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Construction Design

Longmont, Colorado, United States
May 17, 2018

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Jessie Longmont, Objective To opportunities. Education obtain a Co position 720) Santos in 366-which 5917 my jessie_skills have santos@an applicable opportunity for continuing growth and Ohlone College Fremont, Ca

Business Management

Masters Institute of Technology San Jose, Ca


Mechanical Design


DIRECTOR BIM ENGINEERING BAYVIEW ENGINEERING JANUARY 2017 TO JANUARY AutoCAD CAD 2018 -Automation design Responsible Generate Generate Involved Check Check Prepare Lead Prepare set Attend coordinate MANAGER up piping code fabrication plan procedures BID Plant scheduling proposals in Plan sketches with piping to walk gauge determining designer to 3D be piping SENIOR prepare clients ready 2018 isometric setting designs for for and for designs and standards Conceptual cost for design to construction LEAD various Oil drafter determine and construction. estimates drawings Separator and dept. sectional Tie-GOLDER in sectional study the in package their and point Manifold. up-design orthographic bill needs stream ASSOCIATES Orthographic and for material of the new new piping construction. Drawings. pipe Fuel against Drawings. design routing Piping APRIL material group. System. for 2012 new TO AutoCAD Work Valve -Automation -Generate Generate Involved Check Lead Involved JANUARY Manifold in piping fabrication Plant determining in in Plan sketches gauge determining Conceptual designer 2017 3D piping for 2016 isometric setting the for various designs and various Conceptual Piping / various Oil Civil drafter drawings Separator tie-and oil Study 3D in Tie-gauge in sectional study / points the CADworks in and and point Manifold. setting up-design Detailing for bill stream Orthographic new and material for of / new new fuel back-piping of the Header. pipe Fuel against up new Drawings. design Generator routing Piping Automation material group. System. for Plant, new Page 2

design --Check Responsible code plan piping to to be prepare ready designs for construction and construction. sectional package orthographic for the construction. Drawings. AutoCAD Manage PIPING PIPING involves reports. AutoCAD -Automation design - Marked--tie- Generate Work Utilize cost drawings. Exceed given construction. Field practices. involved -Valve Assigned Engineering Assigned and Assigned construction mark Generate software Collaborate and mechanical/ Checked Generate Responsible Generate Generate Involved Check Check Lead Involved in as-quickly estimate, up projects. additional the Manifold in Update piping verify DESIGNER DESIGNER in code build fabrication plan knowledge MEP management determining 2011 and the up in in vendor’s BIM in in Assigned to to to sketches 2D Auto-Plan sketches field support remedied piping drawings. to gauge piping determining Conceptual adherence design closely work work work BIM designer verification. support, to and 2012 BIM and model be In piping for Cad prepare work duties model various ready 3D model specifications in in in isometric setting drawings the designs of drawings. for for to and plan with of FUEL SWAT Chevron DOW Conoco and project various accounting expectations hand work designs potential and in P various field mechanical, Conceptual and with construction. for design. Piping &construction determining piping project and various coordinate plant I Oil drafter Chemical OIL and D’s construction. responsibilities sketch initiatives. in ENERGY specifications, and drawings layouts Phillips Separator support tie-Refinery and Chevron oil to Study locations. sectional problem Generate SYSTEMS designs documents managers, in material and Tie-suit gauge in sectional mark study in piping points at the using BIM Refinery technical in and terms package various new construction. and Pittsburgh, at 20 Refinery point Manifold. and setting up-up, areas. design orthographic clash meetings Richmond, Detailing specifications. layout for design state TO bill rules including stream followed of Orthographic created sectional in 2011 new and tie-at efficiency for material 2011 addition software detections for of of Renewal Rodeo, / and in concepts, the new new fuel CA. regulations the back-with TO piping of points CAD CA. up design field construction. the orthographic art involved Drawings. Header. pipe 2012 Fuel against to CA. on all to up and involved iso new Projects, CAD and Drawings. design construction inspections for compose discrepancies principles checked Generator routing P&Piping isometrics. drawings, timeliness; the submit Automation and design ID material in group. walk Hydrogen in safety I System. for am permit, clash Plant, and P&down new ID Page 3

AutoCAD AutoCAD CIVIL CIVIL Designed specifications. and Grading, Created with drawings. Attend coordination Hired Researched built Grading profile CAD CAD planning plans as project Civil / plans, Drainage, preliminary drafter Land DESIGNER DRAFTER and for surveys and to 3D department various implemented alignments, meetings achieve Desktop / analyzed designer Pavements and mapping, concerns LEA drawings SANDIS, project with development and plan for & corporate other & BRAZE developed prepared civil completion and and Drives, INC. of: engineering profiles, vendors managed policies, ENGINEERING Sanitary needs, 2006 permit final on & to project a plans Engineering drafted TO formulate procedures timely applications, projects & Storm 2007 for quality and manner. varied consisting Sewers, 2005 proper assembled and mark control. collaborated projects. standards TO ups Utilities of 2006 plan as- JUNIOR INTERIOR DESIGNER BRERETON ARCHITECT 2004 TO 2005 AutoCAD ensure Collaborated Developed throughout with building design plans, concept, codes. with expectations met clients, planning with architects, were city and planning met construction planning while officials maintaining agencies phases. and building and strict vendors adherence inspectors to Walnut Walnut CHEVRON CONOCO Stantec Golder Creek, Creek, Associates Consulting PHILLIPS Refinery CA, CA, CA, CA, USA USA USA USA NASA support. canopy Plan, Penasquito Dam Station, pipelines. Involved Supervised Renewal P7ID designs Civil walk AMES: with Booster Boiler Project. in Civil plans down and design Engineering cat Nox included: plans system managed walk, to Stations, and project and pipeline to as-Mechanical Cyclone Engineering designs pipeline build design design Seepage construction layouts. included: Station, and layouts. and plan, and support. construction. Engineering Reclaim permits Electrical Dewatering Structural Slurry Water for the Page 4

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