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Human Resources Customer Service

May 24, 2018

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A competent Banker with an exceptional track record in Office Administration, well organized, self motivated individual with a friendly personality and plenty of customer service experience, including the ability to work independently. I am quick to learn and adapt to new situations. WORK EXPERIENCE

- Vision International, KUWAIT

Admin - Human Resources – August 2016 till dated


Admin - Human Resources – January 2016 till July 2016

- Commercial Bank of Kuwait - Banking Clerk – Central Processing Department (ATM SECTION) Banking Clerk CPD (ATM SECTION) - Jan 2015 till December 2015

- State Bank of Travancore, Kerala, India

Banking Clerk Oct 2009 – Oct 2014


• Electronic banking systems

• Accounting software

• Bank products & services

• Bank Reconciliation



Admin - Human Resources – August 2016 till dated

- Routine administrative functions and act as a liaison between the office and outside agencies ensuring the smooth functioning of administration activities.

- Updating employee leave database, leave calculation and time sheet preparation for monthly payroll activities.

- Document/ record information, maintain and control files, process all paper work, and to perform day to day administrative tasks.

- Maintaining personnel records in accordance with company procedures and confidentiality standards.

- Undertake daily HR administration activities relating to employee documentation and travel requirements.

- Schedule and confirm appointments for department personnel and arrange and coordinate meetings / conferences as required.

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Admin - Human Resources – January 2016 Till July 2016

• First point of contact f or all HR-related queries

• Administer HR-related documentation, such as contracts of employment

• Ensure the relevant HR database is up to date, accurate and complies with legislation

• Assist in the recruitment process

• Set up interviews and issue relevant correspondence COMMERCIAL BANK OF KUWAIT

Banking Clerk – Central Processing Department (ATM SECTION) - January 2015 till December 2015

• ATM Balancing – Deposit & Withdrawal.

• Customer Claims handling.

• Claims Handling in regards to POS, Deposit, Withdrawal and KNET transactions.

• KNET Settlements.

• KNET - Electronic Banking services Co. in Kuwait & ATM Reconciliation.

• Other general duties which is in relation to the above mentioned responsibilities. STATE BANK OF TRAVANCORE, KERALA, INDIA

Banking Clerk, October 2009 till October 2014

Working effectively as part of a hardworking and customer driven team. Receiving & processing of all Transfers, cheques, bank drafts etc.


• General tasks, such as correspondence, handling customers, reporting etc.

• Recording and organizing customer database.

• Responsible person to maintain the records of cash and other de tails of the transactions of customers into compute r database and issue compute r generate d receipts.

• Recording interest owed to saving accounts customers and interest owed to the bank from loans and other investments.

• Posting incoming payments through CBS Technology.

• Transaction validation - deposits, cheques, payments. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION IN DETAIL

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering (2004-2008) – 64% Younus College of Engineering and Technology (affiliated to Kerala University)

PLUS TWO (Higher Secondary) – 67% - Mount Carmel Convent A.I. Girls High School (C.I.S.C.E)

Secondary Education – 77% - Mount Carmel Convent A.I. Girls High School (C.I.S.C.E) TECHNICAL SKILLS

Programming / Scripting Languages : C, C++, java

Packages : MS OFFICE, DOS.

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• Programme on CBS Linked Technology Products


• “ Clevo lab”

CLEVO LAB is a network based software development program which integrates various types of compilers and programming environments under one roof. Clevo lab has been developed for language teachers. Clevo lab empowers teachers to come into the language lab on the first day of class and simply walk-in & teach using any and all of their existing program materials.

• “ Blood Donation Management System”

The Blood Donation Management System is a software based project in our college as part of its social service activities. The students of the college are the members of the system and the facility is open even to the public.


• “ M RAM”

MRAM (magnetic random access memory) is a method of storing data bits using magnetic charges instead of the electrical charges used by (dynamic random access memory). Scientists define a metal as magneto resistive if it shows a slight change in electrical resistance when placed in a magnetic field. By combining the high speed of static RAM and the high density of DRAM, proponents say MRAM could be used to significantly improve electronic products by storing greater amounts of data, enabling it to be accessed faster while consuming less power than existing electronic memory. PERSONAL PROFILE

Gender : Female

Date of Birth : 15 May 1987

Marital Status : Married

Nationality : Indian

Languages : English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam

Passport No. : K7822577 (Valid till 19.12.2022)

Civil ID No. : 287*********

Valid Residency with a Transferable Visa.


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