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Sas Engineer

Plano, Texas, 75024, United States
May 17, 2018

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Resume of SANDIP


Over NINE Years SAS experience. Good with SAS and Hadoop, R

SAS System Engineer, SAS Grid Administrator, R Admin

Linux, UNIX, Windows environment

Banking and financial services, Telecommunication and Mass Media, Insurance, Food Industry

Believe in communication


Bank of America, Plano, TX Oct 16 - Present

SAS Engineer/ SAS Grid administrator/ R admin


SAS Engineer, SAS Grid Administrator, R Admin

Team Member: SAS COE (Center of Excellent) and GRA (Global Risk Analytics)

SAS Grid Environment: 1000 cores and 200 cores

~5000 users across 35 plus LOBs. Prod, UAT and Dev environment

Responsible for overall health of SAS Grid environment and HA. Provides SAS Platform capacity planning, metrics and performance tuning recommendations

Install and configured SAS 9.4 M3 on Linux environment. Renew SAS as require. Configuring different database connectivity like, SQL server (Data direct), Hadoop and Oracle

Performed DR activity with team. Starting/stopping SAS services. Testing application failure and backup

Configure and implementation of SAS/Hadoop connectivity using LDAP and Kerberos authentication

Performance testing across difference data center: SAS and Hadoop

Importing and applying certificates to SAS

SAS Viya: Using Environment Manager to monitor servers and services, manage users and sessions, maintain security on folders, manage access to data, contents, and functionality, taking backup, configure microservices and shared vault, performing backup. Importing Data and SAS packages to SAS Viya. Manage authorization.

Install, configure, testing and implementation of R, R-Studio and R-Connect

Working with SAS and other vendors Technical Support Team to fix critical issues. Collaborate with storage, database and other IT administrators to support different tasks.

Use SAS Management Consol to maintain users, groups and troubleshoot metadata security

Administering LSF. Working with hosts, queues, resources

Developed and maintain Linux scripts as required. Implemented monitoring script

Document best practices

Designing and implementing security at SAS and OS side

Maintaining users and groups at SAS and OS side. Users and groups space management.

Develops a code/logic and implement into prod as require to optimize process and or get more statistics from existing process.

Educating users (SAS EG, SAS Studio, Cube Studio, etc.). Optimizing processes, Job Parallelization.

Take ownership of variety of tasks to complete within challenging timeline.

Environment: SAS/ R/ WinSCP/ Super Putty/ MobaXTerm.

Nestle, Glendale, CA Jun 13 - Aug 16

SAS Platform/GRID Administrator


Installing, configuring and testing SAS environment. SAS 9.4 and SAS 9.3. Linux and Windows environment

~$1B annual sale planned based on Statistical forecast

SAS Migration from SAS 9.1.3 to 9.4. Testing and debugging SAS codes to align with new SAS version.

Design and implementing SAS security

Configured and access SQL and ORACLE database

Conduct gap and impact analysis

Manage and facilitate SAS servers to determine key business and technical design criteria

Define and conduct code testing process across different environment (DEV, RTE, Pre-Prod, and PROD) and support new functionalities as per business requirements; track and document requirements and findings

Identify, evaluate and design process and technology solutions in order to meet business requirement

Enforce established quality standards, enterprise architecture standards and compliance controls

Define change request process to PROD environment and write standard routine documents

Configure CPU utilization Threshold on server. Configure Metadata Server as Highly Available using SAS Grid Manager. Configure grid node to master candidate.

Perform ETL process, ORACLE and SQL databases. Developed complex SAS Macros

Streamline SAS production environment. Schedule SAS jobs for automation and monitor. Provide SAS graphical view for production data/jobs to super users and managers to make better decision.

Support and maintain business reports: OSA (off shelf alert), stock reports, forecast location mapping process and perform data analysis. Create reports, charts and perform data analysis in MS EXCEL.

NCE WOR (Nestle Continuous Excellent Weekly Operation Review) call to address different business interruption/issues

Perform necessary process redesign.

Environment: SAS v9.4, v9.3 and v9.1.3, SAS Base, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Data Integration Studio, SAS MS Add-in for MS Office, SAS Information Delivery Portal (Web applications), SAS Management CONSOL, RTM for GRID.

XL Global Services, Hartford, CT Jul 12 - Apr 13

SAS Administrator


Install and configured SAS 9.3 on Windows environment. Users located in USA, India, Switzerland, Bermuda.

Troubleshoot SAS installation by checking logs and files, like SDWPREF.txt, SDW.log, deploymentsumamry.html, IT.log, DEPLOYWIZ.log, SDM.log and

Prepared SAS SOFTWARRE DEPOT (Subset of SAS order) to install SAS independently for remote users.

Automate SAS metadata server backup, prepare and support physical data backup.

Renew SAS.

Document SAS installation process for future use.

Successful database connection (Oracle, SQL) and provide appropriate libraries to SAS business users.

Secure business data and reports by applying folder security using Management Consol.

Perform load balancing across different servers.

Apply HOT FIXES wherever needed.

Documented best practice.

Worked with SAS Technical Support team to fix critical issues.

Register tables/datasets from SAS Management Console for SAS EG and SAS EM.

Ensuring overall system environment stability.

Developed code to collect census information for SAS business users and documented.

Write code for adhoc business requirement.

Strong understanding of SAS Macros, SQL and SAS Base coding.

Work on JMP 10 with SAS and WRS.

Ability to work independently on multiple projects.

Environment: Operating system/environment: - Windows 7, Tools: - SAS 9.3, SAS Base, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner, JMP, SAS Add-in for MS, MS Office.

Comcast (Finance), Philadelphia, PA Sep 10 - Apr 12

SAS Developer/Analyst


SAS 9.3 UNIX environment.

Report to Business Intelligent Manager and Senior Director of Revenue Assurance.

Developed code, test, implement and document for business users.

Tested and implemented new business billing code into existing production system.

Debug and tested existing code into production system to deliver quality report to business.

Apply data quality check code in existing code logic.

Support daily, weekly and monthly business activity and run adhoc reports on request.

Developed code to purge unwanted specific dates data in multiple directories.

Performed ETL process (ORACLE, TERADATA), mapped, analyze and create business reports.

Write frequent SQL queries to provide adhoc request information to business users and managers.

IMPORT EXPORT data into excel or text format for business team and for managers.

Strong ability to interpret existing SAS code (SAS BASE processes, SAS MACROS, different PROC and DATA statements).

Used TOAD for ORACLE to develop and test different queries.

Attend meeting with “SAS Project Team” as well as “SAS Daily adjustment team” to fulfill new business requirements.

Closely worked with Business Intelligence team for setting up new assignment, pulling data from different data source, making new SAS processes, maintain and document processes.

Scheduled SAS job on CRON facility for daily, weekly and monthly business processes for automation, also rescheduled, dropped and delete SAS processes by using UNIX commands.

Attended annually, monthly and daily meetings in order to set up new goals like customer loyalty program, Customer segmentation, and new product launch.

Environment: Operating system/environment: - UNIX, Tools: - SAS 9.3/ 9.2, SAS Enterprise Guide, UNIX, TOAD for Oracle, SAS WRS, CRON-facility for SAS Automation, WIN SCP, MS Office.

Lannett Pharmaceuticals, Philadelphia, PA Feb 09 - Jul 10

SAS Programmer


Analyzing and reporting various phases (Phase I-IV) Of Clinical Trials using tools like Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/SQL, SAS/MACRO, SAS/ACCESS and SAS/ODS in Windows environment.

Developing reports for Safety and efficacy as per study requirements.

Provide statistical support for clinical studies, including design of studies, selection of appropriate statistical methodologies and tests, sample size and statistical analyses, and interpretation of results.

Debug and test SAS programs to check and process data, generate graphs, tables and listings in analysis system.

Data manipulation and producing reports using various SAS procedures like PROC SQL, PROC REPORT, PROC TABULATE, PROC FREQ, PROC MEANS, PROC SUMMARY, and PROC CONTENTS.

Importing and exporting huge data sets from Flat files, Excel spreadsheets and external RDBMS (ORACLE) tables using LIBNAME and SQL PASSTHRU facility.

Extensive use of SAS/ACCESS, SAS/CONNECT to connect to various databases such as development and production database (DB2 on UNIX).

Experience in reviewing case report forms CRF’s/SDTM/ADAM to ensure project standards are maintained.

Exposure to CDISC Standards, IRB guidelines, HIPAA guidelines and Regulatory Submissions.

Developing and maintaining statistical documentation, including description of statistical methods, SAS programs, results and discussion.

Documented, summarized and recorded data as per standard operating procedures (SOPs) and FDA regulations.

Possess a strong ability to adapt and learn new technologies and new business lines rapidly.

Environment: Operating system/environment: - Windows Tools: - SAS Base, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Management CONSOL, MS Office.


Master in Business Administration

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