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Management Project

Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
May 17, 2018

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DORIAN A. ANSARI Cell/ Mobile: +44-790*-******

Flat 1, 1888 Pershore Road,

King Norton, West Midlands,





1)30 years of broad experience acted empowered of delivering range of project’s contracts and procurement, Claims, dispute, indemnity, risk and supply chain management across multi-functional areas with multiple vendors including: Infrastructures Rail programs, Roads, Bridges-Tracks-Signal-Coaches-Bogies, Transportation, Roads & highways.

2)Developed process to troubleshoot existing signal failures and secure future failures. Negotiated costs, budgets, savings best value for the money in the best interest of the company and clients.

3)Generated revenue and cash flow of $20M-1.5B, negotiated best value for the money.

4)Experienced managing Contracts utilizing F’DIC, NEC3, BS11000, FAR, ITAR, EAR and ISO standards QCS2007 & QCS 2010 including MCHW (Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works), DMRB (Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, EHS regulations, ER-1180-1-6, EPCM, Design & Built, DCM, BOOT, NEC3 & FIDIC contracts and procurement, risk and resources.

5)Headed SAP, IDASH OUTHUD, ERP, CRM and portal systems for multiple vendors.

6)Headed up project teams of up to 25 direct reports with a total team of over 2000

7)Controlled project scope, budget, risk, quality and procurement.

8)Strong Vendor, Senior Management and Stakeholder Management

9)Developed Protected Intellectual Property interests through appropriate contract terms and conditions including the project business case and confidentiality agreements.

10)Prepared export licenses (DSP), Technical Assistance Agreements, Licensing and patents, Agreements and Technology Transfer Control Plans and ECCN.

11)Chaired Executive and Kickoff meetings and troubleshoot all the issues and recommended corrective actions




3-BSME – Mechanical Engineering – GPA 3.9- 1977 NED UNIVERSITY, KARACHI, PAKISTAN.


Self-employed 02/2012 – PRESENT

Position held: Senior management consultant.

For over two years managing pre and post award Program and contract awarded issues of supply chain management, vendor management, warranties, cost, claims, dispute and Arbitration for Civil, Rail, Road & Highways, Airports and infrastructures Utilizing F’DIC & NEC3.

Managed multi-functional areas including: Operations, Vendor management, Supply Chain, Production, Finance, Customer Services, Sales, Marketing, EHS, Technical Services and Quality assurance including:

Program/project contracts bid, process, risk, issues from cradle to grave

Claims, dispute, indemnity and risks management

Planning, estimating and structuring the work and the project

Building and managing a schedule to ensure work is identified, assigned and completed on time

Estimating and managing the project budget

Identifying, tracking, managing and resolving project issues

Proactively managing scope to ensure that only what was agreed to is delivered, unless changes are approved through scope management

Proactively disseminating project information to all stakeholders

Identifying, managing and mitigating project risk

Ensuring that the solution is of acceptable quality

Managing vendors to ensure all third-party work is completed within expectations

Identifying and engaging project stakeholders

Clients: Bombardier, Atkins, Alstom, Morganti International, Falcon, RR's, Lockheed Martin, Baker Hughes & MAAPI Corp. of O&G, Marine, Energy & Aerospace defense industries.



1-Managed multiple contracts valued $200M for multiple FM services IAW NEC3.

2-Organized and amend current contract’s payment mechanism pending for over a year, delegated proper responsibilities, trained staff for Contractor’s performance and progress, Tariff regulations and adjustments. Educate staff the contract’s clause understanding and implementation of Contractors provided servers for ARAMCO KAUST FACILITY MANAGEMENT


Finalize pending claim of the contractor valued $20M of total of $200M budget within 45 days developed amicable agreement and influence all the parties to agree in the best interest of the Client and to the most satisfaction of the contractor.

MAAPI CORP aka IPMS COMPANY – 12/2009 to 04/2011

Position hold: Project Director / Consultant

1.Chaired all Contractual and non-contractual Claims including reviews, preparation, analysis, justifications of in-progress, delays and design change claims, litigation, risk management and led Arbitration IAW FIDIC &NEC3.

2.Managed and chaired programs and projects for Petro-chemical EPC Oil and Gas, Wind farms industries from cradle to grave including fabrication, maintenance and installations for Wind farm turbines, Oil & Gas pipelines, Heat Exchangers, Vessels, raw material, and components for companies in Middle East including KSA ARAMCO & SABIC companies.

3.Managed and Liaison with Stakeholders, Customers and ensuring their interests were Represented and risks were secured.

4.Managed and developed programs and projects utilizing PMP.

5.Managed contracts from cradle to grave for both commercial, defense including sub-contracts, local contractors of the region. Plan adhered, schedule, advertised tenders, open bids and approved tenders.

6.Managed RPS Sub-contracts, Outsourcing, Procurement, Provisioning, Vendor assessment and their approvals. Monitor and managed contract process including interface customer, stakeholders and management from cradle to grave for multiple vendors.

7.Developed and achieved operating goals for cash flow, working capital and operating income through negotiation results and contracts management.

8.Monitor closely progress performance and Milestones on daily basis, troubleshoot cost affectively and recommended corrective actions. All projects delivered on time and before the deadlines.

9. Chaired Executive and Kickoff meetings and troubleshoot all the issues and recommended corrective actions.

Projects & Achievements:

1- Aramco Oil & Gas Project valued $20M. Initiated compiling documents, Negotiated vendors and suppliers, organized vendors holding Heat Exchanger for the Client Aramco valued $20M.

2- Reorganized and developed contingency plan for the operation, Material, suppliers (note: suppliers and staff wages were held for over a year). Trouble-shoot all the issues, resolved disputes, dispose amiable agreement. All the units were completed and delivered as per the new agreement within 45 days including wages to staff. Handover completed project within the given time.

Company / Group: Mott McDonald – Jeddah – KSA - 10/2009 TO 11/2009

Position held: Head of Projects and Contracts

1-Infrastructure projects of transportation urban planning of train Roads and bridges, Utilities, Street lights, On-going multiple housing, construction and their maintenance projects and contracts dealt with multiple vendors. Valued from $1M to 2.5B.

2-Reorganized deliverables of Project. Managed Contractor, sub-contractors, consultants and monitor closely progress and performance. Negotiate delays and penalties.

3-Managed contractual issues, BOQ, cost, revenue and cost management, invoicing, review of contractor and consultant’s interim payment certificates, weekly and monthly financial reports, finalized and delivered agreed amicable for payments.

4-Review and approved of: Method of statements, SOW, Material & BOQ, Quality assurance, capabilities, knowhow, completed projects and resources for final payments.

5-Kick-off meetings – developed policies and procedures for task, agendas and task accomplishments and troubleshoot issues to avoid any delays, time and cost for the project.


All contractual issues, disputes were resolve and disposed of with a new an agreed amicable agreement. Projects were executed; operation scheduled, processes were aligned with the current deliverables and payments.

Company / Group: HYDRA PROPERTIES - UAE 2/2009 TO 7/2009

Position held: Manager/Head of Contracts and Projects.

Major Projects handled: Infrastructure and mixed used projects of major cities, transportation, rail, roads, bridges, Multiple High rise buildings 50 stories, hotel apartments, golf courses, cities and villas of total value $5.6B.

Responsibilities / Achievements:

Managed and re-organized Programs/Projects of high rise buildings valued $1.5B, Hydra infrastructures including library, roads, highways, villas and community. Re-organize 30 pre-signed contracts, negotiated disputes and claims. Finalized with an amicable agreements, withheld payments to the contractor and vendors were released whilst secure projects of further delay.

MORGANTI USA– International Division U.A.E. 10/2007 TO 02/2009


1)Facilitate and monitored contract management process IAW FIDIC.

2)Lead and/or support on projects, ensuring that the contract process is efficient and complies with company standards and legal and ethical requirements.

3)Ensure company contractual guidelines are followed including sign off

4)Liaise with relevant departments to ensure all regulatory processes are adhered to.

5)Liaise with Quality regulatory departments for development of SOPs and flow process for contracts and SLAs.

6)Post award contracting, SLAs and contract management, validation and Verification.

7)Managed multiple infrastructure projects in UAE of transportation, Rail, train tracks, roads, bridges, high rise buildings 70 stories, villas, libraries, hospitals, universities and public utilities including Abu Dhabi airport for military purpose.

8)Development, Administration and Management of contracts for the client from pre and post award utilizing FIDIC types of contracts, reviewed contracts and ensure Client’s (Employer) interest addressed including Consultant and Contractor, intellectual property rights. Negotiated all terms and conditions with Builders and Consultants including sub-contractors.

9)Monitor contracts progress and performances to achieve targets, deadline in-conjunction with the contractors and sub-contractor. Monitoring progress and performance of the contract and ensure all the requirements of the contracts have been carried out and implemented and complied with contract clauses.

10)Advising all the legal aspects of the contract, intellectual properties, deeds, contracts, subcontracts, bid and price, tender analysis, reviews of LOI, RFQ, and RFP.

11)Managed all contractual and non-contractual Claims in-progress claims, delays and

Design change claims, their reviews, preparation, analysis, justifications, litigation, risk management and experienced in Arbitration.

12)Managed all Claims Litigation, Arbitration, Risk management, and negotiations including financial issues post-contract management of review and analysis of payments, EOT, Escalations, hyper markets, to the best interest of the company and most satisfaction of the customer.

Projects & Achievements:

1)Initiated Projects with settling all claims, trouble-shoot issues, Projects were on track, payments were released, amicable agreements signed for various work of high rise, housing, roads and transport– valued $200-1.5B

M.A.A.P.I.CORP aka IPMS COMPANY- USA 4/03 to 09/2007

Position: V.P/Director

Acted empowered Official - Interfaces: Chairman, Board, Stakeholders & CEO including the Parent Companies and shareholders:


Developed a strategy for embedding a culture of continuous improvement including utilisation of lean methodologies incompliance with the programs.

Developed and built a Change team within company to provide Change Management capability and support ensuring an appropriate governance framework is in place;

Ensured investment decisions;

Built business intelligence capability to identify business improvement opportunity; using the appropriate systems and engaging the teams in adopting the process;

Monitor closely and support planning, design and delivery of change projects;

Coach staff to support the development of a change capability within the organisation;

Developed and set budget outline and the budgeting process placing SAP;

Overseeing and monitored value management strategy;

Provided and mentored visibility of business improvement to Boards and Management teams

Developed and implement effective performance measurement and controls;

Developed Process and Support the adoption of appropriate new technology

Continued close relationships with stakeholders at all levels;

Frequently review the requirements of the contract and the competency of the team identifying skills gaps, training and development requirements within the team, and any requirements for additional resources;

Securing resources and expertise from the client organisation as required.

Led by example and champion the values and behaviours required.

Projects & Achievements:

Managed multiple multimillion $$$ projects of US & UK Rail tracks, Signals & Coaches maintenance. 4 major Airports in US & 2 in UK include Germany, Underground services in UK and Oil field projects in Aberdeen valued $20-50M.


Position held: V.P. DIRECTOR of Programs/Projects & Contracts

Acted empowered Official - Interfaces: Chairman, Board, Stakeholders & CEO including the Parent Companies and shareholders:


Started as Director and within 3 years step up and took the responsibilities as VP.

Raised capital from $200M – 2.5B

Facilitation and monitoring of the contract management process the.

Lead and/or support on projects, ensuring that the contract process is efficient and complies with company standards and legal and ethical requirements.

Ensure company contractual guidelines are followed including sign off

Liaise with relevant departments to ensure all regulatory processes are adhered to.

Support BDM and Account Management activity through liaison with customers to ensure valid contracts are in place for all services.

Liaise with Quality and regulatory department in the development of SOPs and flow process for contracts and SLAs. Post award contracting, SLAs and contract management, validation and Verification.

Developed & prepared RFP, RFQ, Letter of Intent, Intellectual Property Contracts,

Contractual issues, finalized bids and proposals, preliminary checklist, negotiations and awards. RPS Sub-contracts, Outsourcing, Procurement, Provisioning, Vendor assessment & their approvals including indemnify company for liabilities.

Developed bids and priced contracts, resolved issues of contracts including technical and pricing issues, controlled change modifications and risk management.

Developed business worldwide, generated revenue in $$ multi-million both commercial

& defense industries.

Monitor closely progress performance and Milestones on a daily basis, troubleshoot and recommended corrective actions.

Delivered all projects on time and before the deadlines.

Acted Liaison between Customer and Management and other government regulatory

Managed Export / Import, EAR & ITAR. Prepared and developed documents are required for all licensing.

Trained employees and ensure in compliance with current regulations.

Developed Protected Intellectual Property interests through appropriate contract terms and conditions.

Monitored and assured compliance with contractual obligations for price, delivery, quality and performance.

Managed budget control analysis, forecasting, short-long term strategic planning profit and loss (P/L).

Chaired MRB and troubleshooted all the issues and recommended corrective actions cost affectively.

Projects & Achievements:

Managed programs for LA Consortium Olympic 1984 Project with Cal-Tran for various contracts totaling $1.5B, Hybrid contracts of arranging tools, machine, Transportation, constructions and maintenance from cradle to grave and delivered all Projects on time within the budget parameters utilizing AIA, and FIDIC.1984 LAX consortium program awarded in 1981 for LA consortium, roads, transportations and other hybrid contracts valued $20M.

Managed hybrid and multiple projects of buildings, roads, bridges and houses in 1991 after 1991 Northridge California Earthquake repairs. Planned, prepared, managed and delivered on time and to the most satisfaction of client and end users.

Managed cradle to grave infrastructure Project of FWY 105-****-**** Project SIC-CODES 1721, 1611 of Road, HWY, Bridges, Train tracks, trains stations, connecting 3 major freeways and LAX and delivered projects within budget and before the deadline. Project valued $2.5B. This freeway treated with special material and shocks to be protected with earthquakes, wind and explosives. FWY and train tracks experience 1994 earthquake and survived with cosmetic damage.

Wind Farms turbine projects valued $20M.

Rail hybrid projects of signals, tracks, machine, tools and components with California Department of Transportation’s, AMTRAK, CAL-TRAN and Various Cities of California. Project valued $35M

Programs and Contracts for new business of various Buildings, Towers, 5 Airports in LAX from cradle to grave. Valued $1M-25M

Led team of 20-400 employees.

Chaired daily progress and performance meeting.

Projects delivered satisfactorily on time and within budget.


Position held: Business Development Manager.

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