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Engineering Engineer

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
May 24, 2018

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Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management,

Geographic Information Systems, Geospatial Analysis & Modeling Contact Information

**** ****** ***** Dr.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

N8R 1L5




My research focuses on understanding physical processes that affect environments such as industrial emissions, landfill management, and urban planning and development. I utilize geospatial technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing (RS), and global positioning systems (GPS), to quantify, analyze, model and understand dynamic change within the industrial zone for sustainability. EDUCATION

2005 – 2011, Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt

2011, Ph. D. Environmental Engineering, Institute of Graduated Studies and Research. My dissertation research is focused on studying the spatio-temporal relationships between physical and industrial factors affecting air quality in urban areas integration both SCADA/GIS systems. Advisor: M El Raey

1989 – 1993, Alexandria University Alexandria, Egypt

1993, M. Sc. Environmental Technology, Institute of Graduated Studies and Research. Final thesis related to the transportation hazardous loads within urban areas using the multiple aspects of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remotely sensed data (RS) within the industrial zone. The thesis was an analysis of how the models were able to retain the information provided through online software tutorials and computer lab analysis/process impact.

Advisor: M El Raey

1983 – 1988, Alexandria University Alexandria, Egypt

1988, B. Sc. Civil Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering Final project related to the complete design of water purification and sewerage collection system using the multiple aspects of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remotely sensed data (RS) within the urban development. The project was an analysis of how the collection systems were able to retain the wastewater for protecting infiltration/inflow and computer software to predict the impact of salinity in sewer systems. EXPERTISE AND SKILLS

Geographic Information Systems, Geospatial Analysis & Modeling:

Experienced in analyzing remotely sensed (RS) data and modeling techniques in environments, including processing and use of aerial photography and high resoultion data.

Competent in quantitative and statistical methods of spatial data integration related to favorability, vulnerability and suitability modeling.

Highly skilled in working with GIS-based and other data visualization techniques including maps, time-slice mapping, 3-dimensional visualizations, and animations (gif, mpeg, avi).

Experienced in image processing and analysis including image georeferencing, re-sampling, feature extraction, and classification in various software products. Software Applications including GIS, GPS, RS, & others:

Trained in working with geospatial analysis applications including ArcGIS 10.x (spatial analyst, 3- analyst, network analyst, image analysis, etc.), ArcPad, ArcServer data management, ArcView 3.2, Quick Terrain (QT) Modeler, Global Mapper, LizardTech GeoExpress 7.

Competent in ArcGIS Server Database Management, ArcSDE, PostGreSQL. Strong knowledge on ArcPy Python scripts and FME Desktop and FME Server

Accustomed to working in Web standard format (HTML) for clients creating electronic reports and web sites. Utilitze Microsoft Frontpage, Adobe Dreamweaver/Flash (CS).

Strong knowledge in ESRI suits of applications and Other Open-source software.

Familiar with screen capture software (Adobe Captivate, Camtasia) to create tutorials for GIS workshops/training.

Work extensively with the Microsoft Windows OS, Mac OS X, Corel Draw Graphics Suite, and Microsoft Office Suite products, particularly Excel. Air and Water Surveying & Sampling:

Experience in using field sampling and analysis equipment such as piston cores, grab samplers, composite sampler, soil augers, sieves, etc.

Capable of running gas chromatographer and atomic on laboratory WORK EXPERIENCE

2001–Present Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) Director of Environmental Management (July 2014 – Present)

Supervise, and provide guidance and counsel to senior staff and junior employees on screening new

& existing projects. Supervise work operations; make performance evaluations and make recommendations of approval of personnel actions required within the program. Recruit, train, and supervise key employees, while providing the guidance and leadership to have them successfully shoulder some of the operational and inspection activity. Encourage the science student workers to seek further education and training to supplement the existing employees and add to the scope of tasks offered at the EEAA.

Work directly with senior staff in developing new practical evaluation for screening projects, generating qualitative and quantification assessment for securing new grant funding through regional, local & private sources.

Work to develop future upgrade categories of projects through coordination and collaboration with existing staff and research institutions, as well as federal, state and local governments.

Check and review the data collection methodology, the validity of that information and the means used to process it into deliverables to clients.

Inspection the major source of developing areas for evaluation the impact to material, written presentations of completed work and inspection memorandum to various meeting, project meetings with clients and other avenues designed to generate additional project work by compiling, summarizing, and analyzing statistical and other data to make conclusions & recommendations.

Conducted field work to collect sediment samples (piston cores, grabs, etc.) and elevation survey data


Worked with geospatial applications, including ESRI ArcView 3.x and ArcGIS 9.x.

Performed a variety of projects assessing air emissions from subsurface area sources, mainly in industrial/residential settings, providing source-term data for health risk assessment studies.

Development of a technical approach to assess potential health effects from the volatilization of organic compounds from contaminated ground water. The approach included survey work in subsurface utilities, soil gas testing, and indoor and outdoor air toxic measurement and monitoring Chief of Environmental Impact Assessment (January 2011 – July 2014)

Worked on the collection, integration and analysis of spatial data.

Developed geospatial methodologies in order and perform computer modeling/analyses on new and existing projects.

Responsible for overseeing four (5) geospatial analysts to complete project work and advised senior and junior staff in other departments on geospatial analysis software and concepts.

Provided consistent, accurate instruction to junior employees on best practices in handling new GIS mapping projects.

Guided each segment of geospatial project work through the process of advising, assisting and supervising the other employees responsible for the completion of the work on specific projects.

Aided in generating cost estimates for GIS-based mapping projects.

Managed all geographically collected data on the office server utilizing ArcGIS server with ArcSDE and PostgreSQL RDMS.

Was the Major source of verbal or written presentations of completed work and research to various conferences, project meetings with clients and other avenues designed to generate additional project works.

Attended meetings and conferences to present research and procure new projects/grants for the EEAA.

Maintain up-to-date requirements lists (in Excel, JIRA), and run reports on the same to inform management discussions.

Chief of Environmental Air Quality laboratory (January 2001 – 2004)

Executing sampling for air quality-related environmental compliance services including performing analysis, regulatory sampling, auditing, creating spreadsheets, and compiling and writing reports and other documents

Effectively lead teams by coordinating and communicating with staff members, other managers, and other EEAA offices and will support the professional development and growth of junior level staff.

Perform environmental compliance audits and implement follow-up corrective actions to ensure compliance with governmental regulations.

Assist clients with EPAP and air pollution control and compliance programs and Conduct field work measurements, as necessary.

Apply ISCST3 model for urban-wide applications for regional and national airborne emissions inventory with specific toxics from direct measurements. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE HISTORY

Celestica Toronto, Production Department (multinational company), Production Assistant Engineer (February 1997 – December 1997)

Assembled, modified, reworked and repaired Cisco subassemblies.

Interpreted drawings, process sheets.

Performed hand soldering.

Connected wires add to circuit breakers, transformers, and other integrated components.

Advised management on whether hazardous equipment for protective maintenance.

Interpreted schematics, blueprints and specifications and produced appropriate electronic assemblies.

Selected, checked and cleaned all required components, in a proper manner.

Marked and drilled holes in specified locations in boards to mount control units.

Aligned, joined and assembled electrical wiring and mechanical components.

Operated and maintained electrical test equipment for testing electronic assemblies.

Prepared and maintained accurate test reports and work-related paperwork, as required.

Assembled electronic components and subassemblies.

Assembled, modified and repaired wire harnesses and circuit card assemblies

Mounted surface technology for soldering resistors, transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, sockets and transformers on chassis panel.

Collaborate with product development team to translate requirements into technical specifications for the proposed solution.

Environment Canada, Emergency Planning and Reinforcement Department, GIS Specialist (March 1997- June 1997)

Provide technical support to users or clients regarding the maintenance, development, or operation GIS databases, equipment, or applications

Assist in the timely development of spatial data, spatial and statistical models, and analyses for foundational components and special projects

Evaluate data; develop assumptions, and data mining methodologies to evaluate insights and model results.

Categorize/segment similar requirements, and create additional requirements that address hazardous nodes to snap points.

Maintain up-to-date requirements lists (in Excel, JIRA), and run reports on the same to inform management discussions.

Create environmental model to improve solutions for user experience. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture, Doha, Qatar, Planning Department, Environmental Engineer (December 1994– October 1996)

Facilitate planning and requirements prioritization meetings with high-level officials.

Collect end-user requirements (for improving business processes and tools) via interviews, focus groups, and other stakeholder discussions.

Provided research and advice on strategic software engineering.

Built and Maintained database for query applications to adopt the new codes.

Supported GIS staff, application development team, and agency users with department application

Supported ESRI enterprise application for developing customized software. Verify the Doha 2020 master plan for urban planning and land use development.

Develop regional environmental map using ArcGIS®for ATLAS project.

Assessed the data collection tools with cost to meet the contact specifications for maximum profitability.

Led the development team of an "Excellent Grade" Civil contracting company in the Doha in several successful technical contract negotiations.

Maintained excellent relationships with the public and private sector clients resulting in obtaining valuable information on upcoming projects and other business development opportunities.

Coordinated the tender process with project engineers and consultants to ensure competitive and profitable bids and represented the company in meetings involving tenders negotiations.

Member of the Strategy Development team responsible for developing strategic action plans to support sustainable fiscal revenue growth

Performed negotiations with prospect customers for sustainability projects for the adjacent development of residential and commercial locations.

Model spatial algorithm using SCADA, GIS and remote sensing to perform systems virtual data control.

Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO)

Civil Forman, Maintenance Department (February 1995 – December 1995)

Maintain and design concrete and steel structure facility for protective maintenance services schedule.

Responsible in checking all the Fire Fighting system particularly in the electrical matter.

Maintaining the ISO standards and procedures.

Estimates cost of supplies, equipment, and labor. Plans ways and means to control operations cost, overruns and worker turnover

Reviewed drawings and made necessary modifications in the soft copy (AutoCAD) as suggested by the manager and discussed the changes with the client.

Managing of the mechanical, electrical and construction manpower for the area & assigning specific responsibilities according to their experiences and skills.

Calculated the volume of (concrete, shutter and other materials) required to cast the structural members as per the site plan and executed within the day

Controlling work performance and monitoring work quality and taking corrective action to solve any problem rapidly.

Replaced Excel scheduling format with construction scheduling software which resulted in a 50% reduction in Labor Cost and improved work output by 90%.

Assigns and schedules shifts of construction workers, employees and/or their supervisors in multiple locations and areas

The created data system that tracked daily progress of work, the inventory level of materials on site and work shifts.

Prepared monthly consumption (material, utilities, labor etc) and daily progress reports. Made necessary adjustments to keep operating costs within projected range.

Utilized employee scheduling software Schedule and prevented high worker turnover and minimized grievances.

Chemonics with Association Consultant Offices, Cairo, Egypt. Project Engineer (October 1988– January 1995)

Issue detailed workshop drawings for the facility design and commissioning of several infrastructure projects.

Liaised with consultant in planning and design stages with architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical works during site supervision of health facility nodes.

Arranged Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) for the required structural facility nodes and prepared draft sketches in site, tender documents and writing specifications etc.

Review, explain and solve technical aspects of design ideas clearly.

Intimately familiar with international regulations and standards e.g., ASTM, BS and DIN.

Provide analysis and design with the use of engineering software ArcGIS®, MapInfo®, AutoCAD®, ERDAS, IDRISI®, SAP®, STAAD®, MATLAB®and Primavera ®.

Involved in projects from the concept and detail of the design through implementation, supervision, testing and handover. Liaising with local contractor’s supervision and controlled timescale for project management. Performed a consultant processes for Engineering Desktop Operation.

Coordinated with architects, engineering technicians and IT staff.

Provided technical verification to assure compliance with design specification and code requirement.

Managed several multi-million dollar projects including the design and construction a Health Facility Node


Mohammed, M., Sustainability Impact Assessment of Construction Ecology to Engineering Systems and Climate Change , World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index, Environmental and Ecological Engineering (2017), 11(9): pp. 889-902., or, Digital Article Identifier

(DAI): urn:dai:10.1999/1307-6892/65260

Mohamed, M., Impact of Egypt’s Energy Demand on Oil and Gas Power Systems Environment , World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index 121, International Journal of Environmental, Chemical, Ecological, Geological and Geophysical Engineering (2017), 11(1): pp. 18 – 22. demand-on-oil-and-gas-power-systems-environment/10006146, Digital Article Identifier (DAI): urn:dai:10.1999/1307-6892/10006146

Mohammed, M., Air Dispersion Model for Prediction Fugitive Landfill Gaseous Emission Impact in Ambient Atmosphere , World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index 115, International Journal of Environmental, Chemical, Ecological, Geological and Geophysical Engineering, 10(7): pp. 763 – 769, 2016. model-for-prediction-fugitive-landfill-gaseous-emission-impact-in-ambient-atmosphere/10005196, Digital Article Identifier (DAI): urn:dai:10.1999/1307-6892/10005196

Shaker, I., Hossany, A., Osman, M., Raey, M., Integration GIS–SCADA Power Systems to Enclosure Air Dispersion Model , World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index 115, International Journal of Environmental, Chemical, Ecological, Geological and Geophysical Engineering (2016), 10(7), 817 - 823. model-/10005270, Digital Article Identifier (DAI): urn:dai:10.1999/1307-6892/10005270

Osman, M. Air Dispersion Modeling for Prediction of Accidental Emission in the Atmosphere along Northern Coast of Egypt , World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index, Environmental and Ecological Engineering (2014), 8(7), 115., Digital Article Identifier (DAI): urn:dai:10.1999/1307-6892/5517

Osman, M. Integrated Environmental Management System and Environmental Impact Assessment in Evaluation of Environmental Protective Action , World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index, Environmental and Ecological Engineering (2014), 8(7), 117. Digital Article Identifier (DAI): urn:dai:10.1999/1307-6892/5520

Mohammed, M., PM Air Quality of Windsor Regional Scale Transport’s Impact and Climate Change , World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index, Environmental and Ecological Engineering (2017), 11(5), 2472. Digital Article Identifier (DAI): urn:dai:10.1999/1307-6892/66736

Presentations in Conferences

Risk Assessment of Aviation Fuel Shipment (JET A1), International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Applications, Thailand, September, 2012.

Air Dispersion Modelling for Prediction Accidental Emission in Atmosphere along Northern Coast in Egypt, International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Applications, Thailand, 1-2 September, 2012.

Risk Assessment of Transportation Hazardous Waste, Hurghada, Egypt, 2011

Overview of Energy in Egypt, Co-Generation In Medium and Small Project, Energy And Urban Environment in Mediterranean Countries, Energy and Urban Environment Atlas For Urban Energy Planning, Helton Plaza, Alexandria, 2006

Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment of Chlorine Plume Dispersion; Model Explored In-Situ Hazards, Quantifying The Risk Through QRA Methodology Using HAZOUP Technique, Dekhela, Alexandria, 2004.

Teaching Courses and Topics

Industrial Pollution Control.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment.

System Unit Operations.

Economic Design of Sanitation Systems.

Environmental Science (undergraduate)

Principal of Sustainability Energy Systems.

Ecological Engineering of Systems.

Digital Systems Ecology and Human Centroid Informatics.

Principal of Nanotechnology.

Principal of Fluid Mechanics (undergraduate).

Professional Activities & Research

Moustafa Osman M, Spatial Architecture Impact in Mediation Open Circuit Voltage Control of Quantum Solar Cell Recovery Systems , International Conference on Quantum Optics, Zurich, Switzerland, 2018.

Mohammed M, "Synthetic Nanostructures Assembly Human Mesenchyme Stem Cells in Digital Systems Ecology for Energy Sustainability, International Conference on Environment and Ecological System, Zurich, Switzerland.

Mohammed M, Design High Strength Ilmenite-Magnitite Mixture Concrete for Shielding Neutron Radiotherapy Facility , (Mixture within 3.4 t/m3 Density) For Linear Accelerator (24 Mev), Reducing Electron and Neutron Penetration.

Mohammed M, "Hypervisor and Hardware: Stem Cell Architecture Consolidation Real Time Photonic Transmission without Compromise Threats", International Conference on Ecology and Digital Systems, Zurich, Switzerland.

Mohammed M, "Sustainability Impact Assessment of Carbonaceous Diurnal and Seasonal Variation in Urban Transport Community", International Conference on Environment and Ecological System, Zurich, Switzerland.

Technical Reports

Integrated Environmental Management System and Environmental Impact Assessment in Evaluation Environmental Protective Action

Guideline to Air Quality Modeling Protocol.

PM Air Quality in Windsor and Regional Scale Transport.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Transportation and Handling Hazardous Load. REFEREED JOURNAL REVIEWER

International Journal of Environmental, Chemical, Ecological, Geological and Geophysical Engineering TECHNOLOGY AND PLATFORM KNOWLEDGE

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX

Development Environments: Visual Studio, Microsoft Blend, Adobe Edge Tools

Languages: JavaScript, HTML, Java, Python, Visual C#, XAML

Database Tools: Microsoft SQL Server.

Source Control: Subversion (SVN), Sonatype Nexus

Performance Analysis: Web Performance Load Tester

APIs and Frameworks: ExtJS, OpenLayers, GeoServer, ArcGIS, JBoss BRMS, Silver REFERENCES

Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt

Prof Dr Medhat Moustafa

Alexandria University, Sanitation Dept.

Telephone +2-010-********

email address:

Prof Dr Mohammed El Raey

Alexandria University, Physics Dept.

Telephone +2-012-********

email address:

Prof Dr Waleed Abdel Azem

Alexandria University, Sanitation Dept.

Telephone, +2-010-********

email address:

Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Prof Dr Ibrahem Shaker

Ain Shams University, Photogrammetry Dept.,

Telephone +2-012-********

email address:

Prof Dr Magda Abeid

Ain Shams University, Urban Planning Dept.,

Telephone, +2-012-********

email Address:

Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency

Dr. Ali Abo Sedera

Telephone +2-012-*********

Personal References

Azza Otheman Mohammed

Telephone +1 (519) 979 – 5588

Amr Ibrahem PEng

Telephone +966-*********

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