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North Arlington, New Jersey, 07031, United States
May 26, 2018

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An excellent problem-solver with over 30 years of experience designing, coding and testing programs and databases on platforms from PCs to Mainframes. Self-taught in computer languages including VBA, PL1 and COBOL, as well as, accessing various databases including DB2, MS SQL Server, Oracle and MS Access as well as AWS Redshift and IBM Optim; in addition to extensive hands on training using SQL Server 2005.


Programming Languages:



ATLAS DATA SYSTEMS, Merck, Rahway, NJ July 2010 – May 2018 Data Analyst

Created numerous select, insert, delete and update SQL queries using various joins, subqueries, correlated subqueries and unions employing functions and nested functions that contain complex date calculations to produce large Excel reports in response to requests from our Legal department, external Litigators and Federal subpoenas. Also create SQL statements to create, drop and truncate tables

Responsible for rewriting and consolidating the major collection process, rewriting SQL statement using ODBC connection to access databases on three different platforms, Oracle, DB2 and Teradata, reducing the time between the request being received and the data delivered by over 50 percent

Produced several tools written in VBA using MS Access as the front end and archived databases stored in AWS Redshift and IBM Optim as well as DB2, Oracle and Teradata as the data source

Responsible for emergency training of the entire organization (approximately 50 employees) on the routine used for one of the more complicated data retrievals; this was driven by a subpoena from the State of Missouri

Ensured the integrity of approximately 25 archived databases used to support ongoing legal matters, verifying on a weekly basis that the data had not been altered

Generated a Mainframe process using JCL, sort extracts and procedures to capture data from an array of over 4,000 tapes and exporting text files to local desktop computers

Oversaw the development of junior members of the team in creating SQL statements to access the various databases and format the numerous reports

Ensured the understanding of the collection process by performing the actual collections prior to any changes

Created MS Word documents containing work instructions providing detailed step by step instructions, including screenshots, of how to complete the data collections using the various database tools

SETFOCUS, Parsippany, NJ February 2008 – June 2008

SQL Server DBA Education

●Produced an assortment of queries, ranging from simple to intricate, involving various joins, unions, subqueries, Common Table Expressions, Pivot tables and XML techniques for diverse business requirements

●Analyzed the business requirements and systematically designed a bank database that stores customers and their account information for a multi-tiered bank teller application. Employed best practices in creating a complete schema including tables, relationships, stored procedures, views, clustered and non-clustered indexes and triggers

●Created various reports according to the business requirements. Installed, authored, and managed reports using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

●Developed a backup and recovery plan based on the data availability requirements of the business and on the potential impact of data loss on the business after considering and analyzing different backup and recovery strategies

●Designed database maintenance plans to set up core maintenance tasks to make sure that the database performs well, is regularly backed up in case of system failure and is checked for inconsistencies

●Employed the Database Engine Tuning Advisor to analyze the performance effects of workloads against the Recruiter database and implemented its recommendations wherever appropriate

●Analyzed the different high availability solutions and implemented database mirroring and replication for the recruiter database

●Established security policy using Windows domain accounts and implemented a security strategy to protect against threats and attacks

AT&T, Piscataway, NJ January 1995 – December 2001

●Responsible for the daily processing of the input platform for the largest customer oriented data warehouse in AT&T, which included increasing the file processing time from 68% of all files processed within 24 hours to 100% complete in 24 hours, 98% within 12 hours and discovering and correcting design problems which drastically improved productivity

●Performed as the primary point of contact for the input platform accountable for the for the processing of almost 1,000 files monthly providing 24/7 coverage, reducing the number of trouble tickets from 4 to 5 daily to zero in the month of August 2001 and writing a major portion of the application documentation used by IBM to monitor the system. This system was written in C++ and used an Oracle database

●Responsible for running large input files 24/7 to complete the initial load of the customer oriented data warehouse.

AT&T, East Brunswick, NJ August 1991 – January 1995


●Provided production support for the AT&T Calling Card Account Maintenance and Provision System, designing, coding, and testing the rewrite of the system’s NPA (area code) split process, reducing the run time from almost 6 days to less than 3 hours

●Major contributor to the organization’s migration team, which was responsible for design and population of all new DB2 tables required due to system enhancements

DATANOMICS, Piscataway, NJ April 1987 – August 1991

Computer Consultant

●Member of the Inter-System Test Group for the Long Distance Service Billing System, responsible for designing test cases, creating all the input required for each test case, executing the test cases, verifying the results of all the tests and reported on the outcome

●Created several testing tools that were used by all members of the testing group to aid the creation of input files, identifying appropriate accounts for the test cases and verifying the results

CONSOLIDATED EDISON, New York, NY August 1986 – April 1987


●Designed, coded and tested programs for an online engineering system. Responsibilities included establishing user requirements, creating screens and reports, and designing, coding, testing and implementing of both batch and online programs

●Created documentation of the entire engineering system

AUXTON COMPUTER, Edison, NJ August 1986 – April 1987


●Worked on several contracts at AT&T. Created programs for several different applications including a file translation system and a billing system

●Transferred to Altamonte Springs Florida to assist in the creation of a banking system.

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