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Manager State University

Hayward, California, United States
May 29, 2018

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US Citizen Walnut Creek, CA **596 925-***-****

Senior Scientist and group leader in Bio pharmaceutical, Clinic Diagnostics and Life Sciences R&D with 26 years’ experience in industry and academic field. Five patents approved and 2 more patents pending in protein separation and transferring technology. Proven abilities in R&D research and new product development, including new product design, optimization and qualification, functional assays, project management, method development, invention, validation, verification, QC procedure and production procedure set up, shelf life test; new product brochures, customer training etc. Experience working in GMP and GLP environment, coordination between Marketing, R&D, and manufacturing. Key skills include:

Preclinical candidate testing and characterizing, Immunoassays, Ag, Ab, and Protein Work

Preclinical protein refolding monitor and standardization, potency assay, titer assay, activity assay, MOA, and endotoxin assay

HIV, HBV, HCV, and HTLV ab detection and quantification with ELISA and Immunoassay.

Ag and Ab in vitro titer assay, functional assays, verification and validation, SOP draft.

Recombinant protein expression in E.coli and yeast system, including PCR subcloning, bacterial transfection, bacterial and mammalian cell culture, and lysates lyophilization.

Protein identification with HPLC, and many other types of Chromatographies (FPLC, gel permeation chromatography, UPLC, etc.).

Protein characterization using electrophoresis (2D gel), ELISA, IEF, Western blots.

Protein functional analysis with Circular Dichroism Spectrometry (CD), Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), Micro Calorimeter (VP-ITC), Analytical Ultracentrifuge, and Fluorometry.

DNA and RNA work:

DNA and RNA isolation, mini and large-prep, Southern and Northern blots.

PCR, RT-PCR, and Real Time-PCR.

DNA-protein interaction, DNA binding thermodynamics, enzymatic activity of Klenow and Klentaq Pol I DNA polymerase from E. coli and Thermus aquaticus.

Additional Competencies

Microalgae strain selection and maintenance.

Natural products (including algae toxin) extraction and determination.

Philosophically design research project, statistically analyzes experiment data, professionally prepare the data for presentation, publication, and set up QC protocol and production procedure.

DOE (design of experiments)


Symic Biomedical, Emeryville, CA 2017-present

Sr. Scientist II at Technical Development, Analytical


Led small group in analytical supporting preclinical candidate SB030 (vascular disease and vein graft failure control) and SB061 (osteoarthritis control), including: peptide loading (UV), MW and purity determination (HPLC), potency (ELISA), Mechanism of action (T-TAS), concentration (TGA).

Led small group in support establishing QC criteria.

Grifols, Emeryville, CA 2015-2017

Sr. Scientist at Technical Development, Analytical


Led small group in analytical supporting preclinical candidate AMT 101, including: refolding structure identification for in process purification, titer assay, activity assay, endotoxin detection of final bulk.

4th generation Immunoassays for blood donor screening, multiplexing with p24 and Env13 from HIV-1 (Groups M &O) on Singulex Clarity System, which reduced detection time of HIV from 22 days post infection to 16 days post infection.

Established titer assay of HCV, HBV, HIV, and HTLV Ag with Ab screening, SDS-PAGE, Western Blot, ELISA and HPLC, from protein extraction, methods optimization, QC spec establish, SOP drafting, validation & verification.

BIO-RAD LABORATORIES, Hercules, CA 2001-2014

Sr. Scientist at Protein Technology R&D


Established a catalog of Ab and control lysates kit for Western Blot applications by leading test plan and protocol draft, establishing QC spec for Ab and control lysates, modifying human cell culture and lysate lyophilization procedure, validating, verifying, and shelf life testing based on Western Blot result.

Invented and launched Trans-Blot Turbo Blotting System as leading scientist, with 2 approved patents as first author. This fast, efficient, and environmental friendly protein transfer system is still considered one of the top choices on the market today and generated significant revenue for Bio-Rad Laboratories.

Increased shelf life of Laemmli gel from 3 months to 1 year at 4 C by developing, validating, verifying, and QC Spec setting up for TGX/SFX gel electrophoresis system as main contributor with 2 approved patents, and 2 more pending patents.

Decreased the price of TGX/SFX gel from $14/gel to $1-3/gel with better gel quality by leading FastCast gel solution product launched in 6 months which was even not in the annual plan at the beginning of year.

Established V3 Western Workflow (Visualize, Verify, Validate for electrophoresis + blotting + imaging) based on Trans-Blot Turbo Blotting and SFX gel system.

Established labeled Ab and multi plexing protocol for Western Blot.

Solved QC failure issue of HT (Chugai) for DNA binding capacity by detailed quantifying of sample quality.

Conducted validation, verification, and shelf life test of Tetra gel running cell, ChemiDoc MP and GS900 imaging system, Colloidal Coomassie Blue gel stain, and Micro Rotofor, etc., worked closely with marketing and manufacturing departments for products launch.


Post Doc Research Associate, Lab Manager


Assisted Dr. LiCata in establishing a brand new Biochemistry lab, and in charge of the lab as a manager.

Discovered thermostatic and structural-energetic relationships of Taq, Klentaq, Pol1, Klenow protein using PCR, Real Time- PCR, Circular Dichroism Spectrometer (CD), Micro Calorimeter (VP-ITC), and Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC).

Demonstrated ionic effects on ligand binding to adipocyte lipid binding protein (ALBP) and polymerase with Fluorometer.

Found the role of water and other solvent components in the stability of aspartate transcarbamylase (ATCase) and polymerases using Analytical Ultracentrifuge.

Istituto Sperimentale Talassografico- CNR, Messina, Italy, 1997-1998

Post-Doc Visiting Scientist

Discovered life cycle of toxic dinoflagellates, identified toxin, and determined ribosomal DNA with HPLC.

Ocean University of Qingdao, Qingdao, China, 1992-1997

Assistant Professor

Selected Microalgae strain for economic purpose by physical treatment (magnetic field, X-ray, UV, and infra red), extracted and determined natural algae products for food and pharmaceutical industries.



Ph. D., Physiology


Master of Science, Biochemistry


Five patents were approved (US 8075755, US 8282800, US 8444839, US 8506781, US 9164058), and 2 more patents were pending in protein separation and transferring technology.

US 8075755: Xuemei Yang and Cory Panattoni. Invented Trans-Blot Turbo Blotting System.

US 8282800: Craig Rowell, Cory Panattoni, Thomas Berkelman, Xuemei Yang. Developed TGX/SFX gel system.

US 8444839: Xuemei Yang and Cory Panattoni. Invented Trans-Blot Turbo Blotting System.

US 8506781: Craig Rowell, Cory Panattoni, Thomas Berkelman, Xuemei Yang. Developed TGX/SFX gel system.

US 9164058: Lei Li, Xuemei Yang, Christopher Belisle. Stable gels for rapid casting, blotting and imaging

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