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Use of e tester, solder, machine, assembler, and QI with basic knowled

San Dimas, California, United States
May 26, 2018

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To join with my energetic passion and commitment in the technical team of the electric and/or mechanical device cleaning and production as an assembling tech the quality with competent knowledge of basic electric and electronics, capability to read, comprehend and follow the technical directions and to complete the assigned tasks with good communication and document skills along with assuring the quality and accuracy with safety sensitivity and professionalism.


1986-1992 Mt. San Antonio College Walnut, CA

CE for English Language, Business Management & Administration

1974-1978 Han Yang University Seoul, Korea

Bachelor of Science in Biology

1971-1974 Seoul Technical High School Seoul, Korea

Electronic Tech Production & Repair


1974 – 1978 Radio/TV Repair Seoul, Korea

Assembling, Testing, & Repairing Tech

Engaged in maintenance with cleaning the detailed parts, detecting the problem of malfunction, dis- or assembling the electronic device/equipment, electric machine, or TV, radio according to the operating and safety procedures.

Assuring the quality of services with reviewing the service procedures, overall or detailed testing the manufactured parts or complete products with the testing devices and standards of quality criteria.

Maintaining the service quality with cleaning, polishing, finishing touch, reviewing the services, and repairing the radio or TV under the guidance of the master repair specialist.

Engaging in motivated self-study, curriculum oriented continued training and learning opportunity and completed the course of R/TV repairing tech during the work experiences.

1979-1985 Korea Labor Welfare Corp, Seoul, South Korea

Welfare Worker/Section Chief in the Public System

Planning/mgmt of employment related welfare program/facilities and public relations including physical well-being/psychosocial rehabs for the injured workers under the Secretary of the Dept of Labor.

Assisted the injured workers with the program of the worker’s compensation fund as a team of the labor welfare service management and administrator.

1985 to 1989 Electric/Electronic Technology Seoul, S. Korea

Engaged, learned and worked in variety area of business during the beginning of the US immigration living including retail stores, trade, and merchandising businesses.

Learning English as a second language and US culture at the local college.

1989-2003 The Mail Station West Covina, CA

Customer Care, Public Relation, Marketing, & General Manager

Building and managing business relationship with the local business and production companies with assisting packaging, shipping, mailing, delivery of messages or telegram, and other relevant customer services.

Engage in sales, marketing, and public relationship with advertising, community involvement, and budget management for balanced fiscal accountability and profit increasing.

Overall business management with coordinating the services through process management including personnel, marketing, relationship building, and maintaining financial stability for the local clients, involving community with the stakeholders and public relations and developing the effective communication and marketing strategies through participating in the consumer meeting, shopping mall meetings, and community activities.

2003 To Current Service Coordinator for the Variable Agencies in CA

Having been engaging in helping others in need or physically, mentally ill or vulnerable population as a caregiver or mentoring service provider, learning medical term, devices, and pharmaceutical knowledge at work.

Engaged in and assisted the non-profit organization or social agencies with caring others, coordinating with the network system for the mentally ill and/or substance abuse/dependent individuals or group/family members in L.A. and other County.

Volunteered with many social agencies, nursing care facilities, hospitals, or churches to help others in need with medical staffs or service providers, or new immigrants to adjust and settle in the US living or referring them to the specialist or linked to the community resources.

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