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Data Oracle

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
May 16, 2018

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David Occhinero



Over 25 years experience working in fast-paced start up and software environments demanding strong organizational, analytical and time management skills as well as exceptional development and problem solving skills. Extensive background in data architecture design, data management, project management, data migration and integration with emphasis on both high end OLTP and Business Intelligence solutions. Special skills in efficient and effective data storage designs (data warehouses, data marts, operational data stores, and database platforms) with data quality (profiling and cleansing considerations. Quickly grasps complex concepts, analyzes and interprets business concepts and ideas into strategy. Over 20 years of CASE tools development technology and success with implementation of data management standards, company standards, and data/business process analysis.

Specialties: Complex high performing Data Architectures, code and analytic functions in agile high speed environments.

Skills & Expertise

Over 20 years of experience with Oracle, Dimensional Data Modeling, Star Schema Design, Snow Flake Schema Design, Erwin and PL/SQL. Five years of experience with Cloud Development environments with Greenplum, Redshift, Oracle and PostgreSQL, Jasper iReports, Informatica, and Talend. 15 years of experience with Oracle PL/SQL. 8 years of experience with PostgreSQL. 5 years of experience with R, PL/R, Naïve Baes and Multi-variant regression analysis. 3 years experience with Java Spark. 3 years experience with meta data.


Oracle Data Architect at State Of Tennessee, Nashville, TN. November 2017 – Now

Designed Oracle 12C Logical and Physical Data Models using Erwin 9.6. Developed Oracle Stored Procedures and functions for transformations and Data Cleansing.

PostgreSQL Data Architect at MyNexus, Brentwood, TN. July 2017 – Nov 2017

Designed and developed PostgreSQL Dimensional Data Models and Stored Functions for a data mart. Developed PostgreSQL Stored Functions to produce aggregates and summaries integrated with Tableau Dashboards. Tested Tableau dashboards and aggregate functions.

The Data Source was a 2015 SQL Server Database.

Oracle Data Architect at ETCC, Dallas, TX Dec 2016 – March 2017

Designed Developed & Configured Oracle Data Models, procedures and functions for a big Data Warehouse.

Developed Oracle 12C Stored Procedures, Functions and SQL code to transform and aggregate source data.

Developed logical and physical Dimensional Data Models using Erwin. Developed Talend ETL transformations.

Redshift Data Architect at Prosum. September 2016 – Dec 2016

Developed the logical and physical data model for the Redshift Data Mart.

PostgreSQL Data Architect at Arbor Health LLC, Franklin, TN June 2016 to Sept 2016

Developed Data Models using Toad Data Modeler and PostgreSQL functions.

Developed Talend ELT transformation code.

Greenplum Data Architect at Apex Systems, Atlanta, GA February 2016 - June 2016

Greenplum 4.2 GPFDIST readable and writable external tables

Development Greenplum DBA tasks

Developed New Greenplum Functions

Optimized existing Greenplum Functions

Developed Data Models using Toad Data Modeler

Developed Talend ELT transformation code

Greenplum Data Architect at CitiusTech, Franklin, TN May 2015 - September 2015

Conducted a Greenplum Architecture Review and optimized Greenplum ELT functions called by Talend.

Also optimized the the dimensional schema using Toad Data Modeler. The data source was a SQL Server 2012 database which was used to load the Greenplum Data Warehouse. Development Greenplum Database Tuning and Monoitoring.

Data Warehouse Architect at Keas, San Francisco, CA June 2014 - October 2014

Developed a Greenplum and gpfdist prototype which was integrated with Tableau Dashboards. Developed Spark Java code for fast distributed data transformations, aggregations and loading. The data source was a SQL Server database which was used to load the Greenplum Warehouse. Responsible for all Greenplum DBA tasks including tuning, backups and automated recovery.

Data Warehouse Architect at Broadridge Financial Solutions, NY September 2013 - April 2014

Developed a tax pre-processor Star Schema Data Model and Greenplum Stored Functions to transform, cleanse and load data into the Greenplum DCA.

Developed Greenplum 4.2 GPFDIST readable and writable external tables

Developed logical and physical Greenplum Dimensional Data Warehouse Design

Developed Several Complex Data transformation and loading using Greenplum Functions and Spark Java

Data Warehouse Developer at Hewlett-Packard, Plao Alto, CA March 2013 - August 2013

Developed ETL and Loading code and a star schema using Erwin for a HP Products Data Warehouse using SQL Server 2008, Vertica and Erwin.

Developed database code using SQL Server 2008, SSIS and Stored Procedures

Developed Date Range Partition Design and Scripts For SQL Server Data Source

Developed Real Time Summary Tables using SQL Server Materialized Views And Indexes

Data Architect/Developer at VSSOD Corporation, SunnyVale, CA November 2012 - February 2013

Designed and developed a sophisticated high tech parts tracking and financial system as an additional component to SAP. I designed database objects using Erwin and developed database code in PL/pgsql stored functions.

Data Architect ETL Developer at Boom Financial, Inc. Plao Alto, CA March 2012 - November 2012

Developed sophisticated management dashboards and reports using PostgreSQL 9.2, Jasper Reports and Mondrian.

Developed database code using PostgreSQL 9.2 and PL/pgSQL.

Created Stored Procedures and Functions

Developed over 50 reports using Jasper Reports

Database Developer/Architect at Apsalar November 2011 - February 2012

Data Architect and developer using PostgreSQL 9.0, PL/pgSQL, Python and Sky Tools.

Developed distributed database code using PL/Proxy, PostgreSQL 9.0 and PL/pgSQL.

Created Stored Procedures and Functions deployed on 32 PostgreSQL databases using Londiste Replication and executing thousands of transactions per second.

Some of the tools used include PostgreSQL 9.0, PL/pgSQL, PL/Proxy and Londiste.

Database Architect/ETL Developer at Life Technologies August 2010 - June 2011

Developed ETL code using Oracle 10.2.3, PL/SQL stored procedures and functions to filter and migrate entire operating companies Data Warehouse. Over 200 tables and 500 gigabytes of data were migrated including Partitioned Tables as large as 50 Gigabytes.

Created Stored Procedures and Functions as well SQL Scripts to filter and load this Data Warehouse.

Some of the tools used include Oracle 10.2.3, Toad, and Erwin

Data Architect/ETL Developer at Tradescape January 2010 - June 2010

Developed ETL code using Java, Talend and MySQL stored procedures to track page views for a large web company. The delivered code was very fast and scalable.

Creating Data models, ETL, stored procedures, and technical specifications and documentation. Creating conceptual, logical, and physical models for IT and business users.

Some of the tools used include Erwin, Talend, MySQL 5.1, Excel, and Visio.

Data Architect/Engineer at IBM DemandTec Solutions, San Carlos, CA January 2008 - February 2009

Extended the Markdown Data Model using ER/Studio, developed DB2 functions and stored procedures. I also converted DB2 data and stored procedures to Enterprise DB and Postgres and ran part of the Markdown application against the converted databases.

Creation of Enterprise Data Warehouse reports using DB2 9.5 and DB2 Stored Procedures.

Data Architecture technical vision was geared towards Java Development and was to support Data Distribution and Data Migration to various areas and platforms including Linux, over 160 DB2 Databases, a web farm and various data marts. All systems were classified as high availability and 24/7 support.

Some of the tools used include Oracle Admin tools, ER Studio, Word, Toad SQL developer for DB2, Excel, Visio and Oracle 10.2.3.

Developing high level and detail design documents in an agile fast 1 month release cycle.

Sr. Data Warehouse Architect at ATC-Onlane September 2006 - January 2008

Developed ETL Facts and Dimension transformation and loading code using PL/SQL packages. I extended an already existing star schema Data Warehouse. I developed logical and physical database design for the Bulk Vehicles Vertical using ER/Studio. I designed an Oracle function and procedure generator which I used to generate code for the Avis Bulk Vehicle Vertical. Developed automated code generator that dynamically generates a pin trigger for each instance in the RAC cluster and pins all application procedures, functions and packages. Developed log parsing tracking application using Perl and MySQL.

Creation of Enterprise Data Warehouse reports using Oracle 10.2.3 and Oracle Stored Procedures.

Some of the tools used include Oracle Admin tools, ER Studio, Oracle Materialized Views, Toad SQL developer for Oracle, Oracle RAC, Excel, Visio and Oracle 10.2.3.

Sr. Data Warehouse Architect at Akimeka August 2004 - September 2006

I developed all the ETL transformation code to build an Oracle Warehouse Builder analytical Data Warehouse in PL/SQL. Defined the transformation rules, aggregations and cleaning rules as well. Used Erwin to develop the logical and physical Data Model for the JMEWS Application which tracked injured soldiers in Iraq in real-time. I played a key role in architecting and delivering a multi-tier Solaris EMC CX300 SAN solution. This solution includes built in fail-over for the database server, map server and application server. Advanced performance features included multi-path I/O, asynchronous I/O, raw partitions and database code pinning.

Creation of Enterprise Data Warehouse reports using Oracle 10.2.3 and OWB.

Duties and responsibilities included developing data models and Leading the design and development of Databases, Data marts, Data warehouses and ODS data storage areas.

Some of the tools used include Oracle Admin tools, Erwin, Word, Toad SQL developer for Oracle, OWB, Visio and Oracle 10.2.3.

Sr. Database Consultant/Architect at UPS SCS January 2002 - April 2004

Worked as a DBA and Database consultant/Data Modeler/Architect using Erwin to develop conceptual, logical, and business process models.

Designed and developed Java Stored Procedures to do XML Parsing and send XML Messages using Oracle Advanced Queuing. This system supports XML Document exchange of diverse documents up to 300K

in size. All packages are highly optimized and take advantage of bulk operations, array processing and SAX Parsing. This system exchanges XML Documents throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America. I played a key role in reverse engineering and cleaning up the logical and physical Data Model. Developed key Materialized Views, Stored Packages and Data clustering which dramatically improved customer performance of the ServSmart Service Contract Application Software.

Developed complex Materialized Views that provide near real time analytics.

Some of the tools used include Oracle 9.1.6, Erwin, Oracle AQ, Oracle XML and Materialized Views.

Founding Database Architect at Hotwire, San Fransisco, CA June 2000 - October 2001

I designed and implemented the Hotwire 1.0 Data Architecture for the Airline, Hotel and Car Rental verticals. I implemented a stored procedure Data Service API for key airline search queries. I designed the Hotwire 2.0 Data Architecture using JDO’s, Object Caching, Oracle Advanced Queuing and Oracle Object Types. I managed a team of five Java Engineers. The application uses a stored Java API for all application finder methods. Architected coded and tested a highly scalable Oracle AQ Application which tracks partner referral purchases. This application is capable of propagating 200 transactions per second per queue.

Responsibilities included developing data models in Erwin, developing complex stored procedures returning ref cursors and developing O/R Mapping code in Toplink.

Designed, coded and delivered a reporting solution using Oracle AQ, Crystal reports and Oracle PL/SQL.

Some of the tools used included Erwin, Oracle tools, Crystal Reports, Visio, Word, Excel and Microsoft Project.

Founding Database Architect at Live365, Foster City, CA April 1999 - June 2000

Designed, developed and helped implement live365 Web site. This site provides free MP3 streaming for mostly alternative music DJ's. The first release of the site was developed in less than two months. I performed all of the logical and physical database design as well as developing the music directory. The first release uses Oracle 8, Perl DBI and Apache. This release can support up to 10,000 concurrent listeners.

Database logical and physical design.

Some of the tools used included Erwin, Perl DBI, Java, PL/SQL, Word and Excel.

Founding Database Architect at Topica April 1998 - April 1999

I researched and designed the logical and physical data architecture for Topica. I was primarily responsible for the use of Oracle 8, Tuxedo and Oracle Parallel Server. These technologies provided unparalleled scalability and availability. These component choices were very rare and radical for the Internet space. I also was fully responsible for all of the logical and physical database design. The data architecture uses both vertical and horizontal data partitioning for scalability. Data dependent routing of Tuxedo/PRO*C transactions is used to increase the performance of Oracle Parallel Server. Case tools were used to develop the data model. Referential integrity constraints are enforced within each Oracle Schema. In addition to these duties, I designed and coded the search backend for Topica. Tuxedo, Verity and C were used to develop the search service. Topica is processing 3 billion messages per month, which represents about 2 percent of all email traffic on the Internet.

Developed Verity/Tuxedo C search code.

Installed and configured Oracle Parallel Server version 8.0 on a 2 node Sun Cluster.

Some of the tools used included Erwin, Verity, Oracle Parallel Server, Tuxedo, and C.

Oracle Applications Architect at Sun Microsystems March 1997 - March 1998

I assisted multiple fortune 500 companies with Oracle 10.7 Applications architecture issues. These customers are running Oracle Applications with 1000 to 4000 concurrent users on multiple domain SUN E10000’s. I conducted application design reviews. I participated in the development of an Oracle 11-

benchmark kit for the Java Enabled Oracle Applications for the web. I wrote two white papers. I worked on developing a data mining benchmark for Oracle Manufactur44ing. I have extensive experience with developing and configuring Oracle 10.7 and Oracle 11 code for all of the major financial and manufacturing models. I also have experience configuring concurrent manager processes.

Conducted Oracle Applications Architect reviews for customers in Singapore and South Korea.

Some of the tools used were Oracle Applications, Sun Solaris and Power Point.

Senior Performance Engineer at Oracle, Redwood Shores, CA January 1994 - March 1997

I participated in two 1-terabyte benchmarks, as the lead performance engineer, using Oracle 7.3.2, Oracle Parallel Query, Partitioned Views, Oracle Parallel Server and Tuxedo. The first benchmark was done on a 112-node RM1000 MPP platform. The benchmark was a modified TPC-D scale factor 1000 benchmark.

The cardinalities were modified to model British Telcom’s actual Call Database. Oracle and Pyramid won this benchmark. The second benchmark was conducted on two 64 CPU Origin 2000 Servers using Cellular Irix. The application was a real-time multi-dimensional satellite tracking system. The workload was a combination of real-time inserts and long running multi-dimensional queries. Oracle Spatial Data Option was used for this benchmark. Tuxedo was used to do data dependent routing and to do transaction routing.

Some of tools used were Sun Solaris, Oracle Applications, Oracle Parallel Server, Tuxedo, PL/SQL and C.

Database Architect at Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong September 1990 - January 1993

I conducted all database design for a very complex distributed intelligent Airline Flight Scheduling System. This system is still being used by Cathay Pacific at the new Hong Kong airport. Designed and coded

60 database procedures to ensure referential integrity and send formatted Telex Messages. I performed all logical and physical database design and implementation. I performed extensive concurrency and performance tuning. Reconfigured the Ingres Server to eliminate deadlocks and improve cache performance. Coded incoming telex

Program in C. This system is a very complex distributed database client/server system. Clients run SUN OS, OpenLook and the ICL AI Toolkit Decision Power. The server runs SUN OS and Ingres 6.4. The database is mirrored. Distributed updates are accomplished through the sending and receiving of formatted real-time telex messages. The second database is an ADABAS database. • Some of the tools used include Ingres, C and Sun Solaris


Computer Learning Center

AA, Computer Science, 1982 - 1984

Grade: 3.6

University of California, Berkeley

BS, Statisitcs/Political Science, 1976 - 1979

Grade: 3.3

Activities and Societies: Honors Degree


Oracle DBA Brainbench

Brainbench, June 2010



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