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Financial Analyst

Cairo Governorate, Egypt
May 28, 2018

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Ahmed Walid Hany Elsoudi

Personal information:

3005A -Zahra Nasr City – Cairo – Egypt.

Mobile#: +201*********

Birthday date: August 19th 1992 Nationality: Egyptian Marital status: Single

Gender: Male Military status: Exempted


2016 Bachelor of Business Administration

British University in Egypt.

Major: Finance & Accounting

Studied subjects: I covered all the materials from CFA in university with very efficient excel project to be financial analyst

2010 graduated from Nrmeen Ismail American School,

11th grade Thomas Edison high school, Fairfax County Virginia USA

Activities and Experiences

CFA and Financial Risk Management (GARP) Instructor

Company: Freelancer

Description: on the next Page

Starts: first of 2017

ERP Consultant (Odoo)

Company: Digizila and freelancer

Job title: Sales

Start: 9/2017

End: Currently working

Expert Real Estate

Job Title: Sales Advisor

Start: 9/2017

End 10/12/2017

Egyptian black sand company (Managed by the army)

Job title: financial analyst

Start: 3/2017

End 9/2017

Zoser language schools

Tiba Company, which is the head office for two schools of the group

Job title: accountant


End 2017

Organization: Evona community (NGO)

Evona is advertising agency located in BUE, CIC and GUC

Location: British University in Egypt.

Job title: Supervisor of media and fundraising (finance) committee

For three years


Location: maskin sherton Heliopolis

Job title: member of logistics team

Start: August 2016

End December 2016

Related experience and knowledge to Finance

my dream to work for investment banks. the last two years I have doing a lot of studies. I have very good knowledge about financial analysis and risk management analysis. I could not find a job in the same industry but I have got a job as accountant and sales advisory. But, I spent all those years on getting online courses and reading a lot, about IFRS, investment banking roles such as capital markets raising equity and debt capital, advisory M&A and restructuring services, trading and brokerage & trading with financial securities, and Asset Management the ability to use money to make more money. I have also got experience and knowledge in financial modeling and valuation. also, I have studies most of the financial analyst roles from venture capital analysts all the way to wealth management analyst which the role of every analyst on starting a project and lunching IPO and the effect of macroeconomics and microeconomics of those projects. I also studied all the CFA curriculum for level 1 & 2 and I can start to build my own portfolio but unfortunately, I could not get the CFA exams because it’s very expensive according to the high rate of USD to EGP. I also studied the GARP curriculum which is the financial risk managements part one and two. from the risk foundation, quantitative analysis, market products such as options, future, swap and other strategies, and the valuation which is the measurement tools of risks such as VAR. I also getting online courses, knowledge on the market risk, credit risk, operational risk measurement and management. all this knowledge and experience I got by self-study trying to achieve my dream and get to my goals to work for investment bank., if you may give me the opportunity to examine my knowledge and these experience through a meeting or interview have already gained experience on how companies work and the efficient and effective way to support the company. I always read the economist magazine and financial times newspaper regularly to gain the experience on the world., I need the opportunity to meet and examine my knowledge and to evaluate me to prove that I’m hard worker and I have very good experience and knowledge according to finance and economics industry I worked really hard during the past two years. I currently work as instructor starting from 2017. I give courses and teach finance students that need more help in the university modules such as BUE, GUC, and AOU. i teach them corporate finance, financial risk management, financial statement analysis, Financial accounting (IFRS), portfolio management and quantitative analysis. I am also freelancer instructor for CFA level one and two and Financial risk management (GARP) part one. I have some other courses that I have gathered its martials which are Financial analysts Roles from capital venture all the way to wealth management analysts using excel, and how investment banks work and what are the best services and tools that they use for A&M, Capital market, advisory, and assets managements


To join an excellent organization where I can rock start my professional experience, be part of a professional team and to ultimately play an active part of organization success.

Other experience briefs

I would like to apply for this role

I am qualified to degree level with that I have had bachelor of finance from British university of Egypt. I studied all the CFA courses at university,

I have been working as accountant for two years for the head office of zoser prince language schools, I was responsible for feasibility study for building new schools, assessing and analyze local tender company, I had experience about local contracts because I attended and make standards for many of the contracts for them. I also have experience for local tender. I was responsible regularly for recording there financial book as assets analysis, accounting payable and receivable. I keep attaching to the market by getting work as financial analyst on that big project managed by the army, which called extracting black sand from the edge of the sea and turn it to heavy concentrate minerals. I had the opportunity to watch stock exchange of those markets and analyze them because this minerals is going to export to other countries. I have always, been interested in working in a financial role. I feel that I have excellent communication skills and work well with other people as well as on my own initiative. I worked for one year as financial analyst for Egyptian black sand company it’s a company managed by the army. My experience and roles was assessing and analyzing international tender company I helped in many of the local and international contract. I assessed and analyzed the tender companies to find out who is better to build up our factory. I helped in opening up this company. It was shareholding company we build it according to law of 159 of the shareholding company of Egypt. I was responsible for journal ledger and making financial statement, I helped for analyzing them to make sure for profit and risks of the company. I helped the company through corporate financing and financial statement analysis to get enough US dollars for the international contracts. I have very good experience in analysis in general its gift I am very good at. I helped the company to write its principles and standards of the financial department. I also kept tracking of the international market for heavy concentrated minerals in London stock exchange and find out what are the supply and demand charts and how to make strategy for those minerals markets, reserves and trade in opportunity, because they were very important. I kept tracking for the technology this minerals using for and how the buyer going to use it and the potential for foreword integration for risk analysis. I do have experience to work as accountant, financial analyst, risk analysis and analysts as general. I am looking right now for job stability and I think I can help the company accounting department to achieve the most efficient and effective work through varieties of strategy. I worked with the best accountant in the army and they taught me how to manage a whole company and integration between all the departments. In addition, they were almost relying on me in everything because I earned their trust. I left because I cannot promote in the army only officer can be manager but I will not promote no matter how I work hard because I worked as civilian .I worked for NGO advertisement agency. It was a community. We started it at the British university in Egypt then we opened branches in GUC and CIC. I was the head of media and finance committee back then for almost two years. I left the agency since they turn it to profitable company right now located in Nasr city. Also worked as sales for real estate company for 5 months but I left for management issues. I have very good experience with communication skills especially with VIP persons. I can work under pressure I learned it while I was working in the army. I am seeking for job stability and I have long-term goals I want to achieve. I have strategy for my life through analysis, reality and decisions. I have had a lot of experience in dealing with customers and combined with my financial experience. I also have analytical skills. I was working on as advisor in class A real estate companies. I had to work directly with customer helping them to sell and buy properties, which, I came close to the local market and understood the behavior of those clients, and what they are seeking to and what they want to know about the market. If they going to invest or just want live in this properties. I also worked as sales agent for the most famous company such as Emmar, sabbour, palm hills, better homes and Coldwell banker .I feel that I will be able to work well in the world of financing and am ready to put everything I have into developing my career in Finance & Accounting

Please find enclosed my CV, if you have any questions about my skills and experiences, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have.


Computer skills

MS office (Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint),

Internet Applications.

Language skills

Arabic – Native language

English – Excellent

Personal skills

Collaborate Within Teams and Across Boundaries

Create, Apply and Share Knowledge

Make Smart Decisions – Interprets a wide range of information and pushes to move forward. Seeks diversity of information and inputs, researches possible solutions, and generates recommended options.

Communication – Adapt the communication style appropriate for the intended audience. Adopt an inclusive approach to communication as is appropriate to the situation

Analytical Thinking skills: Determines criteria for assessing issues and opportunities. Establishes clear goals and priorities needed to assess performance.

Lead and Innovate skills: Develops innovative solutions. Contributes new insights to understand situations and develops solutions to resolve complex problems

Client Understanding and Advising

Broad Business Thinking

Ability to deal sensitively in a multi-cultural environment and build effective working relations with clients and colleagues. Competencies Key Functional Competencies:

Strong communication skills, including the ability to explain and express views/opinions articulately and confidently

Proactive, innovative, with an open and collegial work style and ability to listen and integrate ideas from diverse views, create partnerships, and collaborate with others while maintaining individual responsibility

Ability to work independently, to take initiative, and anticipate and respond quickly

ability to manage multiple concurrent projects and/or tasks

Strong analytical and problem solving skills and sound business judgment to identify issues and present creative and practical solutions

teamwork skills

presentation skill

Facility to work successfully in multicultural teams and across boundaries

Self-motivated, fast learner.

Ability to work individually or as an active team member.

Interactive and fast enough to learn new technologies.

Able to work under pressure, manage stress, helpful, creative & calm.

Ability to meet deadlines successfully maintaining the quality of work.

Eager to acquire new experiences and learning new issues for work benefit & always look forward to learning more & get more skills.

Ability to prioritize tasks and finish them in a timely manner.

High ability of organizing and follow up.

Learning from my mistakes and from everything I get through

Attention to detail and accuracy.

Effective listening skills demonstrated by the ability to listen to other people talk without interruptions, understand them and then propose solutions or make contributions based on the points made.

Strong communication skills characterized by excellent writing and speaking skills.

Ability to use the computer efficiently and also learn how to use new software.

Patient and willing to help others in solving problems while maintaining a positive attitude at all times.

Ability to analyze financial portfolios and any kind of risk investment systematic or unsystematic Risk

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