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Software Engineer Developer

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
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May 21, 2018

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Soumya Mohan

Senior Software Engineer

RM Education India (RMESI)

Education: Bachelor's degree, Physics

Experience: 5 Years, 1 Month


Name: Soumya Mohan

Mobile Phone: +965.60976310 / +91-949*******

Email Address:

Website: Career Objective:

I have a passion for solving problems and find the field of computer programming extremely rewarding in this sense. As long as I can remember I have always strived to better my understanding of the things around me and tried to grasp knowledge that would enable me to create bigger and better things. Since I’ve been introduced to the world of programming I have been engulfed by its pristinely methodical procedures. Creating a working program from scratch using only knowledge and initiative thoroughly excites me. In the future I see myself as a senior software engineer, creating specialized software.

I enjoy being challenged and working on projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set, as continuing to learn new languages and development techniques are important to me and the success of your organization.


Career Level: Mid Career

Target Job Location: Kuwait

Reason for Moving to Kuwait: My husband is currently working in Kuwait as a Software engineer in So I wish to settle in Kuwait with him. ACADEMIC

Degree Institute

Year of



BSc (Physics)

Govt. Arts College, Trivandrum




RKDNSS, Trivandrum




Nirmala Bhavan, Trivandrum.



Work Experience (5.1 Years)

Organization Technologies Used From To Duration

RM Education Solutions

India Pvt Ltd

C#.NET, SQL Server,

ASP.NET MVC, Web API, JavaScript,

JQuery, Angular, React.js, Redux,

Knockout JS, Microsoft Azure, Windows

services, Cloud Services, bootstrap,


2015 Dec


2.3 years

Oztern Technology,



JavaScript, Jquery, Microsoft Azure,

Cloud Services, bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3

2013 April

2015 Dec

2.8 years

Technical Skills

• Good Knowledge about OOPS concept.

• Good Knowledge in C#.NET and Microsoft SQL Server

• JavaScript, JQuery

• Angular (1.x & 2), React.js +Redux, Knockout.js


• Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3

• Knowledge in Windows Services, Cloud Services and Web services.

• Knowledge in Microsoft Azure.

• Unit Testing.

• Worked in Agile process, Git, Teamcity, SVN.

• Good knowledge about Windows Server Management.

• Good Working Experience with Windows Family OS.


• Awarded "Star of the Month" in May 2017 by RM ESI.

• Elected as a member in invest program which aimed to bringing up effective architecture in software development.

• Became an established user in Stack Overflow with about 1500 points. Profile(

• Selected to RPA (Robotic Process Automation) hub. A consortium for automating RM processes.

• Also elected as SQA(Software Quality Assurance) for RM Unify team in RMESI

• Awarded "Star of the Month" in March 2015 by Oztern Technology PERSONAL INFORMATION

Birth Date: 3 May 1991 (Age: 27)

Gender: Female

Nationality: India

Marital Status: Married

Driving License Issued From: India


December 2015 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

at RM Education India (RMESI)

Location: India

Company Industry: Education, Training, and Library Job Role: Senior Software Engineer

Key Projects

1. RM Inform :

RM Inform is a tool designed to help School Leadership Teams (SLTs) members and network administrators to understand how IT is being used in their schools, by proactively monitoring the network and resources. And providing reports on performance and usage, it will help the IT support team to identify, prioritise and resolve issues before they affect teaching and learning. RM Inform has a pluggable architecture. It has three modules. One is a basically a windows service which runs in each client machine of a school server and regularly collect information from it and send it to the server. The second module is an azure worker role which regularly collects the information from each client machine and updates it in the RM DB. The third module is basically an azure web service which collectively shows the information and related reports to the end user.

Environment : Windows service, 4.6.1, MVC 5.0, Web API 5.2, C# and Sql Azure, Azure Worker service, Azure Web service, Azure Queue, Azure storage, Angular.js 2.0

Duration: January 2016 to Oct 2016

Team Size: 6


• Full development of RM Inform Web Ui using MVC, C#, Angular 2 (Beta), JavaScript, jQuery

• Writing stored procedures for accessing data using sql server 2016

• Integration of web API

• Fetching data from worker role validating the data and storing in the db.

• Windows service changes for collecting the logon information from each device using the windows WMI Query and other windows event

• Enabling windows event logger and azure diagnostics for monitoring RM Inform 2. RM Finance

RM finance is a tool designed for Managing the schools finance module. It is a web service which has all the finance features such as credits and debits tracking, Inventory tracking, Financial Reports providing. Fund transferring etc. Environment: 4.6.1, MVC 5.0, Web API 5.2, C# and Sql Azure, Azure WebService, React 15.0, Visual Studio Report Designer

Duration: Nov 2016 to March 2017

Team Size: 10


• Development of RM finance Web Ui using MVC, C#, React, js, & Redux

• Designing input forms suing boostrap 3.4, CSS3 & HTML5.

• Writing stored procedures for accessing data using sql server 2016

• Integration of web API

• Reporting module development using Visual Studio Report Designer. 3. RM Unify

RM Unify is basically a SSO provider. RM Unify makes it simple to manage and access online services. Over 7,500 schools across the UK use RM Unify to manage their Office 365 and G Suite for Education accounts, reducing their setup time and support costs. Users are able to access all their teaching and learning resources online with just one username and password. Environment: 4.6.1, MVC 5.0, Web API 5.2, C# and Sql Azure, Azure Worker service, Azure Webservice, Azure Queue, Azure storage, Knockout.js, SAML 2.0, Windows federation, OAuth 2.0, Google Authenticator, Redis cache Duration: March 2017 to till date

Team Size: 7


• Continuous enhancement to RM Unify SSO application.

• Integration of MFA authentication for RM Unify using Google authenticator.

• Made RM unify login screen configurable using Json, web api, knock out.js

• Enabling caching using azure Redis cache provider.

• Configuring hubspot/twitter api for collecting newsfeed to show in the login screen.

• Using Google api for provisioning unify users in Google April 2013 - December 2015

Software Developer

Oztern Technology

Location: India

Company Industry: Information Technology

Job Role: Software Engineer

1. Oztern CRM :

The aim of the project was to develop a cost-effective and flexible application that scales as business grow, to help businesses manage customer data and customer interaction, access business information, automate sales, marketing and customer support and also manage employee, vendor and partner relationships.

Duration: Jan 2014- July 2015

Team Size: 3


• Mainly Involved in full front end (View) development in MVC 2010 using pure Javascript and JQuery

• Designed UI/UX using bootstrap 3.0 & CSS3 & HTML5.

• Involved in the implementation of business layer using c#

• Integration of Mandrill app, txtsms app into Application (for automated mail and sms)

• Provide ongoing application support and troubleshooting

• Writing stored procedures for accessing data using sql server 2008 2. Oztern Content Builder Tool

The aim of the project was to develop a backend tool for teachers and data entry operators to enter content and create courses.

Duration: July 2015 to Oct 2015

Team Size: 2


• Documentation of System Requirement Specifications (SyRS).

• Provide full support to clients from initial client interaction and requirements analysis through design, coding, testing, implementation and integration using MVC 2013, C#, sql, bootstrap, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery etc

• Mainly Involved in full front end (View) development in MVC 2013 using pure Javascript and JQuery

• UI development using bootstrap, CSS3 and HTML5.

• Integration of CKeditor and mathjax into Application (for editor and equation editor)

• Provide ongoing application support and troubleshooting.

• Writing stored procedures for accessing data using sql server 2012 LANGUAGES

English Malayalam

Level: (Expert) Level: (Native)

Tamil Hindi

Level: (Intermediate) Level: (Beginner)


Satheesh Davidson

Job Title: Software Engineer

Company Name:

Phone Number: +965.60976310

Email Address:


Stack Overflow (Established User with 1500 + points) Membership/Role: Member since: January 2013


RPA developer Foundation Diploma (Certificate)

Issued in: January 2018

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