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Landscaping Supervisor. Nursery supervisor

Doha, Doha, Qatar
QR 6000
May 24, 2018

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Permanent Address : 218A, AKBAR MOSQUE ROAD,


MARUTHAMUNAI-(Po Code-32314)




Date of Birth : 1973.01.01

Sex : Male

Gender : Married

Nationality : SriLankan

NIC No : 730010680V

Passport No : N3668387

Contact No : 009**-********(Qatar)

E-mail :,

Driving License of SriLanka : Holding

Driving License (K.S.A.) : Holding(Expired)


Diploma in Agriculture Engineering Technology. (NDT)_3Years.

G.C.E. (O/L) - December 1993.

G.C.E (A/L) -August 1995 (Bio science)


MS - Office Word.

MS -Excel.

Power point

Adobe Photoshop


Detailed Experience

A) Date-From March, 2001 to September, 2003

Position held -Foreman Indoor & Hydroponics Plant Specialist.

Name and address of employer- Saudi Oger Co Ltd. Royal Commission Nursery, Yanbu. (K.S.A.),

Mainly involve in

Plant propagation (Seeds, Cuttings, Air layering, Grafting, Runners, Bulbs, Corms, Tubers and Rhizomes),

Indoor plant propagation in green house. Plant transfer from green to shade house, soil mixing for indoor and outdoor plant. Convert the plant from soil culture media to hydro culture media then take care and maintenance.


Green house, shade house plant maintenance,

Plant arrangement in decorative pots and installation for interior decoration. (For Royal CommisionVillas, offices, schools, universities, hospitals, Guest house….)

Watering & Application of liquid fertilizer

Pest and disease control by using biochemical and phytochemicals

Green house temperature monitoring.

B)Date- From October,2003 to December,2007

Position held-Nursery supervisor

Name and address of employer-Sadeem Agriculture Co Ltd., Royal Commission Nursery, Yanbu, K.S.A,

Mainly involve in

Production indoor, outdoor plant (annuals, Ground covers, climber, shrub, trees, palm – adoption of exogenous trees in the Saudi Arab).

Pesticide application under Saudi Arab’s climatic conditions to safe environment from pollution.

Seed germination management



Production and issue landscaping plants for children park, villas, roadside landscape and Guest houses.

Indoor plants (mainly involve in perennial and decorative plant production and nursery plants mainly trees, palms, shrubs, climber and annual flower production in Green house).

Workout the programmed planning for Application rates of fertilizers, insecticide & fungicide).

Packaging & marketing (vegetables, cut flower, nursery plants & indoor plants.)

Production &Maintenance of dates palm.

Using modern techniques to suppress the pest and disease through different equipment and different group of pesticides

Selection of plants for design the landscape layout

Execution and maintenance of modern irrigation system.

Monitoring, inspection and reporting all execution and maintenance aspects of landscape projects to complete the work according to approved specification and in time.

Management of nursery production.

Maintenance of indoor plants.

Safety measures during work.

Inventory control and stock management.

Maintain clean and hygienic nursery conditions.

C) Date- From January, 2008 to Auguest2008

Position held-Acting Nursery Manager

Name and address of employer-Sadeem Agriculture Co Ltd. Royal Commission Nursery, Yanbu, K.S.A.,

Mainly involve in

Producing and maintenance of different indoor plant, Shrubs, Fruit plants and seasonal flowers, Nursery management, Plant diseases & Pest management, use irrigation system and designing of garden.

Integrated pest management of ornamental plants.


Planning work programs based on horticultural practices to maintain all Nursery area and irrigation facilities.

Planning and production of all Ground covers, Climbers, shrubs, Trees, indoor plants and seasonal flowers.

Prepare schedule and maintenance practices, if being and according to required standards and management of landscapes and indoor plants.

Control the pest and disease before reaching the economic threshold level.

D) From 2009 up toAuguest,2011 worked in Agrochemical Company as a Pest control supervisor in Srilanka

E) From October 2011 to 30April, 2013 worked in Washingtonia Agricultural Co. W. L.L, in Kuwait. As a Nursery Supervisor (Horticulturist).


Propagation of indoor and outdoor plants.

Green house, shade house plant maintenance.

Soil mix for indoor and outdoor plant.

Worker engaged in propagation of plants.

Watering, fertilization and pest control.

Potting and planting of plants.

Flower bed preparation and planting seasonal plants.

Garden bed preparation and the planting trees, shrubs and lawns.

Trimming and pruning of hedges.

Installation and maintenance.

Inventory control and stock management.

Maintain clean and hygienic nursery condition.

Reference-Mohamed Zahid (Farm Manager) Phone# 009**********- Kuwait.

F) From October 2013 to February 2015 worked in Al Beit Al Akhdar Co LLC in Oman.

Position held:- Landscaping Supervisor.

Work and Responsibilities

Maintenance of Landscaping plants and irrigation equipment.

Watering, weeding, cultivation, Pruning, Organic manure & Fertilizer application, Pest and disease control.

Maintaining of Ground covers, Hedges, shrubs, Trees and Palms.

Replacement of dead plants.

Maintaining of irrigation system of Submersible pump, including filter with 2 pressure Gauges, Air release valve, Pressure relief valve, and other GI fittings.

Care of Isolation valves including Gate vale, fittings, valve box, Quick coupling valve(QCV),QCV Key & Hose pipe.

Care of .

Irrigate by Auto controller-Program setting for irrigation (RAIN BIARD.HUNTER)

Selection of plant for planting summer and winter.

Selection of plant for hard and soft landscaping.

Lawn maintenance –Handling of cutting machinery (Ransome/Honda/Snapper lawn mower, Brush cutter, and Air blower).

Date palm Transplanting, planting and Make cross pollination and maintenance

Monitoring of landscape garbage loading and dumping.

Prepares and maintains various records/reports, such as Daily/Monthly Activities, Weekly/Monthly Operations Report.

Following safety

From June 2015 present working with Nakheel Landscaping company in Qatar in QChem Landscaping RasLaffan Olifine Company(RLOC)

Position- Landscaping Lead worker.

Followed Health and safety Training course (2Weeks) conducted by QChem.


Engr.A.Azeez(Landscaping Engineer)


S.Sivakumar (Sr. Engineer Projects & maintenance)




Fluently in English both spoken &written, Hindi,

Arabic, Sinhala & Tamil.

I do hereby certify that the above true and correct to the best of my knowledge


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