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Sales Assistant

Houston, Texas, United States
May 18, 2018

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Master of Science in Computer and Systems Engineering MAY 2018 University of Houston- Houston, Texas. Overall GPA: 3.79 Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering JUNE 2016 Osmania University- Hyderabad, India. Overall GPA: 3.9 MASTER THESIS: Deep Learning Techniques to design an effective training and evaluation software for radiologist gaze for Chest X-rays.

(Advisor: Dr. Hien Van Nguyen)

• Collaborated with radiologists from MD Anderson Cancer Center and Baylor College of Medicine to collect and analyse radiograph gaze pattern analysis. Gaze feature extraction using clustering and warping techniques. Developed a model to capture the cognitive components of the radiological diagnostic processes such as visual, attentional and decision processes. Proved that accuracy is inversely related to gaze quantity and duration. Worked on framework to systematically and quantitatively evaluate, and train new radiologists. EXPERIENCE:

Research Assistant Machine Learning, University of Houston, College of Engineering June 2017- Present

• Collaborated with radiologists from MD Anderson Cancer Center to collect and analyse chest X-ray gaze data. Developed metrics to evaluate and analyse gaze. Applied sparse representation techniques to uncover important patterns in radiograph diagnoses. Working on software framework to design and develop metrics to train, evaluate radiologists using machine learning algorithms. Instructional Assistant Embedded Systems, University of Houston, College of Technology June 2017- May 2018

• Improved resource management. Conducted lab experiment sessions and guided students to implement course final projects and experiments. Managed all course materials and collaborated with faculty to establish resources for course-specific projects.

• Worked with lab management committee. Collaborated with lab manager in new IA recruitment, lab management and organizing UGRS. Co-founder Surya Chakra, Hyderabad, India May 2015 - October 2015

• Designed solar panel array and core circuit of a solar electric car. Worked with mechanical engineers to fabricate and designed the roof for panels, integration of circuit and batteries with the body. Negotiated contracts with solar panel providers of government solar plants.

• Successfully obtained seed funding from college and alumni of the department. Eliminated cost overruns and delays during fabrication. PROJECTS:

• Implementation of ECSSGAN: Designed a generative adversarial machine learning model based on the SALGAN model and used it to detect the objects and generate their saliency maps, especially of the images that included depth information of extended complexity scenes using machine learning framework Theano and Python.

• Driving Scene conversion from GTAV: Designed an autoencoder based on Alex Net to convert the driving scenes from video game GTAV using Tflearn and Python. The model was able to convert clear day images to nine other types of weather images to generate a dataset to train a model for the self-driving car project.

• Sales data visualization of Ilium Works Inc: Performed sales data analysis and visualization of the sales data using TIBCO SPOTFIRE to effectively derive sales patterns. Successfully proved that a change in supply chain procedures resulted in 20 percent loss reduction in California and New Mexico regions.

• Cloud-Based Alarm Clock: Designed an android application that works as an alarm clock with cloud features that use data from multiple APIs to calculate the best time to wake up. Integrated information from directions API to calculate wake up time.

• Wireless Smart Plug: Designed and developed a web page and android app to control a wireless smart plug that gives out the real-time power consumption of the connected appliance. Implemented the real-time monitoring system to detect power surges and report unusual power consumption of the appliance. Implemented Bluetooth integration using APIs from Arduino.

• Android Controlled Wireless Bot: Designed and implementation of an Android app and wireless bot to explore unreachable areas. Implemented the circuit design using Arduino UNO ecosystem of sensors and designed the backend protocol for bot operation through the android app.

• Implementation of SQL Database: Implemented a simple database using Microsoft Sqldeveloper and MS ACCESS. Performed SQL queries to organize and extract information from the database.

• Processor Design and Evaluation using SimpleScalar: Implemented and evaluated the performance of various configurations of a microprocessor using SimpleScalar and SPEC2000 benchmarks. Designed a multi-level cache microprocessor configuration that gave the best performance for a set of instructions and tested it with 10 different benchmarks.

• Solar and Battery Powered Solar Electric Vehicle: Co-ordinated with 10 teammates to fabricate a solar electric vehicle with a top speed of 40Kmph. Received recognition as the top 5 projects of 105 from 3 Asian countries by presenting it in electric solar vehicle championship ESVC-2k15. Designed and implemented the vehicle circuitry along with the solar panel array. Won the business presentation round.

• Implementation of Butterworth Filter using Cadence: Designed and implemented the circuit and layout of a second order Butterworth filter using cadence and evaluated the performance of the circuit using DRC and LRC methodologies.

• Website design with WordPress: Designed and developed a website for the university professor using WordPress, HTML and CSS. URL:


Programming Languages: Python, C, C++, SQL, HTML, CSS. Skills: TensorFlow, Pytorch, Open AI Universe, Keras, Theano, Tflearn, Tibco Spotfire, MATLAB, Android Studio, Mathematica, Multisim, Arduino IDE, Simplescalar, MS OFFICE, Microsoft SQLdeveloper, Wordpress and Cadence.

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