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Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
May 29, 2018

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Belal Ahmed Salah El-Din

Mobile: 010********

Phone: 022*******


Address: *** **** **** **. ******, Cairo

Personal Information

Gender: Male

Birth Date: 28/9/1980

Nationality: Egypt

Residence Location: Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt

Marital Status: Married

Target Job

Target Job Title: Accountant / Admin Supervisor

Job Type: Full Time

Career Level: Senior

Job Location: Egypt

Experience: 12 Years

Work Experience


Company Name: middle East (metac) company

Dates Employed Sep 2006 – Oct 2008

Employment Duration: 2 yrs. 2 mos.

Middle East Company (METAC) is the agent of Alexandria Pharmaceuticals. Receipt of daily and monthly revenues for sales of medicines and their delivery to the General Treasury. Termination of the daily treasury account and the preparation of statements of account in the remaining premiums on pharmacies and companies. Delivery of the company's monthly salary with monthly statements and payment of bonuses and incentives. Preparing and closing the issued and incoming books of the general treasury. Receipt of monthly installment payments from pharmacies, companies and their supply to the treasury and deducting them from the books. Accountant

Electrical Industries Company

Dates Employed: Nov 2008 – Nov 2009

Employment Duration: 1 yrs. 1 mos.

Follow-up of sales tax revenues and their supply to the Treasury. Preparing the company's issued and incoming books and arranging them according to the chronological order. Receiving large companies' payments and deducting them from the debt book and supplying them to the company treasury. Customer Service

Company Name: Canadian Embassy in Cairo

Dates Employed: Mar 2009 – Jan 2013

Employment Duration: 3 yrs. 11 mos.

Supervising the reception staff of the Immigration Department at the Canadian Embassy in Cairo and following up the dates of attendance, departure, and regular, monthly and annual leave. Organizing and coordinating monthly lectures to strengthen the English language of the employees by receiving the Immigration Department at the Canadian Embassy, introducing the requirements of their job and how to deal with customers of different nationalities in coordination with the competent administration of the Embassy. Direct coordination with the competent administration of the embassy to develop the work and know the relevant rules of the embassy. Dealing with visitors to the immigration department in the event of any problem and try to solve it in the fastest ways and means available. Accountant / Customer Service

Company Name: Alameda Lab / AS, Salam International Hospital Dates Employed: Sep 2014 – Jul 2017

Employment Duration: 2 yrs. 11 mos.

Supply of revenues of micro operations and endoscopy of the digestive system and the daily liver of the financial administration with a statement of account of the entitlements of each doctor separately Preparing the monthly invoices for each medical insurance company separately with a cover for each file with the details of the invoices and delivery last month to the Claims and Collection Section for collection and supply to the Treasury. Receiving patients and booking appointments by phone or through the outpatient clinic Coordinate the appointments of the doctors' clinics according to the daily schedule Coordination between the Marketing Department and the Center for the knowledge of the contracting companies and the proportions of patients in the outpatient clinics and the knowledge of the new companies and that the contract has ended Review the sensitivities of the doctors, consultants and anesthesiologists of each hospital andsupply them to the financial management.


Company Name: Alaa Ezzat Hospital

Dates Employed: Sep 2017 – Present

Employment Duration: 9 mos.

Follow up the accounts of the doctors about their operations and medical supervision in intensive care and download them to their doctors' accounts on the special system. Make statements for each doctor at the beginning of each month and inform them. Follow-up and coordination between the secretariat of operations and intensive care regarding the fees of professors and consultants. Inform each doctor of his or her account when he or she is inquiring about it. Issuing checks for collection of professors and consultants at their expense by following up the financial management and signing the financial manager. Communicate with professors and consultants to find out about their costs of operations and their fees for medical supervision in intensive care.


Degree: Higher institute of qualitative studies - Future Academy University: Computer Institute in Hagaz Square

Faculty: Faculty of commerce

Major: Business Administration

Grade: Pass / 50-65% / D


Microsoft, Excel, Word, Windows, PowerPoint, Software & Hardware. Have Communication skills.

Fast learner and well-organized.

Work Under pressure all time of work.

Courses and Certificates

ICDL (International computer Driving License).

Software & Hardware Course from Ministry Of Defense. Secretary & Business Administration Course From Ministry Of Defense.

Credit Facilities Course From Ministry Of Defense


Arabic: Native / Mother Tongue

English: Good

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