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Engineer Systems Administrator

Concord, Massachusetts, United States
May 30, 2018

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Ralph L. Aulenback

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• 34+ years of Principal-level experience to assist a corporation’s operating systems, clustering and storage technologies within their IT infrastructure.

• Proven design level, as well as hands-on implementation, across many technologies.

• Organized and able to manage multiple assignments in priority, able to work long or extended hours and travel as much as needed.


Applications: Sales Force, Remedy, Radiance, IBIS, Kickstart, PCM, NetView, VCS, Connect IT, Exchange, Wincenter, VMware Fusion 3.1., Networker, Ghostserver, KEA/ Vtstar, Citrix MetaFrame / XenApp, Windows Terminal Server, WTS, FTP, NIS, NFS, RIS, X-11, CDE, Dump, Tar, DD, restore, TCP/IP, SMTP, SSH, Putty

OS: Sun Solaris (10, 3.8 & 8) HP-UX, SCO, Tru64 v4.0f, 5.0,5.1, RedHat Linux 5.0 thru 9.0, Fedora 6, OpenVMS 3.5 thru 7.2, Windows XP, 7,10, 2003, 2008, MacOS.

Hardware: Intel X86, Alpha Servers, ES320, ES40, ES30, 4100’s, 2100’s, DS10, DS20, HP9000/730-832, SCSI PROBE, PAL, KVM, firmware updates

Networks: FC, NFS, NIS, NAS, SANS, TCP/IP, DNS, WINS, DHCP, POP3, WAN/LAN Manager, DECNET, Pathworks 4-5.Xdos/MAC, RTR YP, SFP’s Fiber cabling.

Switches: Cisco Nexus 3064 TOR, Cisco Catalyst 3750-x Series Console, LinkSys, Netgear, FDDI, DecHubs.

Storage: VMAX, Sun StorageTek 6xxx, 3xxx, T3, T3+, T4, FC, HSG80, HSG60, HPStorageWorks, DSSI, Raid

Arrays: Vendors, ATA, FDDI, DSSI, ESSI, SCSI

Volume Mgrs LVM, CAM 5.1.0, Veritas, Solstice Disk Suite, Service Manager, LSM


Pfizer “Contractor” 7/15 – 12/17

Network / Data Center Engineer

• GXP, HP ServiceCenter 6.2.8,LAN disconnects, power downs, hard drive swapping, Juke Box Maintenance, perform environmental walk thru on 60,000 SQF of 8 computer suites, perform Red Thread pickup process.

• Unix/Linux/Windows hardware support, rack,patch,stack systems for Pfizer.

• EMC(Symmetrix VMAX, Avamar,VPLEX,Vblock,VNXSeries,ISILON,10k, Storage Vault, EMC-9950, Oracle Xadata Cabinets, NetApp,

• Provided support to internal and visiting customers. OpenView ServiceCenter, IM, Phone, Email.

Akamai Technologies 2/15 – 5/15

Data Center Engineer

• Linux/Windows hardware support, rack,patch,stack systems for Akamai corporate cage in CoreSite Data Center.

• Cisco MDS-9571, Dell R620,R630,R730,Storage Vault, EMC-9950, Oracle Xadata Cabinets, NetApp, Nutanix Storage / Configure iDRAC / ILO’s for servers; install VLAN_1 & VLAN_2 cables, and Net MGMT console on Top of Rack’s.

• Provided supported to internal and visiting customers. Support via Salesforce, IM, Email. Managed Inventory and Inventory Control Sheets, and server elevation sheets., Quinn Reality. 1993 – Present

Owner / Operator

State Street Bank 5/12 – 7/13

IBM Hands and Eyes Data Center Engineer

• Respond to inbound requests for reboots on 10,000 plus servers. Updated OS and firmware updates, Linux/Windows hardware. Provide 7x24 site coverage for Remedy trouble tickets

• Configured ILO’s for servers; install VLAN_1 & VLAN_2 cables, and Net MGMT cable, mounted servers.

• Provided assistance to visiting customers. Secure hard bad hard drives into secure storage.

• Provided hands-and-eyes services for SSGA and State Street Bank Global customers.

Verizon 8/11 – 8/11

Data Center Engineer

• Installed, rack/stack, and test all mounted servers, disk arrays, and network devices.

• Installed, debug, and document network connections to customers' equipment.

• Updated and documented all data center systems with troubleshooting and ticket support information.

• Provided 7x24 site coverage for ETMS trouble tickets and provide assistance to visiting customers.

Accenture (working at SAP/Sybase) 11/10 – 12/10

System Engineer – RE – IP for Sybase

• Reported to site lead/Sybase on site and head of the Data Center Technologies & Operations/Next Generation Data centers Accenture

• Supported issues for, DNS, IP, Addressing, Subnet Masks, Routing & Gateways (As applicable to servers and a Data Center Environment)

• Manually, and via telnet, configured 2 entire buildings Networked printers for the IP addressing to be consistent with SAP Performed technical server validation with tools (telnet, ping, NFS/CIFS mounts, trust relationships, etc.

• Followed precise directions while contributing expertise to solve problems on the fly

• Completed any remaining inventories on-site, Count, type, location of Assets for re-ip

• Changed up address of an asset via script or manually when needed

• Completed post work tasks, including but not limited to, rebooting of servers to verify change and validate return to service and privileged access and connectivity to machines

• Provided accurate reporting or documentation to project/site management.

• Citrix XenAPP for remote access to machines to be reconfigured.

Cadence Design Systems, Chelmsford, MA – 7/08 – 11/08

Desktop Systems Engineer

• Met expected and exceeded customer SLA’s

• Utilize HP’s Server Automation (formerly known as Opsware) for installs for Linux and Solaris operating systems, on IBM,DELL,HP hardware

• After stack and rack and networking the hardware work daily server/desktop requests out of Remedy ticketing system for northeast pool of cadence.

• Rack & Stack new server & workstation equipment, as well as migrate from user area’s Unix/ Windows machines onto KVM switches in labs for consolidation process.

• Used kickstart and jumpstart to build machines to put into the compute farm.

• Altiris configuration & updating on Unix & desktop PC’s to comply with Altiris server/client.

• Configure dual/boot Windows XP / REDHAT LINUX pc’s into and out of the domain

• Added and configured Space Cruiser meeting.

• SAP client accounting profiles adding and removing privileges, adding printers, adding more physical memory.

• Build/configure new IBM 1U 335 Blades, T61P & Dell D620’s for the Cadence systems domain, promoted BDC to PDC’s, put many laptops and desktops into the Cadence domain

• Modified boot environment for grub loader for loading RedHat Linux/Windows XP data transfer from old laptop to new laptop environment. (Favorites, desktop shortcuts, my documents, archive.pst,outlook.pst) Completed pre-audit asset &

inventory audit on time, Adjusted differences in asset management corporate database.

Secret Clearance In-Active ( DISCO ) 06/2011

Sun Microsystems, Burlington, MA 2/08 – 3/08

Hardware Technical Support Engineer

Sun Microsystems, Burlington, MA - 5/07 –8/07

Mid-Range Storage Technical Support Engineer

Maynard Police Department 3/06 - Present

Per Call (Special/Aux Police Officer)

Cadence Design Systems, Chelmsford, MA - 1/06 – 1/07

Systems Engineer

Disclosure: 1.5 year hiatus, due to Lyme disease, 6/04 – 1/06

Aulenback Systems Consultants - Owner 1/02 – 12/05

Compaq, Nashua, NH - Unix Systems Consultant 1/01 – 12/01

Compaq, Nashua, NH - Sr. Unix Q/A Test Engineer 1/00 – 12/00

CoZone, Marlboro, MA - Principal OpenVMS Systems Administrator 9/99 –12/99

Unifi Communications, Lowell, MA - Engineer 8/98 – 9/98

Digital Equipment Corp, Littleton, MA - Digital Unix / NT 4.0 Systems Admin 10/96 – 5/98

Digital Equipment Corp, Maynard, MA - RTR / EMIS Support Consultant 5/95 – 6/96

Digital Equipment Corp, Acton, MA - Unix Systems Administrator 10/94 – 4/95

Titan Systems Corp, Westboro, MA 8/94 – 10/94

Digital Equipment Corp, Manalapan, NJ - OpenVMS Systems Administrator 6/94 – 8/94

Mobil Solar Energy Corp, Billerica, MA - HP Alpha/VAXCluster PathWorks 5/94 – 6/94

Digital Equipment Corporation, Northboro, MA – Trade Show Support 3/93 – 5/94

Full Time Employee Digital Equipment Corporation 1984-1993

Trade Show Support Engineer, Northborough, MA 1/90 – 3/93

OpenVMS Systems Administrator, Maynard MA 6/87 –12/90

OpenVMS Computer Operator, Maynard MA 12/84 – 6/87


• HP UNIX System Administration

• Systems and Storage Administration

• SCO System V UNIX

• Phase hands-on HP Operating System Internals/Software Recommendations

• HP OpenVMS Cluster Management

• Operating System Tuning

• NT Server 4.0 #685

• HP Networking Essentials

• Microsoft Exchange Server #781

• HP Pathworks Systems Mgmt. for DOS

• HP Pathworks Systems Mgmt. for MAC


• Six Sigma 1990, Sarbanes-Oxley 2006 *

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