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javascript, unity3D, c#, java, Html, CSS3

El-Mahalla El-Kubra, Gharbia Governorate, Egypt
May 22, 2018

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CONTACT Egypt-Al Gharbia- Elmahalah

Elkubra- Abdul Menom Khalil

El-Mahallah-Abu Rady

Saudi Arabia- Taif




Phone: 010********

QUALIFICATIONS I'm Nurhan Abu Farraj From Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. I graduated from Effat University in Engineering department, Computer Science. I volunteered in L and T Conference in 2010 and 2016. i'm experience in developing game in Unity 3D and 3D max program and in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook. i have 2 Certificate for HTML developer and Germany. I'm fluent in English in reading, writing and speaking and Germany. so, the last things i made inside my university and outside is volunteering and this is the list of my volunteering.

My Volunteer career:

1- In 2009, I volunteered in Open House for my Computer Science Booth to acknowledge the outsiders to know about our major.

2- In 2010, I worked with my friends in L and T conferences how to attend the workshops and give a lectures about productivity and creativity in gaming which is the most important event in our university. The aim of this conference is Learning how to be creative in your way. and also in the same year me and my friends receive the 2nd rank for our project in Science Project Fair. And also i worked in workshop for learning the basic of making Japanese Anime and Movies. And how to draw characters. 3- In 2012, i become attender in Career Day which is also important for hunting jobs. 4- In 2016, I went to L and T conference and helped my friends there. And also i went to Project fair to attend my final project there.

5- In the same year, I worked in Open House for my faculty "Computer Science" for the second time.

EDUCATION Web Design 12/8/2014 12/3/2015

Germany oct 2014 July 2015

The International British Institute

I learn in this course how to build a website in HTML language and Java Script. and i got a certificate for it. and also i make a project for this course. Axon

In Axon institution i learned Germany A and B and D course and i got a certificate for them.

INTERESTS I'm interested in making games in different programs such as unity 3d, 3d max and blender because I have a game called Theme Park uploaded in Google play. This game is talking about a whole park with avatar, you can walk your avatar to collect icons and once you collected them, you need to see the secret door to the new level. the game is updated in google play. The second game is called "Dead Elixir". This game is about a kingdom, this kingdom controlled by a kind king and irresponsible son and courage hero. One day Nurhan Atif

Nurhan Atif 1

the celebration of a new king has been chosen and everyone has been celebrating happily then the main event begin when everyone has to drink from an elixir for the new king. But for a second the celebration become chaos and everyone run in every side and one of the citizen said "Help me! help zombie! it is a zombie" so the king realize that there is something awful happened. he said"everyone relax please it is just a one zombie we can defeated it!" but the worst scenario has become! all the citizens that have been beaten become vampire zombie!. a zombie who can survive more than normal zombie and can kill most of their victims by drinking their blood and become zombies!. So, who can defeat those monsters? and how can you know the secret of this Elixir! REFERENCES My Linkedlin : My game in google play: id=com.effat_university.Theme_park_game

Second part: Nurhan Atif 2

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