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Test Engineer

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
May 22, 2018

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Bernard Edward Kluga


Secret Clearance 1986 - 2007

Employment History

The Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory

Laurel, MD

August 1985 – June 2007

Staff Engineering Assistant - Space Department

Photonics R&D, Antenna Test Range

President APL Astronomy Club

E/M spectrum : From D.C. to 40Ghz

Photonics R&D / End to end design, fabrication, testing and documentation

Various types of lasers including Yag, Yag micro-channel, Fiber coupled and high power laser -diode arrays, R&D. Including RAD hard testing with Gamma rays.

Steerable optic: MEMs micro mirrors and piezo-electric actuators.

Optical test equipment: spectrometers, optical power meters, fiber optics, data acquisition,

-vacuum chamber testing, floated optical benches, Clean Rooms

R.F. Systems: Radar and Communication

R.F. VHF, U.H.F. L, X, C, S, Bands.

R.F. Test equipment: spectrum and network analyzers, signal generators, frequency synthesizers, -frequency and time interval analyzer, power meters.

R.F. Antenna ranges: Compact, Anechoic and Outdoor. Installation and operation

Fabrication skills: R.F. transmissions lines semi-rigid, coax, triax, waveguide,

Installations of Airborne and Sea fairing vessels, Lear Jet and helicopter.

Proto-typing digital systems designing and producing custom printed circuit boards

Mechanical fabrication capabilities / Machinist skills, heavy machinery such as lathes, grinders, -welding (gas & electric) and numerically controlled three axis milling machines.

Microsoft Win 10, Xp, Power Point, Office, ORCAD, Delta CAD, Auto CAD, C+, Linux

Field testing on radar systems such as 55-B (fire control) and AEGIS (phased array)

Aircraft: Lear jet and Bell Jet Helicopter, Avionics Installations / modifications for research

Hands On electronic, mechanical & Optical experience.

Fiber optic cable installation and termination

Security system installation and trouble shooting

Class 1000 Clean room experience

Employment History cont.

S.A.I.C. ( contract )

Aberdeen, Maryland

January 2008 – June 2008

Chemical Weapons Detection R&D

University of Maryland - Technology Center

Catonsville, Maryland

September 2008 – September 2011

Photonics Test Engineer

Testing of Single Photon Counting APDs Arrays

Laser Drilling manufacturing

Baltimore, Maryland

March 2014 - August 2016

Photonics R&D

Part Time position

3-D printers

Laser Marker and Drilling development

Micro computer / controller / Arduino, RaspberryPi

Professional Membership Affiliations

A.A.S. - American Astronomical Society

S.P.I.E. -The International Society for Optical Engineering


A.A. Electronics Technology

Essex Community College 1985

Catonsville Community College 1987-90

UMBC 1991-93

Total credit hours – 105



R.W. Hart Prize for Development

New Optical Sensor/Weapon Network

October 2003

Department of the NAVY

Award of Merit for Group Achievement

JHU/APL C.E.C. Development Effort

Aug 1997

MAYFLY Exercise SDSMS Team


May 1992

Achievement & Publications

Dual – Band Spacecraft Sensor Suite for lunar and small body landing

1360 nm LIDAR and 35 GHz radar.

SPIE : Laser Radar Technology and Applications XII, volume 6550 2007

Radiation Belt Star Tracker 2006

N-Slit Star Scanner w/ C.H.I.A. dome test-bed 2006

Development and Testing of an Actively-Controlled Large Aperture

Cassegrain Telescope for Spacecraft Deployment 2005

MESSENGER spacecraft Phased Array antenna development

Contour and Stereo spacecraft antenna systems

Deployable Meter Class Telescope for Space Applications 2005

Optical Communications Development for Spacecraft Applications

JHU/APL Technical Digest Vol. 25, number 4, 2004

Comparison of Macro Tip / Tilt and Meso-Scale

Beam- Steering Transducers for Free Space Optical Communications

Using a Quadrant Photodiode Sensor SPIE Vol. 15160 June 2003

T.A.S.S.-The Amateur Sky Survey

A 3 CCD camera array utilizing drift scan technology

for Near Earth Object & Cosmic Ray Detection

190th mtg. AAS meeting June 8, 1997

Winston-Salem, NC

Sky and Telescope February 1998

Approaches to MRI Gating Using Multiple Sensors JHUAPL/NIH

Publications: JHU/APL Technical Digest, April-June 1999

Wake Vortex Investigation (at BWI Airport) JHUAPL / NASA / FAA

Publications: JHUAPL Technical Digest, December 1997

Final Report March 1998

Flare Genesis

A high altitude balloon experiment to image suns solar flare activity

A fast, wide dynamic range, low voltage tip/tilt mirror

using Magneto-restrictive Actuators SPIE 1996

NASA - Wallops Island

Radar acquisition and tracking experiments

Radio wave ducting experiments

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