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Manager Security

Frisco, Texas, United States
May 21, 2018

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More than ** Years of experience in SAP Basis Administration and SAP Security on various SAP Products. Successfully completed Installation, SAP landscape planning, configuration and upgrade of SAP Netweaver systems. Successful implementation of many SAP security projects for R3, BW, EP and CRM.


Installation and configuration of ECC 6.0 EHPx, S/4 HANA, BW/4 HANA, BW7.0/7.3, PI/PO7.0/7.1/7.5, Enterprise portal 7.0/7.3/7.5, HANA 1.0/2.0, Fiori Solution Manager 4.0/7.0/7.2, BPC 10, SLT, GRC, SCM 7.0, SAP GTS, Content Server, CRM 2005/7.0, MDM 5.5, Webdispatcher, SRM 6.0, TREX install and BOBJ XI3.1/4.0/4.2, Vertex, uPerform, Open Text, IDM 8.

Migration – DMO migration from ECC 6.0 on Oracle to ECC EHP8 on HANA. DMO migration of BW 7.x to BW on HANA.

Homogenous system copies of BI 7.x, ECC 6 EHPx, S/4 HANA, CRM 7.0, SCM 5.0, EP 7.0, and Solution Manager 7.0.

Upgrade of ECC 6.0 to ECC EHp8, BW 7.3 to BW 7.5 on HANA, R/3 to ECC 6.0 with Unicode conversion, BW 3.5 to BI 7n.0 Ehp1, Solution Manager 3.2 to 4.0, PI 7.0 to PI 7.1, BOBJ 3.1 to BOBJ 4.0/4.2. EHP upgrade for ECC 6.0.

Perform SPS updates for ECC 6.0 EHP7,8,6, BW 7.5, PO 7.5, GRC, EP 7.5 using SUM.

Installation, configuration and upgrade of BOBJ XI 3.1/4.0/4.1/4.2, DS 4.0/4.2, BOBJ Edge, IDT, Universe Design tool, Dashboard, Data Integrator, SAPIntg Kit, Lumira, Xcelsius 2008/4.0, Crystal report 2008/2011 and WebIntelligence Reporting.

CCMS System Monitoring of SAP R/3, BW, CRM, APO, Enterprise Portal, SRM, xRPM, WebAs, GTS, Workplace and ITS. Configuration of CCMS agents and alert monitoring for Java and ABAP components. Configuration of Central System Monitoring in Solution Manager. Installation of SMD agents and Wily Introscope 8.

Performance tuning, Workload analysis, System configuration, Capacity planning for ECC 6.0 EHPx, S/4 Hana, BW/4 Hana, BI 7.x, EP 7.x, PI 7.0/PO 7.5 and SCM 5.0 systems.

Transport system landscape design. Configuration of STMS, transport workflow, QA approval strategy and implement Client strategy.

Background job monitoring and scheduling for R3, BW, GTS and APO systems using Redwood Job scheduler. Configuration of complex Printing landscapes in SAP. Bar code printing configuration. Adobe Printing setup in SAP. Troubleshooting ftp/sftp issues.

SAP Data Archiving in ECC 6.0 and BW using IXOS. Oracle Database reorganization.

Installation, health check and administration of oracle, SAP Backup using ORACLE RMAN backup, CCMS monitoring, space monitoring of Oracle database.

Installation, Health check, performance monitoring, administration of DB2 database using DB6COCKPIT.

Health check, installation, backup/recovery, patching, monitoring and administration for Sybase ASE 15/16.

Implementation and support of SAP application on Red Hat Linux, HP UX, AIX, SUN UNIX and Windows 2003/2008 server.


Design BI authorizations using analysis authorization in RSECADMIN. Solution Manager security setup. Portal security design and customization for UME, ABAP and LDAP datasources. CRM Business roles design and customization.

User maintenance, Role maintenance using profile generator, Security design strategy, Security Upgrade and Production support. Developed and Documented Security Policies and Procedures. Performed SAP system security Audits. Testing production security changes using Mercury Test director tool.

Installation and configuration of VIRSA SAP GRC Access Controls 5.2. Setup Firefighter configuration. Setup User provisioning in IDM.


Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication, Pune University, India.

SAP Netweaver Technology Certified Administrator

SAP Business Objects Certified Administrator

SAP HANA Database Technology Certified Administrator


NTTDATA Services (Sep 2016 – Till Date)

Job title

Sr. ERP Specialist Advisor

Operating Systems

Red HAT Linux, Windows 2008 Servers

Databases worked on

HANA 1.0 SP09-SP12/HANA 2.0 SP1, Sybase 16.0, Oracle 11g, SQL server 2008,

SAP Applications worked on

S/4 Hana, BW/4 HANA, ECC EHP8, PO 7.4, Fiori, SLT, GRC, BPC, BOBJ 4.2, DS 4.2,


Installation of S/4 Hana 1511, 1610 on Red HAT Linux. Applying Support patches SPS01. Performing best practice configuration of S/4 Hana after installation. Setup Security in Hana Database. Installation of S/4 Hana on MCOD, MCOS and HANA multitenant DB.

Migration - DMO migration from ECC 6.0 on Oracle to ECC EHP8 on HANA.

Monitoring – Setup Alert Monitoring for HANA DB and Solution Manager Integration /Monitoring. Monitor HANA DB using Hana Cockpit and DBCC.

Backup HANA DB, configure backup parameters, check backup catalog. Recover HANA DB. Perform system copy. Setup Replication, configure replication parameters and perform DR test.

Setup Security, auditing and volume encryption on HANA DB.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting –Analyze and Resolve errors in trace files. Monitor and configure alerts. Monitor threads, connections and expensive SQL statements. Perform trace analysis to resolve issues. Performance and root cause analysis of memory, cpu, disk and network issues for HANA DB.


Installation of BW7.x on HANA DB SP10/11 using SWPM. Apply Support Package Stack using latest SUM tool. Perform DMO upgrade and migration of BW 7.02 on Oracle to BW on HANA.

BW/4 HANA performance analysis and tuning. Analyze expensive and resource consuming BW queries. Check OLAP cache and BW query performance parameters.

Troubleshoot and resolve BW/4 HANA Reporting, Integration, data acquisition and Security issues.

FIORI on Sybase and HANA DB

Installation of FIORI 2.0/3.0 on Sybase ASE 16 and HANA DB SP10. Upgrade to latest SPS. Post Install configuration of FIORI in Central HUB architecture. Perform gateway configuration. Install Webdispatcher in FIORI Central Hub architecture.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting FIORI Launchpad and integration issues and Webdispatcher issues.

Fiori configuration in multiclient setup. Perform and analyze FIORI trace to resolve issues.

PO 7.5

Installation of PI/PO 7.x on Sybase ASE 16/Linux. Upgrade to latest SPS.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting issues in PO 7.5

BOBJ 4.2 and DS 4.2

Installation of BI 4.2 and DS 4.2 on Sybase ASE 16/Linux. Upgrade to latest SPS.

Managing nodes, configuring APS and Webi services, Adding servers, Setup SAP authentication, Setup SSO, Setup BI security.

BPC 10.x

Installation of BPC on Hana DB and Sybase ASE. Apply support package stack for BPC and addons CPMBPC and HANABPC.

Performance analysis of high resource consuming planning applications.

Troubleshoot and resolve issues for Analysis for Office applications.


Installation of SLT and GRC on Sybase ASE 16/Linux. Upgrade to latest SPS

Perform SLT replication configuration for Non-SAP and SAP datasources. Monitor replication jobs.

Installation of GRC 10 on Sybase ASE 16/Linux. Upgrade to latest SP

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 on HANA Installation, upgrade and configuration

Installation of IDM 8.0 on SQL 2012 server.

Installation of uPerform 8 on SQL server.

Perform system copy of ECC on Sybase ASE16.0

Dell Services (Sep 2013 – Aug 2016)

Job title

Sr. ERP Advisor

Operating Systems

AIX, Windows Server 2008, Linux Red Hat

Databases worked on

Oracle 11g, SQL server 2008

SAP Applications worked on

ECC 6.0, BW 7.01/7.3, BI 4.0, DS, EP7.01/7.3, PI 7.1, Solution Manager 7.0/7.1, Vertex, IXOS.

Business Objects 4.0

Daily Monitoring BOBJ servers. Analyze and Troubleshoot Job failures. Analyze and troubleshoot Connectivity issues with SAP BW and other data sources. Resolve and troubleshoot Tomcat related issues. Manage user security, create new groups and map SAP BW roles to BOBJ groups. Setup Central Monitoring and availability of BOBJ services in Solution Manager. Configure properties of Webi, AJS and APS processes. Improve performance of Backend BW queries. Prepare Backup and recovery strategy for BOBJ servers. Configuration of BOBJ and BW integration. Monitoring instances in BOBJ. Solution Manager integration for BOBJ 4.0. Patch Upgrade of BOBJ 4.0 from SP4 to SP9.Setup Apache Load balancer and HA setup for Tomcat web application server.

Installation of Design studio Add-on and design Studio client. Installation of DataServices 4.1 and IPS on Oracle database. Configuration of smtp setup for DataServices. Upgrade/migration of DataServices from 3.2 to 4.1

BW 7.01/7.3

Daily Monitoring of BW servers. Analyze and troubleshoot BW process chain issues. Resolve connectivity issues with Datasources. Monitor and Manage BW process chain scheduling using Redwood. Improve performance of CO data load processes by creating indexes on COEP table. Improve performance of BOBJ queries by creating aggregates. Setup BI Cockpit to improve performance reporting. Check EWA report and apply recommended corrections. Worked on DR testing. Setup CCMS automated alerts for OS, Database, RFC and BW critical monitors.

Upgrade saphostagent. Upgrade ST-PI and kernel patches. Installation of BW 7.3 on SQL server database. Post Installation configuration. Portal Integration. Installation of BPC 10 on NW. Dual stack Split on BW sandbox for BW 7.3 upgrade using SPM tool.

ECC 6.0

Upgrade ST-PI and kernel patches. Check EWA report and apply recommended corrections.

System copy from Production to QA and production to Training.

Daily Monitoring of ECC servers. Monitor and Manage ECC jobs using Redwood 8.0. Analyze and improve performance issues with CJI3 and COIS transactions. Setup CCMS automated alerts for OS, Database, RFC and Critical SAP services. Setup CCMS automated alerts for critical Background jobs. Monitor performance of ECC month end jobs and recommend distribution of job schedules.

EP 7.01/7.3

Daily Monitoring of EP servers. Analyze and troubleshoot portal issues for end users. Troubleshoot LDAP connectivity issues. Analyze and troubleshoot Portal security issues. Install and configure webdispatcher to improve load distribution across multiple application servers in production. Perform url redirection. Installation of EP 7.3 on SQL server.

PI 7.1

Daily Monitoring of PI servers. Resolve any OS and connectivity issues associated with FTP and File interfaces. Assist PI developers in configuration of FTP and file interfaces. Analyze and troubleshoot errors in PI messages. Resolve SAP performance collector issues. Check EWA report and apply recommended corrections.

Apply EHP1 on PI 7.10. Install SFTP PGP Add-on. PGP setup for ftp interface.

Fresenius Medical Care (Jun 2009 –Aug 2013)

Job title

Sr. SAP BI Basis and Security Administrator

Operating Systems

Linux Red hat, AIX, Sun Solaris, Windows Server 2008


DB2 9.5, SQL server 2008, HANA DB


ECC 6.0, BI 7.01, BI 4.0, BIA 7.2, CRM 7.0/7.02, EP7.01, PI 7.1, CRM 2007, Solution Manager 7.0/7.1, Vertex, IXOS, HANA 1.0


Monitoring of HANA system using HANA Management Studio. Checking Memory usage and Disk usage. Design weekly usage reports. Perform daily health check. Troubleshooting errors and checking alerts.

CTS+ transport configuration for SAP HANA. Update patches for SAP HANA using hdblcmgui and HLM. Analyze expensive SQL statements. Check and optimize database parameters.

SMD and saphostctrl agent install. Managed system setup for Hana database in Solution Manager.

Backup, performance monitoring using DBA cockpit. SLT server installation and configuration. Monitoring load/replication jobs and troubleshooting SLT jobs.


Installation and configuration of BI 7.0. BI – Portal Integration in heterogeneous env.

Perform system monitoring and maintenance of BI systems. Perform Sizing of BI IP system. Apply BI IP performance analysis tools to analyze IP performance. Perform Stress Testing for BI Integrated Planning. Analyze reporting performance in Bex Analyzer and BI Portal.

OLAP caching configuration. Schedule collection of BI statistics. Configuration of BI administration Cockpit. Configuration of source systems like R3, BW datamarts and file. Perform transports for BI IP. Troubleshoot BI transport issues. Configure STMS with transport groups. Configuration of CTS+ for performing Portal transports. Monitor BI Process chains and troubleshoot errors in Process chains. Monitor BI Broadcasting jobs for updating OLAP cache with latest search results.


Perform Sizing and landscape planning for BI Accelerator 7.2. Install BIA 7.2 on blade server. Connect BIA with BW.

Setup security roles for monitoring BWA. Perform BIA indexing of BW infocubes. Setup CCMS monitoring on BIA and configure alerts in BIA. Setup BIA in SLD.


Perform Sizing and landscape planning for BOBJ Enterprise Server XI 3.1 and BI 4.0. Install BOBJ Enterprise XI 3.1 SP3.Install SAP Integration Kit for BOBJ XI 3.1.

Install SBOP BI 4.0. Perform BI 4.0 and EP integration. Install Xcelsius 2008 Client. Setup Connectivity for NW BI, QaWS and Live Office. Install Web Intelligence Rich Client. Setup NW BI Universe and create Web Intelligence reports on BI queries. Install Crystal Report designer 2008/2011/Enterprise.

Setup Universe on BW query, SQL server ODBC/OLE DB connection using Data direct drivers, DB2 connection, Oracle client connection and Troubleshoot data source issues.

Life Cycle Management Install. Integration of LCM with CTS+. Configuring Bex Web Integration. Integration of Monitoring application with Solution Manager. Configuration of BW publisher.

Setup Security on BOBJ folders. Setup User groups and users with secured access to BOBJ folders. Perform Configuration of Instance Management. Monitor and troubleshoot failed instances. Managing and Configuring logs. Setup XML datasources in Crystal Report Designer for PTC Windchill Reports. Upgrade BOBJ from SP2 to SP4. Migration of BOBJ on Windows 3.1 to BOBJ 4.0 on Linux.

Setup BOBJ Monitoring probes for Crystal and Dashboard servers. Setup monitoring agents for SAP Willy on BOBJ system. Setup of User, Instance and Object Auditing reports for BOBJ SP4 using Crystal Reports Designer. Installation of additional application servers on existing BOE 3.1 landscape on Windows. Resolve instance scheduling issues by setting parameters for Crystal Report job server.


Perform Sizing for Business Objects Explorer Blade Server. Installation of BOBJ Explorer 4.0 on Blade server. Install BO Explorer add-on on BOBJ 4.0. Setup Security and index cubes for Explorer.


Perform Sizing for BI Ehp1 upgrade. Analyze notes and perform check points. Prepare upgrade plan. Download upgrade xml using maintenance optimizer. Perform upgrade of non- production systems and production systems.


Perform OS/DB migration of BW environment from Sun solaris to Linux/AIX on DB2 database.

Perform pre-migration and post migration tasks for BI. Upgrade of DB2 database from 9.5 FP7 to FP9

CRM 2007

Monitoring of CRM middleware. Troubleshoot system connection issues. Check RFC load and perform load balancing for BDoc processing. Setup connections with ABAP and Java client. Monitor TREX server using ccms tools. Configuration of transaction launcher for sales transactions in ECC.

Design Security for CRM 2007 middleware and IC roles. Design IC Web Client security. Configure business Web UI roles. Design business roles. Troubleshoot and analyze security issues in CRM UI Framework.

Install patches in ECC and PI for CRM on-demand Solution. Perform CRM 7.0 EHP2 installation. Perform System Copy of CRM 7.0 system. Assisted in OS/DB migration of CRM 7.0


Design BI IP roles using Analysis authorization in BI. Creating BI IP authorization objects using Variable substitution. Design Customer exit code for securing Cost Center, Profit Center, Account, Value Type, Product Hierarchy and Sales district. Design roles for BI IP roles for Cost and Revenue Planning applications. Re-design BI Reporting roles. Remove 0BI_ALL and restrict BI reporting by Company code security.

Troubleshoot BI security issues using RSRT, RSECADMIN and ST01. Worked on designing and setup of Security DSO interface. Implementation of security for runtime determination of planning infocube. Setup User provisioning using IDM 7


Perform System refresh from Production to Test system (BI 7.0, CRM 7.0 and ECC 6.). Perform System copy from development to Sandbox. System a copy of Production system to setup BI IP Test system.


Install IGS patch. ST-PI and ST-A/PI patch upgrade. Perform kernel upgrade.

SAPGUI 7.2 and Bex Add-On frontend upgrade. Setup SAPGUI installation server. Design SAPGUI packages. Perform deployment of SAPGUI packages using Altiris agent.

ECC 6.0

ECC upgrade from 4.6C to ECC6.0 and Unicode conversion. Install ECC application servers. Upgrade from ECC6.0 EHP4 to ECC6.0 EHP5.Assisted in OS migration for ECC 6.0.

Archiving setup of FI, MM and PP documents. Integration with IXOS. Monitoring and Administration Open Text archiving server. Troubleshooting Printing issues for bar code, check and PDF printing. Design security roles for Purchasing and FI-GL. Performed OS/DB Migration of ECC 6.0 from Sun/DB2 to AIX/DB2.

PI 7.1

Installation and post configuration of PI 7.1. Implementation of file/ftp and SPROXY adapters. Troubleshooting and monitoring of PI7.1 messages. Patch upgrade of PI 7.1


Configuration of SMD and Wily Introscope for BI-ABAP and Java stacks. Configuration of End-to-End monitoring for BI portal and backend. Monitoring BI portal and EP java stack using Wily Introscope. Perform Java workload analysis using End-to-End diagnostic tool in Solution Manager. Install SMD and Introscope agents. Upgrade of Solution Manager from 7.01 to 7.1

Itelligence Group (Jan 2009 –June 2009)

Job title

SAP Basis Administrator

Operating Systems

AIX, Windows server 2003


Oracle 10, SQL server 2005


Solution Manager 7.0, EP7, ECC 6.0, BI 7.01, PI 7.1, SRM 2007, CRM 2007 and MDM 5.5


Installation of MDM 5.5 on AIX/Oracle. Installation and configuration of PI 7.1 on AIX/Oracle. Integration of PI 7.1 and MDM. Installation of SRM 2007 on AIX/Oracle.


Installation of CRM 2007 with B2B eCom scenario. Install CRM business packages in Portal. Perform CRM sizing and capacity planning. Perform post installation activities. Deploy and manage services for b2b in Java CRM.


Installation of SCM 7.0 on AIX and Oracle and Live Cache installation, configuration and monitoring. Integration with ECC 6.0 and BI 7.0.


Configuration of SMD and Wily Introscope. Monitoring java stack using Wily Introscope. Configuration of End-to-End monitoring. Perform Java workload analysis using End-to-End diagnostic tool in Solution Manager. Install SMD and Introscope agents.


Application of Ehp4 / NW 7.01 patch on ECC 6.0. Import Support Pack for SAP Utilities/CCS. Perform Utilities/CCS activation in Switch framework.


Monitoring java stack using Wily Introscope. Perform Java workload analysis using End-to-End diagnostic tool in Solution Manager.

AIG Global Investment Group (Dec 2006 –Dec 2008)

Job title

SAP Basis Lead

Operating Systems

SUN Solaris


Oracle 10.2


Solution Manager 7.0, Enterprise Portal 7, ECC 6.0, BI 7.0 and PI 7.0

Implementation and Support of 4 Global roll-outs


Involved in planning system landscape, sizing, architecture design, installation and configuration of BI 7.0. Creation, managing and monitoring of Process Chains, Automatic alert configuration, optimization of data acquisition performance, Update DB statistics. Compress, reconstruct and remodeling of Infocubes. Analyze Index performance impact, optimize index utilization and manage indexes. Check index fragmentation. Partitioning and repartitioning of infocubes and datastore objects. Analyze and maintain aggregates.

Analyze reporting performance in Bex Analyzer and BI Portal, OLAP caching configuration. Schedule collection of BI statistics, Setup of BI administration Cockpit, Apply BI trace tools to analyze performance issues.

Configuration of source systems like R3, BW datamarts, External systems like datastage, File and DB connect. Setup IGS server and configure ADS. Perform transports in BI transport connect. Troubleshoot BI transport issues.


Configure connectors between BI Portal and backend systems. BI-Portal integration.

Setup Single Sign On and configure authentication mechanisms. LDAP integration. Creating UME roles and Portal roles. Assigning UME roles to users. Monitor Portal availability using GRMG. Monitoring of Portal performance using DSR, JARM and Log monitoring tools Analyze portal logs and traces using standalone logviewer and NWA.

Installation of TREX. Configuration of RFC and http connections. Setup CCMS monitoring tools. Setup KM and TREX integration.


Configuration of Service desk scenario. Configuration of CHARM for ECC and BI transport landscape. Importing transports using CHARM. Installation and configuration of SMD. Setup Wily Introscope for performance monitoring Configuration of Central system Administration and Monitoring using CCMS agents. Setup SDCCN and EWA. Configuration of Maintenance Optimizer.


Involved in planning system landscape, sizing, architecture design, installation and configuration of SAP ECC 6.0, PI 7.0, BI 7.0, Solution Manager 4.0, NWDI 7.0 and Portal 7.0.

Upgrade from ECC 5.0 to ECC 6.0 with Unicode conversion. Upgrade from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0. Upgrade of Solution Manager 3.2 to 4.0. Homogenous system copy for ECC 6.0, BI 7.0, Solution Manager 4.0 and PI7.0.


Setup Central Monitoring system in Solution Manager. Register and management of SAPCCMSR agents. Configure Alerts in CCMS. Setup automatic alert notification through email. Configure Solution Management diagnostics and setup of SMD agents in satellite systems. Analyze and resolve technical issues in mail, RFC and ftp adapters. NWA central monitoring configuration. Installation of Wily Interscope 7.1, Wily EP and Interscope agents.


Configuration of Transport Management System in ECC, BI. Document Software Logistics procedure. Perform Client copies and client transports on DEV and QA ECC system. Apply SP10, support patch stack on ECC, BI, PI and Portal for entire landscape. Apply SP13 support patch on Solution Manager. Apply SP15 support patch on Solution Manager, PI 7.0, and BI 7.0. NWDI and application for SP12 on ECC 6.0

Perform Transports using STMS tools and setup Change Management Process. Configure automatic imports in DEV system. Perform Java transports for PI 7.0 and NWDI using CMS. NWDI installation and configuration of transport tracks. Perform Development Infrastructure transports.


Configuration and monitoring of IDOC, file, JDBC, RFC and HTTP adapters.

Monitoring of XI messages in RWB. Analyze and resolve message errors in PI. Analysis of XI cache problems. Perform Component, adapter and communication channel monitoring. Analyze and resolve Performance issues in PI using performance monitoring in RWB. Troubleshooting PI security and SLD issues. Monitor PI background jobs. Perform archiving of messages and reorganization of workflow and messaging tables. Troubleshoot and resolve qRFC issues for inbound and outbound interface


Configuration for Solution Manager scenario like Support desk, Issue management. Configuration of SAP Maintenance Optimizer. Analyze and resolve performance issues in query design in BI Portal. Workload analysis and performance tuning of BI system.

Perform Background job management, printer setup and support activities for ECC, BI, PI and Portal. Configuration of Central User Administration in production environment. Design security roles in ECC, BI and Portal.

Installation of VIRSA tool for security role mapping and mitigation controls. Installed Versa Compliance Calibrator and deployed agent on all SAP systems.


Designed backup, restore strategy and performed several testing and built proof of concept with SLAs. Perform Oracle RMAN backups.

Performance tuning of Oracle ECC and BI 7.0 database using SAP and Oracle specific tools. Use ST05, ST04N and BR tools for analyzing and tuning Oracle expensive queries. Schedule DB checks and Statistics. Analyze EWA for expensive Oracle statements and perform tuning. Analyzed high performance tables in FI-CO module. Archiving of data to improve performance. Analyze ABAP code to improve custom programs. Design alerts in CCMS for Oracle database. Plan, design, document and test Disaster Recovery scenario for Production Landscape.

Eli Lilly & Company, Indianapolis Aug 2002 – Nov 2006

Job title

SAP Basis Administrator and Security Analyst

Operating Systems

SUN Solaris


Oracle 9


SAP 4.6C, GTS, APO 4.0, SRM 4.0, BW 3.0B, xRPM, Catalyst WMS system, Documentum data content management system, Mercury Project Testing tools and SAP CATT utility.

Implementation and Support of 8 Global roll-outs for GBIP project.


Monitoring in R3 4.6C, GTS, APO 4.0, SRM 4.0, BW 3.0B, xRPM

Monitor daily performance, alerts and workload. Recommend system and memory parameter values to enhance performance. Analyze expensive SQL statements and identify programs with performance bottlenecks. Implement profile parameter changes and document results. Worked with application developers to analyze and optimize programs with high CPU consumption. Monitor and resolve any update issues. Resolved enques and database lock problems. 24X7 Support for resolving Critical alerts for Background jobs, CPU/file system utilization. Monitor Inbound/Outbound RFCs between R3, APO, GTS and BW. Perform RFC load balancing.

Monitoring in BW 3.0B: -Analysis of Expensive BW queries using trace tool. Performance optimization for large infocubes was achieved by creating aggregates and indices. Monitoring APO live Cache (7.4.3) Analysis memory issues in APO LiveCache using Live Cache monitor. Monitor CIF ques and check for long running OMS versions. Perform Oracle CBO statistics using BRCONNECT on all systems. Check DB stats in DB13. Application of BR*TOOLs patch. Setup CCMS alerts for Oracle database. Check Oracle performance in ST04.

Monitoring EP 6.0: - Monitor logs in EP using log viewer utility. Perform SQL, Single activity and session trace in EP for expensive transactions. Monitor EP using Monitoring/Performance service in Visual Administrator. Configure GRMG infrastructure for checking Java Engine and application availability in RZ20 and GRMG.

Monitoring in Solution Manager 3.1. Configure Early Watch Alert for child systems. Perform download and monitor generation of EWA reports. Monitor Alerts for child systems centrally in SOLUTION_MANAGER. Perform Central administration tasks in Soution Manager.

Monitoring WebAS 640 ABAP and Java. Setup ccms alerts and unix alert scripts for critical service failures. Setup alerts for performance monitor.


Successfully upgraded WebAS from 620 to 640 (ABAP stack) on Sun/Oracle.

Installation of Solution manager 3.1 on Sun/Oracle. Applied patches and performed system configuration. Configuration of CCMS agents in ABAP and Java stacks

Installation of XI3.0 on Sun/Oracle. Configuration of SLD. Apply patches for Basis, ABAP BW and PI. Apply patches for Java stack.

Upgrade of ERP 4.6C to ECC 5.0. Application of patches and performed Basis system configuration settings. BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 upgrade. Installation of Enterprise Portal 6.0 on Sun/Oracle. Applied Java patches and performed configuration settings. Configuration of web dispatcher to support fast response purchase applications.

Installation of WebAS 6.20 ABAP stack on Sun/Oracle. Applied Basis and ABAP patches. Performed Basis configurations. Worked with application developers for setting ICF services.

Homogenous system copy for R3, BW, SRM, WebAS and APO systems.

Import of support packs, SAP-AddOns and Language transports for R3, APO, BW, SRM and xRPM systems. Application of kernel patches on R3, BW, APO and SRM. Perform transports using STMS and tp tools. Maintain UNIX scripts for importing transports using tp. Import of transports in Enterprise portal. Import of SCM Live-Cache Com builds. Import of corrections and patches for WebAs Java using SAPinst and SDM tools.


Schedule and monitor critical background jobs across all systems using SAP tools. Analyze and resolve alerts for business-critical background jobs. Schedule and Monitor background jobs using Cronacle external job scheduling tool. Configuration of printers in SAP and troubleshoot SAP printing issues. Configuring Barcode Zebra printers in SAP.


Maintenance and design of SAP R/3, BW and APO roles using Profile generator. Implementation of BW security for HR. Security design and testing for sensitive HR infocubes. Maintenance of job to role group mapping web database. Resolving BW query access issues. Test security for BW queries. Design Roles in PFCG for R3, APO and BW systems. Design queries for security testing of new infocubes. Resolving security issues using Remedy Action Request System. Maintain user authorization and composite roles through Central User Administration in Workplace system.

Implement segregation of duties rules in VRAT (Versa Risk Assessment Tool). Segregation of duties is maintained for all sensitive business

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