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Sales Management

Los Angeles, California, United States
May 24, 2018

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Brett Yates

***** ********* **., ***** *********, CA 91602

Mobile: 213-***-**** •

Operations & Business Executive

Professional with excellent results in a broad range of industries and functions including finance, marketing, customer service, IT, inside sales, outside sales, HR, accounting, back office operations, and more.

Passionate for developing teams to deliver world class results and managing each employee to coach them to be the best they can be in their position. Every team managed has achieved great results.

Exceptional record in developing, managing, marketing and selling solutions within the company and to clients ranging in size from Fortune 100 to start up companies.

Consistently deliver these results at or under budget and with thorough communication throughout the process.


TAURUS PROCESSING – Temecula, CA 2014 - Present

A start up financial services company providing services through Money To Play (offer/discount app and website), PubsArena (affiliate network), and through lead generation business.

Chief Operating Officer

Recruited by owners to plan, direct, and implement all aspects of the start-up affiliate network.

Attained profitability within four months.

Built and maintained all relationships with affiliates and merchants.

Envisioned long term issues with affiliate network and began conceptualization and development of Money To Play network.

Managed the creative and development efforts for the Money To Play app and websites. Coordinated funding.

Directed the marketing efforts for each company including app and website creation, structuring SEO/SEM and Facebook campaigns, utilizing social media and forums, and attending conferences to establish industry presence.

Performed all systems integrations and assured that they were within our legal and compliance standards.

Established all company vendors including platform providers, app and website development teams, insurance carriers, data providers, payroll processing, etc.

Created and implemented strategies for marketing, sales, operations, and all company functions.

Develop and manage a budget and growth plan including the revenues, expenses, payroll, facilities, and investment funds, broken down to the departmental level.

PANGO GROUP – Glendale, CA 2012 - 2014

The leading provider of escrow services in Southern California.

Chief Operating Officer

Recruited by the owners to develop and manage a plan to grow from $22m annually to over $100m annually.

Grew the revenues by over 20% in a declining real estate sales market – to more than $25M in 2013.

Forecasted to grow an additional 20% each subsequent year.

Increased the sales team by 150% to aggressively market within each local community utilizing traditional market media (flyers, direct response, seminars, etc.) along with social media solutions.

Expanded the number of local offices from ten to fourteen and added top quality escrow officers at each location to provide the opportunity to grow dramatically as the market opens and expands.

Developed a plan to grow the company to $100M strategically through organic growth, partnerships, acquisitions, and stronger management practices.

Directly manage Escrow Operations, HR, IT, Finance, Facilities, Sales, Marketing, Legal, and all functions within the company.

Managed the implementation of a partnership with Partner’s Trust to create Escrow Trust Advisors which was profitable within the first six months of service.

J2 GLOBAL - Hollywood, CA 2010 - 2012

Global leader in telecommunications, tech services, and several other business lines. Over $720m in annual revenues.

Director – International Marketing Services

Direct the marketing of fax and voice services to all countries other than the United States and EU (Rest of World – ROW). Primary markets include Canada, Australia, Latin America, and Asia.

Expanded the product offering through localized sites and services in an additional 11 countries, including India, Brazil, Mexico, and many more.

Strategically plan and manage the multiple web sites, creative content, internal product, and external product. This includes all SEM, SEO, content, display, and other channels.

Manage the analytics team utilizing such systems as Omniture, Site Catalyst, Kenshoo, and others.

Increase total revenues for ROW by more than 250% through multi-pronged approach including acquisition.

Increase organic revenues by more than 30% through additional markets, improving efficiencies, additional products, and enhanced services.

Drive over $1m annually through paid search, content, and other online media channels. Full budgetary accountability for achieving and over delivering on the goals.


(Formerly First American Credco. Acquired through purchase of CredStar from Fiserv) 2008 - 2010

Leading provider of credit reports, fraud and identity products, and analytics solutions to lending institutions.

Vice President – Product Management and Product Development

Retained by First American in the acquisition of Fiserv CredStar to direct the development and management of all products for Credco with revenues of over $100m annually. Manage and drive sales for newly created business products.

Introduce several “industry altering products” annually along with dozens of secondary products, new services, and adjustments to existing products and product lines. Market share increased by more than 7%.

Strategically plan and manage the company websites including multiple brands, each with their own website.

Present at industry specific conferences and events on a variety of topics.

Direct and manage the relationships for nearly all data providers including contract development and management. Over $100m in data provider costs each year.

Manage the enterprise management department that facilitates technology builds for the company as the intermediary between the business leaders and the development teams. Includes more than 20 diverse platforms.

Drive Business Development efforts for newly created business channels and products.

FISERV CREDSTAR – North Hollywood, CA

(Acquired through purchase of Chase Credit Research) 2002 - 2007

Provider of credit reports, fraud products, and identity products to lending institutions.

Vice President

Retained by Fiserv in the acquisition of Chase Credit Research to directed several departmental teams including product development, product management, account management, national inside sales, client service, sales support, legal & compliance, and operations.

Re-engineered processes throughout the operations centers and call centers that lead to a 96% increase in productivity and efficiency while converting two previously independent centers into a synchronous organization.

Established new product development and product management departments, increasing the product offering by more than 50%. Made several products profitable for the first time with active management and sales practices.

Redesigned the sales process allowing account managers to take over secondary accounts and let national sales team focus on larger lenders. This resulted in a 27% annualized improvement in account retention.

Contract negotiation, approval, and management for all data providers and other vendors.

Assure compliance in a highly regulated environment and conduct audits on suppliers as needed.

Helped to drive acquisition from CCR to Fiserv and two years later, from Fiserv to First American.

JANUS MUTUAL FUNDS – Denver, CO and Austin, TX 1991 - 2001

Internationally acclaimed mutual fund management company that was one of top five fund management companies nationally.

Director – Investor Communications

Promoted to build, launch, recruit, and manage call center in Austin, TX. Responsible for establishing a corporate culture to support strategic initiatives. Senior person on site – NASD Branch Office Manager.

Moved 23 people from Denver office to Austin and grew the team to over 500 within two years.

Maintained a staff attrition rate 45% better than the call center in the home office in Denver.

Implemented call center tracking system to increase efficiency by over 28% within two years. New system increased forecasting/scheduling accuracy dramatically

Developed call quality improvement program and staff that lead to an increase of service metrics by more than 20%. Achieved “Best In Class” in mutual fund industry for six straight quarters.

Directed marketing efforts in the community including direct response solutions and all advertisements.

Coordinated and managed budget of over $15m.

Integrated back office operation, expanding the Austin organization as a result of the success of the site. Included designing floor plans, managing building construction, coordinating operations, and developing new technologies.


BA, Finance / Real Estate, University of Denver – Denver, CO

Marketing ~ Business Development ~Strategic Planning ~ P&L Management

Website Management ~ Product Development~ Account Management ~ Direct Response

Project Management ~ Sales Management ~ Vendor Management ~ Strategic Partnerships

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