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Data Entry Office

Hutto, Texas, 78634, United States
May 17, 2018

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Christopher J. Leonard

*** **** ****** 314-***-****

Hutto, TX 78634

Skills and Certifications

• Eagle Scout & US Army Veteran • CSS, JavaScript, Angular, jQuery, & Node.js

• Object-Oriented Programming and PL/SQL • Microsoft SQL Server & Oracle Application Express

• Oracle Database 12c • Microsoft Technology Associate #98-361 & #98-364

• MySQL with PHP • ArcMap & ArcToolbox

• SIGINT & Geospatial Analysis • Operational Planning & Emotional Intelligence

• Languages: Spanish, Farsi, Portuguese • IBM Analyst Notebook

• Microsoft Access & Excel Development • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

• Microsoft Visual Studio (C# applications) • Autodesk AutoCad & Civil 3D Experience

EHS Information Management Consultant – CH2M Hill (now Jacobs), USA January 2018 – Present

• Created VBA code that automates processes, run scripts, and perform calculations.

• Analyzed and optimized tables and scripts in Microsoft Access to improve efficiency.

• Developed SQL scripts that help upload and integrate data with an Excel tool.

• Integrated applications to work seamlessly together to report information using SQL and C#.

• Customized web application workflows to meet clients’ needs. Database Manager – Fugro Roadware, Austin, TX November 2015 – November 2017

• Managed the Oracle-based Long-Term Pavement Performance Database.

• Planned and developed databases in MS SQL Server and MS Access for various clients.

• Resolved various data issues in response to guidelines and governmental directives.

• Created C# applications, macros and VBA in MS Excel and Access, and processes that improve efficiency.

• Maintained and enhanced QA/QC of data entry and processing.

• Produced reports of activities.

• Implemented systems to track pavement data collected, including FWD (Falling Weight Deflectometer), Profile (Transverse and Longitudinal), and MDS (Manual Distress Surveys).

• Purchased components and troubleshooted various IT issues.

• Improved and maintained Southern Region's website using HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

• Coached a data entry team, as well as recruited new talent.

• Utilized ArcGIS & pavement management software.

Signals Intelligence Analyst – SGT, US Army, Fort Hood & OCONUS September 2012 – November 2015

• Prevented attacks on Coalition Forces by providing Tactical Commanders situational awareness and overwatch.

• Gathered intelligence of nefarious activities, on routes and around villages, and briefed the Concept of Operations, as part of pre-mission planning.

• Gleaned pertinent intelligence, and delivered presentations, based on collection, research, and analysis.

• Validated 50 high-value individuals using various sources.

• Conferred and reviewed information with individuals in the departments of: Indications & Warnings, Targeting, All-Source, GEOINT, and HUMINT.

• Trained Afghan soldiers from an intelligence company how to use equipment efficiently.

• Conducted search and seizure operations of contraband with Military Police and detained violators.

• Coordinated and managed a brigade-level shooting range and provided marksmanship training on a variety of weapons systems.

• Frequently prepared the "troops to task" by assigning specific tasks and responsibilities to people, organizing resources, and setting timelines.

• Provided mentoring to all soldiers in his care and promoted team cohesion. Special Security Office Advisor – SPC, US Army, Republic of Korea August 2011 – September 2012

• Audited and updated 1200 personnel files, reconciling 4 proprietary online databases which increased the accuracy and accountability of all individuals at the installation by 20%.

• Generated entry accounts for interim and final Special Compartmented Information (SCI) clearances for all individuals with access to the SCI Facilities.

• Maintained an operations compound worth over $900 million.

• Conducted local security indoctrination and CST training to all individuals obtaining an access badge with special admittance.

• Ensured adherence to security protocol per Department of Defense policies with security sweeps and inspections which decreased the number of violations. Drafter & Detailer – Johnson Air Rotation Systems, Maryland Heights, MO April 2008 – May 2009

• Led a small team involved with the drafting and designing of custom heating and cooling air rotation units for large-scale commercial and industrial applications.

• Designed and implemented methods that conserved sheet metal.

• Solved problems and answered any questions from the shop foreman as well as welding and assembly workers regarding project plans.

• Managed CAD drawings from all jobs- completed and in-process- within a database.

• Purchased special materials from local parts distributors for use in less ordinary jobs. Formal Education

BA: Global Studies, Concentrations: Latin America, International Business and Economics

– projected 2019, St. Edwards University

AS: Database Application Development – April 2018, American Military University AS: Intelligence Operations Studies – November 2016, Cochise College Certificate: Software Development & Testing – August 2015, Microsoft Software & Systems Acad. at Central Texas College

AAS: Computer Drafting and Design – December 2007, ITT Technical Institute Augmented Learning Programs Learning Pathways: Data Science, Formulas, and Automation using MS Excel, GIS, etc. Udemy Course Certificates: Web Development, PL/SQL, Python & PostgreSQL, and Vue JS 2. U.S. Army and DOD: Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (WLC), SCI Security Officials Course, Basic SIGINT Geospatial Analysis Certificate (120 hours), Basic SIGINT Analysis Certificate (120 hours), and SIGINT Terminal Guidance Operator Certificate (80 hours). Virtual Linguistics Campus (Phillips Universität Marburg, Germany): Linguistics 101-104 A Little More About Me

I am interested in the position and wanted to tell you more about myself. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army and an Eagle Scout. While serving in the Army, I was entrusted with handling classified materials and analyzing SIGINT data. I have successfully managed equipment worth millions, coached personnel, kept records, and implemented new processes to improve efficiency. I am tenacious when it comes to finding solutions to problems. I still live by the Warrior Ethos of always placing the mission first and never accepting defeat. Recently, I've been working in more I.T., database, and programming roles. However, before I served in the Army, I graduated with an AAS degree in Computer Drafting and Design (2.5 years) and had about 3 years of experience after graduating. I had my first job in that field before I even graduated. I worked in a couple positions where I gained experience drafting cabinetry to fill architectural spaces and HVAC systems. Recently, I've done refresher courses through and taught myself Revit as well. After high school, I worked for 2 and a half years in an inbound-call center for a telecommunications company where I arranged payments and payment plans for delinquent accounts. I gained valuable customer service experience in this role.

After ending my time in service, I had been working for a company called Fugro Roadware for over 2 years. After an exodus of staff when I first started at Fugro Roadware, I stepped up to fill many roles that were left void. When I couldn’t get the knowledge required to do various duties, I taught myself with research and dedication. I have developed databases and applications in MS SQL Server and Access from scratch. I managed the Long-Term Pavement Performance Oracle database with thirty years of collected data, as well as implement databases for other projects for states and municipalities. I’ve performed data analysis with PL/SQL and coded some civil engineering formulas. I’ve manipulated XML files to specify how to import CSV files into proprietary pavement management software, which uses SQL Server as the back-end. I’ve exported from Microsoft Access and SQL Server to Excel and CSV. I’ve used Visual Basic for Applications in Access and Excel to make processes complete with the push of a button or a combination of keys. Using FTP, I updated reports created in my QA/QC Access application to the website that I managed. For various data entry and manipulation processes, I created documentation in Confluence and PowerPoint where documentation was lacking. I’ve utilized my GIS skills in ArcMap to produce and edit collection routes, and Google Fusion Sheets to update monitored sections in the website.

At Fugro, I managed up to 15 employees at one time. I’ve interviewed potential candidates for positions, as well as troubleshoot various network and IT issues. I’ve coordinated with other offices, departments, and businesses to help our office operate more efficiently. To amend for the slow internet speed, I managed to get the internet upgraded by getting a new fiber optic line installed. After a large project was awarded to our office, I made preparations for the temporary staff to work there with a lot of coordination. Because we didn’t have enough furniture and limited space, I chose the spaces, measured, and made plans that I gave to a shop in town to produce and install the custom desks, as well as pick out the chairs. I procured computers that were not needed from another office and had them delivered to my office. To ensure people had logins and authorizations, I configured those computers to work on our network with the help of our IT department that is in another office. I did this while helping transition data and applications to Amazon Web Services. I also started tracking KPIs and projected hours required towards billable projects and other objectives for my team while coordinating with project managers.

Working on my own and pro-bono, I’ve improved, and developed from scratch, websites for non-profit businesses using my web development and Photoshop knowledge. I have my own website here:

While serving in Afghanistan, I conducted analysis of high-value individuals and networks. I submitted target packages using all the available resources, while providing overwatch and situational awareness to tactical commanders.

While serving in the Republic of Korea, I operated the Special Security Office with a civilian contractor. I generated entry accounts in various databases, printed badges, coordinated security sweeps, and conducted local security indoctrination to all individuals gaining access to the compound.

Before ending my service in the Army, I completed the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy program in Software Development and Testing where I demonstrated an aptitude in coding, computer science, and design. This experience and certification helped me get the position at Fugro, and the experience at Fugro helped me start working for CH2M which was bought out by Jacobs.

My goal is to work for a company with growth potential that I can invest my time and efforts with. I am continually learning and enjoy finding new ways to build upon what I’ve already learned. I search for more efficient ways of doing repetitive tasks. Researching, analyzing, orchestrating moving parts, and devising solutions come relatively easily for me. My past experiences attest to my ability to learn quickly and improve my environment. I’ve been commended for my positive attitude and drive. I am confident that I will exceed the needs of the position and thrive if given the opportunity.

I hope you see value in what I can add to your organization. Thank you for reading and considering me for this position. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact me.

Very Respectfully,

Christopher Leonard


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