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Assistant Maintenance

Fresno, California, United States
May 21, 2018

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Eric Estrada

**** ****** **.

Madera, CA *****



To work in a lab like setting to further expand lab experience and lab skills necessary for a lab environment. To also gain experience in group working environments where teamwork and getting along is key for a friendly and healthy working environment.

Professional Experience:

05/2015 – On Going Community Regional Medical Center Fresno, CA

Laboratory Assistant

Process every specimen brought to the lab:

oBody Fluids:

Pleural/Thoracentesis, pericardial, paracentesis/peritoneal/ascetic, CAPD/dialysate, ascetic/abdominal/paracentesis, synovial/joint/knee/elbow/wrist, etc., BAL (bronchoalveolar lavage), CSF.

oBlood in different media:

Lavender, light green, dark green, blue, navy blue, gold, red, pink tops, blood cultures, syringes for blood gasses, special cases for miscellaneous, send outs and microbiology.


24 hours, heavy metals and, regular urine analysis.

oPathology samples are signed for and made sure appropriate paper work is with each sample.

oMicrobiology samples are walked either to microbiology department or the microbiology bin.

oDown time processing if no one available for registration.

Phone calls are all received by processors and dealt with accordingly.

Add-ons are placed either by fax, calls, labels or phlebotomist request.

Results are given to nurses’ request or faxed to other known heath care facilities upon request.


Centrifuge maintenance, eye wash and shower inspection, inspection of refrigerators, freezers and flash lights for proper function and proper temperature.

Fix improper orders, samples or mis-ids accordingly, following protocol procedures.

IRIS filing according to proper protocol procedures.

Laboratory Technician

Examine and “punch” newborn specimens for testing.

Uncap, examine and centrifuge prenatal specimens.

Prepare, make and set up calibrations and standards on newborn and prenatal testing machines.

Prepare and set up Galactose-1-Phosphate Uridyl-transferase (TRA), Biotinidase (BIO), thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH), 17-Hydroxyprogesterone (NEO 17-OHP) and Immunoreactive Trypsinogen (IRT) tests.

Elute specimens for TRA, BIO and hemoglobin testing.

Maintenance, preparation and set up of PerkinElmer’s AutoDELFIA, DBS Puncher, Apricot Design GTPS-96, Bio-Rad’s VARIANT nbs machines for newborn and prenatal testing.

Set up and run Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein A (PAPP-A), Alfa-Fetoprotein (AFP), Unconjugated Estriol (UE3) and Inhibin.

Gather, arrange and package send outs for newborn specimens including IRT being send to Stanford,17-OHP being send to the Genetic Disease Laboratory (GDL) for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) test and Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) tests.

Storing and arranging newborn and prenatal specimens.

Store and arrange local and non-local prenatal specimens for send outs to serum bank.

Perform quarterly pipette calibrations on 38 - 1600µL volumes pipettes.

Perform monthly, biweekly, and weekly maintenance on AutoDELFIA, GTPS-96, VARIANT nbs and DBS Puncher machines.

In charge of assigning laboratory technicians’ (LT’s) duties and responsibilities on Saturdays.


Run, make, prepare and set up QC, tray and system controls and proficiencies issued by GDL, CDC and CAP for both newborn and prenatal testing.

Constantly monitor and regulate tests as runs are in progress for satisfying results.

Centrifuge maintenance, eye wash and shower inspection, inspection of refrigerators, freezers and flash lights for proper function and proper temperature.

Laboratory Assistant

Receive and accession newborn specimens along with prenatal first and second trimesters.

Revise and assert that insurance information corresponds correctly to each specimen.

Prepare every specimen in order for lab techs and CLS personal so they are able to run their tests.

Data entry of every newborn and prenatal specimen to the state that were accessioned.

Report any specimen positive for a disorder to the state along with any inadequate specimens.

Make sure that eyewashes, spill kits and showers are working properly for accidental emergencies.


Make, prepare and set up QC, tray and system controls issued by GDL, CDC and CAP for both newborn testing.

Centrifuge maintenance, eye wash, shower and flash light inspection for proper function.

07/2011 – 11/2014 E. & J. Gallo Winery Fresno, CA

Laboratory Technician

Analyzed samples brought and collected to the lab such as: starters, stops, fermenters, movements, colors, waters, and sewers.

Made sure that the proper nutrients were stable in starters for a suitable yeast growth environment.

Prepared solutions and solvents needed in the lab such as: % chlorine, sulfuric acid, ethanol, buffers, and cleaning solutions.

Analyzed the amount of sugar, pH, alcohol, moisture, turbidity, proof, methanol, and fuse oils on samples.

Collected samples from up on the tanks that needed analysis.

Inspected tanks for sanitation, making sure there wasn’t any bacteria, mold or organisms growing in the tanks.

Used a FOSS IR, ADVIA, GC, pH meter, auto titrater, balling and brix devise, hood, scale, and photo spectrometer.


Sanitized the entire test stand lab every day to prevent mold formation along with centrifuges and testing instruments.

Did everyday maintenance on FOSS IR, ADVIA, GC, pH meter, balling and brix devise and photo spectrometer.

Inspected tanks and performed bacterial, mold and yeast test on samples collected from sanitized tanks.

Laboratory Assistant

Received juices from grapes brought forth by trucks.

Generated a barcode for every juice.

Aliquoted juices to a viable cylinder for testing.

Tested up to 56 samples at a time for sugar, sodium, fermentation, yeast, alcohol, and turbidity using a FOSS IR.

Reported each sample out to main lab to verify the proper use of each specimen.


Sanitized the entire test stand lab every day to prevent mold formation along with centrifuges and testing instruments.

Did everyday maintenance on FOSS IR.

Research Projects

Amplification and insertion of plasmids to identify bacteria collected from mouth.

Identification of three different E. coli strains by growing, incubating, and monitoring turbidity and growth peaks.


California State University, Fresno June 2014

Fresno California

Bachelor of Science in Biology

State Center Community College District Reedley, California May 2009

Madera California

Associate in Arts


Proficient in Microsoft Word, and Excel, fast leaner, work well with others, responsible, punctual, bilingual fluent in Spanish and English, and can manage time and work efficiently.

Have a knowledge of how to grow different kind of bacteria, isolate DNA, and DNA sequencing, insert plasmids, identify different body cells and organs, can extract cells from body organs, able to phlebotomize, know how to stain cells for microscopic analysis, can use a hemacytometer, know how to handle EBTR, and mitogens, know how to perform PCR to amplify rDNA. Also know how to make 1% agarose gel, LB, Pre-SOB, SOB, and SOC media, and ampicillin/X-gal-containing LB plates.

Can perform titrations, glassware calibrations, pH titrations, gravimetric analysis, complex formation titrations using EDTA, and potentiometric titration of fly ash by pH, have done a determination of chloride by a precipitation titration, and the determination of Manganese in steel, acid base titrations, and have also done atomic absorption spectrometry.


Community Regional Medical Center

Hap Morrissey


Director, Clinical Laboratory

Jake Hagad


Newborn And Prenatal Screening Laboratory

Home: 559-***-****

Cell: 559-***-****

Work: 559-***-****

Patricia J Mckernan

Supervisor, NAPS Laboratory 1984-2016

Home: 559-***-****

Cell: 559-***-****

E & J Gallo Winery

Alicia Brooksire

Quality control, E & J Gallo Winery

Work: 559-***-****

Mobile 1: 559-***-****

Mobile 2: 559-***-****

Susan Mckay

Senior Lab Technician, E & J Winery

Mobile: 559-***-****

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