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Los Angeles, California, United States
May 16, 2018

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**** **** ******, **** * ~ Los Angeles, California 90034

703-***-**** (M)


Licensed veterinarian with extensive training and hands-on experience providing full-service veterinary medical and surgical care for small and large animals. Excellent communication and leadership skills, including excelling in building rapport with clients, mentoring/training, and easily interacting with all levels of staff. Skilled in a variety of medical, preventative, and surgical procedures. Proficient in MS Office, DVMax, IDEXX Cornerstone, IDEXX Neo, AviMark and Shelterbuddy software programs. Fluent in English, French, and basic Spanish. Core competencies include:

Preventative Care Surgery Advanced Diagnostics

Sports Medicine Nutrition Behavior Modifications

Emergency Practices Dentistry Internal Medicine

Communications Quality Customer Care General Management


VIRGINIA TECH (Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine), Blacksburg, Virginia

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 2010

~ Coursework includes: animal domestication, reptile and bird morphology, functional morphology and

natural history of mammals, clinical applications of exotic medicine, oncology, and equine medicine.

~ Specialized focus: equine medicine, surgery, theriogenology, neonatology, nutrition, and clinical

problem solving.

TUFTS UNIVERSITY, Medford, Massachusetts

Master of Science in Biological Sciences, 2005

~ Graduate research focused on animal behavior and evolutionary ecology


Bachelor of Arts in Biology and French, 2003


Veterinarian licensure active – California, Texas, New York

California Horse Racing Board veterinarian license active

DEA license active

USDA accreditation - California, Texas



Overland Veterinary Clinic, Culver City, California

Centinela Animal Hospital, Inglewood, California

Village Animal Hospital, Diamond Bar, California

Temple City Animal Hospital, San Gabriel, California

Big Tujunga Animal Hospital, Tujunga, California

FixNation, Sun Valley, California

and others throughout Los Angeles County, California


Veterinary Staff Unlimited, Los Angeles, California

Established recruiting requirements by studying organization plans and objectives

Built applicant pool by researching and contacting community services, colleges, employment agencies, recruiters, media, and veterinary specific internet sites

Provided organization information, opportunities, and benefits to prospective veterinary hospitals by making presentations, and maintaining rapport thereafter

Determined applicant requirements by studying hospital job description and necessary qualifications

Attracted applicants by placing advertisements on broad based job board websites

Determined applicant qualifications through individual interviews, then analysed applicant responses, verified references, and finally compared qualifications to a given hospital’s job requirements

Arranged interviews by coordinating schedules with a given hospital and the prospective job candidate


All Creatures Veterinary Center, Newhall, California

Handled, examined and treated all species of animals, primarily pets and/or companion animals.

Facilitated self-reliance, while strengthening proficiency in diagnostics, surgery and medical management from being a sole practitioner on shift.

Provided and performed diagnostic techniques, including microscopy, radiography, and ultrasonography, depending on individual case needs.

Executed multiple types of advanced surgeries, including both soft tissue and orthopedic, under close supervision from a residency trained surgeon.

Developed anesthetic protocols for individual patients, taking into account any pre-existing medical conditions.

Supervised veterinary technicians and assistants, ensuring proper medical care was correctly administered to patients in the hospital.

Monitored technicians during dental prophylaxis treatments, and performed dental extractions as needed.

Routinely met with clients to outline optimal health maintenance schedules and grooming practices for their pets.

Demonstrated excellent interpersonal and client relation skills, through progressive growth of client base.

Examined, documented, and provided written reports in cases of animal abuse or neglect, working closely with Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control.


Houston SPCA, Houston, Texas

Recommended and assisted in formulation of shelter medical objectives, practices, and decisions that influence operations, thus ensuring optimal health of animals housed in the shelter.

Actively participated in SPCA management efforts by attending strategic planning and staff meetings.

Served as liaison with local/regional veterinary community, and maintained positive relationships with other veterinary professionals.

Helped ensure proper communication among staff members, and maintain standardized processes and consistency especially among veterinary technical staff.

Provided comprehensive medical and surgical services to animals throughout the shelter, including small, large and wildlife animals.

Performed sterilization surgeries for shelter animals, including dogs, cats, small mammals, horses and small ruminants.

Executed medical examinations on admitted animals, including rescues, cruelties, and emergencies, and oversaw and influenced treatment plans for animals throughout the shelter.

Examined, documented and provided expert testimony in cases of animal abuse or neglect.

Ensured excellent customer service and a generally positive experience for potential animal adopters.

Assisted all staff in any situations that required immediate problem solving.

Participated in developing an annual veterinary student externship plan with Texas A&M University.


West Coast Equine Hospital, Somis, California

Provided comprehensive care, including examination, diagnosis and treatment of complex equine diseases, injuries, and traumas

Supported daily operations of a 30-unit equine referral hospital, which included responding to after-

hours emergencies, coordinating care with technical staff, and monitoring inpatient animals.

Worked alongside veterinarians to assist with all aspects of care, including surgical procedures, ultimately progressing to greater decision-making, leadership roles.

Administered anesthesia for both elective and emergency surgeries.

Educated clients on pet healthcare needs, preventative measures, and other pertinent issues.

Provided 24-hour monitoring for pregnant mares and on-site doctor attendance for all foalings.

Implented emergency procedures, such as initial patient admissions, collaboration with referring

veterinarians, customized care plans, and surgical assistance.

Supervised, trained and mentored technicians, externs, and third-year veterinary students.

Motivated staff to uphold veterinary ethics, state/federal protocols and regulations through proactive supervision and communication.

Conducted weekly journal club rounds and completed month-long clinical rotations to hone skills in

anesthesia, lameness, radiology/ultrasound, intensive care, and emergency medicine.

Played an instrumental role in organizing and executing the hospital’s first aid seminar for the local community.


Small Animal Surgery, Community Practice, Anesthesiology, Radiology, Product Management Medicine, and Large Animal Clinical Services - VMRCVM, Blacksburg, Virginia

Animal Rescue League of Boston - Boston, Massachusetts

Marion Dupont Scott Equine Medical Center - Leesburg, Virginia

Shield’s Equine and Winner’s Circle Ranch - Arcadia, California

California Equine Orthopedics - San Marcos, California

San Dieguito Equine Group - San Marcos, California

SurgiCare Center for Horses – Tampa, Florida

West Coast Equine Hospital - Somis, California

Conducted complete medical histories and physical exams on large and small animals.

Administered treatments, and executed modifications as necessary after discussions with clinicians.

Assessed diagnostic images, including radiographs, ultrasounds, MRIs, and bone scans; made

diagnostic conclusions, and adjusted patient treatment plans accordingly.

Performed advanced diagnostics, including upper airway endoscopy and gastroscopy, to obtain

further information and ultimately better directing patient care.

Performed lameness exams, and administered diagnostic perineural/intraarticular anesthesia.

Communicated daily with owners to keep them informed of their pets’ health.

Attended private consultations to address small animal behavioral problems and assisted in

demonstrations of various behavioral modification techniques.

Designed protocols and administered anesthesia for surgical patients according to clinical history.

Performed surgical procedures on large and small animals, both in hospital and during field calls.



Hudson Conway Racing, Melbourne, Australia (Summer 2006, 2007, 2008)

Equine Track Associates, Houston, Texas (Summer 2005)

Massachusetts Equine Clinic, Uxbridge, Massachusetts (2004-2005)

Supported clinical and surgical procedures by administering fluids and medications, performing

physical exams and lameness evaluations, and assisting with advanced diagnostics/treatments that

included radiography, endoscopy, ultrasonography, shock wave therapy, IRAP, PRP and stem cells.

Administered supervised intraarticular injections to equine patients with diagnosed osteoarthritis.

Acquired knowledge and training in basic field anesthetic protocols and castration techniques.

Attended thoroughbred yearling sales, and assisted with extensive pre-purchase examinations.


Houston Zoological Gardens, Houston, Texas

Assisted lab technicians with diagnostic tests, such as CBC, serum chemistry, urinalysis, and fecal exams.

Prepared pharmaceuticals and treatments; assisted the animal keepers with diet/food preparations,

habitat maintenance, and medication administration.

Observed emergency surgeries and assisted veterinarians with routine exams and diagnostics.



Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts

Taught an introductory biology laboratory course covering general principles in cellular/molecular

biology, genetics, animal/plant science, and evolutionary mechanism.

Assisted with laboratory animal care, including rats and tobacco hornworms.

Collaborated in development of several scientific papers pertaining to paper wasp research.

Encouraged academic success of students by providing extensive feedback and support.



Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts

Researched effects of demography, morphology, and genetics on colony productivity in primitively

eusocial paper wasps using DNA extraction, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and gene analysis.

Studied correlation of avian brain mass to invasion success.

Explored theoretical aspects of conservation biology, including correlates of extinction risk and

species translocation usage.

Analyzed the physical components of the invasive paper wasps’ mating behavior.

Conducted chi-square analysis to determine nestmate/kin recognition in paper wasp mate choices.


Rice University, Houston, Texas

Designed experiments and completed statistical analysis as part of researching cost of chimerism in cellular slime mold on natural substrates.


National Who’s Who among Executives/Professionals 2005 – 2013

National Dean’s List of College Students 2000 – 2003


Southern California Veterinary Medical Association 2013 – Present

Texas Veterinary Medical Association 2012 – 2013

Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association 2012 – Present

American Veterinary Medical Association 2010 – Present

American Association of Equine Practitioners 2005 – 2012

California Veterinary Medical Association 2010 – Present

Society of Theriogenology 2007 – Present

Pi Delta Phi (French National Honor Society) 2003 – Present

American Association of University Women 2002 – Present


A. Sumana, Aviva E. Liebert, Anne S. Berry, Ghislaine T. Switz, Colin M. Orians, and Philip T. Starks. 2005. Nest hydrocarbons as cues for philopatry in a paper wasp. Ethology 111: 1-9.

Castillo, D., Switz, G.T., Foster, K.R., Queller, D.C., Strassmann, J.E. 2005. A cost to chimerism in Dictyostelium discoideum on natural substrates. Evolutionary Ecology Research 7: 1-9.

Liebert, A.E., Johnson, R.N., Switz, G.T., Starks, P.T. 2004. Triploid females and diploid males: underreported phenomena in Polistes wasps? Insectes Sociaux 51(3): 205-211.

Switz, G.T., Liebert, A.E., Johnson, C., Starks, P.T. Nestmate recognition and mate choice in a paper wasp. In preparation.

Reed, J.M. and G.T. Switz. Avian brain mass: a correlate of invasion success? In preparation.


Western Veterinary Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada 2012, 2014, 2016

Pacific Veterinary Conference, Long Beach, California 2014, 2015

American College of Veterinary Surgeons Symposium, Seattle, Washington 2010

Goulburn Valley Equine Theriogenology meeting, Shepparton VIC, Australia 2007

International Union for Study of Social Insects, Flagstaff, Arizona 2004

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