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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
May 28, 2018

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Dhruv Jain

E-mail: / .Contact: 513-***-****

#**,****,******** ******, **********, Ohio .45220


Actively looking for Internship/Co-op/Full time opportunities in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. SKILLS and HIGHLIGHTS

• Languages: C++, Java, MbedC, Json, Tcl, Python, R, Matlab, CSS, JSS, SAWscript,,ACL 2.

• Databases : SQL, RSQLite, MySql, MongoDb, MsSQL server.NoSql

• Operating Systems: Worked on Mac Os, Linux and Microsoft Operating sytems.

• Softwares: Verilog,Cisco Packet Tracer,NetSNMP,MIB, Wireshark, Telnet, SbSat,SAW,Alanmi.

• Current coursework focuses on Deep Learning Concepts, Databases, Advanced Algorithms, Operating Systems and Mathematical Logic. Familiar with Software Defined Networking (OpenFlow,ONOS) and mapping of QoS and QoE with SDN and 5G architectures as a part of computer networks.Also proficient in socket programming,network protocols including DNs,DHCP,HTTP,ARP,OSPF,BGP and other protocols

• Working with Tableau currently as a part of coureswork .

• Worked with wireshark and Telnet for network analysis and other performance parameters such as lookup, ping traceroute as a coursework of Computer Networks.

• Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications with experience in using Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint and Microsoft Access.

• Strong dependability and reliability to handle a variety of office tasks. Good oral and written communication skills. High customer service and interpersonal abilities. EDUCATION

• Masters of Engineering, Computer Science Fall 2017-Present University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio (3.417 CGPA) Courses: Database theory, Advanced Algorithms,Deep Learning,Computer Networks,Operating Systems

• Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics and Telecom Engineering July 2013-June 2017 K.J.Somaiya College of Engineering (Autonomous college Affiliated to University of Mumbai) PROJECTS:

• Database Driven Student Management System Website using HTML, PHP and SQL: Current Built a basic Website which would not only allow content entered in the site to reside in Database but also pulls content dynamically as per response given by the user. There is HTML page in front end which User accesses, Content of the site is stored in tables of My SQL and PHP Scripting Language is used as Interface between Frond end and Back-end to process the requests. Whenever a site is accessed by the user, Apache Server fires up PHP Interpreter to execute the code and PHP variables hit the Database to to request the content as per the requirement. Then PHP handles the copy of HTML page to Server and this is the output that User expects.

• Embedding SQLite Databases Spring 2018

R was used to communicate with SQLite databases: using the RSQLite package and using the sqldf package.Used RSQLite to map data from flat databases to relational databases. Normalization of data using sqldf and dbplyr packages into R data frames which were imported into databases.

• Online Transmission Portal Fall 2017

File distribution and Transmission using TCP and UDP sockets. Tested on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. Used Apache Web Server, implemented using Java and PHP. CSS,HTML and AJAX was used for Web development.

• Web Server Development Fall 2017

Developing Web server using Tcp/Ip and UDP sockets implemented with Python to handle HTTP and SMTP, connections and also multiple requests for DHCP,ARP, Ethernet, ICMP protocols were handled and analysed using WireShark.

• MANET Attack Simulation, Final Year B.Eng Project Fall 2016-Spring 2017 The different attacks,responsible for network and packet losses were simulated for analysis in Wireless ad-hoc networks using NS-2 simulator. Modified AODV,OLSR and other ad-hoc protocol were also implemented using TCl scripting in a Linux environment.

• Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Spring 2016 Scanning a large dataset of the number plate images and using various image processing techniques including editing, compression and restoration to identify and differentiate between the different types of number plates used to represent the different types of vehicles in India. Internship/Training

• Development of Wireless Sensors at Eduvance Training Centre. A wireless sensor network developed with NRF module and FRDMKL25Z boardfor wireless communication over different pipes and same carrier frequency.

• Developing Data Acquisition systems with Embedded Systems and Internet of Things.(IoT) Developed a data acquisition for a wireless communication system using Bluetooth and IoT technologies and Mbed C programming for acquiring data for various sensors.

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