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Manager Sales

Lexington, Kentucky, United States
May 24, 2018

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Lexington KY **503



Obtain management position where I can lead, train, develop. Have the opportunity to demonstrate LSM strengths as well as customer service abilities. Looking for a company with consistent and proven foundation that has an opportunity for growth within the company.


Michel Industrial Services June 2017 - Current

Human Resources

- Used multiple resources to acquire employee needs

- Managed 250 plus electricians in the field across the U.S.

- Hired, completed all paperwork, drug screening, background checks as needed.

- Assisted in payroll needs and questions

- Created web pages for sister companies (Michel Electric)

- Did estimating and bidding for electrical company, won multiple bids for the city of Lexington.

- Hands on electrical work, running wire, pulling out old wire, installing of products in commercial and industrial settings.

- Lead crew on goals and standards and blue prints on what the job consisted of, how to execute tasks, timeline, and budget.

Oleika Shrine January 2017 - June 2017

Transportation Coordinator

- Surveyed all appointments for children that had doctor appointments at the Shriners Hospital and made sure that all kids had transportation to and from their house to the hospitals. Had to attend to the coverage all over the state of Kentucky, coordinate trips to Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Chicago.

- Had to ensure maintenance on entire fleet of vehicles. Made sure all paperwork was up to date, tires, oil, handicap equipment.

- Scheduled and logged all drivers and times and miles.

Arbys November 2010 - 2016

General Manager

- Ran the daily operations of a multi-million dollar operation via planning, scheduling, directing and leading team to achieve standards and set goals.

- First two years had increased sales of 12.5% per year in sales over LY. Only averaged round 3-4% over past few years.

- When company was doing customer surveys our location scored 92.3% satisfaction, 99% accuracy, top 2% in company

- Top 5 stores in the company for drive thru speed of service, most weeks number 1

- Bring more flow through to bottom line/EBITDA that projected every month

- On average make food by 1.5% of budget monthly

- Food waste/loss goal -.8, our store average -.6

- I have missed labor 1 month since I have been with the company, they changed the budget and our location was budgeted out of an assistant manager and we could not transfer one out in time to save labor. That was March of this 2015.

- I have trained 1 area supervisor, 5 GM’s, 4 assistant managers, 16 Shift managers, currently training 2 more.

- Run one of the oldest stores in the country, run one of the lowest R&M budgets, we maintain and fix on strict PM schedule

- Run spread sheets on all charity sales of the 12 stores in area and distribute daily while we are running charity drive.

- Set up program with local cub scouts where they can tour our store and local businesses in the area and learn about different jobs and processes in where their local products come from.

- Set up car shows in parking lot to drive slow weekend business, most entry fees are charitable items/canned goods to donate

- At this location, little lower volume, GM is responsible for ordering, weekly and period inventory, Hiring, scheduling, training schedules, establishing e-training files, cross training, background checks, entering all I-9 information and proper filing, projections, all LSM is up in proper order and on time.

Left due to moving.

Golden Corral June 2010 – November 2010

General Manager

- Hired in order to help retention of employees, lower labor costs, and do local store marketing to drive sales in the community.

- They lost land bid where they were going to build my store in Richmond. Said that I would have to be demoted to an associate manager, however they understood if I wanted to look for something else where I could be a general manager. They knew the pay would not be similar from what I was making as a GM to that of an associate manager.

TDS Restaurants / McDonalds April 08 – June 10

General Manager

- Took store from 2.9 in 2007 to 3.475 at the end of 2009

- Dropped turnover from 378% to 59.6%

- Developed two salary managers and nine hourly managers and one new general managers.

- Increased drive thru traffic from 63% to 72%

- Lowered drive thru times by more than two minutes per car

- Increased sales transactions by 8%

- Lowered food costs by 1 %

- Gained exclusive contract with EKU football team to supply food during game/practice days (paid in full by team).

- created the bonus plan that TDS Restaurants now uses for their company.

Left to take $50k pay increase

Cracker Barrel March 07-08

Associate Manager

- Conducted bilingual interviews in sign language and Spanish

- In Charge of all location supply/stock orders

- First 3 months of above listed task saved over $3,000 over last years supplies Assisted in lowering overall turnover and new hire turnover rate from 124% and 220% down to 87% and 164%

- Assisted in breaking store records for daily sales, first shift sales, second shift sales, and hourly sales.

- While exceeding sales by over 6%

Took care of all finance issues such as closing registers, counting money, deposit logs, invoice logs and entering into computer for corporate.

- Filled out all charts for prep, produce, back up areas, and floor plans for store

- Reviewed daily data to ensure shift labor split was accurate labor variance was on target in comparison to daily and weekly sales.

- Maintained a 7% increase in sales over LY.

Steak n Shake November 05-March 07

First Assistant

- Took store from 1.75 to 2.2.

- Cut drive thru total experience time by 5 minutes

- Assisted in bringing turnover below 74%

- Won various awards for improvement in food costs and labor

- Developed six salary managers

- In charge of scheduling for 57 employees on a 24 hour clock one week and a half in advance in accordance to upcoming holidays and local events.

- Act as Restaurant G.M. in all absence of G.M.

- Served as G.M. in Dayton Ohio for 1 month upon termination of Previous G.M.

- Review all applicants and trained upon completion of interviews

- Received 3 promotions within 1st year of employment.

Elite Paramedical April 1998 to current

1998-Current Elite Paramedical Berea, KY

Finance Manager / Examiner

- Perform medical exams on individuals applying for life insurance including exams, finger sticks, blood draws, EKG’s and urine collections.

- In 2002 was also promoted to the position of Finance Manager as well as examiner.

- Created data sheets on exams completed per examiner, rate of pay company received per exam vs. how much company paid out per exam.

- Created spread sheets on income of company monthly/annually/bi-annually vs. cost of supplies and labor per same time periods.

- Inputting data into computer in regards to pay per examiner on a two week rotation and assigning paychecks.

- Updating client and examiner information to home office in TX daily as well client updates to the respecting insurance agent.

- Sending out any blood, urine, exams from office to the labs or agents.

- Maintain employment here and assist with payroll (2 days per month) and preparing papers and spread sheets for tax season.

- General office duties such as answer phones, email, fax, mail, enter/file data in computer and hard copies, small amounts of marketing to agents.


1998-1999 Berea College Berea, KY


1999-2001 EKU Richmond, KY


2001-2003 UT Knoxville, TN

Sign Language Interpreting

2003-2005 EKU Richmond, KY

Secondary History Education

Fluent in sign language

Speaks Spanish

Extremely experienced in computer data entry

Experience in Electrical, plumbing, framing, remodel/rebuilding, flooring, drywall, tile, lawn care.

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