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Engineer Active Directory

Southfield, Michigan, 48076, United States
May 15, 2018

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Onwuka Uchendu

***** ******* ******, ********** **, 48076

Cell: 313-***-****



This is a brief outline of my skill set, experiences, and educational profile. I am seeking to join a company where I can apply my knowledge and experience to add value to the organization. My experiences have been versatile, ranging from applications, network engineering, and DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IPAM)

Work History

The following are some of my experiences:

1)Vantiv/WorldPay ( December 2017 to April, 2018).

Position: Senior IPAM/DNS Engineer


Development of DNS/IPAM Architecture.

Configuration/Operation of Infoblox Trinzic Appliances.

SNMP Tools

DNS/DHCP Troubleshooting

IPAM data processing and conversion to Infoblox-compatible format

Configuration and operation of Infoblox ND 800 used for network discovery

Design and configuration of Infoblox Administration using RADIUS,

F5 Load Balancers: GTM, LTM

Integration of F5 DNS and Infoblox DNS


Active Directory

2) SWIFT (December 2016 – November 2017)

Position: Senior IPAM/DNS Engineer


Development of DNS/IPAM Architecture.

Configuration/Operation of Infoblox Trinzic Appliances.

Configuration and operation of Infoblox ND 800 used for network discovery

Design and configuration of Infoblox Administration using RADIUS,

TACACS+, LDAP, and AD Authentication server groups.

DNS Design and trouble-shooting

F5 Load Balancers


Active Directory

Cisco Works

3) Bank of America (August 2016 December 2016)

Positon: DDI Engineer


DDI (DNS/DHCP/IPAM) support, design, Security, Planning and trouble-shooting.

The IPAM Platform is QIP with Infoblox on the External Network where

DNSSEC is deployed. My job also involves PERL scripting aimed at automating most IP

Registrar functions hence reducing human errors and increasing speed cum efficiency. Also use F5 Load Balancers for GTMs and LTMs.

4) AT&T Advanced Network Services (March 2014 – June 2016)

Position: Network/DNS Engineer


DDI (DNS/DHCP/IPAM) support, design, and trouble-shooting for various customers including DOW Chemical, Amtrak, Federal government departments, State of Georgia, Astellas, etc.

Worked on the following IPAM platforms:



Diamond IP

Blue Cat

5) BlueCat Networks (October 2013 – February 2014)

Position: Product Specialist


DNS/DHCP/IPAM Migration.

6) Ford Motor Company (September 2008 – March 2013)

Position: DNS Architect/Planner


DNS/DHCP Migration: I planned and migrated over 200 DHCP/DNS servers from the Solaris platform to the Infoblox appliance platform. This was a global project affecting locations in Africa, Asia Pacific, the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Most of the migrated sites were manufacturing plants where efficiency and diligence were very important to ensure no disruptive impact to production disruption during the migration process.

Used the QIP (Quadrant IP) Internet Protocol (IP) Management System to manage the DNS and DHCP servers in Ford’s facilities across the globe.

Consolidated DHCP and DNS Servers in the Ford’s Data Centers

Maintained DNS security via DNS ACLs and other DNS security measures. Implemented IP security measures and cured areas of DNS vulnerability.

Performance monitoring and optimization of DNS/DHCP servers with respect to load sharing and traffic balancing.

Performed version changes on the QIP Enterprise servers and converted the QIP enterprise server from Lucent 6.2 to version 7.2.

Repaired the QIP enterprise databases and recovered damaged data.

Ensured data synchronization in the QIP enterprise servers and the remote DHCP servers to ensure data compatibility between the enterprise server and the remote DNS/DHCP servers.

Provided assistance to the network engineers in the design of the network infrastructure and the configuration of IP Helpers and DNS data in the router/switch configuration files. I also provided assistance to the Firewall team in designing and implementing the external network infrastructure to allow Ford’s external clients and partners to access resources in the DMZ.

Assisted Ford’s Application developers in the optimization of application architectures with respect to DNS/DHCP services and the access of the web interface.

Designed enhancements to the DNS architecture, and specifically segmented the Internal-facing and the External-facing DNS services..

Developed strategies to migrate to IPv6 DHCPI conducted testing.

Scripting: developed scripts to automate some of the manually- intensive activities inherent in the migration of DNS/DHCP services. The scripts augmented the CLI suite of commands.

My job also included the migration of DHCP/DNS servers from the existing IP space to a High Availability (HA) space in a transparent manner that caused no outages. This process involved DHCP scope moves and the re-direction of statically configured DNS clients.

Configured the DNS ACLs and worked in concert with the Active directory teams to ensure that only authorized servers are allowed to alter DNS records on Master DNS servers.

Performed trouble-shooting using Digs, Nslookups, Protocol analyzers, etc.

to fix internal and external DNS problems

Integration of IP v4 and IPv6 in the DHCP and DNS environments.

Performed customer support and also supported the network engineering team to ensure that the DNS architecture supports the network infrastructure fabric.

7) Chrysler Corporation (September 2008 – March 2013)

Position: Network Engineer (March 2008 – September 2008)


Configuration of Routers, Switches, and Access points

Network Security

Juniper Firewalls; implementation firewall rules.

Application testing and optimization

Connectivity between Chrysler and Daimler Benz and other partners

Configured GSS (Global Site Selectors) and Cisco ACES.

Engineered security and connectivity strategies between Chrysler and its external clients


8) General Motors Corporation (March 2004 – September 2008)

Position: DNS Operations Engineer


IPAM evaluation and benchmarking of the QIP system.

Migration of DHCP and DNS servers

DNS security

Video applications benchmarking, including bandwidth sizing for video

Monitoring performances of video surveillance applications

DNS/DHCP trouble-shooting

Maintenance of the GM DNS Root servers.

Registration of GM’s external DNS Root servers

9) General Motors Corporation (January 1997 – March 2004)

Position: Network Engineer/Network Trouble Shooter


Lead Network (LAN/WAN) Application Trouble Shooter. Using the Network General’s Protocol Analyzer- the Sniffer, I was responsible for debugging network and application problems in GM’s offices and manufacturing facilities in the US, Canada, Europe, and Mexico (Silao, Ramos Arizpe, and Mexico City).

Wireless network troubleshooting and implementation. My work included the optimization of Access Points (APs) and the minimization of channel overlaps. Part of my initial work identified some of the wireless challenges encountered in the Assembly plants. These challenges included signal interference from structures in the plants as well as microwave ovens.

Application testing: using the Chariot application, I simulated various GM applications and tested their response times and latency prior to deploying the applications into production.

Performed remote network and server management using OVO, BMC, Cisco Works, Radia, and NNM.

Circuit testing: tested the AT&T WAN circuits to verify the throughput was consistent with the bandwidth GM paid for. Most of the tested circuits were TI lines, fractional T1s, and 43mb/s lines.

Configured Cisco routers, switches, hubs, and Access Points.

Performed Logical network design.

Laid Fiber-optic cables, category 5 Wiring, etc.

Prepared EWOs (Electronic Work Orders) for risky jobs that could potentially impact production


MS in Computer Engineering (Michigan Technological University)

MS in Operations Management (Michigan Technological University)

MS in Materials Physics (Greenwhich University, London, England)

BSc in Electrical Engineering (Greenwhich University, London, England)


Available on request

Citizenship: US

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