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Engineer Management

May 24, 2018

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Professional Resume Adrián Alejandro Balda Salas * de 4

Professional Resume

Adrián Alejandro Balda Salas

Personal Information

Place of birth: Maracay, Estado Aragua, República Bolivariana de Venezuela Citizenship: Venezuelan

Civil status: Married

Home address: Residencias Amazonia, Torre B, Apartamento. 33B, Calle Apure, Urbanización Las Minas, San Antonio de Los Altos, Estado Miranda, Zona Postal 1204

Home phone: +58-212-*******

Mobile phones: +58-414-*******, +58-426-*******

Electronic mails:,, Languages

Spanish: Native language

English. Business proficiency level. Educational institution: Laboratorio de Idiomas, Universidad de Carabobo, Núcleo Aragua, Maracay, Estado Aragua, Venezuela, 1982.

Career Objectives

I am looking for a job in a company with a solid reputation, as a senior reliability engineer, where I can help the organization by sharing my skills, abilities and experience in the analysis and support of reliability engineering activities and industrial assets management; in order to identify the risks of reliability of the assets, and to join in a work team with the relevant peers to minimize downtime and ensure the availability, maintainability and operational safety of the equipment and facilities, thereby increasing the profitability of the company. Professional Profile

Professional with 27 years in the state oil industry of Venezuela Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), specifically in its Technological Research and Support Center INTEVEP, where I have provided specialized technical assistance to the value chain of the hydrocarbon and petrochemical processing industry: production, refining, gas, transportation and marketing; in the expertise of equipment and facilities reliability. Senior Reliability Engineer trained and competent, focused on the identification and management of the risks of asset failures, and aimed at minimizing the same that could adversely impact the operations of equipment and facilities, as well as business in general; through the application of operational reliability methodologies to predict and prevent such failures through consulting activities, knowledge transfer and implementation. Determined to identify the reliability problems of equipment and facilities, and focused on finding solutions and issuing recommendations.

Academic Education

• Reliability of Industrial Systems Specialist. 2006, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Distrito. Capital, Venezuela.

• Mechanical Engineer, 1981, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Distrito. Capital, Venezuela. Core Professional Skills Capabilities

• Knowledge and understanding of international standards applicable to reliability, maintenance, asset management and quality management, such as ISO 14224, ISO 55000, ISO 9000, among others.

• Identification of opportunities for improvement, preparation of plans to eliminate deviations / defects / losses Professional Resume Adrián Alejandro Balda Salas 2 de 4

• Evaluation of the type of failure: By time, analysis of the time for the failure variable. Application of statistical methods for its characterization. For failure physics, application of stress-strengh theory.

• Application of Operational Reliability Methodologies; Criticality analysis of equipment and facilities, root cause analysis

(RCA), failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), failure tree analysis (FTA), preparation of inspection plans through the application of Risk Based Inspection (RBI), implementation of in-service inspection systems and corrosion loops, preparation of maintenance plans through the application of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), cost-risk-benefit analysis for the optimization of inspection activities, maintenance and establishment of spare parts inventory (CRBA), life cycle cost analysis (LCC) and equipment obsolescence in facilities, evaluation of issues related to human factors and reliability.

• Identification of key performance indicators (KPIs) for the measurement of reliability and maintenance management. Development of strategies for its implementation and follow-up

• Modeling of availability, reliability and maintainability (RAM) of complex equipment and systems.

• Reliability in facilities turnarounds: Evaluation and optimization of the scope of the planned activities, critical route(s) and evaluation, analysis and estimation of the degree of preparation of a facility to execute a plant turnaround for major maintenance.

• Risk analysis for extension of the operational run of hydrocarbon and petrochemical processing facilities.

• Asset and risk management of industrial facilities. Key Personal Skills

• Knowledge of reliability engineering methods and processes

• Able to solve different types of technical problems and complex issues.

• Good computing skills. Knowledge and handling of computer office tools.

• Knowledge in data analysis techniques, data exposure / statistical and reliability analysis tools such as Crystal Ball, RAPTOR, among others.

• Ability to handle a challenging work environment and / or its environment, and work in an accelerated environment with excellent multitasking skills.

• Good communication skills and ability to perform tasks as a member of high-performance and proactive work teams.

• Ability to prepare graphs, drawings, charts and diagrams for analyzing information and results; to prepare technical reports and review reports of other authors and make summary presentations and conduct information sessions.

• Good organizational and management skills.

• Committed to the health and safety policies of the company.

• Competent in the fulfillment of the objectives assigned by the superior authorities. Professional experience

Early: GENERAL MOTORS DE VENEZUELA, Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela, Start date: 03/1981 End date: 10/1989. Position: Senior Design Engineer – Product Engineering Department PDVSA INTEVEP, Los Teques, Estado Miranda, Venezuela. Since 03/1990 to current date. Position: Principal Professional – Technological Support Materials Technology and Operational Reliability Department Relevant duties:

• Identify technological opportunities and trends in the area of equipment, operational reliability and asset management, through the study of the state of the art and technological prospects in the medium and long term.

• Advise and recommend technological solutions that ensure operational continuity and business requirements, through the planning, execution and control of the portfolio of research and development projects; and specialized technical assistance.

• Capture, develop and implement methodologies and technologies in the area of equipment, operational reliability and asset and risks management, to generate the technological solutions required by the oil business.

• Optimize and innovate processes, methodologies and technologies in the area of equipment, operational reliability, and asset and risks management, to ensure the generation of new technologies required by the hydrocarbons processing business.

Professional Resume Adrián Alejandro Balda Salas 3 de 4

• Promote the transfer of knowledge corresponding to the area of equipment, operational reliability and asset and risks management, to ensure and maintain the technical depth of the expertise.

• Prepare statistics of activities associated with operational reliability and asset management processes, through the issuance of reports and presentations, in order to show the management and compliance with business goals.

• Tutor of Equipment & Facilities Reliability Expertise. Responsibilities: Advise the Management in the allocation of the appropriate professionals to the activities required by the Project Managers, according to their capacity, experience and professional development. Identify the training events and actions required by the professionals assigned to the expertise and, together with the Management, prepare the training plans. Follow up on the execution of this training plan. Approve and monitor the participation of the professionals assigned to the expertise in the training events to which they have been nominated. Promote and carry out knowledge transfer activities to and among the professionals assigned to the expertise.

• Head of STA Projects to El Palito Refinery, STA to other Affiliates of PDVSA and STA Plus - Refining Department. Responsibilities: Coordinate the execution of the activities of Specialized Technical Assistance (STA) to the El Palito Refinery, to other non-refining affiliates of PDVSA and to the evaluation and implementation of technological solutions to improve the STA provided by the Refining Department respectively.

• Other activities assigned by Management within the scope of equipment, operational reliability and asset and risks management.

Other relevant work activities

• Work assignment in the Centro Refinador Paraguaná (CRP). Falcón State, Venezuela, for the implementation of the In- Service Inspection System and Corrosion Loops (SILCO) in the Amuay and Cardón Refineries, 2000.

• Work assignment of to the El Palito Refinery, Carabobo State, Venezuela, in order to support the activities of the Reliability Group of the Technical Department, 2006.

• Participant in the teamwork of Inspection of Operations and Projects of Hydrocarbons and Petrochemicals, Ministry of the Popular Power of Petroleum and Mining (MPPPEMT) & PDVSA, for the operational diagnosis of the heavy crude upgrader facilities, 2010.

• Participant of the Investigation Committee for the accident of the offshore platform Aban Pearl, Sucre State, Venezuela, 2010.

• Participation in the Technical Committees integrated in order to develop or update the PDVSA Technical Standards for Maintenance and Reliability, Plant Turnarounds and Storage Tanks, 2010 up to the current date.

• Participant of the Investigation Committee for the tanker truck accident of the National Transportation Company occurred on December 29, 2011 on the Pan-American road, Miranda State, Venezuela, 2011-2012.

• Participant of the Investigation Committees for several cistern truck accidents of the National Transport Company. 2012 to the present date.

• Participant of the work team of the PDVSA Exploration and Production Executive Directory and INTEVEP, integrated to inspect and evaluate well drilling equipment manufactured by BELORUSNEFT in Gomel, Republic of Belarus, 2011.

• Participant of the work team integrated by directions of the INTEVEP Board of Directors for the audit and operational diagnosis of the production facilities of the Orinoco Heavy Crude Oil Belt, 2012.

• Technical Coordinator of the Master's Program in Reliability and Maintenance as part of the Universidad Experimental Francisco de Miranda National University & Universidad Venezolana de los Hidrocarburos Agreement, 2012-2015.

• Participant of the work team integrated by directions of the PDVSA Executive Directory of Industrial Safety and Occupational Health for the audit and diagnosis of recurring failures in the offshore production platform 4F of PETROSUCRE mixed company, 2013.

• Participant of the integrated work team at the request of the Risks and Insurance Unit of the PDVSA Finance Executive Directory, to support the inspection and monitoring the activities in the facilities of the operating subsidiaries of PDVSA, for the implementation of the recommendations issued by the reinsurance companies. 2013 to the present date.

• Participant of the work team at the request of INTEVEP Quality Management Systems Department for the quality management audit of maintenance and asset integrity organizations of the PETROSUCRE mixed company. 2016-2017. Significant Achievements

• To gather and consolidate a work team integrated by proactive professionals to provide support to the core businesses at INTEVEP and the operating affiliates, mixed companies and business partners of PDVSA, for the improvement of their operational reliability, asset and risks management. Professional Resume Adrián Alejandro Balda Salas 4 de 4

• Technology transfer and implementation of reliability methodologies, asset and risks management in the operating affiliates, mixed companies and business partners of PDVSA.

• Definition, integration and consolidation of the processes and organizations of operational reliability in the operating affiliates, mixed companies and business partners of PDVSA.

• Generation of awareness that operational reliability is a culture and a way of managing the business that forms one of the foundations of its operational continuity and sustainability. Courses taught / consulting / presentations at technical events

• Instructor of the workshops Criticality Analysis and Introduction to Operational Reliability, Puerto Ordaz, Bolívar State, Venezuela, 11-2011; Criticality Analysis, Cardón, Falcón State, Venezuela, 05-2016; Introduction to Reliability Engineering & Reliability and Maintenance Indicators, Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui State, 06-2016; Introduction to Reliability from Design, Cardón, Falcón State, Venezuela, 06-2016; Reliability Centered Maintenance, Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui State, 06-2016.

• Instructor in the Master's Program in Reliability and Maintenance as part of the Universidad Experimental Francisco de Miranda National University & Universidad Venezolana de los Hidrocarburos Agreement, courses: Operational Reliability I and II, Reliability Engineering, Systems Reliability Analysis, Finances for Reliability and Human Reliability, 2012-2015.

• VII World Congress of Asset Maintenance and Management, Cartagena, Colombia, May 20-22, 2015. Title of the paper: Probabilistic Analysis of Pipe Failure for Risk Estimation of the Operational Run Extension of a Hydrocarbon Processing Facility . Authors: Adrián Alejandro Balda Salas, Juancarlos Uzcátegui Méndez.

• South American Oil and Gas Congress 2015, Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela, October 28-30, 2015. Title of the paper: Risk estimation methodology for the extension of the operational continuity of gas turbo-compressor units. Authors: Juancarlos Uzcátegui Mendez, Adrián Alejandro Balda Salas.

Acknowledgments / Awards received

Acknowledgments for participation in the PDVSA INTEVEP Creativity and Innovation Awards 2008, with the proposals

"Unified Communications to optimize the STA in the national refining circuit. Puerto La Cruz Refinery Case", and "Operational reliability applications suite".

Personal references

Jack Joe Jenkins Mejías. Advisor – Universidad Venezolana de los Hidrocarburos. Phone: +58-414-***-****. email:

Juancarlos Uzcátegui Mendez. Associate Professional – PDVSA INTEVEP. Phone: +58-416-***-****. email:


From the second half of 2018. Any notice one month in advance. Statement

I hereby declare that the information mentioned above is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.

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