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Service Project Manager

Raichur, Karnataka, India
May 29, 2018

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Mohammed Omer Farooq, M.B.A (Finance)


Mobile: 0-998*******/866*******


To build a career with a leading corporate with committed & dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential.

Work Experience

Worked at Infosys BPO Ltd, as a Process Specialist/Supervisor/Accountant having 2.6 years experience as Supervisor & 6 months under Finance & Account.

Worked at Ocwen Financial Service as Process Associate under default service having 2.8 years experience.

Role and Responsibility at Infosys BPO Ltd. From May 2014 to Oct 2016

Experience Under Finance and Accounting

Financial Planning, Analysing & Invoicing process through SAP ariba

Analyzing the quarter wise data with statistical model and analytical model in excel report.

Preparing the daily Best Estimate (BE) report for all portfolios with service line based on (Revenue to be Recognized Report) RTBR report.BE Reports has a differences of Week on Week & Month actual V/s Revenue to be recognized.

As an accountant, will take care of entire project invoices process for every services line such as standard invoice, credit memo invoice,

Using the two way matching invoicing process invoices verifying the invoice copy with PO# checking the PO balance, line items, quantity, unit rate.

Reviewing the rejected/hold invoices for the entire project.

Invoices are based on man power/service line/service/milestone, etc.…

Uploading invoices through into SAP Ariba system for the entire projects & maintaining the PO Balance for the same.

Dealing with large amount of invoices & resolving the any process issues/concern of Project Manager’s query. Ensuring that the payment of invoices is completed within a timely manner and in accordance with payment terms.

Preparing the dashboard of weekly agenda for invoicing call it will be discuss on rejected invoice, hold Invoice, invoice mismatch, etc.…

Experience Under as Supervisor/Process Specialist.

Team Management: As an process specialist/Supervisor will be take care such as escalation items, process updates, work allocation to team, tracking their production, randomly sampling the file for the quality check etc.

Escalation management: Reviewing the escalations files sorting into different categories & concentrating the major issue of the escalations. Ex: Aom, Note, location of note, etc.

Quality check: Filtering the loans from the portfolio for the smooth flow of foreclosure process and ensuring that no delays are happening.

Root Cause Analysis: Tracking all the errors reviewing and rectifying it and sending back to client for all non-errors. Preparing the Root Cause Analysis RCA for all the errors files.

Standard Operating Procedure: Maintaining every document checklist for the process from the clients.

Portfolio management: Managing all the loans within the portfolio. Providing solutions on the foreclosure issues to the internal customer, paralegals and attorneys through emails and over phone calls in emergency cases.

Timeline & Information management: Ensuring the property is taken to sale within a stipulated timeline. Facilitate smooth flow of information so that timely action can be taken, updating the system whenever relevant information is received.

Other Initiative Apart from responsibilities

Every day sending the % of production counts & utilization of every individual processor to the team & maintaining weekly wise dashboard of the team performance.

Every fortnight scheduling the re-fresher training to entire team and discussing the new updates for the process and session for quality ensuring maintenance of team quality at high level.

Training the new joiner’s brief of default service and foreclosure process through the projector with step by step of manual process.

Maintaining the process updates from the clients in a excel sheet and sending reminder to the team for the latest updates.

Computer Skill, Personal Attributes & Achievements

MS – Office (Power Point, Excel, Outlook, etc…)

Good hands in Excel, like (Vlookup, Pivot, Charts, Sumif, etc..

Greater adaptability to new Environment/Technology

Positive attitude, willingness to work.

Cleared T200 (Banking Exam with related of mortgage term)

Role and Responsibility was at Ocwen Financial Ltd. From Feb 2011 to Dec 2013

Reviewing and updating loan information on all the files in the portfolio on a daily basis and maintained quality and efficiency.

Sending mail requests to chase clients and receiving updates in order to check the status of foreclosure files.

Assisting other team members to help them perform better and to maximize team efficiency and productivity.

Developing domain expertise in the state specific processes and requirements involving Foreclosure.

Educational Qualification






University of Mysore

TTL College of Business Management, Mysore.



Gulbarga university, Gulbarga. Bankatlal Rajaram Boob College, Raichur.



Pre-University Education board, Bankatlal Rajaram Boob college, Raichur.



Tagore memorials boys’ high School, Raichur.



Father’s Name : M. A. Khadir

Date of Birth : 31st Jan 1986

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Single

Hobbies : Playing chess & Listening Music

Languages Known : English, Hindi, Urdu and Kannada.

Address : H.NO. 216, 6th Main, 4th Cross

Minhaj Nagar J P Nagar Post,

Bangalore. 560078.

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