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Network Engineer Security

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
May 22, 2018

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ABDUL RAHMAN 908-***-****


An effective communicator with excellent analytical & problem-solving skills.

With over 8 years’ experience in Networking & Security Technical Support, with expertise in working with Cisco and Checkpoint products.

Insightful experience in planning, design, installation and configuration of networks and Security configurations of various network devices.


Certifications : CCNA (200-120) R&S, CCNP (640-902) Route.

Switches : Cisco (1900,2900,3500 and 6500)

Routers : Cisco (1750, 1800, 2800, 3700,3800,7200 series)

Pix Firewall : PIX 501,506E,515E, ASA 5510,5520,5540,5580

Checkpoint : NG R65, R72, R75, R77.20 1180,2200 (SPLAT, IPSO and Gaia)

Protocols : RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP and IPSec

Load Balancers : Kemp, A10, F5 (LTM) 11.x IOS

Network Monitoring Tools : HP Open View. OP Manager & Remedy, HP Open NMS Ticketing Tool

Security Monitoring Tools : Sentinel Check Point Provider (R65), Check Point Smart View Tracker

Designing addressing scheme to customer specific LAN/WAN environment.

Firewalls: Checkpoint R21, R75, R77.20, Cisco ASA 8.2,

Configure and manage firewalls.

Established secure internet access for multiple private networks using NAT on PIX firewalls & Checkpoint

VPN establishment using IPSEC, GRE tunnels on Firewalls

Installing and configuring of check point firewalls.

Configuration of URL Filtering on ASA & Checkpoint Firewalls.

Configuration of Site to Site VPN on Cisco Firewalls & Checkpoint.

Failover configuration on Cisco ASA &Checkpoint Firewalls.

Configuration of F5 Load Balancers (LTM Module).

VPN: Remote access VPN, Site to Site VPN in Checkpoint, Fortigate and ASA.

T/S Tools: TCP dump, Fw-monitor Wireshark.

Cluster: Active-Active, Active- Standby concepts.

Areas of Expertise:

Knowledge on troubleshooting Leased Lines & ISDN Circuits.

Configuration & troubleshooting of switches &Routers and firewalls

Router hands on experience in configuration & trouble shooting

Configuration & troubleshooting Routing protocols like RIP, EIGRP, OSPF

Knowledge on switches, VLAN, Trunking etc.

Hardware replacement & spare management during the device failure. Ability to work in a team & interact with 3rd party suppliers & vendors

Testing of hardware & software and ensure correct configuration changes.

To upgrade the IOS in different routers & switches with TFTP server.

Professional Experience: -

Client: Microsoft, Northlake, IL Mar 2017– Tilldate

Designation: Data Center Tech/Network Engineer

Roles & Responsibility:

Experience in Networking, Network Security, Administration, Design, Project Implementation, Handling Customer connectivity, Troubleshooting Network issues, Adhering to Security Policy, Adhering to the committed Service Metrics.

Implementing changes on Checkpoint Firewalls R65, R70 and R75.

Establishing Site to Site Tunnel from Checkpoint Firewall & Cisco Routers.

Establish Site to Site Tunnel between Cisco routers.

Troubleshooting client connectivity issues related to firewalls and routers

Trouble shooting Site to Site VPN/direct/remote access connectivity issues with clients.

Installation of new firewalls.

Installing Updates / Hotfix for checkpoint firewalls.

Monitoring health of firewalls.

Configuring and Managing Firewall Clusters.

Providing Level 3 support in handling Client Connectivity issues.

Adhering to the committed SLA with Customers & OLA with internal Peer Groups.

Preparing new connectivity proposals and implementing new connectivity.

Preparation & Implementation of Network Proposals based on the Project needs.

Coordination with various peer groups & customer for implementation of new connectivity.

Working with Delivery team to prepare the Questionnaire related to Network Security & Client Connectivity.

Participating in Conference calls with customers for issues related to client connectivity

Performing Back-up/failover test for different connectivity models.

Supporting L1 and L2 team for troubleshooting client connectivity issues.

Other experiences.

Windows server administration.

Managing Active directory, DNS server, DHCP server, File server, Print server, Web servers, and Database servers.

Managing the network infrastructures, switches and Routers, link and firewall for ODC's.

Client: Innova – Sterling, VA Sep 15 - Feb 2017

Epcot Technologies

Designation: Network and Security Associate.

Roles and Responsibilities

Planning, Controlling Infra Management System of NOC.

Monitoring and securing Global NOC of all branches of Franklin branches in entire world.

Troubleshooting and new installation of Router, Switch & ASA Firewalls.

Maintaining weekly report of Commissioned, Upgraded, Downgraded and Terminated leased lines.

Responsible for Level 2 activities.

Effective Security Monitoring requires knowledge of data classification, systems vulnerability to threat, intent of threat, user authorization, existing security exception, policy, function of sensor.

Monitor Sentinel Console for unusual traffic and Understanding of Suspicious Vs Malicious Events.

Proper utilization of the core functionalities and utilities of Sentinel console to detect threats. This is ensured by use of appropriate active views (e.g.; Black list IP addresses) to for quick detection and response.

Implement Network Security policies such as URL Filtering, Counters and Logs.

Design and maintain Firewall and VPN infrastructure.

Implementation of Network Address Translation (NAT), Port Address Translation (PAT) using NAT Src, NAT-Dst, MIP and VIP.

Installing and configuring of check point firewalls.

Configuration of URL Filtering on ASA & Checkpoint Firewalls.

Configuration of Authentication of AAA on Cisco Firewalls & Checkpoint.

Failover configuration on Cisco ASA &Checkpoint Firewalls.

Configuration of Site to Site & Remote Site VPN in Checkpoint firewalls.

Installation and configuration of Websense product and Implementing the polices on the Websense.

Configuration of WCCP and transparent proxy and explicit proxy’s on Websense.

Configuring the appliance manager& triton unified security center on Websense.

Environment: Cisco firewalls PIX (515E / 525), ASA (5510 / 5520), Switches like 6513, 6509, 3700, 3750, 3560E, Routers like 1800,3800, 7200 Series Checkpoint Firewalls R75 (SPLAT), HP Open NMS, Sentinel are monitoring tools and Infra is ticketing Tool.

Reliance, Mumbai, India Aug 2013 - July 2015

Designation: Security Engineer.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Installing and Configuring of Cisco Routers (1800, 2800, 3800, 7200.) using RIP, EIGRP, and knowledge on OSPF.

VPN establishment using IPSEC, GRE tunnels in Cisco routers.

HSRP, VRRP implementation on routers.

Troubleshooting of Enterprise application response problems & connectivity issues.

Installing and configuring of Cisco L2 & L3 Switches (2900, 3560, and 3750).

Configuring STP, VLAN, VTP and troubleshooting.

Inter VLAN routing and per VLAN for block, architecture to reduce broadcast affects.

Installing & configuring firewalls like ASA, Cisco Pix, and Check point.

Verifying & Configuring the Rules in firewalls. (Firewall Change Request processing.

Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT) according to the connectivity requirements.

Upgrading the Firewall Versions to the Latest versions / IOS.

Troubleshooting problems related to WAN and firewalls, Different desktop VPN connectivity issues.

Installing and configuring of check point firewalls and pushing the policies.

Environment: Cisco firewalls PIX (515E / 525), ASA (5510 / 5520), Switches like 6513, 6509, 3700, 3750, 3560E, Routers like 1800, 3800, 7206 Cisco Secure ACS (AAA server), Open NMS, MRTG, monitoring tool and Remedy & AOTS ticketing Tool.

Target Sept 2011 – Aug 2013

Designation: Network Engineer

Key Responsibilities:

Provided Technical support in terms of upgrading, improving and expanding the network.

Providing technical proposals, detailed RFP responses, and presentation, installing and configuring ASA firewalls, VPN networks and redesigning customer architectures.

Maintain effective communications with vendors, peers and clients in resolution of trouble-tickets, equipment.

Troubleshoot Hardware, Cisco IOS, and install/configure Cisco routers and switches.

Manage and coordinate all infrastructures related to moves, adds, and changes.

Configuring ACL to allow only authorized users to access the servers.

Participated in on call support in troubleshooting the configuration and installation issues.

Installation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting Local and Wide Areas Network by using ISDN, Frame relay, DDR, NAT, DHCP, and TCP/IP.

Web Servers Load Balancing with F5 BIG-IP.

Implement and maintain Local/Wide Area Network over 13 branches.

Configured RIP, OSPF and Static routing on Juniper M and MX series Routers.

Worked in Configuration and extension of VLAN from one network segment to other segment between different vendor switches (Cisco, Juniper).

Design and implement Catalyst/ASA Firewall Service Module for various LAN’s.

Key contributions include troubleshooting of complex LAN/WAN infrastructure that include routing protocols EIGRP, OSPF & BGP.

Configured Client VPN technologies including Cisco’s VPN client via IPSEC.

Configure switch VLANs and inter-switch communication. Build and setup network Laboratory.

Actively involved in troubleshooting on network problems with Wire shark, identifying and fixing problems.

Reliance, India Jan 2010- Aug 2011

Designation: Network Engineer

Worked primarily as a part of the security team and daily tasks included firewall rule analysis, rule modification and administration

Remediation of firewall rules from checkpoint firewalls to Cisco ASA firewalls, installing and configuring new juniper EX, MX, SRX (Next-Generation Firewall) series firewalls to meet day to day work.

Adding and removing checkpoint firewall policies based on the requirements of various project requirements.

Also involved in Configuration of Nexus 7010 including NX-OS Virtual Port Channels, Nexus port profiles, Nexus Version 4.2 and 5.0, Nexus VPC peer links.

5. Worked on load balancers like F5 10050s, 10250v, GTM 2000s, 2200s to troubleshoot and monitor DNS issues and traffic related to DNS and avoid DDoS.

Deployment of Palo Alto firewall into the network. Configured and wrote Access-list policies on protocol-based services.

Maintain and configure Cisco ACS devices to support AAA security for both external remote access and internal wireless connectivity.

Maintained and provided support for LAN/WAN infrastructure as needed. This included working on specific hardware such as switches, routers, PIX, wireless APs, VPN Concentrators, frame relay, IPsec VPN and other entities.

User admin on the firewalls, adding and deleting users as they come and go.

Installed and configured workstations for IP based LAN.

Installed and configured DHCP Client/Server.

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