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Data Sql Server

La Cañada Flintridge, California, 91011, United States
May 22, 2018

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Michael Atefi



Master of Science, Computer Science

California Polytechnic University, Candidate 1987

Master of Engineering,

California Polytechnic University, December 1981

Bachelor of Science, Engineering

University of California at Berkeley, September 1980

Technical Skills


Modeling, Data Architecture, Tuning, Backup/Recovery, Erwin, Model Mart, DBArtisan, Toad, OEM

DataWarehouse Star Schema, Snowflake, Data Mining, Data Mart, Analysis Manager, Proclarity, DTS, Business Objects, Cognos, Informatica

UNIX: Management, File System, Configuration, Redhat, KSH, BSH, and CSH, Perl, ORACLE

Windows Admin, Networking, Development

Development: PL/SQL, TSQL, SQL, Developer, Designer, Oracle Forms, Reports, Apps 10.7, 11i, ERP, GL, AR

PC: Windows, Visual Basic, Access, Exchange, Outlook, Lotus, Excel, Symphony, Ventura, Word Perfect, Word, Norton, Freelance, Page Maker, Views, Heat, MS Project


Client/Server: PC/IBM, PC/VAX, PC/HP, Two and Three Tier C/S

Distributed databases, Data or Code distribution, Single or Multiple Servers

Hardware: Designed a CPU card including the firmware to establish its instruction set repertoire.

Professional Summary

IT Professional with over 25 years of experience, including:

Database Administration, Development, Modeling and Conversion.

Systrem Administaration of Unix, Linux, and Windows in Stand alone, Cluster and VM environments.

All phases of analysis and implementation of Data Warehousing, including Requirements Definition, Data Architecture, Data Modeling, ETL processing, OLAP Cube Design, and Analytics Reporting and presentation.

Extensive experience with Database Administration and Development with Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Implementation of Logical and Physical databases to handle high traffic Internet based OLTP, OLAP, and DSS applications.

All phases of data architecture, database modeling, design, definition, and maintenance, Tuning and Backup and Recovery.

Project management, budgeting, scheduling, and staffing from start to finish with small to large size projects.


UHG, Ontario, CA Nov 2013... 2018

Lead Enterprise DBA/Engineer

Lead Enterprise DBA supporting all company databases including SQL Server, Oracle, and Access databases supporting all aspects of Healthcare related business.

Lead a Team of DBAs to support Deployment and Database Operations across Development, Test, Stage and Production environments.

Installed, configured and operationalized Failover Cluster Databases to support business operations.

Setup and Maintained Red Hat Linux servers and installed and maintained Oracle databases with replication from Other Oracle and SQL Server Databases.

Installed and Configured SQL Server versions 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 on many Servers on 2003, 2008, 2012 windows in Stand Alone and Cluster Seetings..

Configured and maintained the SSIS servers with interfaces to many internal and external databases, sources and sinks.

Setup Backups and Recovery constructs for all SQL and Oracle Databases.

Used VMWare/VSphere to support the Virtual Servers.

Created Role Based Environment for Development, Test, and Staging for controlled development and Deployment Cycles.

Optimized Processes and Stored Procedure reducing process time from Hours to Seconds.

Supported Great Plains Accounting System including support and upgrades.

Setup Replication between SQL Servers to duplicate databases and data stores across many servers.

Created and maintained Materialized View Replications between Local and Remote Databases.

Constructed SSIS packages supporting Data Transformations from Oracle to SQL and SQL to SQL databases.

Created a process to Capture Failed SQL Agent Jobs with ticketing and tracking features.

Used VMWare and VSphere in creating and Maintaining Linux and Windows Servers to support Databases.

Used AWS and Azure cloud based Database Servers as Data Feeds to Data Repositories for OLTP and Data Warehouse operations.

Ciga, Glendale, CA Jun 2006... Aug 2012

Lead DBA/System Engineer

Lead DBA responsible for all development and production databases supporting Claims and Insurance coverage including Oracle 9, 10, 11, and 12 and SQL Server.

Provided full and comprehensive support and maintenance of Linux and Windows Cluster for all database servers with distributed load and service support across multiple servers.

Installed and maintained Oracle databases for development and test environment including developing infrastructure needed to develop SQL Stored Procedures and Scripts, Functions and packages for both Oracle and SQL databases.

Maintained Backup and Recovery procedures, disaster recovery, physical and logical standby, replication, log shipping and Storage maintenance on San and Nas architectures providing data and imaging support for workflow functionalities.

Developed Migration procedures and processes for all Oracle and SQL databases.

Created and maintained many Oracle and SQL databases to Support all Company Data Operations.

Performed SAN carving and LUN assignment for Linux Oracle Servers.

KFI International, Century City, CA Jun 2005... Jun 2006

Lead DBA/Architect

Lead dba and data architect in developing a conversion scheme for a complete conversion of a legacy system to a brand new SQL Server environment and application utilizing VB6, MS Dot Net, and Document Management.

Developed all the ETL tools and processes to fully convert a large database containing millions of records and convert them into a newly defined data structure including tables/views/indexes/procedures/Functions/Triggers/DTS and TSQL and batch procedures to perform the conversion from start to finish in an automated fashion.

Optimized all the ETL processes to perform in most efficient fashion and produce the fastest nightly conversion runs possible to allow a complete turnaround cycle for developers and testers to continue the development and testing tasks.

Leap Wireless, San Diego, CA Mar 2005... Jul 2005

Lead DBA

Performed all production DBA tasks to support both Oracle and SQL databases including Database Server setup, maintenance and upgrade, routine and project base DDL and DML tasks, code review and moves, performance tuning /Optimization and maintenance tasks.

Performed tasks related to moving data between Oracle and SQL platforms using link servers and SQL Loader, and DTS tasks.

Performed daily DBA tasks including monitoring servers, checking for errors and problems, routine maintenance tasks, provide support to development DBAs and all other related tasks.

Participated in design of an Inventory system for Mobile Phone shipping and Sales at various stores. Created the DBA objects including tables, stored procedures, triggers, functions, and keys and indexes for optimum performance. Designed the inventory reconciliation processes to recon ciliate the physical counts versus database data for the mobile phones and parts shipped from different vendors and sold at different outlets. Wrote many of the complex procedures to handle the entire inventory reconciliation and approval processes.

Participated in the development of the datawarehouse using business object and oracle for the mobile phone inventory and call tracking systems.

Ameriquest Mortgage, Orange, CA May 2004... Mar 2005

Lead DBA

Performed all production DBA tasks for analysis, collection, and reporting requirements on Oracle, SQL Server and MySql. Developed processes and procedures and created tools using SQL Procedures and packages to collect and provide Access Control, Jobs, DDL, DML information from 100s of servers for meeting SOX and Audit requirements on very large databases and data marts.

Developed a comprehensive sniffer tool that remotely log into production servers on demand and retrieve system, access control, Job, and database control information to build a data repository to provide snapshot and delta changes required to meet Audit and Sox monitoring and compliance requirements. This comprehensive tool provides snapshot and delta views of all access control data changes occurring over time on all database instances on each server.

Implemented Lumigent Entegra and Log Reader to track changes and

Created, Configured and maintained production databases including Clustering, Replication, Backup and Recovery, Performance Tuning, DML, DDL, Storage allocation and configuration, Indexing, and Stored Procedure optimization.

Used TSQL, PL/SQL, Erwin, Toad, DbArtisan, Data Modeling, DTS, OEM, RMAN, and many other database products.

Provided production database support in a clustered environment including backup/recovery tuning, replication, optimization, and problem solving.

Experian, Irvine, CA Mar 2004... Jul 2004

Lead Database/Warehouse DBA

Created, Configured and maintained production databases including Clustering, Replication, Backup and Recovery, Performance Tuning, DML, DDL, Storage allocation and configuration, Indexing, and Stored Procedure optimization.

Participated in design of a Data Warehouse project including Billing, Membership, Retention, Product and other subject areas. Performed all DBA tasks for SQL Server 2000. Developed processes and procedures and created tools to provide Access Control, DDL, DML maintenance for many production servers

Used TSQL, Erwin, DbArtisan, Data Modeling, DTS, EM and many other database tools.

Wrote ETL procedures using Transact SQL and DTS for loading the Staging and Data Warehouse databases.

Created Transaction and Merge Replication to feed data for Data Warehouse and reporting systems.

Created processes to do a complete Colo Migration of databases with complete verification of data and databases and complete switch over to the Co-Location of the operating environment from Disk Array Structures to SAN clusters.

Intelli-Mortgage, Newport Beach, Ca Aug 2003... Dec 2004

Lead Database/Warehouse DBA

Lead all phases of the database design and implementation including the complete OLTP relational staging database and OLAP multi-dimensional warehouse database Data Modeling using Erwin. Built the three tiers Extract, Staging, and Data Warehouse databases which can run under Oracle and Sql Server and MySql.

Configured and implemented the Extract, Staging, and Warehouse production databases including Disk Space requirements and sizing, TSQL, Stored Procedures, DTS packages, Triggers and Indexes for optimized performance based on the loading and retrieval requirements. Created all the scripts for scheduling and processing of the ETL jobs and processing cubes and synchronizing the database replications.

Built the Star Schema Models for creating the cubes built using Microsoft Analysis Services with the front end using Proclarity to handle briefing books, graphs and reports. Created some of the OLAP cubes and directed and guided others for creating the shared and local dimensions and cubes based on my overall design.

Completed many ETL packages written using DTS and stored procedures and SQL Loader and Modeled and built the table structures, views, materialized views, indexes and stored procedures to interface with the ASP pages that displayed the Digital Dashboard.

Built data warehouse databases from ground up to provide current and historical Business Intelligence information for Mortgage Lending business. This system provides Pipeline, Fallout, Commitment, Compliance, Productivity, and Profitability business intelligence information both from buy-side and sell-side of the mortgage lending business including a Digital Dashboard with Dials and Gauges to provide instant easy to read view of the business to the management.

Tenet Health, Santa Ana, CA Jan 2003... Aug 2003

Lead Database/Warehouse DBA

Created VLDB databases to support Data Warehouse projects started from ground up to support Patient Accounting and Accounts Receivables including Architectural design and Data Modeling of existing OLTP data sources and VLDB Data Warehouse databases including Physical and Logical Database requirements. Utilized MS Sql Server 2000 Cluster and DB2 for database engine, Microsoft Analysis Services for OLAP/CUBE design and PROCLARITY for OLAP and data Analysis and Reporting. System could handle SQL Server databases, IBM/DB2 and AS400 databases, and access/excel as backend data sources. Built all the logic to perform Extract, Transformation, and Loading of the ODS and Data Warehouse Databases using DTS, Sql Loader, Visual Basic, VBScripts and Jscripts.

Designed the process to extract the data from the DB2 Journals at regular intervals and ETL the data to SQL Server using DTS/Visual Basic packages. Wrote all the Stored Procedures and DTS/VB packages and SQL to perform the ETL processing to extract data from DB2 Journal and transform and load the data into SQL Server and Oracle Data Warehouse databases. Performed DB2 DBA functions for creating the Extract Database library and objects.

Performed extensive Data Modeling, Data Architecture, and Data Warehouse Schema definition using Star Schema and Snowflake Models.

Created CUBES containing the data required for supporting the business analysis and reporting needs of the company and produced Briefing Books containing the data needed for reporting, slicing and dicing of the data as needed to support business requirements of the company.

Provided project technical leadership and design approach for implementing this brand new environment including all the database creation, data population, and data retrieval, update interfaces, nightly run packages and scheduled jobs to produce the data cubes needed for analysis and reporting. Wrote the production system documentation and operational maintenance of the Data Warehouse system.

Performed analysis and provided recommendations for selecting Data Warehouse Physical, Logical, and Operational Architecture best suited for Tenet Patient Accounting based on company strategic information technology needs involving IBM DB2 OLAP, Microsoft WINTEL/SQL platform, Unix/Oracle Platform, or a Hybrid solution.

Card Service International, Moorpark, CA Mar 2002... Aug 2002

Lead DBA/Data Warehouse DBA

Performed all tasks related to Installation, Maintenance, Tuning, Backup & Recovery, Upgrade and Performance of Oracle Databases running on HP, and SUN boxes under Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms in an EMC disk array with 3 way mirroring/BCV systems for processing credit card transactions. Provided complete Oracle DBA responsibilities in a 24/7 99.999 production system availability environment. Installed, operated or maintained OEM, RMAN, DbArtisan, Toad, and Secure Shell. Wrote batch, and shell scripts and Perl procedures for maintaining database and Application environments. Assisted developers with JDBC programs to provide web page interfaces and backend to Oracle databases. Created Datawarehouse/Datamart database to maintain historical data in Oracle database environment.

Oracle DATABASE CONVERSION from 8.0.5 to 8.1.7 and 9i including the database upgrade, data migration and merging of the production data generated during the migration and the switch over to the upgraded environment.

Performed extensive Data Modeling, Data Architecture, Data Warehouse Schema definition using Star Schema and Snowflakes Models.

Provided project plans and schedule for implementing a brand new environment including all the database creation, population, and interfaces to the new card processing and transaction recording and funding software.

Lexicon Marketing Beverly Hills, CA Feb 2002... Mar 2002

Lead DBA

Performed various DBA tasks related to the implementation of Oracle Apps-11i for a marketing company including GL, AR, AP, and Order Processing. Responsibilities included installing, and configuring Oracle Apps Backend and Web interfaces.

Roto Sports, Inc. Culver City, CA Mar 2001-Jan 2002

Lead DBA

Data modeling of many brand new projects from start to completion using Erwin including data models for the historical and data warehouse requirements. Established proper models for data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) from the new and existing data repositories.

Analyzed and provided configurations for all hardware and network requirements for database and web servers and configured the operating environment of these servers.

Performed both DBA and Developer functions for large web based applications. Analyzed and established the database engine, hardware platform, hardware configuration and database environment for this upstart company. Wrote many Stored Procedures, Packages, Triggers, SQL Scripts, and web pages using TSQL, PL/SQL, ASP, VB, ADO, and HTML to interface front-end applications and backend jobs and databases. Utilized Enterprise Manager, OEM, RMAN, DbArtisan, Toad, Erwin, and other database tools. Wrote many UNIX and Batch Scripts for nightly/weekly/monthly jobs and processes for loading unloading, backup and recovery, data extracts and general system and database maintenance.

Performed all data analysis and data modeling. Implemented Logical and Physical databases to handle high traffic Internet based OLTP, OLAP, and DSS applications. Handled all database design, definition, maintenance, and Tuning and Backup and Recovery in both development and production environment. Databases run under Windows running SQL Server databases, and UNIX using Oracle, MTS, and Parallel Servers. Used Veritas for data replication and file management and clustering.

Multiple DATABASE CONVERSION from Sql Server 6 to 7, and 2000, Oracle 8 to 8i and 8i to 9i and including complete planning, scripts and timetable to complete the tasks involved. Used DTS, BCP, Load/Unload, Sql Extracts to perform data and data warehouse maintenance.

Defined and wrote complete scripts and procedures to perform database backup and recovery for all the databases.

Broadband Sports, Santa Monica, CA Sep 1999 – Feb 2001

Lead DBA

Responsible for creating DATABASES, DATAWAREHOUSES, DATAMARTS and backend environment for large-scale web applications running on Windows and UNIX platforms. Responsibilities included complete modeling and schema creation from start to finish involving all phases of design and implementation of multitude of web application.

Performed backend database functions using SQL Server 6 and 7, and Oracle 8x utilizing Stored Procedures, Packages, using Transact Sql and PL/SQL and MySql. Helped web developers in how to apply JSP/ASP/Java calls to the database, stored procedures and packages to retrieve or store data from and to the backend databases. Used MTS, DTS and Parallel and distributed servers in a cluster environment. Created many batch, and Unix Shell Scripts and Perl to maintain the database servers and run nightly jobs.

Provided hardware and network configuration for all database and web servers and configured the file or operating systems for them including NT, SUN, HP, and AS400 servers.

Performed production database Configuration, creation, Maintenance and Tuning, Backup and Recovery for large OLTP, OLAP, and DSS applications in 24/7/365 environment. Wrote and supported Web applications using ASP, JSP, Java, Broadvision, HTML, XML, VB, and ADO front-end.

Participated in support and development of Oracle Financial Applications using Oracle Apps 10.7, Oracle Developer, Designer, Forms, Reports, and using ProC. Participated in the implementation of AR, GL, and ERP modules.

Used Erwin, DbArtisan, Toad, OEM, Datamart and Autosys tools to create and maintain numerous production and development databases. Conducted evaluation for implementation of data warehouse databases and tools including Oracle Data warehouse, Informatica, Apache and several other products.

Database Conversion from SQL Server 6 to 7 and Oracle 7 to oracle 8 and numerous conversions from 8.0.5 to 8.1.5

Developed, tested and implemented procedures and scripts for backup and recovery of databases. Developed project plans, project schedule and milestones for implementing and integrating database requirements for off the shelf applications or in-house applications.

Pacific Health Systems, Cypress CA Apr 1998 – Jul 1999

Lead DBA/DataWarehouse DBA

Modeling, Designing and maintaining of vary large Relational and Data Warehouse databases in SQL Server 6 and 7, ORACLE 7 and 8, and RDB 6 and 7 for managing and maintaining the Healthcare and Financial information systems of the company. Performed all aspects of DBA function including Architecture, Data Analysis, Data Modeling using Erwin, DBArtisan, and many other tools for creation of the LOGICAL and PHYSICAL DATABASES, maintenance and tuning, and Backup and Recovery. Fully supported and maintained databases running under NT, UNIX, and VMS.

Wrote and/or reviewed many programming code to ensure proper SQL coding embedded in COBOL, VB, ASP, and C programs using ADO and RDO. Coded and verified Packages, Stored Procedures and Triggers, in Transact Sql and PL/SQL. Created many Batch, Unix Shell, and DCL procedures and processes to provide support for the moves and conversions from development to test and to production environment as well as nightly runs. Wrote and implemented numerous nightly batch runs and backup and recovery processes.

Used home grown and Oracle ETL tools for extracting, transforming and loading of data from and into data warehouse databases. Participated in the development of web-based applications providing guidance and support to the development teams.

Performed Data Conversions from Flat Files to Sql Server and Oracle and Sql and Oracle conversions and upgrades.

Allied Signal, El Segundo, CA and Financial Services Company, Agoura Hills, CA Jul 1997 – Feb 1998


Performed DBA and DEVELOPMENT functions in modeling, designing and maintaining relational databases. Lead and participated to design and build Client/Server Chemical and Financial applications using SQL SERVER, Oracle Visual Basic, TSQL, PL/SQL, ADO, RDO, Crystal Reports, Access, IBM Query, and ODBC in an AS400/DB2/Gershman D3000 accounting, Windows, IBM AS400, HP, and NT environment. Wrote Shell and Batch scripts for system and database maintenance purposes.

Network Telephone Services, Woodland Hills, CA Jun 1997 – Aug 1997


Defining, designing, maintaining, and optimizing ORACLE 7.0 databases supporting telephone and switch services. Used Microsoft NT, SQL, and INTERNET services and utilizing C language. Used VBA and ODBC services to access data in remote databases.

Health Net, Woodland Hills, CA Jul 1995 – May 1997


Participated in debugging, and optimizing of Databases using debug and trace tools. Designed and programmed special tools for purging and deleting records from large databases. Wrote and optimized embedded SQL I/O modules to retrieve data from various databases including data warehouse database.

Lead in design and programming of a Client/Server application using MS ACCESS, VISUAL BASIC. SQL Server on the client side and RDB/SQL on the server side. Used both ODBC and ACMS for the distributed retrieval of data from database on the server and populating the client access database.

Designed and built a combined pharmacy and medical claims processing in which the pharmacy data resided on IBM MAINFRAME and the medical data resided on the VAX ALPHA using Oracle RDB/SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL, BASIC, DCL, and SCHEDULER.

Participated in design, programming, and implementation of EDI and INVENTORY for Claims and Encounters using SQL/RDB, BASIC, COBOL, ACMS, FORMS, DCL, and DEC SCHEDULER. Participated in the design and programming of an imaging and workflow system for entering and processing claims.

AFSA Data Corporation, Long Beach, CA Sep 1994 – May 1995


Managed a team of 12 analysts, designers, programmers, and DBAs to build a brand new relational database system for processing student loans. Performed DBA functions to do the LOGICAL and PHYSICAL design of the many databases for software applications which handled loan application, processing and funding. Was fully responsible for the design of the system including application and database design, on-line system interface definitions, batch job stream creation and restart processes, interaction between batch and on-line, coding standards and overall consistency of the system. Used MICROSOFT PROJECT to track the project's progress toward its successful implementation. Was fully responsible for staffing the project and for reporting progress to executive management.

Wrote all the ACMS code and the on-line server codes using SQL and COBOL. System was built using SQL, ACMS, COBOL, and FORMS tools where SQL and COBOL servers provide database access to ACMS clients. Used DEC DESIGN to design the application and database in the early stages of the system design. Used SCHEDULER to handle batch job creation and control, CMS/MMS for change control and build functions.

Health Net, Woodland Hills, CA Jun 1993 – Aug 1994


Participated in LOGICAL and PHYSICAL design and implementation of the Claims Inventory database and application. Design and programming of electronic claims processing in a VAX VMS CLUSTER environment utilizing embedded RDB/SQL, COBOL, BASIC, DECFORMS, DCL, RMS, UDMS, and DATATRIEVE. Also performed conversions involving unloading of IBM EBCDIC data from tape and reloading in the VAX RMS environment.

Transamerica Financial Services, Los Angeles, CA Jun 1991 – May 1993

System and Network Manager

Setup and maintained several NOVELL Token Ring and Ethernet NETWORKS in WINDOWS environment including the recommendation and configuration of the hardware. Setup and maintained PATHWORKS network of Vaxes and PCs in a client/server setting. Installed and maintained Windows, Netware, Visual Basic, Access, EXCEL, LOTUS 123, WORD, PAGE MAKER, FREELANCE, VIEWS and many other PC software. Analyzed requirements, researched existing technology, selected, and installed a document RECOGNITION and IMAGING.

Responsible for system management and programming of large number of Vaxes, Micro Vaxes and VAX Workstations in a CLUSTER/DECNET environment including determination of hardware, software, and networks requirements. Maintained operating system, layered products and networks including All-In-1, Lotus 123 and Word Perfect.

Pactel Cellular, Irvine, CA Dec 1990 – Apr 1991

Project Lead

Project lead for analysis and development of system and environment support software using MACs. Performed system management, support, and maintenance functions. Provided technical assistance to a conversion team to convert a VAX CLUSTER based system to IBM mainframe environment in a leading role. Analyzed and tested programs utilizing DBMS, DCL, COBOL, ACMS, TDMS, DATATRIEVE, and RMS for the PRISM call accounting system.

Lorimar Studios, Culver City, CA Jul 1990 – Aug 1990


Perform analysis and development of entertainment and financial related applications in IBM and VAX environment.

United Health Plan, Inglewood, CA Mar 1990 - Jun 1990


Database Administration and support for RDB databases and healthcare applications. VAX/VMS programming using RDB, COBOL, and DATATRIEVE for a membership verification and eligibility system in a health care environment. Performed systems programming and management and database administration of a system using X.29/TYMNET for remote terminals and X.25/DECNET/Macro for host communications.

Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles, CA Dec 1989 – Mar 1990


Built a user interface to a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) by parsing user requests and the returning data to generate data readable by users in a FORTRAN environment and using systems services.

Montgomery, Consulting Engineers, Inc., Pasadena, CA Dec 1987 – Oct 1989

System Manager/Developer

Responsible for operation of all departmental hardware and networks. Developed a computerized maintenance management system and an industrial pre-treatment system on IBM PC using DBASE and QUICKSILVER including image storage and retrieval of equipment.

Project Leader for design, Development, and Installation of a maintenance management system for GTE Government Systems, Co. Five dedicated VAX computers located at different sites providing maintenance management capabilities for classified electronic equipment and devices which were tracked from cradle to grave in a distributed fashion. This system provided distributed inventory capabilities utilizing a BAR CODE interface. Utilized COBOL, FORTRAN, Relational Database, FMS, MMS, RMS, DATATRIEVE, Libraries, DECNET and Systems Services.

Korn/Ferry International, Century City, CA Jun 1987 – Dec 1988


Senior member of a team involved in design and development of client/server relational database applications. VAX DECNET and VAX-11 assembly language used for data communications, and RDB and COBOL used for database maintenance utilizing VAX CMS, MMS, RMS, CDD, FMS, DTM, and DATATRIEVE as well as RSX-11M 0.S.

Security Pacific, Los Angeles, CA Jun 1986 – May 1987


Developed applications in C language and utilizing system services. Analyzed and designed a client/server system of PCs, Vaxes and IBMs for international credit verification. Participated in design and implementation of large-scale distributed data processing and financial applications using COBOL and Relational Databases.

Jonel Engineering, Fullerton, CA April 1983 – May 1986


Designed a PC based order entry and ticketing, truck scheduling, and dispatch system. Made extensive customization to MCBA ACCOUNTING software including Customer Order Processing (COP), Inventory Control (IC), Budgeting, Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts

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