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Insurance Manager

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
May 27, 2018

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HR. Admin. Personnel, Ben. Com. & Payroll Manager


I am an achievement-oriented, success-driven and management savvy individual with an in-dept. aptitude and professional interest in the dynamics of compensation& Benefits and payroll administration and insurance. In my profound experience for almost 25 years, Current position focused on Ensuring the compliance of all processes with the company policy and administration & personnel standards, Enhance and develop administration & personnel Team skills, ensure that all required administration & personnel data and information are available accurately and on time to the right people. I have acquired extensive knowledge in facilitating branch operations by maintaining effective relation with all business partners. I present myself as collaborative and communicative team leader connecting with cross-functional teams to achieve goals.


Kuwait Food Co. (Americana), Kuwait & Iraq

Payroll, Insurance & Reward system Manager.

KFC, Hardee’s, TGIF, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Fish Market, Fusion, Baskin Robbins, Krispy Kreme, Tikka, Wimpy, Samadi and Sbarro, Cake Division, Meat Division & Trading Agencies Division

January 2017– Present

HR. Personnel & Payroll Department, Compensation and benefits administration

Leading Admin. Dept. for more than 7000 employee in the fields of Restaurants Division, FMCG sectors (Meat division, Cake Division, Trading Agencies division).

Very well known of Kuwait private Labor Law

Aware about Kuwaitization social insurance.

Responsible for the employees process science their first date in the company till their last work date starting from receiving their files from HR Dept. till their exit from the company and get their end of service indemnities and leave the company.

Issuing and review employees monthly payroll.

Update employees files by the monthly changes, vacations, return from vacations, employees absenteeism, employees penalties, employees movement from cost center to another cost center, sick leaves, salaries increase if there is, business trip, booking air tickets for staff whom eligible for according to the employee contract, over time calculation, other variable allowances calculation, staff bonus calculation.

Preparing the cash payment for all above mentioned transactions and to be send to accounting Dep. to proceed the payment transaction to the banks.

Monthly Vacation balance calculation.

Monthly end of service balance calculation.

Very high efficiency in the preparation of data and reports on employment and salaries.

Preparing yearly Admin. manpower strategic budget according to business needs after discussing with all operations managers and supportive departments.

Preparing the annual increase and promotions for all company employees after discussing it with top management to get for needs approvals and then to proceed it in the system.

Preparing a monthly manpower report showing the actual headcount and the budgeted to clarify the difference between them and to know how many employee required .


Leading, Negotiating, and Implementing the company insurance for more than 24 years with a good relationship with most of insurance companies in Kuwait, I am handling and managing the following: -

All kinds of insurance according to business needs to cover the company fixed assets against all risks as follows: -

-Fire, lightning and other risks insurance

-Insurance against theft risks.

-Money in cash and in transit Insurance.

-Fidelity of grantee insurance to cover all the employees whom have any petty cash or dealing with money during the work.

-Third party liability insurance for all company unites.

-Cars Insurance.

-Marine Insurance.

-Medical Insurance.

-Group Life and workers compensations Insurance.

General Organization for Social Insurance in Kuwait

Aware of all social insurance laws and all process for hiring Kuwaiti employees and the monthly premium, as I am the one who is holding this file in the company for a long time.


Supervising the Passport Department in terms of extracting permits for new employment, renewing employee residences and obtaining commercial visits. Process all types of visas including employment visas, residence visas for employees as well as for entertainers


Supervising the licensing department in terms of extracting the necessary licenses from the various government agencies and following up on them on the specified dates.

Kuwait Food Co. (Americana), Kuwait& Iraq

Personnel & Insurance Admin. Deputy Manager

April 2013– January 2017

Kuwait Food Co. (Americana), Kuwait

Assistant Administration Manger

April 2009– April 2013

Kuwait Food Co. (Americana), Kuwait

Administration Section head

July 2004– April 2009

Kuwait Food Co. (Americana), Kuwait

Administration Officer

August 1993– July 2004

Technical skills

Professional using Oracle system.

Professional using last updated Microsoft office Applications:

Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook.

Professional Internet Browsing and Researches for its last updated applications such as (Microsoft Internet Explorer & Emails.

Managing data Bases.

Accomdation Dept.

Supervising the accomodations as the company rented accomodations for the establishment of staff and I follow these breaks in terms of staff accommodation and transfers from rest to their work (feeder) and return.


-Training Course in Word, Excel -Windows, Dos, on May 1997.

-Training Course in Social Insurance Law Nov2008.

-Training Program Of Leadership on July,2010.

-Advanced Management skills – Change Management & Conflict Management. June2013.


Bachelor of Arts



Date of Birth : October 1st, 1963 Outlook

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