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Manager Maintenance

May 23, 2018

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Camp Bond Steel, Apo AE *****

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Birth Date: September 26, 1961

Birth Place: Munich, Germany

Nationality: U.S.A.

Status: Married

Qualifications Profile

Highly accomplished Aircraft Technician with extensive experience inspecting, the removal, repair and installation, of mechanical and electromechanical aircraft systems and subsystems.

Extensive expertise ensuring the correct maintenance of operational aircraft with optimum accuracy and timeliness to meet client requirements.

Proven ability to troubleshoot, Inspect, and test numerous systems, including engines, avionics, hydraulics, fuel systems, main and tail rotor systems and engines

Recognized as a creative problem solver with focus on safety, quality, and meeting of goals in compliance with all regulations.

Strong communication and client service skills in both English, German and Spanish with ability to read technical manuals and blueprints.

Resourceful and flexible thinker and leader in fast-paced aircraft maintenance environments.

Core Competencies:

Aircraft System Maintenance & Repair

Mechanical & Electromechanical Systems

Field Service Quality & Timeliness

NDT Level 3

Quality Assurance Inspection

Technical Schematics





Feb 2008

FCC #001*******


Sept 2007

Airframe &Power plant Certificate #3275773

FT Campbell KY.

Mar 2000

AH-64 Servo Null, Inspection & Repair Procedures

Fort Hood, TX

Aug 1997

ULLS-A Training

Howard AFB, Panama


UH-60A Utility Helicopter Repair

Sikorsky Support Services, Inc. Fort Rucker, AL

Feb – Sept 1994

OH-58D Scout Observation Helicopter Repair and System Operation

Bell Textron Plant, 1 Fort Worth, TX

Dec 1992

USAF Hazardous Waste Management

United States Air force

Sept – Nov 1980

Scout Observation Helicopter Repair 67v1, OH-58A+C/OH-6

Fort Rucker, AL

Aug 1996

Corrosion Control Training Course

United States Navy Panama

Sept 1997

I.S.O. Compliant Course

Lockheed Martin Panama


DynCorp Certification NDI Level 3

OH-58/ UH-1H Crew chief Experience (Approx. 1000 Flight Hrs.)


AM-2, WORKING TEAM LEAD, UH-60 L/M May 2017 to Apr 2018

Camp Bond Steel, Kosovo

DynCorp International FZ

UH-60 Maintenance during PMI 1 and PMI 2 using IADSs, ULLS-A(E), DA PAM 738-751 and TM 1-150*-***-**.

Other tasks Hyd. System maintenance, Flight control rigging, fuel system maintenance, Rotor system and drive train maintenance. Forms and Records, Manage Parts and Personnel requirement for tasks to accomplish missions.

Supporting the U.S. Army with other tasks as required.

Shops Manager, AH-64A/D / AS-350, NDI Level III May 1999 to Feb 2017

DynCorp, UAE

Primary duties training U.A.E. personnel on AH-64A/D using OJT training course developed on site, basically Train the Trainer. Training was given by three phase OJT books (Phase 1,2,3).

Shops Manager, (Working, hands on in all shops under my supervision) responsible for 45 + personnel maintaining 7 shops, Engine, Power train, Sheet metal, Hydraulic, NDI, GSE and three separate Tool Rooms performing 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line maintenance for the U.A.E. Army. NDI Technician providing NDI Level lll capabilities for the unit. Other duties include Vacation and Comp. time planning. Enforcing Maintenance practices along with Forms and Record control. Qualified as the only Hydraulic Servo Nulling and Cylinder Seal replacements on all servos for the AH-64 Apaches. Shops Manager providing direction and control of AH-64 scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, hydraulic back Shop repairs and hanger maintenance supervision. Maintain company and unit computers and IT equipment, IETM updates for the whole unit as required. Provide training to Power Train Mechanics, NDT Techs, Crew chiefs and Engine Shop Tech. in the proper techniques on the AH-64 Apaches. Calibration Technical Inspector (QA) and T.I. orders for in shop and aircraft repairs. Maintain, update and track forms and records for in shop repairs including MWOs, ASAMS and AMAMs. Controlled Special tool purchase or manufacturing from local venders. Directed support for ship movement at port for the AH-64A models to be upgraded to AH-64D and upon return, received the aircraft back to the Unit. Maintain time sheet control, rental car management, residence visas initiation and cancellation, security passes for all team members

Prior to being promoted to powertrain lead, shops supervisor, senior supervisor and then shops manager performed Crew chief maintenance, Phase maintenance, hydraulic repairs and servicing, powertrain maintenance and flight line repairs. Balance M/R blades during Phase prior to reinstall. Performed numerous Depot repairs directed by my Manager and U.A.E. Army Command.

Shops Lead, Tactical Aircraft / NDI Level II Feb 1990 – May 1999

Lockheed Martin, Panama

Performed pre-maintenance inspection, in process, and final inspection during modification and repair on the following ACFT UH-1H, UH-60A/L. Performed Depot repairs on UH-60 Primary Servos, T/R paddles, M/R Dampers, Hydraulic Pumps and Control Tubes. Performed calibration at local level for all Torque Wrenches used in the unit, and also calibration turn in for the unit. Operated the Powertrain & Hydraulic shop during phase maintenance for the all airframes. Maintained ACFT forms and records using ULLS-A. Prepare 2410’s on ACFT components for installation or for turn-in. Receive and perform ASAM’s as they enter the unit. Update publications and maintenance manuals as required. Enter and clear ACFT faults in logbook and ULLS-A using appropriate technical manuals. Performed Depot level repair for Savannah GA during STIR Program on UH-60 Primary Servos while stationed in Panama. Designed and built a UH-60 upper flight control deck to test Primary Servos, Hyd. Pumps and SAS actuators. Repaired and nulled ILCAs for CH-47s. Repair various hyd. tubing using permaswage or manufacture new lines. Repair CH-47, UH-60, UH-1H and OH-58 Main Rotor heads including scoping and balancing. Preformed corrosion control inspections. Met all NDI requirements for all ACFT listed above. Gave training classes to the SAN (Panama Air Force) as required. Preformed nickel M/R Blade strip replacement for UH-60s. Supported the 617th in various depo repairs, scheduled and unscheduled on UH-60’s.

Part of a contact team deployed to Peru, Honduras, and Colombia for various ACFT repairs and aerial recovery as required.

Mechanic, Aircraft Oct 1988 –Feb 1990

Pemco Aeroplex Napier Field Dothan, AL

Performed maintenance and modification converting Boeing 727 100-200 and Lockheed L1011 from passenger to cargo configuration for Federal Express from teardown to flight line.

Mechanic, Tactical Aircraft Aug 1986 – May 1988

Sikorsky Support Services, Inc. Fort Rucker, AL

Performed flight line, Phase maintenance, AVIM/Depot level repair on the following Tactical Aircraft System: UH-60A, AH-64A, CH-47C/D, OH-58A/C/D, UH-1H, C-12 as NDI Tech/Mechanic.

Mechanic, Tactical Aircraft Sept 1984 – Aug 1986

U.S Army, USAADTA (United States Army Aviation Developmental Test Activity)

Ft Rucker, AL

Performed duties as an OH-58D, AH-64A Aircraft Mechanic during development and operational testing. Performed duties as a Mechanic using T.S.S. unit for OH-58D in the field and home base. Also performed duties during phase inspection as NDI Tech/mechanic. Developed with my team mates OH-58D Training course at Bell Plant 3 for the first 67S in the U.S. Army. Other duties included RAM Data collection.

Mechanic, Tactical Aircraft Sept 1980 - Aug 1984

U.S. Army 67V, Germany

Performed duties as an OH-58A Crew chief. Phase Team leader on OH-58A/C and UH-1H while stationed in the 3rd Infantry Division.

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