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Engineer Manufacturing

El Paso, Texas, United States
May 17, 2018

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Leonel Salayandia 915-***-**** **** Tierra Taos El Paso, Texas 79912


Standard-Work; MTM analysis system, MOST analysis system, Stopwatch system, Takt-time and Line-Balancing of Cell .

Kan-ban, Material Presentation, Lay-out, Work Instructions, ECR, CAR, Root-Cause Analysis, and Bottleneck Analysis, Fixture and Work Station Design, Capital Expenditures. Pilot Runs, Cost analysis on Material and Overhead, Process Improvements and Lean Manufacturing. Auto-cad, ME10, Solid-Works, SAP, PDM, Oracle.


Eaton Corporation

9650 Jeronimo Rd. Irvine, CA 92618

Assembly of Fuel Systems

(Contract-Position, Bartech Group)

(Jun. 2017 - Dec. 2017)


Support production floor with assembly issues.

Create and update Work Instructions, design of fixtures and work station.

Working with production floor for new methods, root cause analysis (red-tag process) for scrap and improvements.

Zodiac Aerospace

2641 Airpark drive Santa Maria CA 93455

Assembly of Seat Shells

(Contract-Position, Volt Workforce Solutions)

(Nov. 2015 – Dec. 2015)


Support production floor with assembly issues.

Create Work Instructions for one Product Line using Power point and Catia System.

Honeywell International Inc.

11100 North Oracle Rd. Tucson AZ 85737.

Assembly of Cabin Pressure systems

(Contract-Position, The Fountain Group) (Nov. 2013 - Oct.2015)


Support product integrity, Manufacturing output and Continuous Improvements, working with factory operations.

Work with production floor personal and Receiving Inspection for the disposition of defect and damage parts, doing root cause analysis and creating Quality Notification for RTV (Return to The Vendor), rework or Scrap of parts (using SAP and PDM).

Work with Final Inspection for Rejections of Units doing root cause analysis in production floor and doing the Disposition of rework in the Quality Notification.

Work with Customer’s CAR (Corrective Action Request); working with test dept. and production floor to find the cause of Unit’s rejected.

Updating Work Instructions according to the root cause analysis from CAR and Improvements in production floor.

Triumph Aerostructures-Vought Aircraft Division

3901 Jack Northrop Ave. Hawthorne, CA 90250.

Assembly of Aircraft-Panels

(Contract-Position, Aerostructures Inc.) (Oct. 2012 - Feb. 2013)


Maintenance of Bar Chart Hours and Shop Operating Plan (SOP).

Coordinate with production supervisor labor and over-time required to meet the shipping schedule and daily updates in the (SOP) according to Rework and Parts issues.

Forecast labor needed (Mechanic) for Passenger-panel and Freighter-panel models according to the actual Efficiency.


401 Tilt Rotor Drive Amarillo, TX 79111.

Assembly of Helicopters

(Contract-Position, PDS-Technical Services Inc.)

(Dec. 2010 - Sep. 2011)


Performance of time study in the assembly line to validate the Standard-Work and identify the Value Added and Non-Value Added in the process.

According to the Non-Value Added found make suggestions and improvements in the material presentation, tools (tool-boxes, special equipment), Work-Stations, Fixtures Area and Lay-out of line.

Time Study performs with PDA System capturing a complete cycle of installations on each operation.


110 Vinton Rd. Vinton, TX 79835.

Fabrication of Hot-Steel Rolled Bar.

(Contract-Position Lofton Staffing)

(Sep. 2008 - Jun. 2010)


Establishment of Pass design Charts (Process Calibration of the Mills) using Auto-CAD 2009, keeping the Steel-bar reduction in balance on the thirteen Mills of the Rolled-Mill Dept.

Calibration of fixtures (guides and twisters) for the stands in the Rolled-Mill.

Monitor the Process and do Root-Cause analysis for Process Improvements, using Pareto charts (Minitab)

Create daily Yield Report and production requested reports.

Participate 8D Analysis to resolve Production issues (defects on finished product and equipment damaged)

Universal Laser Systems

7845 E. Paradise Lane Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

Assembly of Laser Machines.

(May 2007 - Aug. 2008)


Working with the operators and production supervisor with the method of operation, Work-Instructions (using Solid-work drawings and pictures), and improvements; doing arrangements and changes of assembly areas in the Process.

Material Presentation and lay-out (Auto-CAD 2002): Improvements in the process relocating work stations racks of material and fixtures, reducing the walk of the operators. Suggest improvements in the Material Department for better handle and flow of the parts to Production floor.

Design of fixtures (Solid-Works 2007) and tools given support to the operators on the daily problems in the process.

Coordinate of ECO (Engineering Change Order): Working with the operators and Design Engineers in the installation of new parts in the process, sending the parts to modify if is necessary.

Create CAR (Corrective Action Request): making a Root-Cause Analysis of scrap and process problems. These CAR are initiated in the output information of the operators, and this CAR form is send to the Vendors showing up the problems that we are facing and requesting to them a Corrective Action.

Create DMR (Discrepant Material Request): making a Root-Cause Analysis of the Damage or defect on the part, deciding if it can be use doing some rework and create a CAR or send it back to the Vendor creating a DMR.

Create a Weekly Scrap Report: keeping track of all damaged parts in the process.

Pilot-runs: Work with Design Engineers and operators in the new assembly model machines solving manufacturing problems related to the design of the parts.

Polaris Pool Co.

2620 Commerce Way Vista, CA 92081

Assembly of Pool Cleaners.

(Nov. 2005 - May 2007)


Standard Work: Establishment of process-steps to perform stop-watch readings and obtain the Takt-time and Line-balancing of cell, given to the production-supervisors a complete Standard-Work package with: Time Study Sheet, Calculation and chart of Takt-Time, Standard-Work for each operator and Daily Production Record Sheet.

Working with the operators and production supervisors with Improvements and new methods in the Process, Work-Instructions, ergonomic and safety issues.

Material Presentation lay-out (Auto-CAD 2006 LT) and process Flow-Mapping: Improvements in the process relocating work stations, machines, fixtures and Kan-Ban system for better handle of parts and bins, reducing reaches and walks and creating a visible work area.

Coordinate and transfer of operations from outside to the Cell, doing Lay-out, fixtures, equipment and give training to production supervisor and operator.

Suggest improvements in the kan-ban system for better handle of the parts and bins, and improvements in the lay-out of warehouse and Shipping department.

Design of work stations, fixtures (Solid-Works 2005) and tools to improve one-piece-flow process in the cell.

ECR (Engineering Change Request) working with production -floor in the new changes in process and new parts.

Coordinate CAR (Corrective Action Request) making a Root-Cause Analysis of scrap and process problems. These CAR are initiated from weekly scrap-report and output information of production supervisors and operators.

SST International Co.

4030 Forest Lane Garland, TX 75042

Assembly of trucks and tractors.

(Mar. 2004 - Jul. 2005)


Establishment of labor standards using MOST analysis computer-system,

Development of manufacturing methods and improvements in the work area and workstations.

Balancing of line using Lean-Line computer-system, providing the necessary Labor to each operator to keep the Takt-Time of the Conveyor-line.

Work in team-projects in the process improvements.

Material presentation and lay-out; Improvements on the size of the racks and size of the bins in the Kan-ban system, and keep closer racks and materials from the work area, given to the operator the less walk in the reaching of the material.

Work with pilot-runs; Development of the better way in the installation of parts regarding tools, methods, time usage in the installations and verify assemblies according to drawings.

Leviton Mfg.

7800 Trade Center Avenue El Paso TX 79912

Manufacturing of Receptacles and toggle Switches for industrial and residential grade.

(Oct. 1996 - Nov. 2003)


Establishment of labor standards using MTM analysis system, development and improvement of Manufacturing Methods, create Line-Balancing in the conveyor-lines given to each operator the best reach of the Material and Labor-time to keep the Takt-Time of the line.

Delay-Studies in the Automation-Machines to Measure the number of stops and Scrap.

Participate in Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma teams to improve and optimize the processes and quality.

Provide to operator training in the correct method of work according to the MTM study, improving plant productivity.

Establishment of machine standards (MDS) using study delays.

Design and improvement of work stations and work areas using (ME10), to improve the flow of the material in the production line.

Design and improvement of fixtures, tools, hoppers and funnels (for material); to increase the output of production.

Development of plant Lay-out including: Production area, Shipping and Receiving areas, and work office areas using (ME10).

Maintenance of the BOM and Routings including labor and machine standards,

ODS (operation detail sheet), MDS (machine detail sheet) and input data sheet.

Coordinated the transfer of machines and tools in/out of El Paso plant.

Cost analysis on Material and Overhead to determine decisions on scrap, new materials, changes in processes and purchase of equipment.

Processed Monthly Labor and Material Cost Change Report for El Paso Plant.

Knowledgeable in ISO procedures of the Industrial Engineer Dept.

Capital Expenditures.

Assisted Industrial Engineering Manager with Special projects.

Prestolock Co.

8037 Lockheed Drive, El Paso TX 79929

Assembly of open handle-door system of GMC cars.

(1995 - 1996)


Designed and improved fixtures and tools to increase production.

Responsible for FMEA’s for mechanical tests.

Coilcraft De Mexico S.A.

Cd. Juarez Chih. Mexico

Manufacturing of Transformers and Inductors for electronic devices.

(1984 - 1995)


Designed and improved fixtures FOR: hook (Toroids) Winding-Machines, Holder (Transformers) Winding-Machines; rim and tin wire fixtures of coils, toroids and inductors; fixtures to form the wire of the Coil to be assembled in the base; Fixtures for attach terminals of base and wires of coils; Fixtures for assembly of cores, gaps, and insulations with glue; Fixtures for solder of terminals; and Go No-Go fixtures to check the dimension of the assembled Coil.

Design of containers to place the coils inside oven (keeping the glue in the coil in position to be dried in the oven).

Design of cage-containers to place coils inside the oven and dry varnish-coating.

Create and maintenance of the PROCESS-SHEET with specification of glue, varnish, drying temperatures and the standard-hrs for each operation.

Established labor standards using MTM analysis system and stopwatch.

Studies of packing to insure quality in shipping to customers.

Developed plant lay-out using AUTO-CAD drawing system.


*Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juarez (Juarez Chihuahua Mexico).

*Special courses: Auto-cad-System, ME10-System, Solid-Work-System, MTM, MOST, Lay-out, Microsoft office, SPC, Six-sigma,

Leadership and Management (vista Ca.)

Lean Manufacturing (Vista Ca.)

*Bilingual with verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish.

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