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Manager Engineer

Leesburg, Virginia, United States
May 26, 2018

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Douglas Joseph Mayer

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Leesburg Va. 20175

Phone: 571-***-****



For the past several I have served as a Tactical Instructor / course writer. I have developed and delivered curriculum for various United States Government contracts. Agencies include the Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense and Department of State. I am certified as an all source intelligence analyst with the United States Army proficient with ArcGIS, MFWS, DCGS-A, GOOGLE earth as well as other programs. I am certified in Adult Learning theory and pride myself as an effective communicator especially in the areas of training management, curriculum delivery, and intelligence fusion.

Clearances Held

DOD Security Clearance:

SSBI dated 7 AUG 13 conducted by OPM;

TS/SCI eligibility granted on 21 AUG 13 adjudicated by DOD CAF


Henley-Putnam University

Bachelor of Science: Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Masters of Science (Summer 2018)

Major: Intelligence Management / Strategic Security

-Areas of emphasis: Counter Intelligence, Protective Intelligence, Terrorism and Society, Terrorist Operations, Strategic Security, Political Analysis, Forensic Accounting

Professional Work Experience

All Native Group 10/2016 – Present

Position: High Threat Programs Instructor / Advanced Tactics and Leadership Skills

Develop and deliver curriculum for DS Special Agents slated for deployment to High Threat Posts. Emphasis is placed on current threat COAs in the country of posting as well as training for security situations that may arise while posted there.

Instructs Room Entry Tactics (RET, CQB, CQC), Small Unit Tactics (urban movement, rural movement), Protective Operations, Tactical Site Surveys, High Profile, Reduced Profile and Low Profile motorcade movements and security, Vehicular Evacuations (cross loads, bail outs), Hard Point considerations and set up, Static Site Security, Compound Defense, Land Navigation, Helicopter Operations and various practical exercises.

Scenario development. I have created and continue to improve an all-encompassing, real world situation for trainees to conduct all of their practical exercises based upon. The 12 week training program was previously centered on a series of independent events with each driving towards a specific training objective. The program is now centered on a new region of the world with several national players with each driving towards their own specific end state objectives. This allows for all of the training scenarios to play off of each other and has provided a much more complete and focused environment in which to conduct protective operations based on real world type events. This included COA development in several local regions that trainees operate in as well as geopolitical ramifications for their actions during any given training event. Students interact with local government and security figures all the way through the national and international level.

Triple Canopy Inc. 06/2010 – 10/2016

Position: Tactical Instructor, Assistant lead Tactical Skills Instructor

As a primary instructor for Department of State, Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency, Maritime Security Contractors and Law Enforcement Agencies, I am responsible for the development and delivery of a variety of curriculum. My primary subject matter is weapons and tactics, where I have developed and implemented compliant curriculum for both classroom and practical exercises in the subject areas of Individual Movement Techniques (IMT), Small Unit Tactics (SUT), Room Entry Techniques / Close Quarters Battle, Breaching, Firearms, Protective Security Operations, Land Navigation, GPS, Defensive Tactics, Explosive Countermeasures, Vehicle Bailouts and Evacuations, Effective use of Cover, Helicopter Operations and the development of scenario based training for practical exercises on the aforementioned both safely and effectively.

Solely responsible for the PowerPoint and SharePoint development of compliant curriculum based on the Government’s contract deliverables for the Camp Leatherneck Guard Force contract. Subject matter for the Leatherneck contract includes weapons training ranging from small arms to heavy machine gun, basic guard duties, operate ECP / VCP, Afghan law, local customs and courtesies, combatting trafficking in persons, Geneva Conventions, international code of conduct for private security providers, safeguard classified materials, standards of conduct, identify antiterrorism and force protection measures, identify the dynamics of terrorist organizations, vehicle and personnel search, react to suspected IED, defensive tactics and rules for the use of force. Following the attacks on Camp Bastion in the fall of 2012, I was successful in explaining the need for the incorporation of a tactics portion to the Leatherneck curriculum. I developed a classroom instruction covering IMT, SUT and the effective use of cover as well as multiple scenarios to test the candidate’s comprehension of the information received utilizing Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM).

Responsible for the co-development based upon contract deliverables for Defense Intelligence Agency Joint Military Attaché School (JMAS) and Contingency Operations Task Force (COTF) training with a primary focus on weapons and tactics and tradecraft.

Aided in the development of Triple Canopy proprietary curriculum for open enrollment contracts aimed at military and law enforcement personnel who wish to receive additional training in a variety of subject matter.

Budgeting and pricing for DOD, DOS, LEO, DIA and business development contract proposals.

MVM Inc. / Silver Eagle Group 12/2008 - 06/2010

Position: Sales Manager and Firearms Instructor

Responsible for the purchase and acquisition of all firearms and inventory for merchandise sales for a three thousand square foot retail department.

Firearms instruction to civilians and government personnel in the subject matter of basic handgun, concealed handgun, advanced handgun, company rifle training, home defense and force on force tactics.

Military Work Experience

North Carolina Army National Guard 03/2013 – 03/2017

Grade Level: E-5

Position: 35F All Source Intelligence Analyst

Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) for the S-2 section of the 1-130th ARB Headquarters Company.

Proficient in Intelligence Analyst operating systems such as DCGS, MFWS, ArcGIS as well as MS Office products PowerPoint and Excel.

Excels in predicting enemy trends based on message traffic and other products created by other intelligence disciplines in order to establish most likely enemy courses as they pertain to the operational environment.

AFRICOM Biometric support mission. Utilizes TIDE, Query Tree, Palintir and others.

Oversees unit marksmanship during range operations and qualifications.

United States Marine Corps 12/2004 - 02/2011

Grade Level: E-5

Position: 2nd Squad Leader, Unit Combat Marksmanship Instructor

Responsible for the management of, MOS knowledge and combat readiness of 2nd squad 3rd platoon

1371 Combat Engineer - Trained in military demolitions/ explosives, force protection and IED location and removal

0931 Combat Marksmanship Trainer- Responsible for training marines of 4th Combat Engineer Battalion Charlie Co. in marksmanship during combat situations and fire and maneuver procedures during different tactical situations

0933 Combat Marksmanship Coach- Responsible for smooth operation of live fire ranges and range safety

2008 4th Combat Engineer Battalion 1st quarter Marine of the quarter

2008 Marine Veterans group Marine of the year

Professional Certifications

35F All Source Intelligence Analyst

2008 Marine Veterans group Marine of the year

Adult Learning Theory

BFFOC, (Basic Field Firearms Officers Course) 2010, recertified 2015, recertified 2017

Protective Operations Instructor

Small Arms Instructor

Medium Machine Gun Instructor

Room Entry Tactics

Individual Movement Techniques

Small Unit Tactics

High Threat Driving Instructor

Off Road Driving Instructor

Advanced Driver Training Course

Explosive Safety Course

Active Shooter Awareness

Insider Threat

Department of State Bio approved instructor in Firearms, Tactical Skills, Protective Operations, Explosive Countermeasures, and Resources

Combat Marksmanship Trainer School October 2008


Sean Donahue, Commanding Officer (Intelligence)


Brenton Morgan, Commanding Officer MICO (Intelligence)


Andrew Hughes, ANG Supervisor


Joshua Clark, Triple Canopy Lead Instructor


Chad Kincaid, Triple Canopy Chief Instructor


Don Mcdougal, Operations Manager


Curtis Norwood, Program Manager


Greg Beatrice, Program Manager


*Additional References Available Upon Request*

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