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Sql Server Project

San Antonio, Texas, United States
May 15, 2018

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Sourav Ghosh


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Experience Summary

• 6 plus years of experience in design and development of multiple web and windows applications on various domain like Hospitality, Banking and Insurance.

• Proficiency in .NET 4.5/4.0, MVC 4, WEB API, C#, VB.NET, Entity Framework, WCF, jQuery, JSON, JavaScript, HTML & Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

• Database: SQL Server 2012/2008, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and worked on Schedule Jobs.

• Configuration Management Tool and other utilities: GIT, Team Foundation Server 2013 and utilities such as Service Now, JIRA, PVCS, Serena Business Manager and Cycleserver.

• Review Functional specification, Review Test Cases, Review Test Plans, Design Test Cases for Unit and Integration.

• Well acquainted SDLC Models and phases, UML, Design Patterns and Architectures, Database Design.

• Extensive experience in web-based page designs using HTML 5, CSS, Themes, Master Pages, Site Map, JavaScript and jQuery.

• Developed automation tools in various languages like Windows PowerShell, VB script and Unix.

• Servers: IIS 7.0, Window server 2012.

• IDE: Visual Studio 2013/2010, SQL Server 2012/2008

• Involved extensively in development and worked extensively in Agile/Scrum and waterfall SDLC Model.

• Accomplished process optimization and cost reduction for customer in multiple applications.

• Acquired extensive knowledge of Insurance domain and achieved LOMA Level 1 Certified. Skills Summary

Domain Travel Transport & Hospitality(TTH), Banking & Finance Services(BFS), Insurance Programming


NET 4.5, C#, jQuery, JSON, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), MS SQL Server Operating System Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and 2012 R2 Hardware Platforms Visual Studio 2017/2015, SQL Server Management Studio 2012 Sourav Ghosh


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LOMA Level 1 Certified

LOMA 281 - Meeting Customer Needs with Insurance and Annuities (H) LOMA 291 - Improving the Bottom Line: Insurance Company Operations (H) Work Experience

Project: USAA - Bank Real Estate Development & Automation Project Name



Team Size 12

Start Date APRIL 2017 End Date Continue



CATT is a multipurpose tool to provide automation testing for Mortgage Cadence

(MC) system in USAA. This tool has 3 components:

CATT User Interface (developed in ASP.Net 4.5)

MS SQL Server

CATT Executer (developed in VB. Script using HP UFT) CATT is an windows application which allows users to validate Mortgage Cadence automatically. The test scenarios are executed using HP UFT which is integrated with CATT. The communication between CATT UI and CATT Executer is developed using Web API which passes the test data as JSON objects between MS SQL server database and HP UFT.

Role &


Worked as Technical Lead. Develop code in C#, creation of complex SQL queries, stored procedures, functions, SQL jobs to design the software as per functional requirement doc.

Developed Web API to transfer/receive data between HP UFT and CATT UI with MS SQL database.

Involved in daily standup meeting to track the progress of sprint backlog.

Defect tracking and resolution reported by business user on daily basis.

Ran the Code Analysis tool for the configured rule set in Visual Studio to find the violated rules and provided fix for the rules.

Manually fixed the DB objects and remove transactional lock issue to speed up the report generation in application.

Tools .NET 4.5, Entity Framework, JSON, Visual Studio 2013/2017, Git, MS SQL 2016 Key


Developed logic to resolve concurrency issue by implementing optimistic locking.

Developed logic to improved page loading performance to 75% doing lazy loading.

Changed current business process and reduce execution time for approx. 60 mins.

Sourav Ghosh


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Work Experience


Project Name RPS MIGRATION TO SOURCE TRAC Team Size 8 Start Date OCT 2016 End Date MAR 2017



Pensions have been identified as a strategic growth area by AIG. The current pension processing work is administered by RPS 18 system which has been in use since the mid 1980’s. The functionalities available are inadequate and it is proposed to be replaced by SourceTrac, an in-house system already in use for Structured Settlements. The existing application is being migrated from Mainframe to ASP.NET 4.5.

Role &


• Developed .NET applications on .NET Framework 4.5.

• Writing SQL object like stored procedure, function, trigger in SQL server 2012.

• Implemented WCF Services, Properties and Contracts.

• Develop code in C#, ASP.NET, AngularJS based on requirement given in FRD.

• Designing of the new enhancements and writing their use cases, sequence diagram, activity diagram based on discussions with the client.

• Involved in daily meetings with client for gathering requirements.

• Review code and improve performance issue of deployed code.

• Managing code and maintenance of cloud server.

• Use of TFS for version control, labelling and defect tracking. Tools

.NET 4.5, Entity Framework, Angular JS, Visual Studio 2013/2017, TFS, SQL Server Management Studio, WCF

Key Achievements Segregated few validation process by developing code using Task Parallel Library, we reduced the total validation time (approx. 5hrs) for generating pension amount for customer.

Sourav Ghosh


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Work Experience


Project Name Market Risk Management Team Size 2

Start Date MAY 2014 End Date SEP 2016



Market Risk Management department is responsible for validation and hedging of variable annuities with living benefits and its one of the key inputs is the policy holder data.

Aggregation Model:

Using the monthly data (from various sources), jobs are run on multiple servers which are later aggregated in the Aggregation Process. The output of jobs are inputs to the Aggregation Process and vary by fund.

MRM’s current process includes:

1. Obtaining policyholder data from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and various other source systems

2. Process this information using Tape process. This process is done using SQL Server Integration Services.

The business users use to generate the reports using SQL Server Reporting Services after jobs completion for calculating the market risk. Later, jobs run on windows server were replaced by Amazon Web Services (vendor CycleCloud)

Role &


Developed reports using SQL server reporting services for business user based on business requirements.

Developed SSIS packages to perform ETL process during aggregation.

Developed Windows services using to track files incoming and outgoing on AIG directories.

Configured and maintained 300+ windows servers.

Take database and File backups.

Involved in AWS cloud set up for job set up to perform aggregation.

Prepare Disaster recovery documents.

Tools .NET 4.5, Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL Server Management Studio. Key


Created automated tools to pull data from 300+ servers reducing 3-4 days effort in few hours.

Developed automated mail delivery tool upon job completion.

Created script for AWS job set up which enhanced jobs execution time.

Achieved awards for excellence 3 times.

Sourav Ghosh


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Work Experience


Project Name

Wholesaler Compensation System


Team Size 8

Start Date NOV 2013 End Date APR 2014



This application developed on .NET framework 4.5. The System provides compensation solely for wholesalers based on the production of their assigned agents.

The system provides the following functions:

Automated/manual assignment of appointed agents to external Wholesalers.

Tracking of Wholesalers sales and earnings.

Generate monthly Wholesalers compensation to Payroll.

Calculate Wholesalers compensation and Bonus.

Generating Sales Production Reports.

Role &


Design and code solution for new enhancements/change requests

Requirement gathering for new current Engineering items and Impact analysis.

Designed different .NET components using VB.Net language for this application using Object Oriented Programming techniques like Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance and Interfaces, collections, generics, serialization, class libraries etc.

Developed Stored Procedures and created triggers as part of new enhancements.

Tools .NET 4.5, Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL Server Management Studio, SSIS, SSRS Key


Provided user an easy way to control user access on application by creating admin access UI.

Developed customized user search operations from UI by creating dynamic stored procedure.

Sourav Ghosh


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Work Experience


Project Name



Team Size 6

Start Date MAY 2013 End Date OCT 2013



This application was used by various AMEX partners who use their franchise and were billed on various Product modes and in different frequencies. The bill generation was done through TSNX. The existing application was on VB6 which was being migrated to ASP.Net.

Role &


Worked as core developer and develop code in VB.NET, jQuery, Create database object in Sql server.

Designed and developed the .Net components for implementing business logic which is used to do the transactions on database in middle tier using ADO.NET.

Worked with Http Handlers, SQL injection, cross site scripting, protecting applications against bots.

Developing reports using Sql Server Reporting Services based on various scenarios as per the requirement.

Writing common components like data access layer and error logging mechanism for this application.

Developed and consumed WCF Services (ASP.NET 3.5) to achieve Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and communication between heterogeneous applications.

Preparing Microsoft Project Plan, Work Allocation Sheet, Weekly Status Report, Reviewing Code.

Tools .NET 4.0, Visual Studio 2008, MS SQL Server Management Studio, SSRS 2008 Key


Developed few multipurpose interfaces which were used in most part of application and reduced huge development effort.

Sourav Ghosh


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Work Experience

roject: Hilton Worldwide

Project Name PROPERTY INFORMATION MANAGER Team Size 5 Start Date DEC 2011 End Date APR 2013



The OnQ Property Information Manager (PiM) is the single source of information for the Facilities, Contacts, Contracts, Activity Management and Marketing information. This repository of information is Shared with Internal consumers (, Business Intelligence, OnQ Insider, etc.) and External Consumers (Third party Reservation portals, marketing directory services, etc.) This application is used widely by the Corporate, Hotel, Legal and Project Management teams across Hilton Worldwide.

Role &


Worked as Developer and worked directly with client to design the requirement.

Responsible for Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) of the overall portal.

Designed different .NET components using C# language for enterprise-level web applications using Object Oriented Programming techniques like Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance and Interfaces, collections, generics, serialization, class libraries etc.

Developed multithreaded application in .NET 3.5.

Learn each phase of SDLC and risk management techniques.

Involved in writing SQL queries and SQL query optimization for improving performance by using indexing & Performance tuning. Tools MS Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL Server 2008, Team Foundation Server Key


Provided few suggestions for process streamline to help customer in doing audit.

Personal Details

Date of Birth November 16th, 1989

Sex Male

Nationality Indian

Marital Status Married

Designation I.T. Analyst

Current Location San Antonio, TX

VISA Held H1 B

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