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Java Web Services

Carrollton, Texas, United States
May 15, 2018

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Venkatesh Pasam



Masters in Computer Science and Information Systems from Texas A&M University.

More than 13 years of IT experience in architecture, designing, developing applications / business solutions across multiple domains.

Proven experience in communicating across organizational levels and with cross functional teams to drive shared vision.

Core expertise include SOA, Java/J2EE, Oracle ADF, Integration/Middleware, effectively designing solutions with design patterns to achieve reusability and loosely coupled solutions, working with business users and leads to develop Business Processes based on the requirement.

Good knowledge in Cloud Architecture, Microservices Architecture, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Kubernetes and Docker.

Experienced in all layers of Application development.

Effective Verbal, Written Communication and Presentation skills.


TOGAF 9 Foundation (Enterprise Architecture) (View Certificate)

TOGAF 9 Certified (Enterprise Architecture) (View Certificate)


Masters in Computer Science and Information Systems from Texas A&M University

Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Tele Communications Engineering



Java/J2EE, EJB, JPA, Web Services, SOAP, Rest, JSF, ADF Faces, ADF Mobile, ADF Mobile Browser, JSP (Java Beans), JMS, BC4J, JNDI, SERVLETS, Web 2.0, JAXP, JAXB, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Jersey, AJAX, JDBC, XML, XSL (XSLT, XPATH, XSL-FO), DHTML, HTML, UML, UIX, JavaScript, Jasper Reports, Ext JS, JSON, Docker, Kubernetes, Angular JS, Node JS.

Architecture Framework

TOGAF 9.1 (Enterprise Architecture)


Java, C, C++.

Scripting Languages

JavaScript, EXTJS, React JS, Angular JS.

Mark Up Languages



ORACLE, DB2, SQL Server, MY SQL, MS Access, Excel, Couchbase (NO SQL)


Windows 7/10, Windows 95/98/2000/2003/ME/NT/XP, Unix, Linux.

Application Servers

WebLogic 6.1/8.1/11g, IBM WebSphere 5.0/6.0.1, OC4J

Frame Works

Oracle ADF 10g/11g/12C, Jakarta Struts 2.0, Hibernate, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring MVC

Web Servers

Java Web Server, Apache Tomcat.


Eclipse, RSA 6.0, WSAD 5.1/5.1.2, JDeveloper 10g/11g/12C, JBuilder, NetBeans, Visual C, Visual Studio.NET.


Visual Source Safe, CVS, SVN, GIT, Clear Case, Serena, MKS, TOAD, iReport 3.0.0, Visio.


BBA Aviation 6/2012 – 04/2018

Senior Applications Architect, Lead Developer

BBA Aviation USA is an Airline servicing company. I am the Senior Applications Architect and lead Developer for middleware, integration of systems across the enterprise and for multiple projects related to Production Scheduling and Component Repair Scheduling as part of the Airline Servicing Supply Chain process and for middleware/integration layer.


Architecture, Design, Documentation (Architecture related, Training/User guide), and hands on development of Scheduling applications (Production and Component Repair Scheduling) using Java/J2EE, Oracle ADF framework, Oracle, Webservices, Weblogic.

Research, Architecture, Design and hands on Development of a middleware/integration layer using Weblogic (Fusion) to develop interfaces to enable information flow, business process and notifications across the systems in enterprise both internal, 3rd party systems and external to the organization both synchronously and asynchronously.

Worked closely with vendors, business directors/leads/users and product owners and sponsors to understand the expected future state compared to the existing state and as part of that gather and translate business requirements and come up with the needed technical architecture/design based on the same and coding for functioning software, define business process and prioritize requirements to meet the projects delivery/release dates.

Developed business process models for Production and Component repair scheduling processes.

Developed the architectural future state of some of the current and core legacy applications in enterprise and presented it to the senior management.

Architecture, design and development of Restful and SOAP API for communication (message transfers) from legacy ERP to systems across enterprise and outside the enterprise.

Designed and Developed Scheduling and tracking related applications using Java/J2EE, Oracle ADF - ADF task flows, business components, managed beans, web service data controls and proxies as needed.

Performance tuning, developed SQL queries, database triggers, views and tables as per the business / application requirement.

Extensive use of Web Services (SOAP and REST).

Configured JMS and the needed queues and developed Message Driven Beans.

Architecture, Design and development of hybrid applications initially using ADF Mobile Browser and then later developed hybrid apps using ADF Faces for business related mobile functionalities related to tracking and scanning of parts using bar codes at different plant locations using phones, tablets and scanners.

Provided Technical Architecture and design related documentation for the systems involved and presented it to the senior management and to the team.

Employed microservices architecture for some integration needs and mobile apps.

Developed templates defining the efficient coding ways, developed POCs for Mobile Apps and mock ups.

Gave a detailed presentation of the developed applications and processes to the product owners and executive management team.

WebLogic Administration – Deployment, Configurations, Patches (worked with administrator and provided patches for applications developed using ADF on WebLogic 11g ( to run as needed on IE 11).

Environment: Java 1.6/1.8, J2EE, Middleware, JDeveloper,,, TOGAF, SOA, Web Services (SOAP and REST), Postman, Oracle ADF / ADF Faces, ADF Mobile, Javascript, WebLogic 11g (, Jersey, Message Driven Beans, JMS, JSON, JAXB, Oracle 10g/12C, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, UML, Unix, Visio, Powerpoint, Putty, Apache HTTP, SFTP, Seapine, Serena, Kronos/Kronos Cloud.

Sirius SPS, LLC 10/2011 – 5/2012

Client: Mcafee, Inc

Senior Java/J2EE, Oracle ADF Lead Consultant

Mcafee is the provider for antivirus software and it is an Intel company. I am the lead Java/J2EE, ADF consultant for the POST project which is responsible for almost 80% of the revenue for Mcafee.


Gathering user requirements, architecture, design discussions, designing, documenting, design review sessions, coding and performance tuning.

Developed mock up UI screens based on the requirements using Microsoft Visio based on discussions with the business users.

Designed and developed a custom caching layer which will cache objects of different types based on the usage to improve the performance.

Developed ADF Web Service Proxy objects.

Designed and developed UI using ADF Faces framework (BPM integration), used JavaScript for handling some of the client side validations and also for identifying the busy state of the request processing to avoid any user intervention while a request processing is going on.

Improved task flows based on the requirements which are initialized by the BPM/Human Task layer.

Configured Oracle ADF Application Module configuration, configured data sources in WebLogic console.

Researched and solved many issues related to Activation and Passivation of the transient view objects.

Researched and resolved many critical issues related to functionality, stuck threads in the application server and performance in the application affecting the production system.

Used ADF tree table component (2 level and 3 level hierarchies) to accommodate all the line item details.

Developed custom filtering on in memory data for multiple attributes in the transient view objects used in tree table component.

Point of contact for any issues/queries raised in ADF layer.

Developed the interface to update BPM work list flex fields from ADF layer.

Interacting with the offshore team in India for any development related things or QA related things.

Environment: Windows 7, ADF Faces, BPM, SOA, Java 1.6, Web Services, JAXWS 2.0, JavaScript, CSS, JDeveloper 11g (, WebLogic 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, Ajax/PPR, JUnit, Oracle Database 10g, SQL Developer, Unix, XML, UML, Visio, MVC, Agile, Hudson, Ant, TFS, Subversion, Agile.

American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. (AHMSI) 2/2011 –10/2011

Senior Oracle Application Developer

AHMSI provides servicing for mortgages owned by different investors and owed by different borrowers.


Gathering user requirements, architecture, design discussions, designing, conducting design review sessions, code reviews and coding.

Developed mock up UI screens using Microsoft Visio based on discussions with the business users.

Designed and Developed the Services layer which will perform different business core service functionalities based on JAX-RPC and JMS messaging middleware.

Based on the business requirements created tables reflecting the requirements.

Designed and developed JPA data access layer for Service interface for accessing the core data required for processing.

Developed EJB components using EJB 3 for accessing the JPA data access layer.

Developed Web Services.

Designed, developed and documented an Oracle ADF Faces application for Investor Management.

Developed ADF Business Components – Entity Objects, View Objects, Associations and View Links as per the requirement.

Developed Front end using ADF Faces, ADF Search forms, PPR and managed beans as per the requirement.

Developed bounded ADF Task flows.

Developed Search Forms based on View Criteria and named attributes.

Developed LDAP interface that the ADF application uses to display the LDAP user related information based on the requirement.

Developed JUnit test cases.

Designed, deployed and documented the design for all the applications developed.

Environment: Windows 7, SOA, Java 1.6, Web Services, JDeveloper 11g (, WebLogic 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, ADF Faces, Top Link/JPA, JMS, EJB 3.0, JAX-WS 2.0, Ajax/PPR, JUnit, Oracle Database 10g, SQL Developer, Unix, LDAP, UML, Visio, Agile, Hudson, Ant, Subversion.

Sirius SPS, LLC (multiple clients) 11/2007-1/2011

Client: Schneider National, Inc 12/2009 – 1/2011

Senior Lead Developer

Schneider National Inc. is a provider of transportation, logistics and related services.


Participated in gathering user requirements, design discussions and design review sessions.

Designed and Developed a Web Service Proxy which will access Oracle BI Web Service for running, scheduling and returning the status of the reports.

Designed and developed a Developed ADF Business Components – Entity Objects, View Objects, Associations and View Links as per the requirement.

Developed ADF faces (JSFF and JSPX), bounded task flows, Managed Beans, Search Forms based on View Criteria and named attributes.

Created Swing UI which consumes the Web Service Data Controls (of external employees information).

Exposed custom methods in application module on to the client side and customized the data flow as per the requirement.

Developed JUnit test cases.

Developed Web Services and a façade around the Web Service Proxy which acts as a Client interface.

Developed mockup UI screens for business approval.

Designed, deployed and documented the design for all the applications developed.

Environment: Windows XP, SOA, Agile, Java 1.6, JDeveloper 11g (, WebLogic 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, ADF Faces, Swing, TopLink, Webcenter, JSF, Facelets, JAXB 2.0, JAX-WS 2.0, JUnit, Oracle Database 10g, SQL Developer, Unix, Oracle BI, UML, AnthillPro, Subversion.

Client: FedEx Office 3/2008 – 11/2009

Senior Engineer/Lead/Architect

I am involved in interacting with business users, architecting, designing, documenting and developing multiple functionalities and processes for a system that keeps track of the Customer information and which acts as a lookup database for all the other external systems. It is called as Authoritative Customer Database (ACD). I am involved in the business interaction meeting, designing, documenting and coding of the following applications/processes for this system:

1. Tracking Web Application: An online tracking web application that will provide the end user the option of tracking all the incoming data stream into the system (using Ajax), provide statistical report data in the form of Jasper reports and provide a user interactive upload functionality which was developed using Apache Commons upload. My responsibilities included choosing the required technologies, creating screen frames using Microsoft Visio, designing web application, database design to support the front-end functionality, documenting and developing the application.

2. Authoritative Customer Database: Reengineering an existing middleware processes/services (which was originally written in Perl, C++) to receive data from other external systems through Web Methods. My responsibilities included designing the entire process by going through the business requirements and the existing process, participating in meetings with other teams to gather all the integration requirements and interface details (Request Reply), documenting the functionality and coding of the entire process. Some of my coding tasks includes developing of required services (Stateless Session Beans) which will be invoked by the external systems through Web Methods, adding and modifying DAO implementations, SQL Server database triggers, adding the respective mapper classes so that the Web Methods layer can communicate effectively and correctly with ACD, coding the business logic, generating the required JAR and EAR files to be deployed at the respective layers (Web Methods layer and in WebLogic Application Server), modifying an existing XSD to add or modify the new data details, etc.

3. Card swipe functionality: to support card swiping at the centers. In addition to coding of the application I am also involved in designing of this process, database design based on functional specs, documenting and coding of this process.

4. Support: I have provided support for this entire system.

5. Made the required changes to the CRON entries.

6. Provided the required table structures (with all the column names and the required type) to be added to the DBA team based on the business requirements for new functionalities and also for changes to the existing system.

7. Code Review and Responsible for providing ACD monthly statistical data (graphical format) to the Manager.

8. Point of contact for all queries regarding ACD.

Also developed SQL Server Database Triggers, complex SQL queries and database tables by providing and documenting the necessity and reasoning of each field in the created table to support the functionalities. I am also responsible for building and deploying the new builds/releases in Dev, Test and Prod Unix environments and perform the Production release and deployments.

Environment: Windows XP, SOA, Agile, Java (JDK 1.4.2), JDBC, JAXB, SQLServer2000, EJB, Servlets, JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Methods 7.1, Spring MVC, Unix, Shell scripting (Korn Shell), WebLogic 8.1, Tomcat, NetBeans 5.0, Ajax, JSON, Apache Commons Upload, Jasper Reports 3.0.0, iReport 3.0.0, Microsoft Visio, XML, UML, Spring 2.0, Spring MVC, JAXP, DOM, Agile.

Client: BNSF – Fort Worth, TX 11/2007 – 3/2008

Senior Programmer/Consultant

BNSF provides rail services across the country and they have applications to track/ monitor these distributed services. I am involved in the architecture and design discussions to design and develop several middleware components that can be used across multiple applications. I have designed and developed a DAO layer, which will accommodate multiple data access layers without any change in the base application, designed and developed maintenance screens, which are dynamically driven by the components (with JSON format and EXTJS) retrieved from the database, added new features and functionality to a RCP (Eclipse based) platform application.

Environment: Windows XP, Java 1.4.2, J2EE, RCP (Rich Client Platform), IBM RAD, JSON, JSP, Servlets, RSA, Eclipse 3.2, WebSphere 6.0, EXTJS 2.0, Ajax, Java Script, Hibernate, XML, UML, HTML, CSS, Hibernate, DB2, MKS.

Endeca 6/2007 – 10/2007

Senior Technical Consultant (Design, Coding, Client Interactions and Client Reviews)

Endeca provides Enterprise Search functionality using Endeca API. Presently, top retail companies like Walmart, Office Depot, and JC Penny etc are using it.


1. United Stationers: hosts a product information site called I am involved in the design and coding of integrating the Search functionality to their web site. The integration is done using Java/J2EE.

2. Sigma Aldrich: is a pharmaceutical company. I am involved in the requirements gathering, design, coding and client presentations. All the integration to the search functionality is done using Java/J2EE and Ajax functionality. The integration is very complex in the sense it has to retrieve the data from 3 different search pipelines and then has to be displayed accordingly based on the user search.

Environment: Windows XP, Scrum, Endeca Search API, Java 1.5, J2EE, Eclipse, JSP, Servlets, Ajax, Java Script, XML, HTML, CSS, Scrum.

Wave Technology Partners, Ltd. 2/2007 – 6/2007

Sr. Software Programmer/Analyst

Wave Technology Partners is a service provider, which provides web applications for companies with different backgrounds. I am involved in developing web applications using J2EE technologies on WSAD 5.1.2 for the Western Reserve Group (WRG) which is insurance based company located in Ohio. Application Server used is WebSphere 5.0, Database used is SQL Server 2000. My responsibilities included providing modifications to the existing system add new features upon consulting with the client and provide immediate fixes as per requirement.

Environment : Windows XP, Java, J2EE, JDBC, WSAD 5.1.2, SVN, Java, JSP, Servlets, Tiles, Struts, Java Script, Xtreme Vista 4.2.8, XML, SQL Server 2000, HTML, CSS.

IJS Solutions 6/2005 – 1/2007

Sr. Developer, Architect (Involves Client interaction, Research, Design and Coding)

This is an insurance based project which can be used by different insurance companies to see if the enrolled person has been enrolled in Medicare and other Government policies and compare against Government’s data with the insurance company’s data for any discrepancies and also check for the validity of the enrolled person’s data using different surveys and so on. I am involved in designing, checking compatibility issues (between applications developed in JDeveloper 10g using Embedded OC4J Application Server and other Application Servers like WebSphere 5.0/6.0.1 and Web Servers like Tomcat), researching which technologies are useful in getting efficient results (in filtering, security areas and also in encryption), Password Encryption, Back End Coding, Front End Coding etc. We are using JDeveloper 10g as IDE to develop applications in Oracle ADF Environment.


1Compatibility Issues: Made the necessary changes required for making a JDeveloper 10g application deployed in an Embedded Oracle OC4J server to work on a WebSphere 5.0/6.0.1 Application server and Tomcat Web Server.

2Researched which technologies best suited the purpose of our needs and presented them to the management.

3Designed and developed common filtering scheme using Struts framework.

4Designed and developed a control layer which handles the screen access mechanism depending on the User Privileges.

5Customized certain components present in the built-in framework and applications developed by JDeveloper 10g to suit our needs.

6Implemented 128-bit SHA, MD5 Password encryption.

7Designed and coded a 3 layered structure for efficient downloading of the documents in .CSV and Zip Format.

8Involved in Designing of the back end, Middle ware and Front End Coding for Login, Admin, Accounting and Enrollment Modules.

9Researched and Developed concurrent processing remote scripting functionality according to the requirement (using AJAX Processing which involves Servlet and XHTML Request Object).

10Designed and developed various functionalities (server side) that can be used across the entire application.

11Developed Business Components (BC4J).

12Designed and Developed time consuming exports to run in the background (Asynchronous) using Message Driven Beans.

13Developed Front End Interfaces using UIX (User Interface XML), Swing.

14Created Tables, Views, Sequences, Procedures and Triggers and correspondingly developed Entity and View Objects using JDeveloper 10g, resolved major production issues related to Java Heap (Out of Memory).

Environment: Windows XP, Agile, JDeveloper 10g (with Embedded OC4J Application Server), JHeadstart, BC4J, Servlets, Struts, JDBC, XML, UIX, Swing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, WebSphere 5.0/6.0.1, Tomcat, JMS, Oracle 9i, TOAD, CVS, VSS(for database scripts).

Open Connect Systems, Inc. 11/2004 – 5/2005

Software Programmer / Analyst

Open Connect Systems provides web applications and web interfaces for clients who have their data in legacy systems like Mainframes. I am involved in developing web applications using J2EE technologies for Western Reserve Group (WRG), which is an insurance company based in Ohio.


1Used Java, Java Beans, Struts, Java Mail, Web Sphere 5.0, Eclipse, JSP, Servlets, HTML, Java Script, JDBC, Xtreme Vista 4.2.8, SQL and SQL Server 2000.

2Worked on Personal Auto, Home and Farm Insurance modules for WRG.

3Involved in discussions with the client and designing, documenting and coding of the application accordingly, designed and developed the database for the entire application.

4Designed and developed a mailing application using Java Mail to email the different reports ordered by the agents for the users as attachments to the WRG management.

5Developed front-end interfaces which populate the mainframe data using JSP and Xtreme Vista.

6Developed the Struts framework where in the Action class will migrate the control to different screens depending on the outputs generated by the Xtreme Vista transactions.

7Implemented Socket Programming to retrieve the report data from the server (TCP).

8Using Java coding and PDF Lib, populated the insurance policy data onto Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

9Designed and developed a dynamic database utility class using Java Beans to handle all the database related activities which would take any driver object and act accordingly.

10Designed and dynamically developed all the database related functionalities to be used by the entire application.

11Extensively used JavaScript for all the client side validations and for communication between windows.

12Working on Issue Logs, deploying the app, files transfer from local environment (Clear case environment) to the QA environment.

Environment: Windows 2000, HTML, CSS, Eclipse, J2EE (JSP, Servlets), JDBC, Java Beans,

SQL Server 2000, JavaScript, WebSphere 5.0, Clear Case.

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