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Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
May 15, 2018

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Name : Sipho Hartley Buthelezi

ID Number : 651**********

Nationality : South African

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Married

Home Address : 509 Moya Street

Mailula Park

Ext 3



Contact Number : 076*******

Email Address :

Drivers License : Code 10

Employment : Limited-term contract


Short Term : To be in a position to understand my duties and responsibilities within the department as per my Job Description and/or as required by my seniors.

Medium Term : To study towards a course relevant to the position I will be applying for.

Long Term : To be in a position to understand all the working procedures within the Department to help me grow within the Department and the company at large.


School Name : Fumana Comprehensive School, Katlehong

Year attended : 1984 – 1985

Matriculated : 1986 when I obtained Senior Certificate


Computer Skills

Interpersonal Communicating Skills

Writing Skills

Negotiating Skills

Selling Skills

Administration and Organising Skills


English : Good

Afrikaans : Fair

IsiZulu : Good

SeSotho : Good

IsiXhosa : Fair


1.Bulethophica Engineering (Contracted to Eskom)

Job Title: CFL Globe Installer

Started on the 02 March 2017 until 17 March 2015 on a 2 weeks Short Term Contract.

Key Responsibilities

(i)Removing old globes and installing new CFL (energy saving globes) in each household around our community.

(ii)Making sure that all old globes installed are taken back to Eskom.

2.Consol Glass Work – Decorating

Started in April 2015 until February 2016 where I worked as a temporal worker.

Job Title: Palletiser

Key Responsibilities

(i)Loading and offloading bottles on a conveyor belt (using machinery).

(ii)Preparing labels on each pallet after bottles completion to be in scripted from machines.

3.Checkers Hyper

Started in October 2014 until March 2015 working as a Temporal Worker.

Job Title: Grocery Assistant

Key Responsibilities

(i)Collecting stock from the stockroom and packing it on the shelves.

(ii)Assisting customers with out-of-shelf stock.


4.Aveng Trident Steel

Started in 1996 until 2013.

I graduated from a Labourer; to various positions until promoted to a Trader Position.

1)Job Title: Labourer

Started in 1996 until 2000.

Key Responsibilities:

(i)Loading and off-loading Machines from various machines e.g. Lasers, Guillotines and Omni machines.

(ii)Grinding steel to meet customers’ requirements.

(iii)Counting and strapping each quantity completed as per the customer’s requirement.


Achievements as a Labourer

(i)In 1999 I managed to save the company from embarrassment after identifying some defects on some of the steel ready to be despatched to a customer.

(ii)In 2000 I was promoted from a Labourer to an Assistant Laser Operator.

(iii)In 2001 I was selected to represent the hourly paid workers in the Employment Equity Committee in the company.

(iv)In the same Committee I served in a sub-committee responsible to review all the company policies and procedures.

2)Job Title: Assistant Laser Operator

Started in 2000 until 2003.

Key Responsibilities

(i)Loading the Job Number/s on the Laser Machine for the job to be cut.

(ii)Giving instructions to the Crane Drivers as to which material (steel) to be loaded on the Laser to be cut.

(iii)Giving instructions to the Labourers as to how the material had to be packed after cutting had been completed.

(iv)Writing Labels for each Job completed; identifying the name of the customer, quantity, job number, etc. to be attached on each job completed.

(v)Signing off each Job Card after completion.

Achievements as a Laser Assistant

(i)In 2003 I was amongst 6 employees who passed the Psychometric Test and placed as a Trainee on the Accelerated Development Program (ADP) within the company.

3)Job Title: ADP Trainee:

Started in 2003 until 2006.

Achievement as a Trainee

(i)In March 2005 I obtained the International Computer Driver’s Licence (ICDL) Certificate in Computer on the same ADP Program.

(ii)In April 2006 I completed the Learnership in the ADP and obtained the National Certificate in Engineering, Manufacturing and Related Services (NQF Level 1).

(iii)In June 2006 I was promoted to Export Department as a Junior Trader.

4)Job Title: Junior Trader:

Started in 2006 until 2010.

Key Responsibilities:

(i)Receiving enquiries from customers/Traders and quoting them.

(ii)Capturing Orders from customers by producing Pro-Forma Invoices.

(iii)Checking stock for customers.

(iv)Doing filling for old orders and quotes for future reference.

Achievement as a Junior Trader:

(i)In October 2010 I was promoted to a Trader Position.

5) Job Title: Trader:

Started in 2010 until 2013.

Key Responsibilities:

(i)Preparing quotes for Administrators/Junior Traders.

(ii)Daily communications with customers either by phone or e-mails.

(iii)Completing telephone Matrix on a weekly basis.

(iv)Visiting customers over the South African borders that I was servicing.

(v)Submitting weekly and monthly forecast, sales targets, etc.

(vi)Submitting weekly Market Report from various markets that I was servicing.

Achievement as a Trader:

(i)In 2011 to 2012 I was selected to the Aveng Leadership Program (ALP); a program designed for future leaders within the company.

(ii)In 2012 I was in charge of Despatch team within the Export Department whilst the position for that department was still vacant.

Community Service:

(i)In 1996 I was selected as the Chief Numerator during Censors ’96.

(ii)In 2007 until 2009 I served as the Treasurer of the School Governing Body at Monde Primary School, in Katlehong.

(iii)In 2011 until 2012 I served as the Deputy Chairman of the School Governing Body at Fumana Comprehensive School, in Katlehong.


(i) Ms Nozuko Mathanyela – Principal of Monde Primary School

Contact details: 011-***-****/7.

(ii) Mr Thomas Lumbela – Supervisor at Checkers

Contact details: 011-***-****.

(iii) Mr William Matloga – HR Manager at Consol Glass Decorating Department.

Contact details: 073-***-****.

(iv) Mr Nndwakhulu Mannzhi - Supervisor at the time for Bulethophica Engineering (Contracted to Eskom).

Contact details – 078******* or 011*******.

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