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Web Developer Mental Health

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
May 16, 2018

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A position within a challenging and rewarding environment where I can apply and enhance my skills and experience. Particularly interested in utilizing my significant management and computer-related skills within a proactive organization.


Drupal/PHP programming

Internet/Intranet development

● Experience with Drush and Git

Windows and Linux

Expert in, C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML,PHP

● Solid understanding of web frameworks

Strong database and SQL skills

Graphic design programs

Hands-on and proactive

Web content management

● Developed code in an Agile environment

Excellent communication skills


Alter Consult (1994-Present)

Build Git-Connect on Drupal 8, hosted in acquia Cloud.

I work as a full stack developer covering all aspects of the development cycle.

My role consist of gathering and analyzing the requirement, architect the application, create the content types and views. Using bootstrap to theme the site. 2016

I develop the Drupal 7 website .

My role consisted of analyzing the requirements, creating the information architecture, the content types, the views, panels migrate their data, build the site, deploy the site to their remote server acquia. I ‘ve been using highcharts, views display suite, entity reference, CSS, Java script, bootstrap ….

National Association of Mental Health NASMHPD (2015)

I participated to the development of the Drupal 7 website of the My role consisted of analyzing the requirements, creating the information architecture, the content types, the views, panels migrate their data,build the site, deploy the site to their remote server, wrote a draft of training guide,working with the project manager, designers the Q&A

Promised Neighborhood (2015)

I created a forum a private area for the Promised Neighborhood drupel website where its member can upload files and discussed about topics of their choice. I implemented a 2 factors authentication and ran several security checks and make the appropriate changes


Henry Jackson Foundation website (2014)

I developed a Drupal (Custom theme, Custom modules, Features for deployment, RSS) and responsive of the Henry Jackson Foundation website.

My role consists of meeting with the client gathering the requirements, making an estimate, creating a prototype. Designing and implementing SOLR and SOLR faceted search using apache solr framework. The website is hosted in Acquia cloud. Using SSH, DRUSH and GIT to push the code to the Acquia development environment. Create a responsive theme using zurb -foundation, CSS and jQuery, JavaScript.

Wrote custom modules interacting with the Forms API, Views API and other Drupal APIs.

John Hopkins university school of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). (2013)

Work with Convergence Technology as Drupal Web Developer assigned at the John Hopkins university school of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). My role consisted of answering software service requests that are received from clients via email, and their ticketing system

Zend desk. Based on the ticket request we cover both the front end and back end.

Provide guidance to less-experienced analyst/programmers. Mentored Drupal programmers on using/configuring/programming Drupal. Reviewed their code,, (2012)

Developed,, on Drupal 7.for both sites I was the solo developer meeting the client to gather requirement, developed the site, the responsive theme, deploy it to the remote. These sites were developed using Feature, Display suite, Relationship, Views, Geolocation modules.

Write a user guide. Managed an off-shore team of developers migrating web sites written in JAVA to Drupal 6. Scrum management is being used with daily meetings with the off-shore Scrum Master and developers.

Excellent DC tours which is an e-commerce site. (2011)

Develop and design an e-commerce site using and sql server, integrated with for online payment processing.

Designed docteurgoodback website with Drupal 7. (2011)

●Developed and using nopcommerce.(2011)

It‘s built on MVC . net framework integrate with for online credit card processing and UPS for shipping computation.

I used as a front end and extend the membership database to record products and transaction.

I create an administrative panel that enables them to edit, create, delete content and save in the database.

The application is integrated with for online credit card processing.

●BLH Technology (2011)

check their compliance with section 508, enhance the front end. Using Css, jquerry, java script, HTML

●Web Developer Pro Bono at Taproot Foundation (September 2010)

work as a web developer for the web project of Capital City Public Charter School

Work with M-Event a company in Digital Presentation Manager as a Room Technician at Tran catheter Cardiovascular therapeutics TCT Washington DC 2011, 2010,2008 in San Francisco, 2009 New Orleans.

Design an accounting database system for Techno Repairs (2010) with

Ms Access 2007

ABC Online Tutoring (20010) drupal 7

In this project I am the only developer. My role consists of meeting with the client gathering the requirements, making an estimate, creating a prototype.

Designing, architecting and implementing SOLR and SOLR faceted search using apache solr framework. The website is hosted in acquia cloud. Using ssh, drush and git to push the code to the development environment. Create a responsive theme using bootstrap, css and jQuery, JavaScript. The site is integrated with a google chat module.

●Earth day Network (2008- 2009)

Provide IT services to Earth day

While at Earth day Network I Configure over 50 computers, set up the wireless network at the National Mall in Washington DC and work as a tech Support during the Earth Day Celebration, in 2008 as well as in 2009.

Working with Drupal 6 and 7 to create pages, layout, create a script to access MySQL back end database to retrieve the events. for Earth Day Celebration, in 2008 as well as in 2009.

Participate in the design of the website for countries page and Art for the Earth

Troubleshoot, replace hardware (network card, ram….)

●Design website.

It’s a membership web application designed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Ajax.

Designed the back end database with Microsoft SQL server 2008

●Set up the internet radio powered by Live 365

●Africa-USA Business Database (2008)

Developer leader of the Africa-USA Business Database. It’s a content Management of African Countries profiles with sql server as a back end database and aspx as an interface.

Design a sql database with a web interface designed using asp.

●Design website using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Ajax

●Design Alter-consult website using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Ajax.

●Set up the Wireless network of Alter-Consult

●Designing the website of the Global Action Network of Entrepreneurial Women (Ganew-connect) using WordPress and PHP. (2008)

●Create a job applicant tracking system in Ms. Access 2010

●Designed spreadsheet solution for employees’ time tracking with Microsoft Excel Provide customer support. Shakespeare Bookstore & Co., New York.

●Design an Accounting Software (it’s basically to track the payroll of their

Independent Consultant) with Ms Access 2003

Design a spreadsheet solution to generate a report using ADO to retrieve data from Microsoft Access for Performance Resources. (2001)

Data Integration between Mass 90 and Ms Access

Worked on Mass 90 an accounting Software to automate the import process of data from Microsoft Access through Visual Integrator for Performance Resources

Design the Inventory System Management of Ghenet restaurant. (NYC 200)

It’s an application with two Components: The Purchase Order and The Payroll. It automates Outlook to place an Order by email or by Fax. It also uses Internet explorer to go to the supplier’s sites to place an order within Access environment. I designed it with Microsoft Access 2000.

TIAA- CREF, New York: designed database application for Marketing Department with Microsoft Access 2000

Design African Language Center website (NYC 200)

Trend House, New York: Designed database application for Customers Management System with Microsoft Access 2000

Offer Computer Tutorial in MS Access, MS Excel (MS Office)

Design the Website to MMN Associates and provide help when


Design a client /Server Application for Pan-American Business (PAM). Visual basic 6 as a front end and SQL as back end.

Centre Campus, Montreal, Canada: Internship in human resource management and marketing.

CFC Group, Montreal, Canada: Internship in management service and marketing for small businesses.

CDEC/ATI, Montreal, Canada: Internship regarding the administration and management of venture capital and its transferability in developing countries; focus on Senegal.

Lecture at Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Montreal (HEC) about the non structured sector (informal) and entrepreneurship in developing countries particularly in Senegal

Research Associate at Group de Recherche en Macro Ecology (GRAM) Montreal.

I worked in a project about the implementation of green taxes as an alternative to support the development of the private sector under the structural adjustment policies for a sustainable development.

Consortium D'Etude et de Promotion Industrielle et Commerciale, Dakar, Senegal (1992-1993)

Senior Consultant

Feasibility studies, business plan.

Marketing and socioeconomic studies.

Participated in a Regional Seminar on small business start up organized bye UNIDO and ACCT. I did a lecture about how to choose a legal Form, write a Business Plan, and Marketing research.

African Associated Engineering Consultants, Dakar, Senegal (1990 - 1992)

Senior Consultant

Feasibility studies, marketing research, write business plan.

Economic studies.

Work in Several Project and social studies for USAID (United State International Development) about the implication of the population in the management of their environment as an initiative to stop the deforestation.

Banque de L'Habitat du Senegal, Dakar, Senegal (1989 -1990)

Staff member of Office of Administration and Finance

Conducted study about social climate of the organization.

Evaluation of internal communication.

Development of job descriptions and procedures manual.

Societe Nouvelles Conserveries du Senegal, Dakar, Senegal (1989 -1990)

Assistant to Director of Human Resources.


● Lycee Van Vollonhoven, Dakar, Senegal Baccalaureate with Honors,

Concentration in Economics (1983).

● University of Dakar, Senegal: Master’s Degree in Economics; concentration in Business Administration (1989).

●University of Dakar, Senegal: Graduate studies in law (1992).

● International School of Bordeaux, France: Certificate in financing and consulting for small business (1992).

● ZD University: Visual Basic programming, web publishing, and Visual Interdev.

● New York University (NYU) -- Advanced Programming Visual Basic (summer 2000).

● Element K Journals: Certificate of Completion of the class in Microsoft Access 2000 Advanced, Practical Approach to Application development with Access, Developing Access Application

●Continuing education at Acquia academy, Build a module, Drupalize me: Learn and enhance my skills in Drupal 7 and drupal 8


●Brain bench Certified in Access 2000 fundamentals (2000).

●Microsoft Office User Specialist Certified in Microsoft access



All current Microsoft products (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio

Visual BASIC, Sql Server 7 and 2005, 2008 and Visual Studio.Net 2008,

Dreamviewer.Drupal, php, java, jquery, CSS, Git, drush

References available upon request

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