTP databases. Modifications to the application for all the 27 different clients. Testing and Release management. Also worked in database administration. Creation of new databases and cloning of existing databases. Maintaining production servers/Standby and managing spaces. Providing reports of the spaces and other database related monitoring. On call support of 27 production databases. Development of PL/SQL, SQL, Oracle Forms 10g, Oracle Reports, extracts and creation of all schema objects related to the projects assigned and all maintenance related activities. Writing Unix scripts for the above activities and scheduling the cron jobs. Working directly with clients to get the requirements and estimating the resources, working on the same projects and releasing after testing to clients. I was responsible for the testing and support my own code. Working with Account managers/ projects managers and DBA manager for all the projects I work.

CCAH - Santa Cruz, CA

Sr. Programmer Analyst

July 2004 to July 2006

Senior Programmer Analyst

Project Title: Caradigm - This project deals with Claims management. Caradigm application is used by CCAH to deal with the 17% Medi-cal claims from six counties in California.

o Working with the Business Analysts in identifying the new requirements and changes to the existing modules.

o Developing new forms from scratch.

Used JDeveloper for developing applications.

o Fixing bugs in the existing modules.

o Coding for enhancements in the existing modules.

o Writing new functions and packages.

o Modifying the existing database packages.

o Writing reports in Oracle Report Writer.

o Handling production issues and fixing bugs and involved in Releases.

Consultant - Contract

Job Title: Consultant

June 1997 - May 2004

Applied Bio-systems, Consultant Analyst Programmer - San Jose, CA (April 2004 to May 2004)

Project Title: Laboratory Information Management System SQL*LIMS 4

This project deals with Tracking the Laboratory tests that are being performed on the samples collected and grouped. Responsibilities:

o Wrote new PL/SQL packages for the new requirements/enhancements.

o Worked with Oracle9i Database with Objects.

o Developed Packages to load data from ASCII files to the database.

o Integration testing of the developed Modules.

o Modified the existing Database Packages.

o Developed new forms.

Deloitte Consulting, Senior Analyst Programmer - Boston, MA (October 2003 to April 2004)

Project Title: Sheriff’s information and reporting system(SIRS)

This project deals with the Inmates and their management, including the maintenance of criminal history. The system is primarily used by different states to track the status of the Inmate.

o Identified and Changed the functionality of the Modules like Date Computation, Security risk, Criminal records, release, substance abuse etc. Acquiring knowledge of the business rules is the primary requirement before making any changes to the modules.

o Interaction with users and business analysts.

o Integration testing of the Modules.

o Modified the Database Packages that the Forms blocks are based on.

o Modified tables and related triggers and PL/SQL Packages.

o Wrote new PL/SQL packages.

o Assisted the DBA in Database administration. Working on Solaris OS writing shell scripts.

o Migration of Modified Packages, forms and reports onto Test and Production Environments.

o Modification of existing reports and developments of new reports from scratch.

Aspeon Technologies, Project Lead - UK (December 2001 to August 2003)

Project Title: Asset Maintenance Database (AMD)

Asset Maintenance Database is a project developed by Aspeon Technologies UK for Bechtel Water Technology Ltd. This project was developed in Developer 2000, Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5 and the Database in Oracle 7.1. VJIL took the responsibility to migrate the forms and reports into 9i Developer Suite and the database to Oracle 9i and launch the application on the web using Oracle 9iAS Release 2 application server.

o Installation and Configuration of Oracle 9i Database Server.

o Migration of Database from Oracle 7.1 to Oracle 9i including importing from .dmp file, running the scripts for creation of the application.

o Altered database routines where found defective.

o Coded workarounds while migrating Forms4.5 to Forms9i .

o Installed, configured and administering Oracle 9i Application Server.

o Conversion of help files to HTML and configuring BI Apache server for the same.

o Modification of Forms PL/SQL Library for supporting help system.

o Communicating with the client to find the requirements as well as reporting the status when necessary.

o Currently involved in porting other related applications into Oracle and integrating with AMD application and also working with changes in AMD application.

o Created related tables and relations for OPEX and BPA functionality and for the IED in the AMD database using ERwin 4.0.

o Developed forms and reports for IED application and integrated into the AMD application.

o Coded OPEX back-end PL/SQL package for automating the calculations of the operational expenses and integrated with AMD application.

o Led a team to develop OPEX, BPA and COMPROJ(export of data to excel and MSProject) PL/SQL Packages and modifications to the Main_process as well as the data_versioning packages.

ABM Ltd, Analyst Programmer - Nottingham, UK (October 2001 to December 2001)

Project Title: Fraud Management System

Project Summary: The Fraud Management System (FMS) is developed for West Midlands Police Service (WPS) for recording and managing fraud. This is one of the 32 police products that ABM has developed. Role in the project involved the identification of crime records and loading into fraud system if the record already exists in crime. Used Oracle 8i, Developer 2000/Forms 5.0, Reports 3.0

o Wrote back-end routines for the conversion of the crime records into fraud system.

o Changed the various forms that will now allow this conversion.

o Changed the crime record search screens and the related screens to base the search on different parameters than existing ones.

o Created scripts for unit and integration testing and tested for signoff.

ABM UK, Analyst Programmer - Nottingham, UK (September 2000 to August 2001)

Project Title: Incident Management System

Project Summary: The Incident Management System (IMS) is developed for Western Australian Police Service (WAPS) for recording and managing crimes that will be uploaded on to the WEB.

Used Oracle 8i, Developer 6i/Forms 6i, Reports 6i

o Evaluated and Implemented the changes to the database tables required for the modules I have worked on like Search Module, Task Management Module, Stop Search Module etc.

o Designed screens to confirm to specifications.

o Developed forms and the reports for different modules, reports involving nominal, address, vehicle, object of interest, organization to associate intelligence logs, victim support letters etc.

o Tested for Unit and integration testing of the forms and reports developed.

o Responsible for fixing Bugs, raised both internally and by the client throughout the application.

o Implemented snapshot, task manager, and security for most of the modules.

o Worked on correcting the globals all through the application.

o Implemented additional functionality to forms with flex field concept.

Comtec - RCI (Research Center Imarat) Defense, Analyst Programmer - Hyderabad, India

(June 1997 to August 2000)

Project Title: Computerized Attendance Recording System

This project was developed and maintained to schedule and record in and out timings of the workers and staff through the punch card system, to generate different types of reports which include monthly attendance report, monthly muster and overtime report. Daily reports are generated to indicate late quarters of latecomers, perfect daily, absentees and error report.

Used Oracle8.0, Developer 2000

o Developed forms for directorate, employee, leave, holiday, shift details.

o Developed forms for scheduling module and Admin module and generic reports module.

o Developed Monthly muster, late, early, perfect daily, ION, Gatepass & absentee reports.

o Structured tables to accommodate data for running reports.

o Wrote PL/SQL database packages to process data at the back-end.

o Involved in Coding and Testing.


Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, NT, UNIX, Solaris

Applications and Tools: Oracle Forms6i, Forms9i, Forms11g, Reports 6i, Reports9i, Reports11g, PL/SQL, HTML, XML, Discoverer, SQL Loader, TOAD, ERwin 4.0, Designer 6i, VSS, UNIX Shell Script, Infra, Start Team, Open Road, Core Java, Visual Basic 6.0, Data Warehousing, Informatica, SSIS, Cognos, Oracle Financials 11i

Databases: Oracle 7.x/8.x/9i/10g/11g/12c, 9i DBA, Cache` 5.0, SQL Server

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