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Siebel Consultant

PE, 51021-490, Brazil
May 21, 2018

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Michael Boechat

Consultor Siebel na Accenture Brasil


* ***** ** ********** ** Siebel Consultant, more descriptions of delivered projects on the experience section. As major skills:

-> Broad experience in requirements gathering and design using UML, Process Modelling (BPMN) and other analysis techniques

-> Technical expert in Siebel Configuration (Siebel Tools), Scripting, Workflow, Data Model, Web Services Integration, Installations/Architecture, Server Management and Siebel Upgrade assessments and implementations

-> Worked with chemical industries, communication industry and marketing module for both implementations

-> Implementation of CI and SCRUM methodologies with Siebel framework and tools. Experience

Consultor Siebel

janeiro de 2016 - Present

AD - Siebel 6.3 / 7 / 8 - Architect

Working on development activities, prioritisation, impact analysis, project planning, management of test phases, UAT support, deployment activities and post go-live support Important projects delivered:

Implement a whole new catalog of bundle products, creating the complex product concept on Siebel 6, that didn’t got this concept on vanilla version, creating a new integration of Broadband and TV products with Mobile plans.

Create the complex structure of pre-provisioning Module using combining solution of EIM + Oracle Load + Workflow policies

Implement the penalty functionality, for the clients who cancel the offer before the commitment time. Upgrade the oracle version of Siebel database from 8 to 11G Creates a integration of Order Management module between Siebel 6 and 8, for Broadband products, giving the possibility of selling all technology broadband on Siebel 6. Analista Pleno at Accenture

setembro de 2013 - Present

AD - Siebel 8 / 15

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Leading a team of 10 developers, using agile methodology to deliver the re-platform of product catalog on the union of VIVO and GVT.

Used JIRA softwares for project management

Important functions delivered:

Create the mobile catalog on GVT Siebel, bring all the mobile rules and creating the complex product of mobile on the existent offers.

Integrating the new products on AWF framework, an aMIND software who replaces the Order Management module, using the rowset feature.

Create web services for administration of users and positions module. Create several process automation of creating offers and products, including workflow automation of the product VBC`s vanilla objects.

Upgrade Siebel version from 8.1 to IP 16

Analista Junior at Accenture

agosto de 2012 - setembro de 2013 (1 ano 2 meses)

AD - Siebel 6.3 / 7 - Architect

Experience with chemical industry administration, controlling the supply contracts and the catalog price changes, the biggest challenge on Industry applications Implement the ROI concept, using several vanilla components on a Siebel implementation who didn’t use almost nothing on the box.

Important functions delivered:

Price change automation, creating a whole model for faster price updates and discount rules, reducing almost 30% of the process time.

Implements new models of contracts and template documents on Siebel File Server. Create the integration structure, based on workflow policies because they didn’t have the EAI licenses.

Técnico de Sistemas at Accenture

janeiro de 2010 - agosto de 2012 (2 anos 8 meses)

Worked with AM team, identifying any problems on go-live support for a AD Team of 25 developers. Proposing solutions for any problems and looking for better solutions, in the past projects. Experience with tuning performance of Siebel application modules and queries, including server components.

Estagiario at Accenture

janeiro de 2010 - dezembro de 2010 (1 ano)

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Universidade Estácio de Sá

Estacio, Sistemas de Informação, 2008 - 2012

Activities and Societies: Desenvolvimento de sistemas, Testes de sistema, Correcao e investigacao de falhas

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Michael Boechat

Consultor Siebel na Accenture Brasil

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