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Software Engineer Java

Portland, Oregon, United States
May 20, 2018

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Hillsboro, Oregon, USA;; 971-***-****


Energetic software engineer with 10+ years of experience developing robust code for high-volume businesses. Prolific full stack web developer with a flair for creating elegant and responsive solutions in the least amount of time.


Full software development life cycle experience, involved in requirement analysis, design, development, testing, deployment and support.

Excellent experience in software development methodologies including Scrum/Agile Model.

Collaborated with multiple teams daily to build full stack applications.

Extensive experience in application development using Java, Java Streams, Spring Boot, ElasticSearch.

Expertise in web development with responsive UI solutions using HTML, Bootstrap, AngularJS, JQuery, JavaScript, REST, CSS, JSON, NVD3.

Good understanding of core Design Patterns and Algorithms.

Excellent ability to learn and implement new concepts in programming.

Excellent troubleshooting skills.

Capable of working within specific timelines and deadlines.

Skilled in teamwork, leadership, creative thinking.

Technical Skills

Application Development: Java, Java Streams, Spring Core, Spring Boot, Elastic Search, Kibana

Web UI Development: AngularJS, Bootstrap, REST, JavaScript, Dojo, JQuery, HTML, CSS, JSON, JSP, XML

Frameworks: Angular-NVD3, Grid Stack, Angular-Elastic-Builder, NewsTicker, Google Core Libraries

Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle

Project Management: Agile, Waterfall

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Version Control: SVN, Perforce, Clearcase, Git

Build Tools: Maven

IDE: STS, Eclipse


Bachelor of Technology, Electronics & Communications Engineering 2001-2005

Sun Certified Java Programmer

Professional Experience

Technominds, India - Software Developer August 2017 - Present

SIEM solution is AWS cloud based security solution designed to secure the system in minutes by gathering logs from various devices and by writing own custom rules & alerts. Monitor the system with pre-built and configurable alerts & dashboards. SIEM involves Log Management, Data Aggregation and Correlation, Alerting and Monitoring using Dashboards.

●Log Management by collecting logs from different resources into S3 buckets

●Parsing logs and indexing the log data into Elastic Search.

●Alert Framework to create custom rules and alerts

●Dashboard to monitor all alerts and log stats.

Environment: Java, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, AngularJS, HTML, REST, NVD3, GridStack, Angular-Elastic-Builder, NewsTicker


●Involved in designing the SIEM

●Design and Developed Alert Framework to create custom rules and alerts

●Report generation by aggregating and correlating the log data stored in ElasticSearch

●Developed data Aggregations by using ElasticSearch Aggregations and Java Streams

●Designed and Developed Dashboard for SIEM

CISCO Systems, USA - Software Engineer April 2016 - July 2017

E2E Diagnostics designed to diagnose hardware components on a blade server such as memory, CPU, and storage. User Interface for E2E let user to create diagnostic policies and memory tests required and to execute assigned memory tests for that particular server.

Environment: Java, HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, Agile


●Designed and developed GUI for E2E Diagnostics

●Developed E2E diagnostics reporting framework

●Bug Fixing and Testing

KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) is designed primarily to provide remote access to the system even when the server is in the BIOS, EFI shell, Windows blue screen, etc. as long as the system is outputting video and can utilize USB input devices and it provides remote access to mass storage devices to allow the remote server to boot installation media, access drivers etc.

Environment: Java, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS, Web Sockets


●Developed Video Decoder for KVM

●Developed GUI to demo KVM product

●Lead the offshore team to develop Keyboard and Mouse access for KVM

CISCO Systems, India - Software Engineer May 2012 - Aug 2015

SFC (Service Full Coverage) designed primarily to offer a unique pricing and support model that provides non-linear Technical Support pricing for customers as their install base grows over time. SFC portal will provide customers with visibility to their SFC account details, such as contract condition and select services metrics.

Environment: Java, REST API, AngularJS, JSP, JavaScript, CSS


●Designed and Developed SFC Dashboard UI

●Feature development of SFC

●Mentored and guided UI Dev team

Net Authenticate is a system capable of identifying counterfeit and grey market devices in client network that in turn reduces loss of revenue for Cisco. It will provide assurance that critical Cisco devices are not altered and counterfeited, detailed reports and analysis for Cisco devices via secure, intuitive web portal

Environment: Java, REST API, JSP, DOJO, JavaScript, CSS


●Designed and Developed GUI for Net-Authenticate modules

●Designed and Developed Net-Authenticate Dashboard

●Enhancement Development

●Bug Fixing

SNTC (Smart Net Total Care) is a Proactive maintenance package to increase operational efficiency and to improve risk management through smart service capabilities. It'll provide accurately validate Cisco installed base, assurance that critical Cisco devices are covered by proper service contracts, detailed inventory reports and analysis via secure and intuitive web portal

Environment: Java, REST API, JSP, DOJO, JavaScript, CSS


●Designed and Developed GUI for SIC/TIC

●Designed and Developed GUI for CSV Upload

●Feature development of SIC & CSV Upload

●Developed Report generation tool

●Enhancement Development

●Bug Fixing

Bank of America, India - Senior Analyst Dec 2008 - April 2012

PIONEER Trading System is a reliable, high-performance and real-time trading platform that offers consistent global cross product trading, pricing and risk, operations and support.

Environment: Java, JMS, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Swings, Sql, Gigaspaces


●Developed caching services for electronic trading system.

●Completed POC for GigaSpaces

●Identified bug in Gigaspaces and Interacted with Gigaspaces team

●Improved performance of caching by using Gigaspaces.

PIONEER Message Definition Management Tool is the Java and Swing based tool that maintains all the message definitions into a centralized database. This tool allows defining new message definitions using simple user interface without any dependency on Pioneer API or environment. Tool enable users to perform CRUD operations, export message definitions as XML files and import message definitions to persist in the database.

Environment: Core Java, Swing, Spring Framework, Hibernate


●Designed and Developed PIONEER Message Definition Management tool

●Developed GUI for Message Definition Management tool

SASKEN Networks, India - Senior Software Engineer July 2007 - Nov 2008

Village Connection is IP-based solution designed to extend mobile voice and data coverage to rural areas, where it is often economically unavailable for telecom service providers to provide access. Except link between BTS and BSC everything based on IP Link and BSC is replaced with two separate network units. OSS Application provides FCAPS features like Configuration Management, Fault Management and Accounting Management.

Environment: Core Java, Swings, Sql


●Direct interaction with customer for requirement gathering

●Designed and Developed GUI for BTS and BSC

●Feature development of FCAPS

AMDOCS, India - Subject Matter Expert June 2006 - July 2007

XACCT is a mediation solution that combines data collection, data processing, data synthesis, data export and automated user-account provisioning on a single platform. It collects information from data and voice networks then transforms it into business intelligence. Finally this information is sent to downstream systems to translate it into new revenue by developing and managing new profitable services.

Environment: Core Java, Sql


●Enhancement development for XAACT and Mediation

●Bug Fixing and Feature Testing

●Production Support

Ensemble is packaging and integration of multiple services. It supports customer care and billing activities in voice and data environments. APILink is an API (Application Programming Interface) that opens Amdocs Ensemble to use by outside applications. The APILink validate client calls, ensures the data entered into the Ensemble DB is correct and conforms to business rules and Ensemble system standards.

Environment: Core Java, Sql


●Enhancement development of for Ensemble

●Bug Fixing and Feature Testing

●Production Support


●Silver Award for Exemplary Performance at Bank of America

●Zest for Excellence Award at Bank of America

●Multiple Amaze2 Awards at Cisco, India

●Amaze3 Awards at Cisco, India

●Innovate Everywhere Award at Cisco, USA

●Connected Recognition from cross-team at Cisco

●Win Together for supportive team play at Cisco

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