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Logistics Manager

Elkhart, Indiana, United States
May 18, 2018

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Transportation / Distribution / Supply Chain / Materials / Inventory Control / Private Fleet / Intermodal / Import / Export / 3PL /

Six Sigma / Lean Manufacturing / D.O.T. / OSHA / Transportation Budget Management


Effective self-starter demonstrating over 20 years of solid logistics, transportation and shipping experience across various manufacturing, distribution, warehouse environments, organizing domestic and international parcel, LTL, TL, rail, ocean freight, and air freight carriers. Creative, highly energized professional with outstanding communication skills and complex problem solving ability. Combines “hands-on” technical qualifications with supply chain knowledge to achieve consistent success in identifying opportunities for continual improvements.

Strengths Include:

Strategic Planning / Material Management

Implementation of $MM Cost Reductions

JIT/Lean Mfg. Operations & Crisis Management

Process Re-engineering / Productivity Improvements

Supply Chain & Transportation Metrics

Parcel / LTL / TL / Air / Ocean / Intermodal



20 years of logistics management experience in the automotive, medical device, aluminum, and consumer electronics industries.

Managed corporate logistics operations

o11 manufacturing plants and a dedicated private fleet at Indalex Aluminum Solutions

oGeneral Motors Fort Wayne Truck Assembly plant, 2 off-site warehouses, and 450 tier-1 automotive suppliers at Logistics Insights Corporation

o6 manufacturing plants, 1 distribution center, 30 domestic distributors at Zimmer, Inc.

Managed transportation budgets and negotiated contract terms including base rates, fuel surcharges, stop off charges, detention and spot buys.

o$75M annual transportation budget at Fort Wayne GM Truck Assembly.

o$45M annual transportation budget at Indalex Aluminum Solutions.

o$80M annual transportation budget at Zimmer, Inc. (assisted Global Transportation Manager)

Created over $12M in transportation cost-savings through contract negotiations and logistics efficiency improvements.

oNegotiated parcel, air freight, LTL, TL, ocean freight, and freight forwarder contracts.

oIdentified $1.9M transportation cost-savings for Zimmer’s U.S. manufacturing locations.

oIdentified $3.5M transportation cost-savings through improved distributor/distribution planning that allowed air parcel shipments to be shipped via ground.

oCreated cost-savings project to establish Indalex dedicated regional shipping programs with cost efficient carriers. Freight cost savings of $1M/annually.

o$750K transportation cost-savings and $500K in annual cost-avoidance from parcel carrier RFP process.

o$1.2M transportation cost-savings through international forwarder RFP process.

International Logistics & Transportation

oU.S. and Canada Import / Export shipments via air freight and ocean freight.

oManaged all import / export documentation including commercial invoices, NAFTA certificates of origin, and harmonized tariffs.

oShipments to and from Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Great Britain, & France

oManaged C-TPAT compliance program while at Indalex Aluminum Solutions.

Developed corporate transportation metrics

oCorporate shipping profile

oCarrier on-time delivery

oShip volume by transportation mode

oAverage transportation cost per order; per mile; per shipping origin; per mode of transportation

oTransportation cost-savings estimates

oGlobal transportation budget analysis

Monitored carrier contract compliance for freight payment.

oAdministered freight payment performance by 3rd party freight payment service.

oCreated and updated business rules

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9 years of materials management working at Fort Wayne GM Truck Assembly.

GM schedulers provided tier-1 suppliers and carriers with daily production schedule (rolling 2 weeks) along with 30-day horizon schedule.

GM provided all transportation for shipments from suppliers to assembly plant.

Supplier shipments were shipped via TL carrier, Rail carrier, or LTL dedicated milk run routes from logistics processing centers (LPC).

Managed 4 Material Follow-Up Supervisors responsible for the inbound flow of over 3,500 SKU’s from 450 tier-1 suppliers.

oMaterial Follow-Up Supervisors monitored each SKU from lowest days on hand to highest days on hand to insure coverage of assembly plant production schedule.

oTracked all parts shipments in transit from suppliers via advanced shipping notifications (ASN’s)

oAll tier-1 suppliers, carriers, and GM material handlers required to follow GM supply chain alarm system

Material Follow-Up Supervisors were primary contact for any alarm being reported throughout the supply chain

oCreated part coverage contingency plans due to any exceptions to supplier ship schedules.

Supplier failure to ship to schedule

Carrier failure to deliver to the plant by their dedicated delivery window

Reliability Engineers placing a quality hold on parts due to failing to meet specifications

Inventory floor loss (Inventory on plant floor doesn’t equal what the record balance quantity is showing in ERP)

oExpedited parts from suppliers, sister truck plants, or GM Service Parts Organization when needed to mitigate possibility of disrupting assembly plant production due to part shortage.

oPerformed weekly cycle counts of critical SKU’s to verify inventory accuracy

Adjusted inventory record balance when necessary

Pioneered proactive approach to eliminate obsolete material prior to model year build-out, selling back to tier-1 supplier; director took to next level reducing minimum piece banks. Reduction of obsolete material in lieu of scrapping over $250K worth of parts.


Developed training practices focusing on operation of entire material department, centralizing transportation related issues and cross-trained job specific responsibilities at Logistics Insights Corporation.

Responsible for all project activities relating to the implementation of MIL-STD-130 requirements at Honeywell Aerospace

o600+ part numbers pulled from inventory and updated to (DOD) Dept. of Defense MIL-STD-130 labeling requirements.

oCreated and maintained metrics to show project progress.

Presented to plant’s leadership group with estimated date of completion based on rate of progress.

Provided daily listings to Material Planners showing part numbers and quantities that had been inspected and updated for use in Production.

oOversaw all aspects of projects. Set project deadlines and assigned responsibilities to project staff.

oCommunicated with and instructed Honeywell Aerospace suppliers about updated MIL-STD-130 requirements.

o Provided all suppliers with a time line of MIL-STD-130 change over and implementation.

oVerified all inbound part deliveries from suppliers met the MIL-STD-130 requirements.

oCoordinated engineering drawing approval process for all MIL-STD-130 engineering change orders.

oProvided engineering group with a weekly priority schedule.

oCreated metrics that measured weekly progress of completed drawings and percent of drawings still in approval process.

Distributed metrics to the Plant’s leadership team and the Engineering department.

oLead kaizen events for the creation and implementation of Heijunka production leveling board for Honeywell Aerospace’s carbon brake disc production process.

Designed and implemented Six Sigma Black Belt project to improve overall quality of manufacturing processes at Parker Hannifin. Focusing on identification of main factors for defective products. Used design of experiments for working towards reduce/eliminate production variation and improve Cpk.


9 years of lean manufacturing experience working at Fort Wayne General Motors Truck Assembly and Honeywell Aerospace.

Established min and max inventory levels for each SKU used by the assembly line for production requirements.

Established Kanban replenishment systems

FIFO lane design

Designed warehouse layout

5S organizational projects

Lead kaizen events for model year build out plan

Created Dock delivery schedules

Created Semi-trailer load diagrams

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Designed just in time (JIT) delivery schedules for shipments from over 450 tier-1 suppliers (3,500+ SKU’s) to the Fort Wayne GM Truck Assembly plant.

Over 300 daily inbound deliveries to the assembly plant.

o~150 truckloads of material delivered direct to the assembly plant from tier-1 supplier locations.

o~140 truckloads of material delivered from small lot warehouses to the assembly plant

o~20 rail cars spotted in the plant from dedicated rail yard.

JIT delivery design based on number of factors that determined delivery times

oSchedules based on evenly spaced delivery time intervals in order to support level loaded production schedule and balance workload between two work shifts running production anywhere from 8 hours to 10 hours per shift.

oDelivery time intervals determined by the total number of TL shipments required to deliver a suppliers daily production requirement.

oMinimum inventory levels based on standard transit time from supplier location to assembly plant.

oMaximum inventory levels based on minimum inventory levels plus average number of standard packs scheduled per delivery time throughout the day.


Designed/implemented JIT small lot deliveries of 250+ part numbers into the assembly plant from 2 off-site warehouses, including FIFO lanes, min/max inventory levels by SKU, trailer loading diagrams, inbound/outbound delivery schedules, and inventory listings, that improved assembly plant material flow and safety through 250,000 square feet of eliminated congestion.

oHourly JIT deliveries to 9 different dock locations throughout general assembly operations for the plant.

o140+ daily JIT deliveries from small lot warehouses to the assembly plant.

oIncreased storage space in plant by over 10%

oProgram started as a manual operation using pull cards attached to each standard pack to track replenishment requirements for the assembly line.

Program later automated by using real-time production data to create scheduled pick lists of material for each shipment from the small lot warehouses to the assembly plant.


Transportation & Distribution Manager / Zimmer, Inc./ Warsaw, IN / June 2012 – January 2015

Integrated Supply Chain Project Manager (Temporary Contract) / Honeywell Aerospace / South Bend, IN / August 2011-May 2012

Full-Time Student: Acquired BS in Industrial Technology at Purdue University / August 2009 – May 2011

Logistics Manager / Indalex Inc. / Elkhart, IN / June 2007 – July 2009

Six Sigma Black Belt Training Project Arizona State University / Parker Hannifin December 2006 – April 2007

Full-Time Student: Acquired AS in Industrial Engineering Technology / Purdue University / August 2005 – December 2006

Logistics Operations Manager / Logistics Insights Corporation at General Motors / Ft. Wayne, IN November 1996 – August 2005

Shipping Supervisor / 80/20 Inc. / Columbia City, IN / June 1995 - November 1996

Shipping Clerk / Huntington Laboratories / Huntington, IN / June 1989 – June 1995


Bachelor of Science Industrial Technology 3.87 G.P.A. (May 2011) / Purdue University / South Bend

Associates of Science Industrial Engineering Technology 3.82 G.P.A. (December 2006) / Indiana University- Purdue University / Fort Wayne

Covisient MRP Certificate / Import / Export Shipping Certificate

Transportation Skills DOT HazMat Certificate (2007)

ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (2010)

OSHA 30 Hour Training Certificate (2010)


D.O.T. Haz-Mat / Chemicals / Export / Import / Statistical Process Control (SPC) / Six Sigma Methodologies / Ergonomics / Work Methods Design

AutoCAD / Statistical Modelling / Industrial Management / Tool Design / Kaizen / Continuous Improvement / Kanban / Total Quality Management

5S / Solid Edge / CAMD / Lean Manufacturing / Technical Writing / Pareto Charts / Relationship Charts / From-To Charts / CNC Programming

EDI / Plant Layout & Design / Audit / Bill of Lading / Commercial Invoice / Cubing Truck Space / MRP / Demurrage / Rail / Less Than Truckload Third Party Logistics (3PL) / UPS / FedEx / RPS / Roadway / Yellow / Schneider / Innovative Logistics / Comprehensive Logistics

Minority Auto Handling / Materials & Processes / Microsoft Office / Excel / Word / PowerPoint / Access / Outlook / Plant Layout & Design

Executive Presentation / Budget Management / Transportation Costs / General Motors Materials Global Organization / MGO / Inventory Control ERP / Toyota Production System / TPS / Quality Standards / Cost Reduction / Training / MRP / Drafting/Blueprint Interpretation /AS400/C-TPAT/ Customs Trade Partners Against Terrorism / NAFTA Certificate of Origin / Commercial Invoice/Design of Experiments / Project Management

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