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Project Data Entry

May 26, 2018

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*. Family Name: Sebunje

*. First Name: William

Other Name (Home Use) Atwooki

4. Nationality: Ugandan- (East African)

Permanent address: Kampala-Uganda- Kakumiro District -Kasambya

Current address: Kampala Uganda, Makerere University

Religion: Catholic

Personal Telephone Number: +256*********

Professional Telephone Number: +256*********/+250*********

Home District: Kakumiro District/ Kasambya Subcounty

Coutry: Uganda

e-mail:, skype. william.Sebunje


Institution &

Date of completion


Modules Covered

International Qualification Network (1QN)

To be completed in 2018.

Certified Project Management Analyst (CPMA)

Project & Project Stakeholders, Organisational Context For Projects, Project Feasibility & Appraisal, Project Appraisal: Sensitivity Analysis & Capital Rationing, Project Phases, Project Scope, Project Tools & Techniques, Project Budget & Risk Management, Project Monitoring, Termination & Reporting.

Cavendish University-(Faculty of Business And Management Science)


Msc Project Management

Management theory and practices, Financial management, managing operations and Projects, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Project finance and Techniques, Project Planning and Analysis, Managing change in organisations, Management consutlancy/management information science, Entrepreneurships and Business law, Marketing Management, Managing Quality and HR, Project Implementation and Control, Legal aspects in project management, Management Research: Presentations and Projects, Research Methodology and Research project/Thesis.

Makerere University –

(School of statistics and Planning)


Bsc Population Studies

Introduction to population studies, Mathermatics 1 Socialogy 1, Micro economics, Descriptive Statistics, ICT, Basic demographic Methods, mathermatics 11, Sociology 11, Data Processing 1, Principles of development economics, Macro economics, Population theories, Demography of Uganda, Methods of collecting Demographic data, Statistical Inference, Data processing 11, Micro Economics 2, Urbanisation, Population dynamics, Rural development, Families and Households, Social Statistics, Macro economics 2, Research methods, Indirect demographic methods, Applied Statistics, Social demographic surveys, Population and Health, Monitoring and Evaluation, Reproductive Health, Fertility, Research Project, Morbidity and Mortality

Other trainings.

Institution &

Date of Completion

Qualifications obtained:

Minnesota University


Cert. MicroData series

Makerere University


Cert. Project Impact Evaluation

St Edwards’ SS Bukumi


Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE)


Uganda Certificate of education (UCE)

Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)





















Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Kifumbira








Key profesional skills related to the job.


I hold the desired qualitative and quantitaive research skills, which includes the ability to indentify and analyse research/business problems, developing research concepts and plans, research tools, managing research processes and teams, analysis of research findings, discussing and sharing research and writing excellent research reports-publishable where necessary.

Analystics and IT

With a background of Statistics, Economics, Demography, Mathematics and ICT, I have acquired vast experience in the consulting world; performing statistical analysis for different studies and programs.

I hold the best skills and expereinces in both qualitative and quantitaive data analysis.

I can work excellently with softawares such as SPSS, STATA, Atlas.ti, ENA for SMART, Xlstat, EPIDATA, arcGIS, Ms access, MS excel and General MS office farmily. I hold good knowledge of IT; I can develop project related databases and solve operation IT problems such as hardword and software trubleshootings where necessary and also train others how to use them.

Further, I have served as capacity building expert in statistics and analystics for a number of organaisations and companies.

I have the ability and experience on analysing complex data, and I’m excellent at advanced mathematical and statistical data modeling which is ideal in informing business cases and projections.

I can also use various computer applications to perform business forecasts, trend analysis, and I am always a fast learner both in a group and independently.

2.Managing operations and Teams.

With the training in Project Management and through expereince, I can use and have alwaysed used various strategies of operation management based on lean systems, Bureaucratic and Adhocratic Systems to deliver a project.

I’m very much knowlegeable about strategic planning, capacity planning and management, Managing quality and Human Resource, Stakeholder management, Planning and Scheduing operations, Linear and Non linear programming models, Analysing processes, Locating facilities, Measuring output rates, using operations to compete and managing effective projects among others which are key in delivering the job I’m being proposed to.

3.Monitoring and Evaluation

I’m a very passionate person about monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects/businesses.

Given the tranings and expereinces as a project analyst and researcher, I believe I hold the desired qualities for this job.

I’m well conversant with Project indicators, KPI, data quality for M&E, Project/program conceptual, logical and Results frameworks, Theory of change, M&E systems, and M&E reporting systems adaptable for better management and Project success measure attributes.

4.Project Planning and Management

Given the previous trainings in project management and the expereince in projects as an aanalyst, I hold the desired skills, knowledge and expereinces in project cycle management and analysis, project Stakeholder management and analysis, project scope management and analysis, project conceptions/proposals and Chatter development and analysis, project objective management and analysis, project risk analysis and management; managing project procurements and suplies and analysis, project critical path analysis and management, performance Forecasting techniques in projects, total quality management and analysis in projects, project implementations and control techniques among others.

I have sometimes been hired by companies to plan, cost and schedule projects as an external consultant. I can work well with MS-Project software to manage projects or portifolio programs.

5.Team Building, Mentorship and Trainings

In the past, I have many times been hired by companies in Uganda and Rwanda to train and boost the capacity of their staff in areas of project management/ Business Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluations, Research, Analytics, Project Reporting, and general implementation strategies of the project.

I have the ability to identify potential teams and work with everyone independently.

I can easily identify the factors behind project success and failure based on the systems, teams and tools given.

6.Financial management.

In the previus course of Project management, I acquired practical skills on investiment appraisals, Budgeting, Managing project budgets, project costing, Project financing techniques and Managing projects on budget, timely and how to link project budgets to the quality of the projects being implemented.

I therefore hold the ability to advise on project strategies and relationships between performance and budgets.

7.Managing external teams and Stakeholders.

With trainings on project legal aspects, Entrepreneurship and Business law, management consultancy, Research mothodology, Marketing management and Management information science, I hold the desired skills and expereinces on managing external stakeholders relationships and analysis of potential risks and hazards associated with every stakeholder, who among them could be suppliers, consultants, government, donors, competitors or direct program beneficieries.

I have the desired ability to advise management on business hazards, risks and potential outcomes in case the risk arise.

8.Personality traits and Strengths

I’m a very strategic person, assertive, entrepreneurial minded, rational, organised, confident, analytical, hardworking, outspoken, future focused, efficient, enthusiastic, curious, directive, gregarious/sociable, thick –skinned/insesitive to critisms, leader of all times, competitive, mult-tasker, goal oriented, problem solving skills, a good judge always, a good negotiator, persuasive, team player, high interpersonal skills, good communicator, ambitious, expressive, responsible, creative, honest, prayerful, self- motivated, linguisstic, quick and decisive person, who values time and quality in whatever I do. I’m able to work under presure with minimum or no supervisión. I am also a gifted strategist.


January 2018 Up-to-date: ECOM GROUP/KAWACOM – Sustainable Management Services (SMS Integrity Manager-Uganda).

Duties include Planning, Research, Evaluation of projects, Project Analysis, coordinating Project activities, examining business trends, developing business forecast, Risk Analysis and Planning, scheduling project and business performance and advisory.

November 2017, Private Sector Foundation –Uganda, Project Due diligence Analyst- Skills development facility (SDF) program–Uganda). I was a team member that performed a due diligence analysis for the fund in Kiboga District. The tasks involved assessing the proposed projects proposals, Evaluation the implementing agency capacities, project sustainability plans, Stakeholder analysis, general Project Risk analysis and providing recommendations for funding.

2012 to 2017, Project Planning and Analysis/ Capacity Building Facilitator (East Africa) .I have facilitated trainings on project planning and analysis, which trainings have covered resource management, risk analysis, product development and costing, stakeholder analysis, statistics, ICT, Data Management, Data Analysis, WBS, project leadership, psychometric, Project Environmental Analysis, project forecasting and change management among others. These trainings have been attended to by stakeholders from various companies, industries, academic institutions, political groups and well-wishers among others from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania

2017 August- Skills Development Facility (SDF Program)- Private Sector Foundation-Uganda ( Project idea conception expert).

I was hired to design, plan, cost and schedule 11 projects, currently 5 being implemnted by different entrepreneur companies in Uganda under the SDF program in Uganda.

July 2017, Research Analyst – – Baseline survey – Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) - Sasakawa Global 2000 (SG 2000).

I was hired to integrate the baseline data and writing the baseline survey report and recommending the Strategy. Crops studied were cash crops and food crops.

June 2017, Project Analyst-Teenage Pregnancy Prevention and Rehabilitation Program –CCAYEF. The tasks involved development of data entry template (EPIDATA), training and supervision of data entrants, Data cleaning, Data Analysis and production of analytical report, with lessons learnt and generating adoptable project strategy.

May 2017, ResearchAnalyst- Survey of Household Decision –Makers Perception On The Growing of OFSP- Makerere University College of Agriculture and Environmental Science .The tasks covered; project planning, study tool revision, reliability and factor analysis, development of the data entry templates, training data entrants and supervision, data Analysis and interpretations, and generation of final study model, and recommending the adoptable strategies

April 2017, Project Analyst- Snapshot Community Food Security Assessment –Karamoja integrated development Programme. The roles comprised of development of data entry screens/Database, Data entry, data Analysis and interpretations and facilitating feedback meeting.

March –April 2017 –New Farmer led project methodology-Needs assessments survey (lead Researcher). – AFIRD –Wakiso District.

The aim of the study was to address the land related problems that affect food security. In this role, I was charged with general study as a consultant, from study design, study costing, development of the study tools, selection of the study respondents, pre-testing the study tools, training of the field data collectors, supervision of field data collection, development of data entry screens, coordinating data entry, data Analysis, Production of draft study reports, facilitating feedback meeting, and production of the final analytical study report, with recommended interventions. All crops were considered in the study, and recommendations were made on coffee as a cash crop to be highly adopted by farmers.

2016 August - January 2017, Research and Data Specialist -Community Enhancement Project on POPs–AUPWAE and WWF.

I was charged with coordinating the research activities, development of research data collection tools, research coordination, training data entrants and supervision, Data analysis and production of project existing status report as well as formulating of feedback messages, and providing inputs in community training Manuals about POPs (Persistent organic pollutants).

August 2016, Project Reviewer and Data Analyst -Independent Consultant, aBi and Bank of Africa, and other cooperative societies FAD loan Strategy.

Tasks involved Review Financial services development, end of project assessment reports, validating the data, and making conclusive amendments and recommendations based on reports.

May 2016, IPSOS Data Analyst, Citizens accountability and monitoring of public resources survey in Uganda. I was hired to integrate Data and produce analytical reports for the project, with lessons Learnt.

2016, NOGAMagriculture- livelihood sustainability assessment (Amolator)- Researcher and Data analyst.

I was in charge of the Study design, development of the study tool, field data collection, analysis and dissemination

June –July 2016 UNACOH, Project Analysis and Resource capacity building consultant –I was hired to facilitate and equip PHE-Uganda project staff with Project management, Evaluation and Statistical decision making skills aligned to project implementations and strategies.

2016 Feb, Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Associations (UWEAL)-Capacity Building Consultant. I was hired to facilitate and equip organization staff with project and business reporting skills.

2015 Kawacom (U) Ltd and Hivos Peoples Unlimited -Coffee farmers Diversification Needs assessment Survey in Uganda (Central, Eastern and Western regions-Kasese, Kapchorwa, Rukungiri, Bushenyi and Kiboga Districts)-(Researcher)

I was responsible for the general study activities, Statistical analysis and production of draft and final reports with recommended interventions.

2015 August VISISION TERUDO- Kumi-Ngora District- Trainer Project team. I was hired to equip organization staff with Project Planning, Evaluation’s and Statistical analytical skills using (XlStat, SPSS and EPIDATA).

2014 July –October-National Household Census -Ward/Paris Supervisor- Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) (Kibaale District– Kakayo Parish). The duties included Training enumerators on the enumeration approach, field tools, coding Enumeration Areas ( EA’s) with codes and Enumerators with enumerators codes, distributing field tools to enumerators in the field, general supervision of enumeration exercise in the Ward/parish, quality assurance to both the enumerators and sub-county supervisors, communications and coordination with Sub-County and district census team, providing daily field data summary updates to Sub-County and district census technical team.

2014, Send A cow Uganda (SACU) National Livestock survey Project Analyst . My roles included database development, training data entrants, reviewing animal life cards, data validation, data analysis and production of draft report, sharing the draft report with project technical team (Veterinary officers), incorporation of comments into the report and post survey tool, and final survey report production.

2014 Never Again Rwanda-NAR-Rwanda, Employment and entrepreneurship policy initiatives-Survey in Rwanda (Eastern, southern and central provinces districts of Huye, Bugesera districts and Kigali city).Researcher- Tasks involved. The general management and coordination of the reserach project, Sampling, field tool development and pretesting, reliability testing of the study, conceptual model development for study, Training field data collectors, data entry and validation, Data analysis and production of reports and general policy analysis

2014 Analystics Expert (External trainer)- Makerere University College of Agriculture. I was hired to offer a two-week specialized Analytical skills capacity building Training to Masters students of Agriculture, Nutrition, Agric Econ, Agric and Rural Innovations Class at Makerere University. The training was aimed at equipping masters students with analytical skills, adoptable skills in writing their research projects as well as the skills relevant for the job market.

2013 Marcy Corps Uganda and Uganda National Agro Dealers Association (UNADA)

(Advanced business Planning Capacity building specialist).

I was a team member with UNADA, hired to offer an Advanced business planning skills to local agro dealers from Kitgum, Pader, Gulu, Agago and Lira District- all conducted from Kitgum district.

2012 to Date. Team leader- Planning and Strategy - WSA Innovations (Founder)

I have worked as a team leader/Director for a start-up company (WSA Innovations), opearting in Uganda and Rwanda. The company delivers services in Project management, M&E, Statistical analysis, Capacity building, and advisory services on projects and Business management. My major roles are lobbying for projects, leading the team in delievering projects, managing operations, Strategic Planning and implementing the plans, generating project ideas, hiring short term and longer teams like data entrants, serving as an analyst/Statistician, training and building the capacity of the team, managing relationshipships with stakeholders and general leadership of the company team.

Through the activities of the company, I have been able to gain hands-on expertise and skills in project management, managing teams, Managing stakeholders, developing partnerships, financial management and general planning and Strategy needed for the job I’m applying for.

2012 Jan-2012 August, Project Analyst, and Administrator–- Physical Planning consultancy with APAS Consultants. (Client- Ministry of Works, Ministry of lands, housing and urban development)Project.- Development of physical development plans and detailed plans for 8 towns in northern Uganda, (6 Districts).

Tasks included Managing/ administration of the team, Financial Management, Managing processes, Scheduling activities, and chairing performance meetings, coordinating research, facilitating research methodology, Developing Database, coordinating all project information, Preforming Statistical data Analysis, Writing existing project status Analytical reports (Analyst). I Servedas logistician for the project. The project was in the Districts of Lamwo, Ajuman, Arua, Nebbi, Amuru and Nwoya Districts, considering towns of Pabbo, Palabekkar, Pakele, Padibe, Anaka, Parombo, and Rhino camp.

2011 September –December RECABIP, and SNV National WASH Baseline survey –Data Analyst. Tasks included Managing western región Data teams, Coordinating data entry, perfoming data analysis tasks and writing draft survey reports for 3 districts (Kasese, Bundibugyo and Kyenjojo).

2011 June-September AT-Uganda, Short term-Data Analyst (World Food Program, ASERECA, and Agra funded projects).

2011 April-June AT –Uganda, Monitoring and Evaluation –Data Analyst Volunteer, I was asigned to Work with the M&E Manager, to Coordinate data collection, Data entry and perfoming Data Analysis


Mr. Sajjabu Eustace CEO, AFIRD +256*********,

Dr. Mayanja Samuel (PhD), Lecturer Cavendish -University +256*********,

Mr. Ruongore Amos- Managing Director, APAS Consultants +256*********

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