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Database Service Delivery Manager/Senior Developer

Cary, Illinois, United States
May 16, 2018

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Cary, IL *0013-2285

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Opportunity to implement business, data and financial solutions through systems integration, project management


Over twenty-five years of managing, developing client solutions within increasingly challenging environments: Twenty months of data analytics/governance consultancy. Sixty-five months of database/web application creation/ownership, service delivery across teams, within a SIFI. Thirty-three months of managing ETL & messaging integration development/implementation at a revenue cycle process consultancy. Twenty months of enterprise application development, administration and support in a retail REIT. Twelve months of database/reporting administration within broker-dealer trading/clearing operations. Twelve months of consultative database management, development, reporting and administration. Three years of successful web-based, financial systems project management, development and optimization. Nine months of global investment banking systems management. Five years of client/server application and report development, business process improvements, data analysis and systems/database administration. Four years of qualitative and quantitative analyses for decision support, project management of computer-based business/financial models.


Senior Data Architect (Consultant)

Information Asset, LLC; February, 2017 – November, 2017

Successfully implemented & expanded measurement framework within Data Analytics/Governance consultancy, Fortune 100 clients. Closely coordinated with client/vendor teams, to drive awareness, value & recourse capability across operational & reference data sets, critical elements. IBM Infosphere Information Analyzer; Information Governance Catalog; Collibra 5.03.

Founded customer element measurement framework, across 130 million-row source (Oracle), North American automobile manufacturer. Rules engine w/140 measurements across 3 timeframes; dash-boarding accelerates client/stakeholder engagement, data awareness & remediation cycles, risk mitigation.

Created & implemented 205 data measurements regarding automobile sensor/performance metric measurement (varying dimension type); rule exception detail enables clients/stakeholders to understand and quantify operating tolerances (IoT), remediation steps.

Assisting a global agricultural manufacturer with COLLIBRA-based processing, to validate and implement workflow coordinating data chunk creation, usage and authentication, within an AWS Data Lake.

Crafted a measurement “proof-of-concept” for a rail transportation client; rail car sensor data gathered, recourse and awareness of operation/safety metrics (IoT); 14-column sample used across 20 measurements (varying dimension type)

Senior Data Architecture Analyst (Consultant), Data Governance & Analytics

BMO Harris, N.A. (Kforce); April, 2016 – February, 2017

Responsible for data measurement creation, development, exception report provisioning, across several bank silos. Closely coordinated with cross-border HUB (architecture) team, to manage element/rule workflow environments, testing/rollout cycles, measurement result dashboard environments, to drive value in enterprise-wide framework. Worked with IBM (Netezza, DB2) databases and toolsets (Infosphere; Information Analyzer, Information Governance Catalog), Aginity querying tools, SPOTFIRE 7.0 dashboards.

Designed, validated and implemented data measurements of varying type (completeness, validity, integrity) across several system/data repository types (XRM Customer, a US Customer reference system; across BCBS 239/RDARR-specific capital markets systems (Calypso, ICI, Global One, WSS, XIM, XST, Intrader) Coordinated across LENDING client and RISK stakeholder teams, for exception remediation cycles.

Achieved enterprise adoption of the rule set object (IBM Information Analyzer) across enterprise data workflow. Multiple data rule requirements can be efficiently bundled within a single engine-side event, reducing administrative drag, improving rule engine performance with more granular and co-located exception output.

Assistant Vice President, IT Service Delivery/Operations, Modifications Fulfillment Group

Bank of America, N.A.; October, 2010 – March, 2016

Founded and owned application (MS SQL Server 2008 R2 database, IIS/web servers) linked to high-volume loan modification/servicing-loss mitigation operations. Server-based environments supported 2k internal clients and stakeholders; facilitated successful processing of nearly 1 million trial and permanent loan modifications, across 80 different programs, monthly reporting via IR2 (Dept. of Treasury) system.

Configured ETL/data marshaling (iSeries, TeraData, Oracle) with other architecture and provider teams, closely coordinated to client processing and reporting requirements. AIT (application) creation, server-based operations mitigated high-risk, desktop-only processing, improving performance and efficiency. Reduced operational, regulatory risk for Legacy Asset Servicing.

Project-managed four major MS SQL Server/IIS production server builds, integrated cutovers, to include SQL upgrades, hardware, LoB processing enhancements. Designed and implemented lower-level MS SQL Server and web/IIS environments, to enhance SDLC iterations; TFS set-up and adoption.

Coordinated periodic BASE, initiative testing/release cycles, SLA support across an array of technology, LoB/stakeholder teams. Set up performance tracking and other configuration management data-gathering within each SQL instance, to improve stability, planning and traffic control.

Designed, implemented and managed a windows group-based authentication model; production, lower-level SQL, IIS environments. Windows group framework provided efficiency for access history recourse within audits; basis for subsequent integration into enhanced access management platforms/ticketing systems.

Hired and managed two consultants to conduct SQL database object sizing reviews/maintenance strategies; access management system on-boarding project.

Coordinated server-level, process hub failover/failback testing, integrated and standalone Disaster Recovery/DR validations, a key risk mitigation step.

Managed several midrange storage operational cutovers for client teams, to include a 6k user shift

Assisted with internal/external audit data, technology fulfillment, to include artifact provision across several MHA-C audit cycles; assisted in deliverables for several OCC (Office of the Comptroller & Currency) exams.

Senior Developer/Project Manager, IT Development/Implementation

Accretive Health, Incorporated; November, 2007 – August, 2010

Responsible for successful development, implementation and administration of real-time, HL7 interface environments and performance, involving message load to revenue cycle enterprise database applications. Technology platforms included Corepoint/NeoIntegrate and SQL Server 2005.

Built, requirement-gathered, tested, rolled out, and supported custom, HL7 ADT (Admit/Discharge/Transfer) interfaces for sixty hospital client sites across thirty-eight physical connections. Former business process consisted of dual entry: patient registration data to hospital host system, with Accretive enterprise applications. Real-time interfaces were value drivers for hospital operations and post-load, insurance audit execution.

Served as HL7 IT owner; trained implementation and other internal staff on HL7 messaging methodology, load aspects, support procedures, to include Level ONE helpdesk, data quality staff, server/network administrators. Optimized load performance architecture and measurement, in parallel with increasing, year-over-year message volume (CY 2010 volume on track for 70 million, cross-client).

Directly supervised an external, technical consultant during peak rollout periods. Liaised with external clients in development, implementation and support, to optimize HL7 operations. This included hospital and client system vendor staff, for connectivity (tcp/ip), HIPAA compliance and client host system/data validation issues.

Constructed, implemented numerous enhancements to message ETL process; expanded data capture and load scope, linked to messaging-dependent applications or business processes. Examples include ‘HILO’ message path forking, linking to HL7-dependent, audit exception review tool; visit/physician/role load was a key win for enhancing physician authorization business process at a remote operations center.

Built and implemented an outbound, HL7 MDM (Medical Document Management) leg, integrated from a transcription enterprise application. Capability involved database triggers, other coordination points with the integration layer. New leg enabled fully-integrated, electronic report transfer from application to client host system (McKesson-HPF). Former business process consisted of physical print-outs at the client hospital.

Senior Database Analyst, Application Services

General Growth Properties, LP; March, 2006 – November, 2007

Responsible for systems development and production support for mission-critical forecasting and real estate development enterprise applications. Forecasting systems served as a basis for generating FFO (Funds From Operations), a key, REIT-specific performance metric for reporting to Wall Street.

Served as project coordinator/liaison and technical analyst for systems activities regarding DYNA, the enterprise-wide platform for G/L, sales forecasting/budgeting. Performed DBA duties for DYNA (MS SQL Server) databases, DTS and scheduled job aspects as-needed in production and development environments.

Assisted with forecasting-related, INSIGHT (COGNOS, Business Objects 6.1b & XI R2) report development & application administration (development project) tangent to business intelligence. INSIGHT reporting drove efficiency by replacing manual, spreadsheet-based operations (DYNA reports) for data collection and processing.

Managed development, requirements-gathering on a systems solution for tracking real estate development projects. Web-fronted, database-backed system would replace manual information-gathering, spreadsheet-based feedback/reporting across real estate development projects in varying phases.

Senior Database Analyst, Back-Office/Clearing Operations

Belzberg Technologies/Electronic Brokerage Systems, LLC; February, 2005 – March, 2006

Managed application, reporting, database development and administration for an agency-only broker/dealer, a subsidiary of a trading technology concern. Managed SQL Server 2000 database instances for intra-day, end-of-day operations; trading, clearing and reporting. Trading data flow based on FIX, proprietary and MS message protocol, converted to SQL Server. Stable trade flow/loading enhanced front-end customer order fill response speed from exchanges, along with end-of-day clearing/reporting performance.

Responsible for timely clearing, reporting and automated file submittal to clients and regulatory entities, e.g., NASD-OATS (administrator), Options Clearing Corp. (post-trade allocations), NYSE - Daily Program Trading Report, along with ad hoc NYSE-OTS and SEC - Blue Sheet reports. Liaised with internal and external sales and regulatory teams to optimize reporting and database applications, such as option and equity execution summaries and compliance reports.

Managed end-of-period financial reporting projects for equities and options, for internal and CBOE staff; specialist fees, volume-weighted average price reporting, complex option & sweep summaries.

Re-engineered equity and option reference flow from source systems (ComStock, OCC) to clearing servers. Built and maintained symbol/CUSIP correction scripts, pursuant to market/IPO updates, increasing trade break correction efficiency for other clearing staff.

Database Systems/Financial Consultant

Strategic Staffing Solutions; June, 2004 – August, 2004

Designed and developed brokerage data warehouse reports & processes (DB2 UDB - AIX) within a top five U.S. securities firm (Wachovia). Relationship-managed for informational needs across enterprise-wide client groups: broker/registered representatives, sub-firm controller/product managers, trading desk managers, and operating committee members. Assisted with functional testing of a web-based, broker reporting tool. Performed validation by data subject area for merger-related activities, regarding incoming warehouse objects.

Database Systems Administrator/Financial Modeling Consultant

Robert Half Technology; September, 2003 – May, 2004

Managed SQL Server 2000 database optimization and administration within an accounting/treasury group for a FTSE 100 futures commission merchant (MAN Financial). Oversaw development of a dynamic documentation system w/SQL & VB modules; DTS package and scheduled job components were dynamically consolidated into MS-Word shells (operational & regulatory audiences). Developed key brokerage & exchange revenue components for a first-ever P&L cube (OLAP).

Optimized SQL Server database administration and support for a logistics subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company (RR Donnelley Logistics). Built, managed a SQL Server priority queue, liaising to both Systems & Infrastructure directors. Assisted with onsite database implementation at a critical hub.

Developed a dynamically-linked, rental credit & charge back spreadsheet template for an IT asset leasing concern (Relational Funding). Template coordinated COGNOS-supplied information and manually-keyed adjustments (part of external customer invoice package).

Served as a database developer, analyst, administrator and modeler for a growing distribution/supply chain client (Aquascape Designs). Optimized database & datamart operations within SQL Server 2000/OLAP environment. Liaised with line managers to custom-tailor reports and cube build routines. Provided SQL Server oversight training for client, to include DTS/agent job enhancements, linked to process streamlining.

Senior Database Administrator/Project Manager, Enterprise Applications Management

Grant-Thornton, LLP; May, 2000 – June, 2003

Served as systems owner, database systems analyst, administrator and developer within tax/audit consultancy. Systems scope included time & billing (CMS) and ORACLE-based Lawson HR applications.

Founded and project-managed the successful design, analysis, development, implementation and management of a web-based, firm wide IT Asset Management database system. Former business process for leased (Dell) PC control and invoicing occurred solely within spreadsheets. Web-based system helped to optimize PC management and monthly lease invoice processing (system helped to achieve savings of at least $400k). Initiated and implemented first-ever electronic (fixed-length record) invoices from PC lease vendor (Dell Financial Services).

Build and managed numerous SQL Server interfaces across enterprise application & database servers. Initial goal was to provide a common reference for personnel information from Lawson system (PL/SQL). Interfaces supported data components for a wide variety of client applications. Liaised with Finance & Accounting staff to map, build and optimize daily interfaces concerning cash positions, JE account summaries for period reconciliations. Assisted with preliminary data mart builds and cube designs for SQL Server OLAP processes for accounting and financial services teams.

Helped to successfully develop, implement firm wide, ITIL-based, IT project management methodology.

Consulting Manager, Risk Management/Risk Systems (Production Support)

ABN-AMRO Bank, NV; August, 1998 – May, 1999

Managed support for North American project development and use of Risk EXposure and Management (RXM) software within Treasury/Investment Banking division. System served as global, real-time credit limit monitoring tool and reporting basis. Supported system involvement for front, middle, and back offices, treasury credit and risk control areas, in addition to commercial banking groups.

Managed system analyses, enhancements and support for North American user group (US, Canada, Mexico) with English and Dutch HQ staff.

Optimized system usage and cost-effectiveness through close coordination with European and Asian business teams. Contributed to 24X7 system support plan/facility with HQ staff and system vendor (GEIS).

Programmer/Analyst, Technical Services Department

CoAMS, Incorporated; July, 1996 – May, 1998

Developed financial claim applications, processing and reporting within cooperative advertising business. Environment: INFORMIX (SE & Online), FOURGEN (3.8), CRYSTAL (5.0) reporting, SCO UNIX.

Constructed processing/report packages based on customer requirements, industry guidelines. Responsible for accuracy and administration of manufacturer accruals, facilitating reimbursement to the retailer.

Developed variety of financial oversight reports (payment performance by claim/promotion variables, accrual utilization). Reporting assisted customers in optimizing program profitability and efficiency.

Programmer/Analyst, Information Services Department

Mediatech, Incorporated; March, 1994 - June, 1996

Developed financial applications, sales reports, order entry/production applications for video duplication/distribution concern. Modified server/database parameters as needed for firm wide systems. Environment: INFORMIX, FOURGEN (3.8), SCO UNIX.

Developed application to generate a production department work order consolidating the requirements of a shipping order group, conserving order entry time and avoiding hand transcription errors.

Developed application by which production department could review dub/spot requirements queued from un-picked orders. This enhanced efficient oversight of spot/dub/format types needed for shipping orders per day.

Mortgage Analyst, Quality Assurance Department

Sears Mortgage Corporation; August, 1992 - March, 1994

Generated database reports and analyses; investor requirements stipulate manual review of mortgage loan files prior to investor sale. INFORMIX (SE) database (AIX UNIX) served to risk-score loans, generate audit sample on the basis of risk score and other factors, and house audit result information.

Developed automated risk rating algorithm/application (ACE report) for quarterly reporting on nationwide loan origination sources. Quarterly risk rating incorporated internal audit and other credit/market risk observations.

Risk Management Analyst, Credit Administration

Bank One, Dayton, N.A.; February, 1991 - August, 1992

Responsible for maintaining credit card portfolio quality through analyses of risk performance measures. Delinquency, charge-off odds calculated by correlating credit-scoring algorithm cutoffs and account performance. Quantitative analyses assisted decision-making for credit card programs.

Developed numerous spreadsheet analyses (roll-rate based loan loss reserve estimates, delinquency summaries and charge-off models) by credit program for operational, budgetary purposes; conducted feasibility studies for potential start-ups/conversions of credit card portfolios.

Data Systems Coordinator, Information Systems Division

Ohio Secretary of State’s Office; April, 1989 - August, 1990

Acted as technical liaison between state-level elections administration and 88 county-level election boards, managing voter records, precinct election results on Honeywell relational mainframe.

Managed data conversion project to update Honeywell relational database with statewide, precinct-level election results. Teamed with external consulting firm to convert computerized and paper-based election results into fixed-length record deliverables.


Corepoint Integration Engine Training; HL7 by-the-book, and beyond; January, 2009

Developing w/Microsoft SQL Server 2000; March, 2003

Designing/Implementing OLAP Solutions w/Microsoft SQL Server 2000; January, 2003

Lawson UNIX Systems Administration; April, 2001

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Systems Administration; January, 2001

INFORMIX - Online Dynamic Server System Administration; November, 1996

Developing Applications with INFORMIX - 4GL; June, 1995

Fair Isaac Credit Scoring Workshop; August, 1991

Bachelor of Science, Mathematical Sciences

The Ohio State University, December, 1988

Industrial Engineering (Pascal-based optimization programs) Operations Research

Statistical Analyses (SAS, SPSS-Minitab) Russian Language

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