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Manager Management

Houston, Texas, United States
May 17, 2018

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Girish Padaya

Email: Phone: 281-***-****


Desire a challenging career in a professionally managed, progressive concern in the field of information systems to utilize personal skills, striving to attain a Storage administration in a dynamic business environment that would allow the opportunity & enhance skill sets in information system

Summary of Skills:

Certified professional with 14+ years of experience in Data Center Management, Storage Area Network (SAN) Management, Virtualization, Backup and Disaster Recovery Implementation, Network & System Administration, IT Infrastructure Project Management

Hitachi Storage

-Have worked extensively on Hitachi Array, Design and Implementation & Sizing.

-Managing and Administrating the Hitachi Storage Systems USP-V, HUS1xx, HUS_VM, VSPG600 & VSPG800.

-Configuring External Storage on Hitachi Storage array.

-Hitachi USP-V, HUS1xx, HUS_VM, VSPG600 & VSPG800 arrays administration.

-Configuring new clients to the Hitachi array using Device Manager and Storage navigator.

-Provision storage to new clients from Hitachi array using Device Manager and Storage navigator.

-Storage provisioning to VMware cluster, round robin policy path setup.

-Hitachi LUN or Datastore deprovisioning procedure followed while decommission or reclaim.

-Storage data migration planning and implementation.

-Migrating the LUN’s from one pool to another using Tiered Storage Manager.

-Installing, configuring & upgrade of HCS.

-Storage infrastructure firmware upgrades planning and implementation.

-Performance Analysis using tuning manager & Performance Analytics software.

-Performance Reporter and Problem Determination using Hitachi Tuning manager & PFA.

-Monitoring Hi-track for alerts and perform remedial action steps.

-Hands on knowledge on HDID (6.1 version) tool for replication.

-HDID Master and repository node configuration and build.

-Hitachi Universal Replication designing and documentations.

-Journal pool and journal volume creation.

-Consistency group creation and creation of LDEV’s Protection group.

-VMware V-Vol technology integration successfully integrated with Hitachi VSPG800 array.

-Storage capacity utilization trending and reporting.

-Technical procedures and documentation.

-Hi-track tool installation and upgrade done successfully.

-Storage performance monitoring & optimization using TMEA.

-Used Hitachi tool Hi-pace for capacity expansion or new capacity purchased.

-Hitachi vendor management.

Netapp Storage

-Design, implementation and support of NetApp Storage such as FAS 2050, FAS6000, FAS30XX, FAS8020 Series.

-Netapp ONTAP 7-mode and C-mode administration.

-NetApp SnapShot, SnapMirror and SnapVault configuration

-Planning preparing & scheduling Data Ontap upgrades.

-Administering Cloned volume, flex clone LUNs, Cluster failover and failback tests.

-Aggregate Management, Volume Management, Qtree Management, LUN Management.

-Installation and configuration of CIFS and NFS.

-Successfully migration Netapp 7mode data from FAS3050 to new FAS8020 Cluster mode.

-Cluster mode ONTAP upgrade.

-Unified manager and Performance Advisor successfully installed.

-Configuration of Snapshots, Snap Restore and Snap Mirroring.

-Configured SVM on Cluster mode. Enable Encryption feature as well.

-Storage Provisioning and Deprovisioning of LUNS for different hosts Solaris, Linux and windows & VMware.

-Configuration of Zoning on Brocade switches on SAN Environment Using DCFM software.

-Configuration of zoning on Cisco switches on SAN Environment using DCNM software.

-Configuration and troubleshooting of remote applications Telnet, SSH and RSH.

-User Administration on both Filers and switches in NAS and SAN

-Monitoring health status of filers and switches and logging case with NetApp Global Support

-Troubleshooting of performance problems using commands and utilities like perfstat.

-Diagnosing hardware/software and provide solutions.

-Coordinating with vendor for Hardware Replacement (mother board, disk, SMPS, disk shelf) and Troubleshooting.

-Checking the logs of all filers.

-Coordinating with NetApp global support for NetApp cases.

-Planning and Co-ordination with vendors for maintenance activities.

EMC Storage

-Online training completed for VMAX & ISILON storage

-Confident to work on VMAX & ISILON Storage.

Veritas Netbackup (Backup Technology)


-Veritas Netbackup 5.1 6.5 & 7.5 administration hands on experience.

-Successfully migrated Netbackup version from 5.1 to 6.5, 6.5 to 7.1 and 7.1 to 7.5.

- Netbackup Master, media & client server setup & up- gradation.

-Backup Client performance improvement by applying tuning parameter on media and client server.

-Netapp NDMP authentication setup, Tape library assignment, Backup policy setup and restore data as required.

-MSDP pool configuration.

-ProtecTIER library Installed, Library dimension creation, Host

-Initiators, Drive group, drive masking, Drive assignment with load balancing.

-ProtecTIER virtual library up gradation

-Integrated client agents with Oracle RMAN, MSSQL and Microsoft Exchange including advance client Flash Backup

-Backup Automation.

-DR recovery exercise every six month and successfully done.

-Hands on experience on Physical and Virtual library.

-Monthly charge back report creation.

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor of Commerce from K.J.Somiya College of Art & commerce Mumbai / India.

Hardware & Networking Diploma from Jetking Institute Mumbai / India.

Professional Memberships / Certifications

Hitachi Data Systems Qualified Professional – Storage Administration (HQT-674) Sep-2017.

NetApp Certified Data Management Administrator (NCDA- NSO-154 ) Mar-2012.

IBM Midrange Storage Technical Specialist (000-201) May-2010.

Sun Certified System Administrator for the Solaris 10 OS, (Part-II) Dec-2008.

Sun Certified System Administrator for the Solaris 10 OS, (Part-I) July-2008.

ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, Sep-2008.

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP 70-270) Mar-2008.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Sep-2005.

Professional Experience:

Medidata Solution Inc. (May 2014 – April 2018) (Houston- TX-USA)

Role: Sr. Storage Engineer


During New Datacenter build in Frankfurt, Storage designing and capacity planning, purchase, Vendor coordination, license, Cisco SAN Switch MDS9396s install and configured.

Manage Data Center, SAN Storage Redesign, SAN storage upgrade, Non-Disruptive Data ONTAP Upgrades and SAN Switch upgrades.

Day to Day Administration of Hitachi & Netapp Storage.

Hitachi Storage Administration includes LUN Creation, LUN Deletion, LUN Mapping & LUN Un-Mapping.

Hitachi New storage designing includes, Identifying Hitachi storage, RAID Level Design, FC Port requirement, FC Patch panel, Network IP requirement, DP pool creation, host group creation scheduling task & alert monitoring

Hitachi Universal replicator installation.

Capacity planning for HUR, Journal pool and Volume

HDID version 6.1 configuration and management.

FCIP Switch 9250i Installed and configured.

Hitachi storage virtualization.

Successfully implemented Hitachi true copy for legacy storage to HUS_VM new storage migration.

Implemented Backup Environment Disk Pool from Tier-2 storage to TIER-3 storage.

Hitachi Tuning manger & Performance Analytics alert setup and monitoring.

Hitachi Command suite version 7 & Version 8 administered and upgrade too.

Hitachi Hi-Track administration.

Upgrade of Hitachi Hi-Track version from 5 to 7.2.

Migrated Hitachi Device manager 7.0 from windows 2003 server to Windows 2012.

Install and manage server Hitachi multipath software HDLM.

Netapp ONTAP 7-mode and administration

Netapp Cluster mode 8.3 to 9.2 administration.

Migrated Data from ONTAP 7-mode to Cluster mode.

Created Aggregates, Volumes, Luns and Qtrees, Quotas, Snap Vault and snapshots and Snap Mirroring and restored files from Snapshots

Netapp Volume CIFS/ NFS volume size expansion.

Optimum utilization of Netapp storage.

Preparing for Netapp Hardware upgrade.

Netbackup ONTAP OS upgrade.

Cisco Switch 9513 & 9148 Administration.

Upgraded Cisco NX OS from 5.4 to 6.2. (7) Version.

Successfully implemented FC port channeling

Upgraded Switch module, Line card, Fabric module & Xbar.

MDS Switch CLI Administration, troubleshooting FC cable issue.

Designing VMware ESX server zoning storage requirement.

Monitoring day to day Storage & Switch performance and implementing best solution.

Veritas Netbackup level 3 support.

Design & Implementing Netbackup, Upgrade version for media and master server.

Netbackup automation for NDMP backup.

Netbackup Automation for Successful backup cleanup logs files.

Worked on Hyper converged technology of CISCO (UCS)

Worked on VMware technology for storage allocation and deallocation.

Created UCS storage profile policy WWN, WWPN, HBA, QoS, SAN connectivity.

Port channel configuration on SAN Switch as well on UCS manager.

Visio diagram for all storage array and SAN Switch.

Solarwinds Storage monitoring setup and report generating for management.

Providing the 24*7 on call support on my two year of joining.


Hitachi Command suite 8.3.1, Tuning Manager 8.1.4, Netapp System manager, Unified manager & Performance Manager, Cisco DCNM 7.0 Netbackup 7.6, Python version3. Solarwinds


During New Datacenter build in Frankfurt / Germany, I had been assigned Storage Designing, planning, purchase, license, capacity planning, and vendor management installation and configuration role.

Isolated prod and non-prod, and Backup storage array.

Saved around 200TB unused storage and reclaimed from VMware Cluster.

NDMP Backup automation.

First Consulting Group (March 2014 – May 2014)

Client: T-Mobile (Seattle-WA & Alpharetta GA-USA)

Client Role: Backup Administrator


Veritas Netbackup administration

Successfully completed Data Domain Boost implementation.

Managed data domain 880 & 890 series.

Installed and configured IBM 3500 series Library.

Netbackup L3 support along with day to day administration.

Done POC for Oracle RMAN Backup

Taken transition from Symantec and shared with Entire team.

Implemented Backup and Restore tuning parameter for Master, Media & Client server.


Netbackup console, Storage tek, Putty, Data domain web/HMTL base.


Successfully taken knowledge transition from Symantec Company, same has been shared with offshore team member in India.

Tata Consultancy Services (August 2006 – Feb 2014)

Client: Equifax Inc (Alpharetta GA-USA) (April 2009 – Feb 2014)

Client Role: Storage & Backup Administration


Manage Data Center SAN Storage Redesign, SAN storage upgrade, Non-Disruptive Data ONTAP Upgrades and server upgrades.

Netapp ONTAP 7-mode and C-mode administration Created Aggregates, Volumes, Luns and Qtrees, Quotas, SnapVault and snapshots and Snap Mirroring and restored files from Snapshots

Hitachi LUN creation & Deletion, host group creation, schedule task.

Zoning creation & deletion using CLI & GUI.

Configure zoning on Brocade Switches using Brocade CLI Commands & GUI.

HNAS SPAN, file system creation and NFS export.

Managed Several NetApp Storage Systems and IBM storage systems, FC Switches, designed cabling, redundancy and high availability, enabling multi-pathing feature.

Protocols know FCP, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS.

C-mode ONTAP following list of task performed.

Network interface and routing for Vservers.

Roles and user’s configuration and administration

Services NIS, LDAP & Host name resolution implemented.

Protocol configured like, FC, NFS, CIFS iSCSI

Aggregate, volume, LUN, Qtree creation and exports a share.

Snapshot & snap mirror configured for backup strategy.

Performance Monitoring using OCI sanscreen, Operation manager & Config Adviser

Veritas NetBackup administration.

Daily tasks such as making sure backups completed, ejecting tapes from a library and inserting scratch tapes.

Backup VIP, RMAN, VM-Backup, SAN Client implemented.

Managed and worked on IBMXIV storage.

ProtecTIER library Installed, Library dimension creation, Host initiator, Drive group, drive masking, Drive assignment with load balancing.

ProtecTIER virtual library up gradation Integrated client agents with Oracle RMAN, MSSQL and Microsoft Exchange including advance client FlashBackup

Capacity planning for virtual library.

Backup job failed handle through internal ticketing tool.

Netbackup Media server & client server up-gradation to latest version.

NetBackup environment consists of +Petabytes of data storage each month with a 99.9% success rate

Experienced in Data Center consolidation of NetBackup master, media and client servers such as decommission, server relocation

Improvement plan on slow response client backup.

Monthly chargeback report for backup.

Managed HP Tape Fiber drivers.

Monthly matrix for backup utilization report based on internal business unit.

Storage growth, backup retention and restore requests.

Automation work on daily backup status report.

Client appreciated 100% CSI twice a year.

Successfully completed yearly twice DR recovers process to DR site location.

Vendor management for incident management. (Symantec, SUN, Datalink, Hitachi, Netapp,IBM, Canvas)


Hitachi Command Centre, Netapp SAN Screen, Virtual Instrument, TMEA, Veritas Netbackup 6.5 & 7.5, Storage Tek Library console. Bash & Perl Scripting. IBMXIV

HP Tape drives for SL8500 library.

EFCM, DCFM, Network operation manager.


Equifax has appreciated my work and rewarded with CEO Appreciation Certificate.

Equifax and TCS awarded certificate for my contribution on building Netbackup environment for newly build Equifax India Datacenter site.

Tata Consultancy Services (August 2006 – Feb 2014)

Client: Toys R Us (Mumbai-India) (August 2006 – Nov 2008)

Client Role: Tech Operations


Level 1 support for UNIX servers.

Flipping codes on UNIX & Unisys server

Also handled/Monitored remotely 150 UNIX servers, got exposure to use basic commands like checking free

User accounts administration.

Changing UNIX file permission as requested.

File system basics and system security and file permissions.

Alert monitoring and creating and escalating clarify tool & Remedy tickets as per alert description.

Creating and updating daily checklist

Mail Server monitoring using Mail check monitor

Autosys monitoring for scheduled jobs and backups.

Networker/EDM, LEGATO backup monitoring, rescheduling failed File system backups and completing online backup checklists.

SPO monitoring for alerts on IBM 390, Gigi-Geoffrey Unisys systems, Warehouses and VMS systems.

Entweb monitoring for stores on dial backup, initial troubleshooting for identifying problem and creating

AT&T tickets if required.

Initiating AS400 mainframe backups for CANADA, CANSRV1 and TRUISVR3

Unisys & WFL Manager job monitoring for mainframe systems.

Coordinate between various teams in case of priority tickets if needed.

TCS to TRU WAN link Monitoring


Unicenter, Mail Server & SPO (Monitoring), Autosys (Scheduling), Clarify and Remedy Ticket Creation for any incident

AS400 backup, Daily Checklist (EDM/LEGATO/Networker)


1st ever international client supported remotely, Learned lots about process, gained lots of experience and self-confident.

BUSINESS LINK PVT.LTD (April 2005 – July 2006)

iT SOUCE PVT.LTD. (June 2004 - March 2005)

Client: GTL Limited (Mumbai-India) (June 2004 – July 2006)

Designation: Customer Support Engineer


As part of Manage service team. Following task had been done successfully.

Overall responsibility of IT help desk which includes installation, configuration maintenance & troubleshooting of win NT / 2000 servers edition, windows /95/98 /ME / XP / Professional.

Microsoft outlook account configuration & troubleshooting.

Lotus notes configuration and troubleshooting

Macfee antivirus installation & update. Setting up FTP Antivirus Server for automatic DAT updates.

Regular monitoring of NT servers and Network Performance.

Troubleshooting users’ Desktop and Laptop issue.

Desktop new disk capacity expansion.

Desktop adding new RAM and expand the paging size for better performance.

Maintenance of Hubs, Switches, Routers, Lease line.

Managed LAN colored printer and incase of issue done break fix also.

Installation & trouble shooting of VOIP Phones.

Weekly Data backup of the entire user’s data into Tape drive of 8GB.

Monthly Webex meeting scheduling and setting up the invitee list.

I had managed two sites of GTL, Head office & Branch office.

Vendor management for WAN link failure, MTNL / VSNL.

Additional responsibilities:

As I was placed in Head office, So all Directors Service desk issue resolved on priority.

Given add on responsibility of handling GTL Chair Mr.Manoj Tirodkar, personal computer/Laptops.

External affair service desk calls handle for Politician & VIP people.


Macfee Antivirus, Webex, VNC, Micrsoft product office and windows, Adobe reader/writer.

Winzip, Winrar, HP printer software, Photoshop.


GTL managed service manager had appreciated work by awarding gift card and appreciation letter.

Through two different consulting company worked for GTL manage service desk team.

KAY IMPEX PVT LTD. (March 2003 – May 2004)

Client: HP / Compaq / Toshiba (Mumbai-India)

Designation: Filed Technician


Kay Impex is HP/Compaq / Toshiba authorize dealer.

Assembling of desktop PC’s at customer location

Installation, setup and configuration of operating systems and common software

Configuration of hardware devices and setting up drivers.

Home User supported for issues related to hardware or software including antivirus.

Keeping the track of Annual Maintenance and collecting revenue through it by selling service renewal pack.

Corporate client Hardware support provided to major clients are Reliance ( BSES ) Siemens, TATA Power, ZEE TV ( worli ), Asian Paints ( Santacruz ) etc.


HP / Compaq / IBM computer recovery kit, Hardware failure detecting software.

Macfee Antivirus, VNC, Microsoft product office and windows, Adobe reader/writer.


This was my 1st job as Jr. Engineer, learned lot about computer hardware parts and assembly.

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